Daddy – fear… is like an obstacle.
In fact, fear is Man’s greatest enemy.

(Jonatan Isene, 9)

30 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Jonatan – a very smart observation. Fear is simply the unwillingness or inability to face up to and confront what is in front of you. It is only an obstacle or “enemy” is you decide it has that power over you. Otherwise, just blast through and enjoy the experience.

  2. I’d have to say that my biggest fear was looking directly in the eyes with people, afraid they’d see me and I didn’t belong here, I felt. TRO helped me with that and I personally got to love bull-baiting. Probably my greatest win in the organization.

  3. “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) PS. Marildi, he was liberal 🙂

    1. Hey, Mr. Sunshine . Someone posted a video a while back, Part 1 of a 4-part series called “The Century of Self”. I watched some of it but didn’t want to take the time to watch the whole thing (over an hour). However, it was interesting so I googled to find a summary – and found a fascinating one of all four parts. The full series of videos gives a description of world dynamics in the last century – and how our beliefs and lives were and still are shaped and controlled.

      Speaking of Roosevelt, here are some excerpts from the Part 1 summary that includes the part Roosevelt played (note: as you can see, the writer doesn’t use any capital letters):
      “this section [part 1] mainly covers the life and career of freud’s nephew, edward bernays…he pioneered the ways in which business can make us want what we don’t need by linking mass produced goods to our hidden, unconscious desires and fears. and when people’s blindly selfish desires are satisfied, they become docile and very predictable. they become easily led. the film calls it the ‘birth of the all consuming self’.

      “…in the united states, roosevelt thought the stock market crash was proof that laissez-faire capitalism didn’t work and that the government should intervene. the intellectual opposite of freud, he believed that the people did have the ability to rationally decide things. roosevelt consulted with george gallup and elmo roper and began the first of ‘opinion polls’. at first, opinion polling took great pains to avoid manipulative questions and inquiry that appealed to emotion rather than reason, but looking back now, we can see how long that lasted.

      “this is not just the start of mass manipulation but the beginning of a rift we still see today in politics and the national discourse in general. one group of people always seem to play to peoples unconscious fears, to irrational thoughts, and to more primitive impulses. the other side seems to have the idea that if they just discuss everything rationally and lay out a case, reason will prevail. the result is a muddle both nationally and globally, and a widening polarization as we approach the next election.

      ” anyways – back to the narrative – roosevelt wins re-election in 1936 and business panics and begins to fight back. this is where the idea that it is ‘business’ and not the government which makes america what it is. this idea is still prevalent today.

      “the film details how at the start of this campaign by industry, the government tried rationality over fear. they actually put out films and radio programs to instruct people how to determine bias in the news. can you imagine? it still was a different time then. even though this tactic failed, you can see the different approach to the individual at that time vs now. the fear and emotionality won out. it still does. turn on any tv to any news channel any day. instead of listening to what they are saying, watch the technique. you’ll spot it very soon.”


      And to quote myself: “May the liberals reign!” 😉

      1. Correction: beginning of post should read “Hey Mr. Sunshine. :D” (with a smile to match yours).

          1. Hmmm…2 or 3 corrections… Now you forget something, 2 seconds later you remember…Is it age or you’re in love? 🙂 PS. Nothing wrong with President Roosevelt, but Reagan is my hero 🙂

            1. Hey, don’t exaggerate – not “2 or 3”, just 2. Three strikes and you’re out, so I’m still not out. 😛

              In answer to your loaded question, I’m going to take the Fifth. 😉

            2. Franklin D.

              Did you read that excerpt I posted, Val? It was from a summary of “The Century of Self”, a four-part video documentary. Really interesting. Particularly from a Buddhist standpoint, I would think – in terms of the evolution and emphasis on “self” in not just this country but the world.

              Now that I think of it, I think it was Maria who posted Part 1, not too long ago. I tried to find it on youtube just now but couldn’t. Just the other parts.

      2. Yes I posted this series a while back. It is a really powerful series, a real eye opener. It is still available on Vimeo:

        There is a transcript here, but note that seeing the original footage and interviews aids greatly in getting the intent:

        1. Thanks, Maria. I found Parts 2-4 on youtube but no Part 1, strangely.

          I agree that watching the actual videos is best but for those who don’t have the time, or who may not have the time to even read the transcript, the summary that I found of all four parts was very eye-opening. That may even inspire people to watch the videos. It’s on my “reading/watching” list. 🙂

          Here’s the summary link again: http://www.hopelessbleakdespair.com/?p=2774

          1. It really is a pretty biased summary though. I came away with that info, but a far more important comprehension that is possibly purely my own, nevertheless so stunning that it rocked my world.

            1. So is the info incorrect? Or are you saying the it’s correct but biased in the sense of what was selected and what was omitted?

            2. The info is correct, but it is kind of like noticing that The Matrix is a love story (which it is) and focusing on that as the main theme, when there are really several threads running through that movie that are equally, and for most people more the point of the movie!

              For me, having studied the subjects of propaganda, and having read the Communist Manifesto, Mein Kampf, studied up on Zeitgist, Thrive, etc. and followed the progress of the humanities/psychology throughout the 20th century, it was a real eye opener!

              The manipulation is far more powerful and penetrating than one might think, the individual whose summary you quote thinks the impact is in the past. Its not in the past, its happening right now, today, and with tremendous power and reach. IMO.

              What we are witnessing is people becoming aware of the contempt with which they are held by the “powers that be,” i.e. those who have had the wherewithal and connections to control the propaganda lines. They (and they are real people and committees who make a practice of hiding their participation and identities under corporate cloaking and veils) still do, and they want to continue, and that is why Wikileaks, Snowdon, and a number of whistleblowers are treated with such ferocity.

  4. Hello you all!

    Few words on FEAR……… fear is not on enemy but HAVING VALUE IS.
    Long as there is VALUE :example having life than loosing it, having love and loosing it, having possession than having none, having than something which we consider valuable, man safe guards it, puts his valuables in Safes, in Banks etc.
    Man even marries a woman to keep her safe for self only, and man has made laws to protect his valuables and kills to protect them.
    When one erases values——what is valuable, the considerations the very meanings of the solid objects which are the having-ness it self and also in session one erases the thoughts-considerations what one not hold valuable—- since everything has to be confronted from bottom of the scale to the top than FEAR will disappear from one universe.
    When there is no values than there is no loss when one no longer have that solid object or the IDEA=THOUGHT IT SELF, than one is finally FREE of the WORLD and one can say ”I will not give one penny for the EARTH and what ever it contains because its not worth it!”
    I have blown all values about 14-15 years back..since than live in a different Universe and that means I am no longer a Human.

      1. thank you freebeing…Thank you for your interest too.
        I have not opened up my blog and written in 10 weeks..I have run out of MEST conciderations and I have no desire to write.. but I will answer questions.

          1. Freebeeing…. now that is on interesting concept: there is no past, there is no future so there is no time than.
            Since “I” as self don’t have on existence only matter-solid items have that the best clearest explanation I can give that only the moment of NOW is real that fraction.
            Not having nagging continual flowing thoughts lives ones existence quiet-serene, and of course there are no ups-or down, right or wrong. One is detached. yet not alone or lonely since those too are human considerations.
            It is difficult to explain since words do not have the correct meanings.
            How one can explain the NOW where there are no ARCB,x no problems, one is not concerned about money, tomorrow or yesterday. Where one has no fears since there is no value in MEST or in anything.
            The moment of Now holds no value, just think I cant say I am free since freedom it self is a consideration. I cant say that I am outside or inside since even those concepts belong to the universe where time and solidity exists.
            I wanted to levitate when I got into scientology, I wanted to walk through solid walls, now those wishes have come trough but in a very different way.
            How could a spirit levitate when one is nothing as in solidity, a body? Only a body can do that, and how could I walk through walls when for self as a spirit who is not anchored the existing walls do not exist? Top of that spiritual do not walk, levitate, go anywhere, because again only objects can do that.
            If you have other questions, a need to know, please ask away…. happy to answer since what I know is yours for the asking,

      1. CH……. yes, that is the reason for continual evaluation, one continually -automatically valuate as view things, hear the incoming sounds, smells, as one feels the ever changing weights [the moving energy flows] and think about what in that few minutes was evaluated [ let say while driving, or looking in the mirror=looking at ones face, hand, hair etc.. That person would be shocked since every thought is a evaluation and nothing more.
        hehehe… my hair is gray, needs washing, needs cutting, should be combed differently, makes me look old, should be blond again, I have toooo many wrinkles,,
        Evaluation on intangible: I love him, I hate him, she do not like me, I am mad at her, she is nuts, she is nice
        The flower is beautiful, smells good, its lovely, I don’t like its color, the leave are to big, or the petals are to small…evaluation–evaluation… and they establish value.
        hehehe just a few examples.

        1. Vinaire and I are calling these “abstractions.” No matter about that. What we mean is there is a process going on in front of us. That evaluation you mention is what we are calling abstraction. It is not an illusion, there really is a process going on out there but our minds make that into something. Then we give that something a name. An evaluation. Each of us might see something different; abstract something a little different.

          1. CH…right you are, totally…
            I believe what we know that little difference is our own reality based on our collected experiences which include the variety of implants and personalities developed…and given to us by our parents and what we went into agreement in order to belong and we taken on over the period since we believed we are solid…meat bodies. LRH simply called it BANK… hehehe and we sure had it banked safely kept under invisible vault..

        2. Eliz: … that is the reason for continual evaluation, one continually -automatically valuate as view things….
          DeE: What a great post. It made me look at myself. True a person evaluates ALL the time. Thanks for opening my eyes to that!

    1. Eliz: I have blown all values about 14-15 years back..since than live in a different Universe and that means I am no longer a Human.

      DeE: I’m workin’ on it!

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