Podcasts: Mental training, failing and getting to know Geir

Got rolling with podcasts. Brendan and I have done a few and released two so far. One is about mental training, the other about the benefits of failing. You can listen to both here: https://www.a-circle.no/podcasts

What do I do to help Mankind’s Plan B? What programming language would I save for posterity? How often do I cook dinner? Vegan much? What’s my worst side? Today Brendan decided to do one where he fired a long list of (revealing) questions at me. No preparations. Just quick answers from the top of my head, or deeper inside. You can listen to it here:

11 thoughts on “Podcasts: Mental training, failing and getting to know Geir

      1. Well, if I am in charge of the steering wheel, some music is less distracting. And if I am not, then, a humans intercourse video is more entertaining in my case.

  1. Great that you have started podcasting! But; I need some help finding it or subscribing to it in my favorite podcast app, today Overcast. Seems like you are not in the directory, but more importantly, I’m not able to get your podcasts found using any of the site urls.

  2. Great one guys 🙂 Imagine if you just finished it with..so “who are you” like I started our conversation Brendan 🙂

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