Magic Beat – ending with Midnight Magic

A few weeks ago, Stein Halvorsen and I was invited to the Radio Show Magic Beat’s last airing – on June 28th. It would mark the end of a 6 year long era of the Spacesynth and Italo Disco music show on Radio Nova (Oslo, Norway). Pål Hverven was inspired by Midnight Magic, the show that Stein and I ran from 1987-1990. While our show featured role-playing on the air, Pål took the typical music we played and started the music show Magic Beat almost two decades later.


To end off Magic Beat with style, he invited us to do a full two hour Midnight Magic as part of his last three hours on the air. And in true Midnight Magic style, albeit somewhat rusty after our 23 years vacation off the air, we winged it and had a blast killing off several callers as they struggled to save the Earth. The theme of this show was taken from “The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” where each player calling in to the show had to save the Earth from extinction in a very short time. They faced a variety of dangers as the tried to reach the Council of Elders and convince them not to remove our planet to make way for a new intergalactic highway. But alas, none were successful, and Magic Beat truly did go out with a bang 🙂


In the middle of the show, we were thrown out of the studio as the fire alarm went off. So, expect some very different music during the show as the automatic system took care of the listeners as we were out on the street.


The show is in Norwegian, but if you can’t understand a word of what we’re saying, there is still great music to be heard. Enjoy 🙂

The last Magic Beat Radio Show – 3 hours with the last two hours featuring Midnight Magic

Fritz, Nosmo King, Stein, me and Pål

Fritz, Nosmo King, Stein, me and Pål

I should add that the crew was really fun to work with. Pål is a warm and truly nice guy. And I had the pleasure to also meet Fritz and Nosmo King.

16 thoughts on “Magic Beat – ending with Midnight Magic

  1. Geir, listened to parts of it, some really good music. Can you give the names of some? Also, instead of Midnight Magic, you have now Daytime Magic!

  2. Music is marvelous. I understood almost everything from the broadcast, except someone who’s speaking with Bergen accent. Who is it? 🙂 PS. Again, music is lovely.

  3. Heh finally 🙂 Here’s the tracklist (approximately..)

    Dreamtime – Magic Beat [Extended Mix]
    Program 2 – Orion (Instrumental mix of their “World of stone”)
    Casanova – Tutti Quanti
    Katy Gray – Hold me tight
    Sally Shapiro – I’ll be by your side
    Retronic Voice – Asian Heart
    Laserdance – Battle cry [Space mix]
    Koto – Time [History mix]
    Macrocosm – Silent warriors
    Vangelis – Dervish D
    Ultra Sheriff – Destroy all humans
    Pink Project – Mammagamma
    Anders Lundqvist – Hyperspace
    Dreamtime – Retrological mind
    Marco Rochowski – Cybernetic avenger
    Protonic Storm – Dreamscape
    Resource X – Space station 38
    Vanello – Destination Cosmos [Minitalo version]
    – Fire alarm! Auto-music engaged….. Rolling Eyes
    Parsec One – Sonic Venture
    Protonic Storm – The shrine
    Miko Mission – Let it be love
    Staffan Öhman – Transatlantic [The huuh mix]
    Staffan & Lauri – Space Battle [Remix]
    Aleph – Take my life

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