What’s brewing?

coffee As I sit here in Café Rousso in Spetses, Greece, sipping a double espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, I thought I should write a short post on what’s in the pipeline.

Wednesday the 18th is the big day with the release of my book. But before that, there will be a 4 page article in the biggest Norwegian magazine (Se & Hør) featuring Anette’s story, our relationship and the release of my book. The magazine will be out on Tuesday.

Shortly before that, on Monday I will release the full interview that I did at Karen’s. J. Swift did a great job as an interviewer, asking very pertinent questions. Until now, parts of the interview have been released in shorter videos over at Karen’s Youtube channel. The full 54 minutes of video covers pretty well my currents views on Scientology, the church and its future.

Stay tuned.


16 thoughts on “What’s brewing?

  1. Enjoy your coffee 🙂 It will be wonderful if you’ll add a link, a stream, a YouTube video or whatever you want after the big event. I’m looking forward to see it. Otherwise, I never understood why Se&Hor is better sold than Her&Na.

      1. Yes of course, please do it! These are really good news, Geir. I’ll cancel all my massages that time, just to see it. Just to know in time….

          1. Very kind of you, Anette, but I”m 3000 km far away 🙂 I have one reason to be afraid of coming back in Norway. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know…I’ll write you an email this weekend.

            1. hahahaha…no, not at all! Maybe Coyotes! 🙂 PS. Nice to meet you after a long time 🙂 Have a nice day, Chris!

            2. LOL! You too Dragos! OWoooOOOOO! Coyotes! Can you believe we have NHL ice hockey in Arizona? Pretty good team too. Go figure.

  2. GEIR, it pains me that we are but am hour’s flight away from you guys. How I would LOVE to see you. I am so lucky to know you and I am in awe of Anette. What a brave girl and what a lucky girl to have teamed up with you. xxxx

      1. We would love that. If you fancy a ferry ride to Mellorca, that’s where we are.

        Sent from my iPhone

    1. We will for sure come visit you. Can’t wait!
      And thanks! I feel so lucky that my road crossed Geir’s at the perfect time for us both. ♥

  3. Look forward to the full video. I’m thrilled that you are so enjoying a lovely, working no doubt, vacation.
    ” I feel so lucky that my road crossed Geir’s at the perfect time for us both.” I can relate to that and am very happy for you both.

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