Coaching and mental training – a summary of my approach

With the inspiration and help from Brendan Martin, I have written an article that sums up my approach as a coach and mental trainer. It could serve as the seed for an upcoming book that we write together on this topic.

I would like to thank the many hundred subjects that I have had the honor of helping – including the many young people that was struggling in life. A special thanks goes to Tiril Eckhoff who has been an excellent subject and effective measuring stick for what this approach can do.

The article is available as a free pdf (download or read on Scribd).

It is written as a primer to people I coach and as inspiration to those with a purpose of helping others.

16 thoughts on “Coaching and mental training – a summary of my approach

  1. Wonderful article, Geir. An especially interesting point of view was this one:

    “You trade free will for focus, for creations….What if this is how it is on all levels in life?…Adding structure limits freedom…

    That sounds like quantum physics – i.e. the collapse of the wavefunction. A “structured particle” – that is, a creation – limits what had been freedom of potential. So I’d say this principle literally IS on all levels of life. What a neat theory. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi, Geir.

    Just taking a break from the work commitments. With a major new launch of my product line on a global basis, taking place next year, I am once again into the ‘creative tunnel’ for the best part of the next six months. (three new anatomically accurate figurines, to serve as trophies, for the completion of our initial range!)

    This is all to be done in my ‘spare time’ or what I am able to arrange as such.

    I took quick note of your coaching courses offered, and finally get to read em!

    Well, I have to say, you have done a fantastic job there, my friend! πŸ™‚

    Simple as can be — with no robotism in the ee-pee! LOL!

    I will certainly utilize your presentation, to keep my own focus in clear perspective.
    Working a lot of the inevitable double shifts, (I have to manage my business, simultaneously, to keep the finances coming in) means that sleep and recreation time suffer, unavoidably, during this period. But hey, the rewards will more than compensate.

    Again, brilliant work, Geir. Please send my regards to Brendan, He’s “da man!” πŸ™‚

  3. Oh, yes, one more thing Geir. A very big thanks to you! πŸ™‚

    Something happened in late 2013, that ignited a renewed appreciation for what was possible. given the RIGHT inspiration!

    I happened to see a pic on Steve Hall’s Indie 500 site, that did it! Posing there, were Steve, Marty, Mike, Dan, and you. There was something about your demeanor, standing in a camouflage outfit, (face paint and all!) that made me think; Whoa! Now here’s a really interesting guy!

    Started reading your blog, and finally got into conversation on the 23/11/13. Well, what a wonderful experience this has turned out to be.

    Of course, your easy going manner, approachability, and great comm skills, make it all possible. As I found out, your being Norwegian, certainly has had it’s own influence upon you — with Norway, being one of the top rated “20 most peaceful, safe, and friendly countries in the world “(rated second only to Denmark!!!!LOL)

    Compared to some of the blogs, we ex’s have had a limited number of options that offer a really intellectually stimulating set up. Yours, definitely sets the bench mark, in that regard, with that much of that Nordic flavor, in evidence!!! So, thank, YOU, Geir, for making this place so thoroughly enjoyable and fun to frequent. πŸ™‚

    The realizations that one can have in such an open, intellectually embracing forum, have played a huge part in my own growth and development. Thanks must also go to so many of your posters, who contribute here. Marildi, probably being the most vociferous one of all. πŸ˜‰ And Marianne Toth, you two make up really fine, sweet, loving “sisters”, to me – both! XXO. πŸ™‚

    Cyber – Life is truly great, when you can share it in company such as this! πŸ™‚

    Love and gratitude, to you all.

    — Calvin.

      1. Appreciate that, Geir. Make no mistake, I definitely would enjoy meeting up with you, for a sit-in working brunch (or wotever!! ). πŸ™‚ This would likely be in about a years time, when we have our new venture take hold on the global stage. And quick squizz around your part of the planet, is something I would relish in your summer (our winter) too!

        Much to do, “in the creative tunnel” in the meantime, though. πŸ™‚

          1. Just after grabbing supper, a thought occurred to me. My daughter is a top financial executive in a world wide shoe manufacturing/marketing company.

            Aware of certain motivational problems in the local company, i suggested they get a motivational speaker to help them get their act together. Within a week, they arranged for some guy to come from overseas. He declined, apparently, since he was evidently unable to get a visa.

            Would you be interested in coming over, to work your magic, here in South Africa.? If so, we can have a chat backlines, to see if you could manage to slot this in, within the next few months.

            1. That would be really cool. The only time I visited SA was in 1997, and I love the country. Would be thrilled to go back. And yes, I can work my magic there. Skype session?

            2. Hi Geir. Update on this trip. The general manager has just been replaced with an import. The situation has therefore changed it operation, seemingly for the better, at least with the new man’s outlook. Still a bit early to approach the guy with this suggestion, though, but let’s keep you posted, okay? πŸ™‚

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