Ed’s blog

Brendan had a meeting with an interesting guy. Ed.

Ed has amazing experiences to share. But he didn’t think sharing them was worth it.

In keeping with our direct coaching approach, Brendan challenged Ed to do 100 days of blogging. Not necessarily for his own benefit, but because he could inspire others by sharing his awesome. I think Ed will find great value in doing so.

Ed writes well. His blog is a great read. And he’s only at day 8.

Head on over to Ed’s, leave a comment or two and let him know he has an audience:



2 thoughts on “Ed’s blog

  1. I know what’s happening here! First there is an article none of us ‘mericans nor ‘Ang-lish speakers can read and then WEEKS LATER, we’re referred to ANOTHER BLOG!

    This 40 year-old-plus-comment-posting crowd is being FRIEND-ZONED because of a baby!

    Go see Ed he said … It’ll be fun, he said …


    1. Geir, we all know your hands are delightfully (and exhaustingly) full right now! Thanks for a place where I could hammer out my curiosity regarding existence with smart, kind people.

      Sadly, I can still find no evidence of a soul’s existence nor evolution, nor mastery to such a degree that it satisfies reason.

      So, batshit is all I have.

      If I exist, it’s because the universe is fucking nuts.

      So one should not blame the universe for being crazy. Nay, it may be the only hope we have!

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