Merry Christmas

Christmas is a nice time for reflection, for empathy and for nice hugs.

I would like to reflect upon the inspiration I get from all of you. I am so grateful for all your comments – the smart, the wacky, the creative, the logical and all the comments serving to warm the hearts of others. I enjoy your present and my life is richer from it. Just wanted to let you know that your participation here is highly appreciated.

Now, let’s get back to Christmas fun and coziness with our loved ones.



From my mothers' grave yeasterday

From my mothers’ grave yeasterday

165 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas to you and thank you for all what you have been doing. My best wishes for you both in all your endeavours.

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  2. Merry Christmas to you Geir and everyone else on this blog.

    Remember Jesus is the reason for the season.

    Be sure to watch these videos on Ron Wyatt claiming he found Jesus’ blood and had it tested and it was found to be still alive after almost 2000 yrs.

    It has 24 chromosomes. 23 from mother and 1 from Father.

    That is very significant and if it is true, which I see no reason to doubt it, that proves the claimed significance of Jesus and his existence and His purpose and message.

    All other humans have 46 chromosomes; 23 from mother and 23 from father, with the exception of certain defects.

    And he made several other significant discoveries as described in other videos on the same page.

    This is at least one of the most significant discoveries in all of history, if not the most, at least in archeological terms:

    Have a blessed Christmas everyone,


    (The one who flew over the cuckoo’s nest)

  3. Geir: I enjoy your present and my life is richer from it.
    Me: I enjoy your present and my life is richer from it.

    Thank you for being, for your creativity, for all the succinct and not succinct posts, questions and answers. With their help not only my life but that of others around me is richer and richer. This gives me joy and true purpose.

    As racing says, Life is a Gift. Thank you for creating this place for us to share
    this Gift.

    Merry Christmas to You and to each Sis and Bro who has been coming here to have
    the fun of enriching each other!

    1. Marianne, Nice sentiments there. The guy is a giant in his intellectual stature, yet genuinely modest, friendly and approachable. What more could one want of a blog host? And also, in the spirit of the moment, I have to say, genuinely, that I love YOUR friendliness and great willingness to share the obvious love you feel for others. It shows in your eyes, and in your words. Have no doubts, that I absorb the passion that you put in to your writings. To me, that speaks louder than words. Overnight, it seems, one can develop a friendship that transcends the physical barriers of distance and time. Spiritual connection makes for a happy place to be, to meet, and to share. I truly wish you what I know is in store for you — a richly rewarding spiritual growth, beyond your present awareness. Okay, enough of the mushy stuff from me! πŸ™‚ Time to open up the comm lines with those who are near and / or dear, and just splurge! Whaddaya say, Kiddo? Shall we have a blast, or what? Christmas comes but once a year, So Merry Christmas. πŸ™‚
      ML & XXX – Calvin ritb39

      1. Kiddo says:
        First and foremost: You know the trick how to get another into having the biggest blast ever! Your coms arrive as the light of the mind, the warmth of the Sun and the playfulness of the Spirit! HaHa…you see these words come from my heart reflecting
        you, still I am laughing, how on earth can such words come out of the mouth of a woman? Most possibly because I am being a mirror!

        My com lines are continuously open near and far, just like yours! I have already had
        a great time with my kids, my bigger family. During the next two days yet more fun
        is on the way! Christmas for us is truely every day…our family is special in this sense. By this I mean love and attentive care.

        Thanks for your vision of seeing my spiritual growing. You are an extremely aware loving being who cares – thanks for that!

        As you write, Geir is a ‘giant in his intellectual stature’ and I get the humour in your
        saying that. As this guy has several faces and the core of his being which I happen
        to see as much as I see your core or the core of anyone. This guy dares to post about feelings which only some risk, especially men. Feelings are the real stuff of Life, they come from our co-shared Heart. To want and express true feelings one
        needs to kind of transcend the mind which is still relatively rare in human life. I am
        going to put here a video which sheds some light on what it means when someone
        expresses one’s wishes for whatever which one will finally find in oneself.

        1. The whole is just true…can be observed, lived. That part I mean is from: 1:36:46 to
          the end. There are extremely interesting discussions starting at 0:41:16

          1. Hey lady of Pecs, you are causing ripples, that may yet take time to be felt. Be assured though…. they will, AND astound you, in the process!…

            First up, hope you have had a really wonderful Xmas, and enjoyed every moment sharing it with your loved ones. I can say that I did the same, simply by continuing to ride the beautiful, shimmering and powerful wave that I caught on my “theta surf board,” when I saw, (duplicated) the swell building off the Coast of Geir Isene. A “Theta Surfer’s paradise”, if I ever saw one! πŸ™‚

            Now onto your videos ….Marianne, what a find! The guy, Adyashanti, accomplishes the simple communication of truth, with so little effort, that it leaves one quite speechless.

            The willingness to duplicate, what he shares, of course, produces understanding, and per LRH,….. “understanding washes away everything!”….. It truly does!

            Leaves one at 40.0 serenity, a sweet place to be, except for one thing, one is then without a “game.” Of course, we know we just “have to” fix THAT!… Don’t we? πŸ™‚

            Wow, to think people are fleeced for millions, (by CO$) trying to reach this simple truth, never suspecting they have had it ALL ALONG!!

            Profound, in its beautiful simplicity. My turn to thank sweet, loving, caring, YOU πŸ™‚

            Ray Cing. πŸ™‚

            1. Hi racing
              You fly….fly….i get your theta wave….amazing….rolling, twirling, dancing while sailing…..beautiful!

              I am having the best ever Christmas in my life love and care all around! Glad that
              you are having a joyful time too!

              Thank you for listening to Adya. Thank you for duplicating him. You see, I duplicated what you have been communicating to me so far, about your own
              awakenings and duplication. So I am not surprised that you understood his
              com down to the basic simplicity of truth.

              As for 40.0 serenity which is a serene ‘state’, when one is not ‘stuck’ there, it
              looks-experienced to be a turning point where, a little, just a little above Life starts
              to surpise one by giving so far unimagined and non-postulated things, coms from
              people even not met so far, surprising fun-joy situations….if you get what i mean…
              Life is then in ‘control’ for one….so it is a no-game YET ever-changing-playing experience. As I experience it, there is still the opportunity and skill to connect
              to what we call games…to the ones one feels like and has the ability to play.
              I mentioned this because above 40.0 there looks to be a dimension which is
              yet to be explored fully….

            2. Thank you Marianne, for filling in more blanks, that you have found answers to. Plus, I have been getting the “shift” in your awareness, that has been taking place! Does “Joyful Operating” describe it adequately?

              For more years than I care to remember, my goal has always been to link up with “free minded,” theta based people that broaden one’s horizons, outlook, and affinity.

              More than that though, was the realization that, profound changes occur in one’s self, when that interplay begins. Lifting the veil, from one another’s vision, if you will.

              Many, many, have contributed to that clearing of view, but no one more than you. Having such love and joy for others, together with obvious humility, sincerity and willingness to explore and experience the potential of being, makes for a special friendship. Long may it continue.

            3. Time-less…thank YOU racing…each word is true for me too….this is when words stop………….words then arise as pieces of the jewel…..

            4. Hi Sunshine, that was too beautiful, for ‘words’ πŸ™‚ Come to think of it, do you / does anyone know, if there is such a thing as a decayed ‘jewel’?

              Does a diamond, for example, reach a point of finality in it’s existence? (Disregarding such interventions, as nuclear explosions, etc.) Perhaps there are scientific answers available/speculated upon here? For now, though, that cliche; “diamonds are forever”, seems difficult to disprove, hey?

              No wonder women attach sooooo much value to having / owning them. The symbolical “forever”, is a magical glue, used to ‘cement’ those matrimonial vows: “for richer or poorer, etc, etc,.”………… and has remained pretty much unchanged for an extended period of time… Create,create,create “forevahhh and evaaaahhhhh!”

              (ho-hum! yawn), “What’s for supper, sweetness?”.. “Make summing yourself, Randy, …..I’m watching “Days of our Lives”” -(thinks – Lazy schmuck!) πŸ™‚

            5. No idea what to cook for supper, Ray. What would you like to eat? Shall we cook something together? Sorry but I don’t know the answers to your questions.
              Are your friends coming over tonight? Maybe they know…do you think Randy will
              turn up?

            6. Marianne.

              For supper:

              I suggest you go trap a few squirrels and saute them up with garlic and onions and orange juice.
              Or any wild game, like some ducks from down by the river.

              With mashed potatoes gravy and broccoli.
              With some fresh coleslaw.
              Homemade key lime pie for dessert.
              Peppermint tea.


            7. 1) Dunno.
              2) Dunno.
              3) Dunno.
              4) Dunno
              5) Dunno
              ….But you’d be perfectly acceptable just as you are. πŸ™‚

            8. Marianne, hon, rain-check on the ‘meal’ then for now. Will connect up after first doing the battery’s R & R(rest & recovery) ZZZZZ you later, mater. zzzzleep tight 2!

            9. Hi Ray,
              ….perfectly acceptable the way ‘ i am’…if each of us would understand fully what it means, would be aware of it and would live accordingly, there would be peace, harmony and love on Earth and in the Universe…would=willingness.
              I am continuosly learning from our coms…will you side by me, be my ‘body-guard’
              for still a while? I have some questions.
              Basic purpose is the here/now? How can one be aware of what life lived at 8D is like? Fully aware…

            10. Sure Marianne, I can lend a hand, if that’s what you need.
              What I have learned by the grace of others, including you, is the immense freedom gained, by the simple, unconditional, granting of importance, along with beingness.

              Therein, lies the secret, IMHO. The secret to the unlocking of your innermost potential, ….to simply….ultimately….BE…..whatever you decide…. to… BE πŸ™‚

              As for living, being, on 8-D’s, I can only conclude, and concur, with Geir on that one.
              ——His now cliche blog ‘hook’—- “Explorer of free will”, probably sums up the answer, as much as Scn AXIOMS 1-10. especially AX.10; “The highest purpose in this universe, is the creation of an effect.”
              –ML, Ray

        2. Yes….which can also be expressed and factually experienced by what you are saying and doing, Ray: ‘thank you for allowing me to walk in your shoes’……
          Reading your words the ‘pieces of the puzzle’ are falling into their places….I let them
          be falling now….will tell you about it a bit later.
          ……, the key to healing, the key to whatever games, conscious creation or no-creation………….
          Will be doing some jobs in the afternoon…..will get back to our com in the evening.

          1. Hi Ray
            First and foremost: it is incredibly beautiful and useful for me to perceive and FEEL
            how You, as vast and clear space, get into the ‘shoes’ of anyone here while retaining the space in each com. This for me is the perfect example for what Geir says: getting the ball and passing the ball. Thank you for that!

            1. Thank you, dear lady, and indeed, how else can we really see the ‘other’s’ point of view, without being prepared to stand/walk in those shoes. Remember too, that it IS a unique viewpoint, un-shared by anyone else, until one is both willing & able to assume it. πŸ™‚

          2. Marianne, what a great teacher you have turned out to be! After all those years, and effort, giving so much of yourself, and asking so little in return, other than that your efforts reflect in the results of your students. What an inspiration to others! You live the embodiment of that which is so precious: — the sharing of wisdom & knowledge — which is such an incredibly unselfish thing to do! — And I mean that sincerely and with genuine appreciation. It is only successful when it comes from the heart, that place where love resides, and is responsible for the spirit of giving.

            Take a bow, sis, for all those souls who have passed through your loving hands, to become that much wiser, than when they arrived. I believe it is a calling, more than a profession. There can be no pegging of value, of such a generosity of spirit, which is akin to the unconditional love, given by a mother to her child /ren.

            No wonder you shine so much! It just has to be coming from that shining light of love and humility within you, that makes me think of you as — “Sunshine” πŸ™‚
            — ML, Ray.

            1. Thank you, Ray. I feel it as a start….actually the way I feel it is that it is a start-start-start when the start is getting more powerful as it is getting softer and softer and also in its core is able to confront/experience bigger and bigger energy-manifestations. Yes, I love seeing anyone I am in com with succeed…students are
              in a way special as I am continuously learning from them….they are great ‘mirrors’ and as they are in the flow of life, they also help in the change and knowing process.

              I feel it as a start from the aspect of what can be ‘seen/experienced’ spiritually as well…I have glimpses of the vastness of consciousness…this is my core interest.

              Thank you, Ray. The flow and the contents of your coms are extremely helpful to me. I also feel your humility, your care and wisdom.

            2. Well that’s illuminating to me. Feel it as a ‘start’ eh? and it becomes softer, and softer, while actually more powerful in its affect. Amazing! This is a clue to me that you are using less effort, to achieve more of a result, than you did before. This is also a clear indication that you are able to shift your viewpoint, to that of the recipient of your teaching. so that you can be duplicated better. What a breeze! πŸ™‚
              So then, tell me, who is the real exponent, of being able to step into another’s shoes? LOL! πŸ™‚

              Have you experienced any great wins of your students, that resulted in a show of gratitude being returned to you πŸ™‚

            3. grace is that I have been going through very deep spiritual experiences during the past two weeks…and you have been with me all along….that is grace….grace is both impersonal (alive flow) and personal (embodied)….in harmony….

            4. To me grace is that each of us is the alive embodiment of truth….with a continuous opportunity to experience what that truth is….grace is when one experiences that nothing else exists which is outside of this truth….whatever the nature of the experience is….the experiences are from the human ones to the subtlest spiritual…
              my present awareness is that the experiences, the knowingness, the wisdom is endless….

            5. Marianne, thank you for your last 4 comments. Our I’net server has been down, ‘effectively’, cutting the comm line ( suppressive act, hey? grrrr! πŸ™‚ )

              Well, one thing becomes clearer from this series of vids by Adya– the reduction from the ‘ego’, to the resumption of pure,…. unbounded….. free…. beingness.

              I had only watched the FULL 1;54;21 vid “The Gift Of Wanting”, just yesterday. You can imagine what happened. — “Nothing” — and that was the ep…. the realization, and stripping away wants, to what is behind the “wants”. What does the getting of that “want’ give you? A feeling! So you “want” a feeling?. Do you already have that feeling? Perhaps you do, when you look for it! The whole simple act of stripping back to what’s back of that, and then what’s back of that, and then…….. Bingo πŸ™‚
              —- “NOTHING” — just pure “awareness” the ability to just BE. No additives, subtractives, “wantives” quantives, schmantives, or any other “–ives!”

              I found it totally effortless viewing, duplicating & understanding him. Just being willing to participate, sharing and viewing each facet, and looking for what came prior to that, and prior to that, and ending at the PRIMARY viewpoint “Me/You” , mocking it all up in the first place. — “Having it be so” — and then …..?????—– “WANT”! πŸ™‚

              And now Sunshine, looks like we are set to enjoy some great, noisy celebrations. as we see in 2014, along with friends, family, loved one’s & not so loved one’s πŸ™‚ the dog, the cat and the fleas in-between. πŸ™‚

              So, just need to say, sorry I can’t be there in bod, but will be with you in spirit! Now just go and have a blast! Please, let the hair down, and be a devil sans disguise. (just remember the date! OK? πŸ™‚ )

              ML, Ray XXX000XXX.

            6. My dearest body and spirit guard

              Huge congrats on your realization while listening to Adya! Have the happiest, most joyful and fun last couple of hours of this year! Thanks for each instant you have
              spent with me and with others here. Happy New Year to you and to all your loved
              ones! Our sharing is to be continued……..!

            7. Too beautiful, yep — continued — as sure as the sun will rise, again, and again, and again…….. πŸ™‚

  4. Geir, Miraldi, Chris, Vin & all others who I have not yet had the chance to talk to …

    May you all have the Merriest of Christmas’ & the very best in 2014!

    1. Dennis! The room suddenly got brighter – in fact, the whole place! Great to see you in cybersphere again after so long. I trust all is well. (And did I mention I’ve missed you? πŸ˜€ ) Merry Christmas!

      1. Hi there Sweetie-pie,

        Thanks πŸ™‚

        All is good here … I decided to take a break from the blogs … very busy at work this year – about a 20% increase in Sales/margins way up so all is good in that department.

        My wife & I are going to Mexico soon – a nice break since we never did get a chance for a honeymoon (after 21 years!) – our trips were always IAS related (Copenhagen, St. Hill) so we never got a chance to just relax. But … now we will go to an all-inclusive and eat, drink & be merry πŸ™‚

        I will have to read some of Geir’s past posts and get up to speed … changing viewpoints are exciting and I always enjoy reading the reposes to the amazing posts.

        Do have a great holiday … and if you ever get the urge to drive North, call and drop in … coffee’s always on πŸ™‚

        1. Hi there Sugar Plum, πŸ™‚

          Really nice to get an update on what you’ve been up to, and to hear that things have been going well. Wonderful about the second honeymoon too!

          I haven’t ever forgotten about that standing invitation, btw. Still have your email addy in case I ever do get up that way. That would be so cool.

          Have a great time in Mexico! Vaya con Dios, mi amigo. πŸ™‚

          p.s. Remember this song? A sentimental sendoff for you:

          1. Vaya Con Dios

            Now the hacienda’s dark
            The town is sleeping
            Now the time has come to part
            The time for weeping
            Vaya con dios, my darling
            Vaya con dios, my love
            Now the village mission bells are softly ringing
            If you listen with your heart
            You’ll hear them singing
            Vaya con dios, my darling
            Vaya con dios, my love
            Wherever you may be, I’ll be beside you
            Although you’re many million dreams away
            Each night I’ll say a pray’r
            A pray’r to guide you
            To hasten every lonely hour
            Of every lonely day
            Now the dawn is breaking through a gray tomorrow
            But the memories we share are there to borrow
            Vaya con dios, my darling
            Vaya con dios, my love
            [Musical Interlude]
            Vaya con dios, my darling
            Vaya con dios, my love

  5. Merry Christmas to you too, Geir. Thanks for creating this place to have meaningful discussions. May the next year be a great one!

  6. Thanks for providing us with all the offerings of your blog my friend, and to all who participate to give us this community, and the interesting and enlightening contributions, thanks for being here, and granting the same to me! Happy holidays Geir, and all! Love and have fun πŸ™‚

  7. To Geir, thank you for your kind thoughts and reflections. You have taught me so much, in my mere month on your blog. There is a wonderful connectedness here, that you alone have attracted. Beingness. Granting beingness. Fun. Openness! Honesty, All priceless gifts, that you share among your appreciative supporters.
    There, done with the respects! Time to splurge along with the loved ones. To everyone, I thank you for your amazing spirit, and wild comm! You Rock!!!
    Very Happy Christmas!
    ML, ritb39

    1. Och, wee lassie, gooood ta seeeay the spirrrit in ye! Nooooo at’s tayyyme ta le’ loooose wi’ the bagpaaaaypes , whit d’ ye seeaaay? Merrrrry Xmassss Marrrrrildi!
      no’ f’ge’nnn the kasses eeeitherrr!
      XXX racin’

        1. Verrrrry spec’lll lassie! At’ sooooonds leeaaake th’ re’all th’ngg toooo! Amaaayzin’

  8. Merry Christmas everybody on this blog! And next year to enjoy each other the same fun and creativity as always πŸ™‚

    1. There’s a man who’s grounded, (in the water, LOL) You too dragos! πŸ™‚

      1. Calvary Calvin. Didn’t you know that dragos is a fellow calvaryman of yours? He too has been known to rescue damsels in distress. πŸ™‚

        Hey dragos, here’s a tribute to the two of you, Romanian style πŸ˜‰

        1. No, I didn’t Marildi! But seeing you put it that way, wot cavalry man worth his saddle, can possibly resist? Only thing missing though! Where were the damsels?? Oh I get it now!…. dragos keeps ’em to himself πŸ™‚

        2. Dear marildi, I’m a city boy πŸ™‚ Horses are only in the countryside πŸ™‚ Thanks anyway and Merry Christmas! πŸ™‚ Next summer I will wear a yellow T-shirt, only for you πŸ™‚

          1. Dear dragos, that was just symbolic. Don’t you know, the cavalry always saves the day (at least in movies) πŸ™‚ . Besides, I kinda liked the display of skill in that video – plus the music!

            But here’s another one, more to your taste, And this tells you where I will be next summer when you wear your yellow T-shirt πŸ˜‰ :

            1. Thanks marildi! Nice music, nice woman (50 next year, but still more beautiful than many other younger women), classy mood, pro band. Thanks again! πŸ™‚

            2. I figured you would like it – for all those reasons! πŸ™‚

            3. By the way, I’m happy you didn’t dedicate me an Adele song πŸ™‚ It’s the last musical dedication I ever wanted to receive…She obviously have voice, but in many respects she’s so overestimated.

            4. My favourite is Adagio. Doesn’t matter who perform it, an orchestra or a singer, for me Adagio is the most beautiful sound I ever heard πŸ™‚ And this beauty has 400 years old I think. PS. Good night marildi! I have a glass of red wine and an enormous book about Berlin Wall, 1961. Tomorrow I’m not working, so even if it’s 1.00 AM, the brain should be fed (with book, not wine) πŸ™‚

  9. Merry Christmas Geir and all my friends on this blog. I enjoy you all so very much and learn from every post I read. Thank you and best wishes for a healthy and smooth new year!

    1. Thank you blasting master, and I just know you’re going to have a cracker of a time, so here’s to you and your very special lady, (amazing, actually,) who has figured out how to put up with your wealth of B/S, that is completely bottomless πŸ™‚ Speaking of which, have another glass for me too, will ya? ( Since I’m drivin’, & not racin’ today! πŸ™‚

      Merry Xmas!

      1. Thanks Calvin! Enjoy you as well but you should loosen up a bit! haha Also enjoy your old photo of the 70’s Yamaha 250cc cafe racer, I am assuming this is you and your bike. Those were the days eh? I still do a little motorcycling as well until something faster that is so affordable comes along!

        1. Sharp as a tack, fellow two wheelster! I actually worked in a bike shop, to get the all round experience I needed to follow my / our passion. The TD1-C was in fact a factory made production racer that pre-dated the TD-2. They had no torque whatsoever below 8000 rpm. I had a lot of race tuning added to it. which made it far quicker than a “cafe racer” πŸ™‚ Yeah, today’s rockets, ie, Yammie 600 R, and Honda CBR rr quick enough for ya? . Trouble is, the track is practically the only “legal” place you can open ’em.!!!!!! Oh well, at least them keeps ya sharp, in any event,

          Have yourselves a great Xmas, bro, and ps, give your special lady a big hug ‘n kiss from me too, will ya?
          Peace bro’ (till next year only. hehehe !) πŸ˜‰
          ML, Calvin

        2. BTW, in terms of gett’n to ‘know’ one another, here’s a little piece of the ‘puzzle’ that may help. My declaration, i/2 way down the page, Mother’s Day, 12 May 2012, Marty’s blog.

          1. WOW!!! The hell of a great piece of writing! You sure can race up the Tone Scale
            lifting others up by taking them on a ride on your motorcycle! I see an amazing warm-hearted, passionate, caring, attentive, playful, forever-giving and forever learning-exploring, always ready to cheer-up others by being pure, artistic, humorous, never-to-be located if not by your own decision kid! If you entered the
            movie industry, you would sure make good friends with Jim Carrey, Al Pacino (they come to mind, I may be mistaken….). Racing…..I get your love and sillful care for
            girls…and for the source-girl, Mother….

            1. Gee… (blush,blush… crickets.. crickets…crickets!), you pegged me, sweetheart πŸ˜‰

            2. That is just great! Listen to this…the whole…at 6:11 comes a part which I, as a mother of two boys, can testify that there is much truth in it in my own life too….

            3. Addition: I have never ‘suffered’ in ways he is speaking about, what I mean is that my boys have always wanted to see me the happiest ever person in their lives and
              for that they have been doing anything…this they are also doing to their brides now….which fills my heart with the deepest love…the girls take care of the back and forth flow…

            4. Yes, Marianne. Isn’t it amazing? To discover that we have been part of a ‘team’, for soooo long? ….And didn’t even realize it?…. The thing is, it’s a very ‘special’ team… It doesn’t have ANY entry membership requirement/s, other than this:

              * Grant importance & beingness to other life entities. (except mosquitoes, swattt! or the tax man! double swattt! ) (aka “#”)

              * Love & caring!…. give it in abundance! (#)

              * The ability/willingness to forgive! ……….(#)

              * Grant life to realize it’s mission!………….(#)

              * Help others to help themselves!…………(#)

              * Spend time uplifting those in need!…….(#)

              And thanks for finally sharing that great 2-D exposition, You can be deservedly proud. There, see how easy thatwas? πŸ™‚

            5. racing….what we have been communicating about above, mother and kids (when it is not just a discussion using concepts or even socially conditioned feelings) is the
              deepest root of existence…birth(s), death(s), characters, roles….joys, sorrows, different raw feelings…also the beauty of each. I may reflect on it later…I have perceptions of it but by far less than the whole picture, the truth of it…so then,
              when i have more to share.

              Thanks for the simple, so most powerful guiding truth-pieces for living which, when
              lived from the heart of our being, can result in a more harmonious living in our
              relationships (haha…you may know what i want to write here?)

              I had an amazing time with the big(ger) family today. Very different than ever before.
              Geir had a picture earlier – magic happens beyond the comfort zone. I add that magic is conceived there but the embodied realization is here all around.

              racing…your presence and coms here is a gift….thanks for your care….

            6. Thanks Marianne. I continue to learn, from each and every comm cycle. BTW, being “in comm”, naturally asserts that the ‘significant other’, is present (in the now), of course…. only then…can duplication …..& understanding….. take place! Isn’t it just an amazing viewpoint ( being fully in P/T) to have? ….And from which to share? πŸ™‚
              (It’s kinda okay, not being FULLY in P/T, but subject to wobbling and crashing, aka screee, crash!, tinkle, tinkles, hey?) Never mind, nothing a Band-Aid and a kiss won’t fix hey? (hopefully!) πŸ™‚

              Far better to just “BE”….For boundless creativity, reaching, awareness, giving!

              Thank YOU!…… for enriching my own universe, with your gifts and perceptions.

              A new life chapter has already begun. 2014, just an arbitrary marker of ‘time’, now just ‘days’ away. To me, it’s just a handy symbol, measurement device, to mark the progress of events……. Ah, yes, EVENTS!

              I say: ….. Ta-daaaah!!……Roll onnnnnn, EVENTSSSSAH!! Wot do you say?

              Ray Cing πŸ™‚

            7. Is it not always the now? Is it not forever presence? Is it not the forever possibility
              to duplicate that which in one’s consciousness looks to not have happened but
              in fact it has just one is not yet aware of it? Is it not a BE/NOT BE?

            8. Absolutely yes! Factually it always IS the ‘now’. However, (tease,tease πŸ™‚ ), isn’t it just so much fun knowing that one can BE, in any time, at will, via the imagination? just re-creating any moment, complete with the perceptions, feelings, and emotions?
              You have this ability, in abundance, we all do. Where we run into trouble though, is in failing to KNOWINGLY differentiate one ‘time’, from another. Another way to address this, is to simply to postulate, (decide!) what ‘time’, you want / need to be in.

              So hey, Sunshine, we’re talking about your very own, real, working,’Time Machine’.here! Go in /out on a whim, or for ‘work’, play, or just to reminisce. Just remember to step back into P/T though, when you’re done, Okay? No screee’s, please πŸ™‚

            9. if by this you mean the alive flow of life then yes
              my questions above are rather perception-experiences….not to be answered by the
              mind but rather let them be and ‘sink’ like questions and experience will give the ‘answers’….experience/feel/knowing is infinite and compassionate…
              i haven’t been interested in ‘pictures’, ‘past’ for quite a while…

            10. ??? Marianne? Just to straighten ‘the meaning’, I was referring to the young ‘comatose’ girl faith healer, perhaps, being an ‘intermediary’? (Bless her) For once, I’m struggling with your comment. Care to help me out here?

            11. Sorry! I sent you the pulsing and blinking Sun as an ack. I did not see the other
              vids. Your answer was ‘intermediary’ from which came the answer: the Tao, the Life
              Flow. I may have misunderstood ‘intermediary’ (meaning here mediator, means).
              Is it ok now?

            12. Of course it’s okay now…. ‘understanding’, washes away ‘everything’ πŸ™‚ Just knew, you’d emulate the sun, by shining the ‘light’… as cleverly as you did with the eerie glow within the ice castles. Wonderwoman, you bless many with your vision and imagination. thank you πŸ™‚

  10. A very Merry Christmas to you Gier and to all those who participate on your most interesting blog. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      1. Nice surprise to get XXX’s on Christmas morn.
        Thanks and a bit ((HUG)) to you.

          1. Okie dokie A ((HUG)) and two XX’s. I’m more of a hugger and gain strength from your strong bod and love the bike. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      1. A Merry, happy, happy to you too Chris. I just know you had a wonderful time with your family. I had a very Merry Christmas eve and day too. I was surprised by a distant cousin with presents to open like I hadn’t done in prob a 100 years. Fun to be a kid at times. πŸ™‚

  11. Merry Christmas Geir – thanks for all the great posts and discussions! And same to all of the denizens of this blog!

    1. As a quiet denizen of this blog who Always admires your posts, wish you the Merriest of Days, Maria.

    1. Dio, You are demonstrably blessed with wide ranging interests, and in my book, that makes for a nice “balance,” if you will. Never mind the ‘ribbing’ & ‘grilling’, evident on Geir’s smorgasbord blog site, Just keep on keeping on with whatever fires your furnace, man. Hope you had a great Xmas, and have a great New Year!
      ritb39 πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks Calvin,

        You are an eloquent writer. Your previous post to Marianne was equally eloquent. It was actually more than that, but I can’t think of words to describe it.

        Yes, I am interested in almost everything. Been that way since I was a kid.

        Many moons ago the postulate: “Seek the truth in all things and the truth shall set you free (the truth will solve your problems).” was implanted in my mind.

        Being that the truth is nothing more or less than the right answer to any problem, and being that you only get good marks for right answers in life, I search out the highest truths in every subject that effects me.

        I call myself a truth scientist. Seeking the most superior computations in life.

        Like you said in your post to Marianne, I operate on that data too:

        For more years than I care to remember, my goal has always been to link up with β€œfree minded,” theta based people that broaden one’s horizons, outlook, and affinity.

        I am attracted to people and sources who have an insatiable desire for truth and expansion.

        As I see it, or understand it, these types are the “chosen ones” as referred to in the good book. As in many are called and few are chosen.

        The ones with an insatiable desire to learn the truth in all things are the gods in training on this planet. The chosen ones will be the gods.

        When the good book says:

        Mathew 24:40 Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left for the barbeque and the worms. 41 Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left for the barbeque and the worms.

        I want to be one of the chosen ones.

        For the whole unsettling story click here:

        For every great mind, every progressive spirit to come along, there stands a thousand to guard the past, to argue to defend their ignorance, their stupidity, to make right wrong.

        There are probably less than a few hundred thousand of those kinds (the ones who could be chosen) on the planet.



        1. Thanks Dio, for expressing your self so clearly. I learn from every single posting on Geir’s blog. That’s wonderful, too, in this sense: After clarifying any M/U’s, I get to stand in ‘that’ person’s shoes, sharing their viewpoint. Makes for pretty good duplication, ultimately. This can be done with almost anyone… don’t you agree? πŸ™‚

          1. Calvin,

            Thanks for your reply.

            You: This can be done with almost anyone… don’t you agree? πŸ™‚

            Me. Only to a slight degree, yes. And for social purposes and light work only.

            And keep in mind that valences can look pretty good and pretty solid.

            So you always have to be very vigilant.

            A good operating datum to keep in mind is: Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see.

            Another one is that the true quality of a person is not determined by social veneer nor on good roads and good weather.

            Or by his or her good side.

            Personalities are usually constructed in such a manner as to conceal the flaws.

            Great people are often not good people.

            Flattery, flirting, romance, “ego massaging” and foreplay are shallow, vain and deceptive.

            Nothing is true unless it’s properly tested and proven to be true.

            The true quality of a person is determined in times of conflict and adversity.

            In times of disagreement, conflict and other adversities, is he or she part of the solution or part of the problem?

            Does he or she take the high road or the ditch or the back door?

            Rate these following qualities on a scale of one to ten:

            Does he respond to reason and logic?
            What is his his ability to use reason and logic?
            What is his sense of right and wrong like?
            Does he have a sense and appeal for truth?
            Has he or she properly done their personal development homework?
            Has he or she properly done their professional development homework?
            Has he or she properly done their spiritual development homework?
            These are just for starters, many more could be listed.

            As a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, the the true quality, the true character, the true value, the true strength of a person is determined by his or her weaknesses or flaws.

            Especially when the weather gets very bad for extended periods of time, and the roads get very bad for many long, extended miles, and all the veneer and glitter wear off, and the going gets very rough.

            The true quality of a person is determined not by what they know, but what they do not know.

            The best ways to test a person is to get married to him or her.

            And to get into business with him or her.

            And give him money and or power.

            Outside of that, counts very little.

            Talk is cheap.


            1. Thanks Dio, for giving me the opportunity to “Stand in your shoes.”

            2. Dio
              Your words arrive here on a smooth, caring wave. Feels theta – the solver. I feel
              the ‘place’ they are arising from in ‘you’. You have a big Heart!
              Dio…do you have any music you like? Or some good video you have seen recently? AND ! something which is of unique interest of yours?

            3. Hi Marianne,

              Thanks for the compliments.

              I am not much a music person.

              Especially modern music.

              On very rare occasion I like Ukrainian dance music. Like at Ukrainian social functions.

              And I am also not a movie person.

              I can count the number of movies I watched in my life on my fingers and toes.

              I do watch the short odd video on line. like youtubes.. As long as it is educational, or informative.

              As long as it imparts data that I can use. Or helps me understand something I am interested in.

              I do not have time for junk.

              Any spare time I have is spent in processing and related subjects.

              And getting a screwed up and destroyed life and bad health situation put back together.

              I used to read a lot of books one time.

              But not much anymore.

              So thank you very much for the offer.

              I will let you buy me coffee.

              Just go to your favorite coffee shop and imagine you and I are there having a coffee. And you are buying.

              I take a spoon of sugar, and a stiff shot of cream.
              With cinnamon and nutmeg.



            4. Dio, thanks for sharing! You could go the rest of your life, being totally miserable. Somehow, I don’t think you want that. In fact, just being on this blog, I think, shows you have shown a LOT of intention, to try to ‘handle’ much of that, man. As Geir has even said (of himself) – “I am a work in progress.” -and you know what, Dio? – We ALL are! You sure don’t need any more “advice”. on how to achieve that, IMHO. It seems you may have worked out a large number of ‘solutions’, to deal with ‘the problems,’ already.

              Trouble is, something seems to be ‘resisting’ all your efforts, and that can give rise to an extremely resentful, pessimistic outlook generally. Does that ring true for you?

              The good news (there is some, btw) is that you are already moving in the right direction, just by communicating with me / us, on this blog. Hell man, we DO care!

              The only thing that matters here, right now, is do YOU think you are worth caring for? ………..from a guy –willing to put himself ‘in your shoes’ — Calvin.

            5. Calvin,

              Thank you for your reply.

              I had to think about what you said for a while.

              There are several aspects to your post.

              1.First off, I do not see my self as miserable.
              At least I did not think so.

              Actually I am satisfied that I am in better shape in some ways, than I have been in all my life.

              2. I did not see or intend for my post to relate misery.

              It was what I have learned in life about what determines the true colors of a person.

              I think that is very useful data.

              To me, at least, that is something to keep in mind, when dealing with people.

              It is part of knowing how to choose your people.

              That is in alignment with Hubbard’s chart of Human Evaluation.

              If you don’t know that or keep that in mind, you can get in a lot of trouble.

              The majority have, for the lack of that knowledge.

              3. On the other hand, if you picked up misery from my post, which I did not intend to transmit, that is from the remnents of my case.( Case emits. )

              RE: Quoting you: Trouble is, something seems to be β€˜resisting’ all your efforts,

              Well, I am not sure what to say about that, or how to say it. Especially in a few words. Simply put, it is from brain damage as child. And tons of suppression.

              And there is always the genetic inheritance factor too. And possibly past lives.

              From a this life perspective:

              Analogy: My train was derailed into the gorge very early in life and I have spent a life time hauling it back on to the track and reassembling it. πŸ™‚

              Few people have survived what I have survived as well as I have.



            6. Dio
              Coffee is ensured! I recall that com when you reached out for me telling about the
              role of mothers in the lives of kids…thank you for that which I did not thank then well
              enough. This role is getting clearer and clearer and more natural….very deep and beautiful. I read what Calvin is writing to you. I would be pleased to see the two
              of you talking while having a coffee….

            7. Hi, Sunshine! Amazing what a difference a day / good night’s sleep makes, hey? πŸ™‚ While we wait for Dio to join us for coffee, (his cappuccino / expresso / latte ‘special’), —Just reflecting on some of the highlights, which have occurred within our conversations and ‘visits’, to the ‘other’s’ universe/s, over the past couple of days.

              One of them, being, the ‘1/2 full glass’ viewpoint phenomena –( Recognition of.) Beautifully articulated, and reduced to real ultimate truth, with the videos you posted in the presentations by Adyashanti. Priceless! No words can adequately describe the calming that occurs, with that encounter. I appreciate you so much for sharing this with me.

              Another, which aligns with the impetus (carrier wave) of that ‘special’ energy seen only during the Christmas “Spirit”, and teased along by our insouciant, true friend / host, Geir, with his inimitable, mischievous comments, taunts, & pranks. All of which, are intended to invite one to “open up” their universe. Explore, feel the feelings, experience the joy, of (till then) unrealized friendships & discoveries, …within…and without.

              Forgiveness. Simplicity in itself….. Live… Let live…Let go…Move on…

              Gratitude: There really is such an abundance of joy (aka ‘havingness’) to be had just from ‘doing one’s homework’, (as Dio reminds us- to get the ‘right answers), in simply ‘searching’ for, and finding, all the blessings and gifts which ARE bestowed upon one, (and possibly the ‘homework’, skipped on, to attend to more ‘serious’ matters. grrrrrrr! )

              And what about just the simple enjoyment of relaxed, 2- way comm, while you are with a friend you truly enjoy being with, sharing, laughing, loving every minute?

              That, in my book, is very much a part of the journey.

              Your thoughts, Marianne? πŸ™‚

            8. Hi Ray,
              Thanks for reflecting…the 1/2 full glass viewpoint phenomena has been with me since you shared it with me….this viewpoint alone can lift one’s consciousness into
              higher and higher realms. Thank you for putting my attention to it! So glad that you
              appreciate Adya…you see, after the first shift of ‘awakening’ happened some 2 years now, spontaneously fully accepting ‘space’ by which my mind ‘blew’ (a feeling like iron bars get shattered in a split second allowing for no-mest space, also a little
              after the Heart opening while walking in London in a street resulting in a feeling of Love, no separation, seeing the same Source of being), I was drawn to him by looking for ‘what and how next’…I found him on the Net. For me he is a being who
              as a ‘teacher’ can and is willing to ‘talk’ in a way that the underlying truth and his words arrive in a complete harmony…so when one truely ‘listens’, one can be more and more aware.

              As for the ‘special energy’ and what Geir has been doing on his blog: Haha….just reflecting on it a bit I am now all-smile! As I am fully certain that anyone who is willing to listen to what he is offering as a Free and Able Spirit will end up in the most incredible journey in his/her life… and newer and newer vistas are opening….

              Live…let live… let go… move on…yes, thank you Ray….I see and live this truth deeper and deeper and more and more factually….the hardest at the moment is
              let go…how can I let go of THAT which is the whole essence of the Core of our Being? ….I guess full let go is the perception and realization of full Presence…’learning-exploring’ the how….

              Thanks for the ‘homework’ reminder. Yes to its truth.

              2-way com is for me the miraculous tool for having as much fun and joy as can
              be had in the Universe….I love it….I am in love with it….wonder if I will ever be able
              to chill as completely as to live without the fruits it gives me…that, in my vision
              is full enlightenment-realization. You see, Ray, I so love our coms….let go of them?
              What do you say to it?

            9. For Dio.

              You’ve done a good job there, bro’. Sharing from a house of pain….. that you alone had to endure, AND come to terms with. Being subjected to suppression, must have made it doubly difficult for you?

              Nevertheless, through it all, here you are today, battle scarred and hardened, but still prepared to give as good as you got, eh? Never say die man πŸ™‚

              I appreciate too, that you have made enormous strides in your knowledge and armed yourself with the wherewithal to do battle against those forces of ‘ignorance’, which stand in your way / try to take advantage of you. Am I on the same page with you here?

              How about your overall sense of finding your ‘true self’ Anything you’d like to share on this.? Marianne is expected any moment, with the coffee, (your special latte!). So sit back, relax, and share anything you care to, or just chill, bro’.

              ….. you are among friends here, that care, although that may take a little time to gel,. Still, that just fine, and par for the course, with us….. No ‘have to’s or ‘must’s, required in this theta place!

            10. Calvin,

              You: Never say die man πŸ™‚

              Me: Yep, that is one of my operating datums.

              You: Am I on the same page with you here?

              Me: Yes, very much so. Thanks a million brother!

              It has been a long and hard row to hoe. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

              But , very early in life, some how, for some reason, I had or learned to over come and rise above, one step at a time, how ever tiny the step was. Much of the time, there was no progress and hanging on was the only thing I could do.

              I suppose that is one thing I picked up from my dad. Although he did not say much about his childhood, I got the sense that it was also bad. He was beaten too and also was aberrated and had a difficult time in life. And was dramatizing. He did not have better operating data.
              But at the same time, he was also a truth seeker and was very consciously trying to over come and heal and rise up and above. He was much more conscious than most.

              But he did not have the scn tech and data.

              I learned to be thankful in all things good and bad.

              Because this universe is set up in such a way that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

              And that applies to everything including adversity.
              Knowing that alone takes a lot of charge of a situation.

              Being thankful for adversity has a magical tendency to expose the silver lining in it, sometimes pretty quickly.

              There has to be a bit of a spirit of play too. The more the better.

              I could go on and on, but there are other fish to fry.

              You are better than most.

              The coffee was good! Thanks!



            11. Marianne, thank you for such a heartfelt response, and your innermost comm is stashed aboard for deeper reflection. Will respond when fully digested ok? πŸ™‚

              Meantime, how about that coffee? I believe Dio may have some stuff he’s willing to share? —– Dio?

            12. Dio, that’s an amazingly tough background, you shared with us. The picture fills in with more and more detail.. It’s a pretty cathartic thing to do, this whole exercise, as you know only too well. But sometimes we do it because it just feels so damn good, too!
              John Kehoe wrote a best seller, some years back: “Mind Power”. you may have read it. Based much on visualization, the effects and results, of using the book and his courses, are pretty impresssive! Highly recommended in the sense that, like Dale Carnegie, and Rank Xerox sales courses, the training requires application by selling ‘in the field’, and therefore the results are very tangible and measurable too!

              Thanks for the chat man, let’s do coffee again, what say? πŸ™‚

            13. Calvin,

              I ack your reply.

              You: Thanks for the chat man, let’s do coffee again, what say? πŸ™‚

              Me: Anytime brother, just give me a shout.



            14. Marianne, goodness me, what to say, how to answer your comm, that conveys the response due to you? I can only think of one way. You are blessed! Already! There is as much comm available to you, as you can handle. Think of it as a really busy two-way street. In other words, relax. … it isn’t going going to die down anytime soon. Freight still has to be moved from A to B. Though even truck drivers, teachers and racers have to sleep some times. But I do ‘get’ the excitement, contained in your closing….wondering what the delivery man has in the box, when he “knocks” on the door? What’s life if it doesn’t contain some excitement and surprises, Hey? πŸ™‚
              –Heading for that overnight battery charge soon.
              –Ray.23.04, S.A time, as I post this.

            15. Thanks, I never have any idea what you will answer, so it is always a surprise.

              Sleep tight Ray, my dearest body-guard!

            16. Dio, How’s it going man? Btw, thanks for the ack!… And we WILL do coffee, (cappuchino/expresso/latte style ) okay?
              This may only reach you after the New Year has been “Sworn” in, but I hope not too harshly!! ^%$@*&^%$$#$ !! πŸ™‚
              Have a blast Anyway Dio, and I hope you’ve done ‘that’ homework on the list of postulates, brother.

              Happy, Prosperous New Year!!
              –yo buddy, Calvin. πŸ™‚

            17. Hi my dear brother Calvin,

              Good to hear from you.
              I am taking a week off from the hustle and bustle and battles of life.
              I am fasting and bed resting. (Very good for the mind and body.)

              I just come up for air.

              I am also doing some TROM by Dennis Stevens. (It’s a solo process.)

              We’ll do coffee again soon.

              Until next time, all the best,

              and a very happy new year’s eve, day and so forth.


              Brother Dio

            18. Just do it brother! May you emerge fully rested, recovered, & renewed. With that zest, that will allow you to best any “test!”
              Yo bro’ from the the trenches of the willin’ ta give all!

      1. Merry Christmas Chris,

        Did you read the website on Kefir?

        On another tangent, I just invented myself a pretty nice cappuccino / expresso / latte type drink.

        Its cold in my house and I can’t get warm so I decided I needed a hot drink, so into my big portable insulated coffee mug, I put in a stiff helping of Nescafe instant coffee into 5% cream, stirred it up until dissolved and nuked it until it just about boiled over.

        Very good!

        Try it!

        It does not get much better.

        You can use any good quality instant coffee.

        At Starbucks, the closest thing you could get to that would cost you an arm and a leg.



          1. Calvin,

            You: Aha!…. my β€˜fix’ too, Dio!

            Me: Great minds sometimes think alike.



            1. Well natch, Satch. ‘Great’ trumps mediocrity every time! πŸ™‚

  12. racing
    I open another com here. Some questions:
    I am still scared at times. Is it possible to go to the root of ‘fear’ and and live as 1-8D
    without that ‘fear’ ever occuring?
    Where are the people from the blog? Where is Geir?

  13. racing
    Geir keeps telling ‘chill’. Yes…. I have had very deep perceptions so far…several shifts of consciousness. Right after writing my com to you there came the answer
    to my deepest fear: I cannot fully ‘chill’ until I have the continuous perceiving and knowing that each of us is an immortal soul….also, that each of us is fully aware of
    it. Choose and play/live in this or other universes willfully and knowingly. Also, that we never lose the possibility and ability of communicating. Coming together when deciding so. Is it possible to reach that high level of consciousness that what I am writing about can happen so? If yes, how?

    1. Yes Marianne, it can, does, ‘happen’, and rather easily too. First things first. WHO ‘felt’ (‘perceived, created ) that fear? ‘That’ person, is the source of ‘it’, and all that followed.

      ….. ‘We’ can breathe life into ‘anything’ under the sun, and thus have it be so. The trick is to recognize that it is ‘us’ (you, me, whoever) ‘having it be so’, and just leave it at that! (oh! I created that? — “yup, afraid so.” — Really? Me? …. goes off and has a good look at ‘that’ … oh? .. oh no!…. hmmmm… itsa, itsa, .. AS-IS! POOF!)

      ……..Sorry, what was I on about then? … Oh yes, THAT! …. What about it?

      Relax, Sunshine! Take your deserved seat among the en-“light”-end ones, will you? “unknowingly created” mental monsters left in the dumpster, OUTSIDE the door, if you please…. Thank you πŸ™‚

      1. Thank you Ray. Any believing in any thought is that can stand in between ‘me’ and ‘another’ and reduces my ability to reach (reaching is no-fear). As you said earlier,
        full PT and Duplication and bigger and bigger ARC is the answer.

        You saying “breathe life into ‘anything’….and thus have it be so’ helped me see it much more clearly that be-liev-ing in (being the life in a thought) I am ‘having’ the result of that thought.

  14. I thought I would drop off a couple of Christmas presents – since I can’t drop off Christmas goodies and cakes for everyone to nibble on, how about some foods for thought?



    Note that the the first article features work from Harold E. Puthoff – that bad boy SP who worked with Ingo Swann on remote viewing.

    1. Look at that great explosion of light and color, will you? An appropriate way to announce a new, vibrant, start to a NEW unit of “time”, so –Happy New Year!

      It is 11:20, S.A. time Wed Jan 2014, as I post this.The sun HAS arisen (Marianne!) πŸ™‚ again, as it will continue to do, — “forever….” .. Similarly, so will we, (continue), in an ever changing, evolving, transcending, of experiences, beingness/es, also in “new” units of time. (Now/s) πŸ™‚

      The ONLY thing constant, in this whole procession, (that I am aware of,) is that one little ol’ devil, that so many are terrified of; — “nothing!” We fight desperately, to ward off the thought/s of being left with “nothing”.

      The big joke of our entire existence, is on “ourself/ourselves” When we finally ‘get it’, “nothing”, is the primary source of ‘breathing life’, into all our fears, bringing them into being, ‘having them be so’!. (check out the various vids, by Adyashanti, posted by Marianne, to assist with any difficulties one may encounter, in just having “nothing”.)

      There is, added to the mix (has to be, of course πŸ™‚ ) ANOTHER little devil in there! One that makes life such an enticing affair, that one just can’t resist, getting thoroughly engrossed, (and sometimes bewildered, too?) by the fascinating attractions, mystery, and intrigue, of “That Old Devil Called Love” (by Allison Moyet.)
      — Marianne, sweet cherished one, would you do the honors, yet again? πŸ™‚

    1. (Whispering)……….. l i s t e n i n g…….. ( and πŸ™‚ ing!)

  15. doorways

    I was hesitating whether to put it here or not….but when in doubt, start it, is that right? Also, communication is the universal solvent…so here it goes:

    no-thing-ness…yes, we can experience it in auditing or meditation…when one is ready to experience it (not as a concept in the mind but as a complete experience),
    it is a feel and know of ‘be’…this ‘be’ can gradually ‘permeate’ concepts, ‘things’ and
    it gives the feel of this ‘be’ expanding yet never ‘loses’ the sense of being ‘aware’….so one is slowly ‘sliding into’ more and more of our co(n)-scio-usness (our
    co-created-shared knowledge while not losing one’s uniqueness…it seems to me at this point of my awareness that each being/soul has a unique vibration…it is a bliss…here is the why:

    in auditing or meditation one can view and experience ‘death’…it is one thing to go into it as ‘one’s ‘own’ (the concept, past lives..) but it is entirely different when one goes into and ‘feels’ the possible or actual ‘death’ of the one you love…it’s ok to say yes to your loved one’s willful decision (because it is so) but there remains the fear of ‘will we meet again’ and ‘will there be a chance to tell you and entirely make you feel’ that i love you? That you being in human life with me is so precious that i
    can never fully let you know how precious you are….

    The inability to express in human deeds and words how deep that love is results
    in a deep sorrow….one cries and cries…until one sees/feels that it is ONE spirit…yet
    different souls with unique ‘vibrations’…so one ‘knows’ that there will be other chances to express that love….one also sees how precious human life is….
    This is as far as I got…a vid, then a ‘practical’ aspect…

  16. Some practical aspects

    It all depends on how deep one is willing to go into it…i for sure wish to go to the ‘bottom’ of it and wish to see Life in its full blossom on ‘New’ ‘Earth’….many of us are
    contributing to it to the extent we can…i am sharing here some parts of it…..

    As it looks, Life in our human ‘reality’ is interconnected….our bodies, minds and spirits. The ‘light’ of the mind, the ‘whiteness’ of no concepts, the ‘infinite space’ are
    beautiful…yet, as i experience it, it is not ‘all’….our co(m)passion is deeper……

    When my father and mother passed away some twenty years ago, I was not conscious. I was ‘lucky’ not to have experienced which many do in that case.
    That is: there can be a ‘shock’ in this experience which can have a result in one’s
    well-being. May affect even one’s body’s health…..’life-continuum’ that is.
    As it looks to me now: at death there can be an ‘explosion’ when the ‘soul’ is leaving…(electric, lightening..)….another ‘feeling’ it and ‘resisting’ (deep empathy)
    may result in a ‘disturbance’ (co(n)FUSION ! ) in one’s mind and physical body.
    It is just logical that as everything wants to ‘live’ (may it be an emotion, a thought,
    whatever), the ‘contents’ of this ‘incident’ also….resisting it brings about ‘charge’….which may bring about an ‘ill-ness’….when one audits out or sees in
    meditation what is actually happening, one gets back one’s well-being as well….and
    as it looks, not only ‘one’s ‘own’ AS: we are interconnected, so any charge gone, any piece of ‘aliveness’ and ‘knowing’ is expanding on into our “kids’ ” and “others’ ” well-being…..making thus the Flow of Life flow smoother….

    It is completely WORTHwhile to be willing to be aware of and experience more/deeper than what human consciousness allows….the kind of ‘old way’…as
    any piece of ‘truth’ is changing the ‘old’ for fresh ‘new’….that Life on the Planet can ‘live on’….this is how I am able to express part of the ‘scene’ i am aware of….
    i am putting here vids…they are ‘personal’ experiences, which to me means they are
    their experiences and what really matters is always one’s own….listening to another’s can help one understand and enjoy what this one consciousness can ‘offer’….i am always grateful when another is sharing….

    1. Fabulous of you to share all of this my soul sister. Thank you for your in-depth sharings. Also for an intimate, if very brief, tour, through your pain, loss, recovery, and realizations, while gaining deeper and deeper insights, as your perceptions and awareness expanded. Truth, revealing of, leads to that ultimate quiet, peaceful satisfaction…… one of understanding. I am at once, mindful of the revelations shared by Adya, without which, one would not now have the insights he has made possible. (at this point, I’m bowing towards YOU, hands placed together in gratitude:) )

      I have to say that I am constantly more and more aware, of the enrichment taking place in your own spiritual awareness, to which I hinted earlier. Also clear is that you have, within the past few hours, received much clarity, as a result of just being willing to duplicate the simplicity of just accepting reality. “as-is” The joy of realizing that ‘future”, is on the other side of “continuing to be”, means of course, that one can create THAT future, with abundant happiness, through the expressing of genuine gratitude. This of course, attracts those elements of your desires to you.

      You will see, as it all unfolds for you. Postulates, are decisions made, in present time, that alter you future circumstances. They are NEVER made, in desperation, anxiety, or fear, or with effort, or additives of any kind. They are more along the lines of….. It WILL be so…. simply…. predictably…. but from a relaxed, peaceful confidence, within.

      Thank you for being “you.” πŸ™‚

      ML, Ray

      1. amazing YOU are Ray…there is not one single ‘particle’ in what i am communicating
        which you would not fully understand…and you also put my attention to another ‘particle’ (it is the ‘will’ now) that helps further expanding….as i see it in this very instant the ‘it IS already so=it IS done’ is the right ‘decision’ along the lines of FREE

        1. Yes, sweet one…..relax…..the delivery….shall manifest! πŸ™‚

            1. Surrender;— total, conscious, willful, unconditional, loving, release…. Let go! (As in the vid clip by Nianell: “Life’s Gift”)

            2. Need to log off soon, Marianne. Need to be at work by 06.00! If anything you care to share, pse reply by 22.20. (blog time) Otherwise, g’nite sweetheart! πŸ™‚

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