Appreciating differences

Last week I did a really fun job up in the north of Norway. Together with a group of 20 people from Nordland County Council, we crafted their new communications strategy. Norway is divided into 19 counties, and Nordland is the second biggest. The task at hand was to create the core of their 4 year communications strategy in 12 hours.

The only way to achieve this was to attack the task with radical simplicity. And the result was a three word sentence backed up with a set of 12 simple questions with short and to-the-point answers.


What puzzled me was how strikingly smooth the session went. And so I asked the group at the end. Their answer: “We have a great appreciation for differences”. An excellent answer – because it’s not enough to tolerate differences in a group, you have to really appreciate differences. You have to get a positive kick out of other people’s views and opinions. That’s when you get a group who forge new realities. And so we did.

What was those three words? Check out the video and figure out the Norwegian 🙂

26 thoughts on “Appreciating differences

  1. Appreciating differences is the heart of Integral Theory. Those Norwegians seem to be highly evolved in their worldviews.

      1. Neat.

        Integral is an attitude we should all develop. I’m of the mind that anything else is biased and basically a matter of circumstantial conditioning.

        1. Hey Marildi! Uh, well, I agree with your first sentence but think your second sentence doesn’t agree with your first sentence (bias against “anything else”) Just needling . . . miss you guys. Hope everyone is well and that life is smooth!

          1. Hey, Chris, missed you too.

            Yes,, I would have expected your agreement, since you are the anti-ideology guy. 🙂

          2. Big hug for you buddy and everyone in this blog
            I don’t write anything because I’m exploring the nothingness and I haven’t found anything yet😅
            I’m still hopeful though

            1. They say the Kingdom of God is within. 🙂

              Hug back, Rafael.

  2. Say it simply! Excellent rule of thumb for communication and often action, as well. Druing a trip to Rosarito Beach, Mexico many years ago I learned the same lesson from a guy named Caesar. I promtly made it into the motto of the university soccer team I was coaching at the time – Do the Simple Thing. And if you don’t mind I’ll plug my own blog where I wrote about this same topic – ‎.

    If this is a breach of blog etiquette please do let me know :-).

        1. And you would be ….”Teasar?”.. perhaps? Hi Chris, Rafael, Marildi, GEIR. 🙂

          1. Hey, Calvin! You’ve been missing in action. Good to see you’re still full of piss and vinegar. 🙂

            1. Hey, M, mebabe, Why stop there??? You just KNOW I’ve been itching to spray you people liberally with acidic/acetic golden showers, just to get your mild Ph levels in better balance, didn’t you??. C’mon now.. you know me better than that!

            2. LOL! I really set you up for that one, didn’t I? Bad boy, bad! 😀

              Catch you on the next juicy thread. Right now, Geir’s in a techie mood. 😉

  3. Geir, my high affinity hello to you and the gang after a rather prolonged absence!

    To explain, I have been on a not-exactly-drama-free sabbatical, for several months of intense internet search, in trying to overcome the unbearable loneliness caused by the sudden death of my late wife, Dorothy on the 07 January, this year.

    Long story massively shortened, all bases were covered, the most important being compatibility!

    I’m super pleased to announce that my search for “the” life partner, has been successfully concluded. I am thrilled with our getting together, and the re-ignition of my passion for life, in the fullest sense of the word!

    Ayanda, has made this all possible, and expanded my universe beyond my wildest expectations.– Bright, becoming, beautiful and bold! Racingintheblood is back..(on track) — re-filled with my usual tankful of adrenaline and other (ahem) addiction based habits! …. hehehe.;)

    ‘Appreciating differences,’ — has a special meaning for me, in the bigger game of life and creating worthwhile purposes, — learning to appreciate one another to the fullest, while we still can.!!!

    –ML, Calvin.

      1. Occch, Lassie. Nooooo y’ve me’d m’ deeey c’mplete, Blesss y’ lass. 🙂

          1. Clank! Clank! CLANK … T’ that than, oor’ dear lassie! 😀 😀 😀

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