Every day marks the start of a new year.  Every hour,  minute and every second… a new year starts.

Make a wish.

Make it come true.

24 thoughts on “2014

  1. A wish? What about an HP-37E? I cannot promise you that, but I’ll do my best to find one here in Romania 🙂 Happy New Year!!!

    1. hey…didn’t you listen to Adya? With every wish we make we can FEEL its fulfilment
      in ourselves as we would not create it if we were not unconsciously knowing that it is
      there in our co-created ‘pool’ of “co(n)-scio-usness’? And yes, you are right…we create it to experience what we haven’t yet experienced…that allows itself for new
      and new ‘having’ness….what an adventure! I also love the action…the making part
      of it! Excellent OP, Geir!

      1. It’s an amazing aspect of our human life that what we create (as intangible spirits) we can touch, smell, hear, see, feel…one wish I am making now is that we create our humanness and take our shares in making our lives prosperous and adventurous in peace and love on our Planet. I wish to see the kids have a joyful life, this is where I can make it true the most at present.

        1. That’s truly beautiful, Marianne! And it rings true for me, as I’m sure it does, for everyone else too! Cheers to that wish… clink! 🙂

        1. You are welcome Rafael. Very well, then I am wishing for relief for the suffering people around the world today and for the very Mother Earth herself. I am wishing to see some sign that man can ever learn from his past. That we can turn away from our many destructive paths and to nurture the biosphere which has birthed and sustained us. Happy New Year to us All!

  2. Geir
    Your blog is sure one of the best ‘places’ in the Universe for those on the path of
    adventure and ‘enlightenment’…as everything being created is going into the Akashic records, its eternity is guaranteed…thank you for creating the opportunity to make our contributions to it!

  3. My wish is for all of us here to continue helping each other find adventure, loving interaction, and intellectual and spiritual expansiveness in 2014.

    Thank you, Geir and thank you to all you smart and witty commenters. You made a difference for me last year!

    Peace and love,

  4. Happy new year to you Geir! And to all aboard as well! Knowing you’re the captain of this ship, inspires a sort of ‘devil-may-care’ attitude among the ‘passengers’, that is reassuring, relaxing, and teasing! (Just for the hell of it!) Kind of inspires confidence, while at the same time (you) saying;….. ‘Fuck it!’ I don’t take things too seriously, so why should YOU???”

    Yep, every day, is the start of a NEW Year — My wish is, for everyone aboard, (and those yet to be) …to join the voyage, as “explorers of FREE will.” Sounds wickedly enticing, eh? hehehe! 🙂

    ML, Calvin.

  5. Happy New Year Geir and to all commentators. May all your wishes come true, and that is my wish for you.

  6. Geir,

    That is an old over discussed, over run subject.

    I assume you flunked those tests in school where you are supposed to identify the inconsistent objects objects, or geometric shapes in a serious of various objects and mark out the odd ones?

    Because you are comparing apples, turnips, carrot seeds, and stones.

    Such observer laws of quantum mechanics as you refer to, do not effect gross matter or mass as readily as sub particles.

    Like it easier to mold molten metal than it is too shape solid metal.

    You can easily shape soft clay, but when it dries and hardens it is not so easy to shape.

    Average human beings can effect very maleable matter relatively easy, but the less maleable the matter, the more difficult for the average human to manipulate. It is a matter of degree.

    A child can lift 10 – 20 lbs, an adult can lift a 100 to 200 lbs, but no adult can lift a ton.

    That is called the principles of relativity.

    From what I gather some people could effect the outcome of seeds by implanting their postulates into them as what characteristics they want, in say for example; an apple.

    But they cannot effect an apple, at least so readily.


      1. 1. I get the idea, that what I said went over your head.

        2. I get the idea that you also might not know the answer to the question you ask, like Val, so I will answer if for you:

        A: what ever you want it (them) to do, where ever you want it (them) to go.

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