Criticism: This way!

With inspirational suggestions pouring in for topics to cover on my blog, I thought it would be a great opportunity to gather some criticism as well.

In the past two years I have been writing and commenting and discussing and exchanging viewpoints with hundreds if not thousands of people. I have been blogging, commenting on other’s blogging, writing on discussion forums and mailing lists. It’s time to take a step back and see if I should correct something in the way I form or present my viewpoints.

I would like to invite criticism from the readers of this blog. From you.

How about it – is there something you think I should improve upon?

60 thoughts on “Criticism: This way!

    1. I thought it was nicely summed up in the blog title: Geir Isene, explorer of free will.

  1. No criticism from me Geir.

    I am all for you and others saying exactly how you view things.

    That’s integrity, honesty independence & freedom all rolled into one.

  2. I’ll just borrow from the song:
    โ€œJust the Way You Areโ€

    Don’t go changing, to try and please me
    You never let me down before
    Don’t imagine you’re too familiar
    And I don’t see you anymore

    I wouldn’t leave you in times of trouble
    We never could have come this far
    I took the good times, I’ll take the bad times
    I’ll take you just the way you are

  3. Well, I find the conversations here fun. They literally turned me into a materialist! The more I discussed, the more I realized that the “I’m a Spiritual Being” is … well .. not likely.

    I wasn’t happy with that really. But I owe a lot of it to you guys!

    I’m really a LOT like “Roy” from Bladerunner. In fact, my middle name is actually “Roy.” Like him, I didn’t make myself. I can only try to make whatever this mass of meat I am live as best it can and just SEE HOW AWESOME THIS UNIVERSE AND IT’S CAUSES ARE!

    Evolution has made me WANT free will. And for me, the first step is to admit truthfully, that I do NOT have it.

    My brain actually makes some decisions 7 seconds before I think I “choose” an action.

    But I may have “Free won’t.” And … hmm … “Free Won’t” sounds a lot like “mu.”

    My only criticism is that I still haven’t seen Free Will demonstrated here. Or an explanation of Free Will that clearly shows how it can be falsified.

    Choice and conscious action are NOT lining up in this here MEST universe’s science departments. In all the experiments, the subconscious creates the decision before the conscious mind fools itself into thinking it “Decides.”

    And you ignore the work on FW done by neuroscience. That’s okay. That’s not where you are coming from.

    As Vonnegut wrote in “Bluebeard,” all I aim to be now is “Blessed Meat.” or “Happy meat.”

    “Thank you meat. I am an AWESOME dream!”

    Thank you Geir, you have made this journey fun. Go read some cards for me and be 100% right ALL BY YOURSELF WITH NO OTHER OBSERVERS.

    Then, you’ll KNOW you are a spiritual being, and I am but a deluded spirit. And when you CAN REALLY DO THAT.

    Please let me know and tell me how to do it so my actions will do the same. No bullshit please.

    Your friend,


    1. (signed) “Meat.” You made me laugh!

      What’s kind of interesting, kg, is how much you would like to have free will proved.

      And I’m betting on you – that your postulate (essentially free will) pans out. Just keep hanging out here to balance out your “free won’t”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Guys; Behave.

    This thread is not here for discussion of this and that. It is put here so that you can flog me for whatever you see of needed improvement in the way I interact with you on this blog and elsewhere.

    So, please stay on topic or this will easily derail.

    1. Perhaps not lettin us go off topic and seeing where it leads..

      Consider yourself flogged ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Exteriorize and view the cards by yourself as a sole observer with 100% accuracy and THEN you can tell ME to behave Geir.

      I was on topic dude.

      Quote: “My only criticism is that I still havenโ€™t seen Free Will demonstrated here. Or an explanation of Free Will that clearly shows how it can be falsified.”

      You have never stated this so I will. “True free will is proof that a self actually exists, otherwise it is just a dream of free will.”

      This is why I constantly talking about MEAT. Free will is the cornerstone of a Self Potential (Thetan) if it actually EXISTS.

      You haven’t created a thought experiment or done anything to actually prove or disprove free will.

      You wrote a paper. So what? There are entire volumes on Free Will and Determinism. It’s been big in Philosophy for thousands of years.

      Have you dealt squarely with the neuroscience around Free Will as shown by Susan Blackmore and others? No. You just talk about your paper or refer people to it like it holds the answer.

      You are ignoring the falsification of Free Will done by the Scientific Community on this blog. I’m here trying to goad you into that direction and you keep ignoring it and telling me and others to “behave.”
      There. You wanted some hard core feedback.

      Yes, Marildi, In “Bladerunner” Roy wants to survive. He wants to be OT. He desperately seeks for something that shows him a way out, but all the roads either circle around or are dead ends. He finally realizes his meat dream is finished and decides to embrace compassion for others stuck in ego delusion (Decker) and liberate others (the dove he releases) and wonder at the Universe and the truth of his mortality and insignificance.

      Nothing shown to me here makes me think there is anything better.

      Geir, let me know when you can exteriorize and have ANY REAL PREDICTABLE PROOF either as a sole observer or in the presence of others.


      1. After all, you and Marildi have been working hard to get your bodies to have only ONE observer right? You have shed all the others.

        So only you remain now. Exteriorize. Read and Write. Verify.

        Do or do not.

        -Misbehaving Meat

      2. Duly noted.

        Although I did create thought experiments – in my paper (maybe you didn’t read it thoroughly enough).

        And, your tactics are showing ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. “And, your tactics are showing” – Geir Isene

          Geir, you’ll be even better in a few more years. You have come a LONG way since you left and you have inspired many people by your progress – both those in an out of your movement.

          CRITICISM: Telling people who give you honest feedback that you asked for to “behave” and to “let others have their go” is snarky when their posts are not horribly long.

          Why don’t you tell that to Roy? But let me give you a clue: ROY DON’T CARE! Roy’s meat … IS FREE.

        2. I might have a criticism here if I knew for sure what “tactics are showing”…

          1. I just see katageek as earnestly and unabashedly reaching out for an answer to his question, and being frustrated.

          2. Ha! And I get told that I don’t answer questions and that I come across as arrogant. Looks like I am not alone. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Well what I found weird was when you were organizing your round table meeting, that you set the date so that the guys leading the most productive independent facility (Ron’s Org) couldn’t attend because they were delivering at their training camp, which the date of had been known long ago and only Henrik could make it there.

  6. I gave it a great deal of thought yesterday and found that I have no criticism to offer, only respect for your sincerity and gratitude that you are willing to take the time to read and publish the many comments that are made. Thanks again!

  7. You are too logical and rational in your thinking.

    I want some randomity and chaos!


      1. Give me rumors. Gossip. Pure speculation. Opinions. Don’t operate your mind as accurately as an HP calculator. Make a mistake. Throw caution to the wind. Be irresponsible. Do something crazy for no good reason. Get drunk. Jaywalk. Start an argument with someone. Tell a lie. Obscure a truth. Let go conservatism……..

        Actually, I very much enjoy what you do here.

  8. Your article “On Will” needs a comment section. I would answer the “Thought experiments” you reference above, but then you would slap me for talking about “this and that.”

    See. I keep making great contributions and feedback and you just treat me like a hunk of MEAT!

    Wait a minute ….

  9. As I have stated before, you put a lot of time in on your blog and it shows. You have a diverse community here. Thanks for allowing other points of view.

  10. Okay, I’ll bite:
    I had a thread discussion with you about the problems associated with No Intellectual Property rights. I pointed out to you that this should not be as sweeping as you seemed to promote, specifically that entertainment content such as films were not of the same order as “another copy” of some software program. I thought my argument was sound and cogent, and another commenter seemed to agree, but you never addressed my points, but told me I had to read some book about it before you’d discuss it further.

    Basically, telling me that I would change my mind if I read this book. But the net effect was “conversation stopper” and not really addressing my arguments.

    I don’t want to revisit this particularly here, but tell you that I came away with the idea that once you’d made up your mind about something, that was it.

    Most people, including me, do this as well, to a greater or lesser degree, but I think it can be a barrier towards learning something new, or broadening understandings.

    That said, I want to say that I have a great deal of respect for you and most of your smart, smart commentors. It was your Doubt Formula that started me on a meaningful journey a couple of years ago, and I think this blog is definitely one of the more intelligent out there. Please keep it up!

    1. In that conversation, I could see myself reiterate all the arguments of the book “Against Intellectual Monopoly”. Rather than me pulling out several hundred pages of examples, I asked you instead to read that book. It was a matter of efficiency. Also, were you indeed interested in knowing the background, history and rationale behind my viewpoints, then you would also be interested in reading that book. I understand that it could be seen as a brush-off. But I simply didn’t have the time to manually give you all the background before we could have a learned discussion. You may well have come out with an “anti-stance” after having read the book, but then ate least we could have had a discussion on the same background level and could refer to historical and current examples in our discussion.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I know where to find the link to the book if I decide to read it.

  11. Geir, this is off topic, but I would really like you to post it anyway since I am once again banned from Marty’s board and cannot respond properly to his claim yesterday that I am an “OSA Agent.”

    Enjoy. I had a LOT of fun writing this:

    MARTY RATHBUN: “And today’s ‘Inept OSA Agent’ of the year goes to Will Harper AKA: Bunkai/Katageek!”

    BUNKAI: “I want to thank all the little people of the world who have made this award possible. I want to thank Anonymous for their ongoing efforts. I want to thank the Wise Beard Man for his great compassion, courage and big heart. I want to thank Tory Christman for her presentation at the Center for Inquiry which launched me into this effort. And I want to thank most of all a person who cannot be here for this event, Susan Meister whom I personally think was shot by the old man himself.”

    “Getting called an ‘OSA Spy’ is not something one gets lightly. It means that as an SP you have become so dangerous and have gotten so many Independent Scientologists to trust you and think for themselves, that you MUST be given that label to stop your influence. It means that if you are not stopped you will get people free and stop their money from flowing into Independent or Corporate coffers.”

    “I may be dead agented soon, and I look forward to my dirty laundry being aired out to the world! I will laugh at it louder than anyone. Once I realized with the help of people here that I am NOT a spiritual being, but just a hunk of meat with no free will, I realized that enlightenment was embracing that fact, looking at the consciousness that my meat creates out of its bio-chemical processes and letting my meat say ‘Wow! WHAT IS THIS? Oh I know, it’s the Universe looking at itself by creating a me!”

    “And when I do this, a little tinge appears in me. It’s … FREEDOM!”


    “WAIT! WAIT! I know I’ve taken too long, but one short thing … I want to thank L. Ron Hubbard for showing us how hackable we are by cult dynamics by creating the most EVIL cult on earth. Scientology is the ultimate sociological object lesson and WARNING for the human race! And I want to also thank David Miscavige and Marty Rathbun for bringing this evil cult down to its death throes. And lastly I want to thank David Tennant for showing me through his role in Doctor Who just what a great human being looks like!”


      1. Now boys… ๐Ÿ˜‰

        @ kg: I dunno. Maybe smoke and mirrors? Chance to be creative? (which you are)

        @ Geir: IMHO, the burden of being highly regarded or admired or looked up to, is that people will reach out to you. Goading at times (and admitting it). But you may be their best hope.

        @ both: I may be full of it. :-))

    1. Since I do not have any evidence that you would be an “OSA spy” I think myself unqualified to make such an assessment. That said, if I was an “OSA spy” myself, what you write here would be pretty close to my own response.

  12. Well, that’s fair.

    Well in that case, this will make Marty look good and that helps him get people out.

    Get em out Marty. The web will take it from there. . .

  13. I apologize for my harsh dramatization. It was immature and insults your core beliefs and there really is not need for that. I honestly do believe you are good people who mean well. Marildi and Geir, I am fond of both of you and I’m sorry such a side of me came out in the way it did.

    I had some serious angst this morning. And I let it go over board. Geir, that dinner offer is still good and Marildi, I extend it to you as well. But with such a aspersion placed upon me, I understand fully if you never accept.

    View me as you wish. I’m on Facebook.

  14. No harm done, kg. Been there, done that.

    But as for “good people who mean well,” now THAT is insulting!

    (Just kidding around. I got your intention. And the fondness is mutual! :-))

          1. Thanks. Talk about food for thought.

            Personal integrity, you’ve got it Geir.

          2. “If you are not being misunderstood, then you are probably not communicating something new or important.” – Katageek

          3. Oh my gosh. I had the idea that you meant tactics in a political sense since the subject of โ€œOSA agentโ€ had just been mentioned. Now with the ongoing debate on the other thread, I realize that you most likely only meant it in regards to debate tactics. Oh boyโ€ฆ Do I have it right now?

    1. And I’ll still take you at your word until and unless I perceive otherwise for myself.

      That said – here’s a question for you: If the scientific community hasn’t been able to agree upon a strong hypothesis one way or the other, why should Geir or the group of us be expected to scientifically falsify Meat or convince you otherwise?

      Hey, did you check out those articles that AOTC recommended above?

  15. Thanks for your input. Your views help me continually shape my ways. Please do not hesitate to bring up any criticism (good or bad) in any future context on this blog.

  16. Geir,

    I love your blog. It is you and so it is unique. I love following your quest for truth and your changes in viewpoint. Only one thing would make it better for me. Some of the physics and technical things you talk about look very interesting, but are way above me and I don’t know where to start in attempting to understand them. I don’t have enough motivation to learn about them to go do a lot of research, but, I would like to learn if you could refer to something for beginners to read. This is not at all necessary, but it would be something that I personally would like.

      1. Thanks! It will be fun to learn something very different from what I normally study.

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