Scientology End Phenomena

Scientology offers a huge breadth of tools, processes and levels aimed at increasing a person’s awareness of himself and his environment.

For every process or level, there is an “End Phenomena” (EP) that defines what that action is supposed to achieve.

The person (“pc” = “pre-clear” = a person on his way up the levels to “Clear”) will exhibit some evidence that the EP has been reached. This is accompanied by some specific reactions on the “E-meter” (the device used to measure the body’s electrical resistance).

END PHENOMENA is defined as “those indicators in the pc and meter which show that a chain or process is ended”.(L. Ron Hubbard)

Most of the EPs in Scientology is fairly easy, subjective and “feel-good”. Others are more “hard core” and objectively verifiable.

These “objective EPs” can be rather tough to verify. Some are plain impossible. Still we see people attest to having achieved these impossible EPs every day – even though the person must know they cannot have achieved such a state. One may wonder why, and this is up for discussion here.

Let us take but a few examples.

PTS Rundown: The EP is a PC who is getting and keeping case gains and never again rollercoasters.

“Case gains” means positive progress in Scientology. “Rollercoaster” means to vacillate in mood, being happy, then sad, etc for no obvious reason. If the above EP was in fact true, it would have cured mankind of one of the most common mental ills forever by the use of that small Scientology action (perhaps 10-50 hours of auditing/processing).

Or how about the EP of “Grade 0, “Communications release”:

Ability to communicate freely with anyone on any subject.

Or how about the professional communications course (the Pro TRs, “TRs” = “Training Routines”):

A Professional auditor who with comm handling alone can keep a pc interested in his own case and willing to talk to the auditor.

A person with the session and social presence of a professional auditor and that presence can be summed up as a being who can handle anyone with communication alone and whose communication can stand up faultlessly to any session or social situation no matter how rough.

A being who knows he can achieve both of the above flawlessly and from here on out.

I invite here to a discussion of the validity of the above End Phenomena, other similar objective claims in Scientology, and of why people would attest to something that is impossible to honestly claim to have achieved.

84 thoughts on “Scientology End Phenomena

  1. Why? Because at the moment of the release one CAN talk to anyone about any subject, etc. You might have forgotten how fantastic some of those releases can be, even if the bloom eventually fades from the rose. One never, however, sinks back to the way things were before. Not in my experience anyway.

    1. Yes, Dan. I add the following:
      phenomenon: AN occurence, a circumstance or fact that is PERCEPTIBLE by the SENSES. From Latin: to appear. Indo-European root ‘bha’: to speak, voice.

      So, one perceives a so far ‘forgotten’ ABILITY and PUTS INTO WORDS WHAT!! one perceives (the ability is LIFE’s ability…’nobody’s’).
      An ABILITY is kind of ‘pure’ (no consideration). Ability: observe, decide, act.
      LIFE is observing, deciding(timeless) and acting.

  2. Another couple of “EP”s up for discussion – and I put EP in quotations marks because these two are not actually attested to. The person attests to something else while Hubbard promises the levels will in fact give these results:

    OT 3: “Freedom from overwhelm”

    OT 7: “Cause over life”

    What does that last one actually mean? Any takers?

    1. ’cause over life’
      Perceiving the ‘me’ as a source (life) of creating or not creating illusions on will.
      Also, perceiving ‘others’ as sources (life) and ‘allowing’ them to exercise their free will in creating or not creating. With this the undivided one source underlying all manifestations is perceived. This underlying source is the CAUSE OVER all LIFE
      manifestations. My view of it.

    2. Freedom from overwhelm, my view. Toleration of ‘being no-thingness’. Ability to create or not create space. Ability to ‘go into or not go into’ any space and not to become an effect of it. Ability to grant ‘anybody’ these two. The same goes with energy.
      Being and granting beingness to all life manifestations.

    3. It means being able to, and understanding how to, create life. What do you think it means?
      If you don’t have this you didn’t get the ep, IMO.

      1. What part of “life” would one then be able to create?

        New thetans?
        New biological life forms?
        New games in life? (that’s actually livingness)
        Something else?

        Sorry Roland, I don’t buy it. The EP is “cause over life”. There’s no mention of create.

      2. What I would like to know is the specifics: What specifically is the difference between a person who does not have “Cause over life” and a person who has that EP – Not comparing a basket case and one with the EP, but rather Lionel Messi and an OT 7 completion. What could the OT 7 actually do that Messi cannot do? Specifically.

            1. The only truly important phenomenon in the universe is Consciousness. Without it everything else might as well not bother. Nevertheless Consciousness remains outside our scientific understanding – the best we can do is to describe it as an illusory result of biochemical processes in the brain. Needless to say this doesn’t seem quite to cut it – maybe consciousness is illusory, but in that case, what are we even talking for?
              So taking Consciousness as primary, some observations are in order. First, as has been shown, a closed universe (one whose dimensions curve back on themselves so the whole thing is self-contained) necessarily contains a net zero energy. That doesn’t mean it contains no content, just that the net kinetic plus gravitational energy adds up to zero. This means that on the face of it, one could create a closed universe full of stuff at zero energy cost, thus not violating the conservation of energy which does seem to be inviolable (at least in the longer than ultra-short term). (Our physical universe, as best as we can tell, has a zero net energy, BTW).
              Second, Consciousness seems to involve awareness, both of other-than-self things, and also of self. Unconscious things are “aware” of other things – that is, they respond to physical stimuli. They are not aware of themselves doing it though, to all appearances. Conscious entities are aware of outside things or stimuli, and also aware of their own reactions to it – as LRH put it, they are aware of being aware. The connection any thing in the universe has with anything else is via forces with direction, technically called vectors.
              For a basic minimalist thing to be self aware, its awareness vectors have to be able to curve back in on itself – so that as it were it can see the back of its own head. this is equivalent to being in a closed universe with outward going (i.e. the normal sort) awareness vectors.
              Hence, in principle, you can create an awareness-of-awareness unit by placing a chunk of awareness into a closed universe, or more easily, simply twist the local universe of a chunk of awareness such that it is closed. As soon as you do that, you have created a self-aware entity, which is the essence of life. Now, that word “Simply” rather covers up some other issues, but I won’t go into that here.

              Of course on OTIII and above you deal with self-aware entities, and no doubt lots of people reading this have convinced themselves that they are as illusory as their own consciousness, but for those of you who do consider that there are such things as self-aware thetans, this gives you a different way of viewing how come they exist and what you can do about them, and how you can create them should you want to do so.

            2. RA: self-aware thetans, this gives you a different way of viewing how come they exist and what you can do about them.
              Dee: I really like your post. I say to those others, if be, “Peace” …….

        1. Theoretically one is cause over life. What changes is whether he knows it. So that would be ‘knowing cause over life’. So, an OT 7 -among other things- would never have any trouble with anybody, as he would take full responsibility for all living beings, no? There wouldn’t be any SPs for such a person. No bad, wrong people. No charge about other beings in general.

          1. Spyros: So, an OT 7 -among other things- would never have any trouble with anybody, as he would take full responsibility for all living beings, no?
            Dee: That and what else you said is what I thought. When I heard about the 6 month check ups, to me was insanity. If they can’t trust the upper level people who can they trust?

            1. Yes, obviously they didn’t intend to grant you such beingness.

              I used to drool over those EPs that I read too.

            2. …but I wondered why I didn’t notice that level of responsibility on others. What cause over life would care to fight psychiatrists, out ethics people, or other parts of life?

            3. Trust no one ever forever. Checkups are a necessary part of checking up on the religious adherents for correct thinking. In that game and at that level, one cannot afford to let the thoughts slide.

            4. Chris: In that game and at that level, one cannot afford to let the thoughts slide.

              Gotcha. It’s those entheta thoughts, questions about DM or church that he wants to make sure you dismiss. tks

            5. Yup. We can see how quickly people coming out the top of the Bridge must be strenuously handled to suppress to stop them popping their heads up and looking around.

            6. Spyros: So, an OT 7 -among other things- would never have any trouble with anybody, as he would take full responsibility for all living beings, no?
              Dee: That and what else you said is what I thought. When I heard about the 6 month check ups, to me was insanity. If they can’t trust the upper level people who can they trust?

              Maria: Both of those and a sardonic “yeah right” because I understood that they were in the final stages of cannibalizing the fruits of the original destroyed Mission network. It went along perfectly with the rapacious demands for IAS donations.

            7. Maria: “yeah right” because I understood that they were in the final stages of cannibalizing the fruits of the original destroyed Mission network. It went along perfectly with the rapacious demands for IAS donations.

              Dee: = Power, money and control. Yeah right! 🙂 afterthought: and a f** you, to us.

            8. Chris: Yup. We can see how quickly people coming out the top of the Bridge must be strenuously handled to suppress to stop them popping their heads up and looking around.

              Spyros: Also, get handled so as not to communicate their OT levels EPs. In some PL I remember ‘PR’ being defined as something like ‘good product, well presented’. Instead now PR means ‘not finding out’ and ‘lying for a good cause’. Pretty much like most commercial advertisements.

            9. Imagine somebody finishing a service and communicating ‘no win’. He would get ‘handled’ and ‘repaired’ somehow, and if he still communicated ‘no win’, he’d get declared an SP, no? And what’s the meaning of having to write and read aloud your success story on a meter? I take it as sort of intimidation….”you ought to have a success story, mate!”

            10. Spyros: I take it as sort of intimidation….”you ought to have a success story, mate!”

              Right, and they seem to be mostly stats.

          2. “Theoretically one is cause over life” … it can get confusing to consider that cause is ‘one’ –that reminds me more of domination –putting self above everybody else. I don’t really mean a number by saying ‘one’. I think basically, ‘one’ |(somebody) is not a unit. Being a unit has to do with conceiving self to be part of MEST.

        2. ‘What could the OT7 actually do that Messi cannot do?’ Messi ‘factually proves’ that he is an able cause (master) in one activity. The question is whether he is aware of the fact that the ability of ‘getting the ball and passing the ball’ can be used in all activities, areas of life. He has become aware of being able cause through a life experience. An OT7 (I don’t know for sure, as I didn’t do the level) becomes aware of it with the help of processing and from then on can use the ability in any/all areas of life.
          ability: observe, decide, act

          1. That would indeed be the party line. My experience is that it isn’t that much of a difference between an OT 7 and another person having spent a decent amount of time figuring shit out. Splog’s got this one right IMO.

            1. Thank you. What was your ‘win’ after completing the level? Also, has your life changed after that in any way? Only if you want to speak about it.

        3. Geir: What could the OT 7 actually do that Messi cannot do?

          Spyros: To be able to communicate with certainty as a spirit wouldn’t make him an ace football player for sure, but nevertheless it’s neat. 😛

          1. *an ability that -like other abilities- all possess. Potential is used, not ‘developed’, nor gained, nor attained.

            1. Maybe he tells his opponents “I’ll triple to the right” and triples to the left instead? 😛

              Yes, I think most -if not all- do that. The difference is how much one knows it. If he doesn’t he may take other being’s communicated thoughts as his own thoughts too, which kinda sucks.

            2. Spyros
              ‘Potential is used, not ‘developed’ right…example: boy sits on the bike the first time, experiments a little bit with it and rides it….better and better.
              ‘He may take other being’s communicated thoughts as his own thoughts’…example:
              boy is told by mother how to sit on the bike, how to ride it, also, some ‘dangers’ explained what will happen if he doesn’t do so….boy is much slower in learning to ride the bike.

  3. People postulate themselves into believing it’s true. This is how affirmations work, and to me it seems to be the basic mechanism of the whole system. Cognitive Dissonance is also at work very strongly. The more time, energy and money you invest, the more powerfully this will work out in your mindset. In fact, it seems to be quite simple, really.

  4. As someone who has studied Scientology teachings in theory only (from the outside looking in), and without undergoing the practical application of the leaked materials I have studied, the thing that has always dumbfounded me with the defined EPs is the blatant generality of the phenomena. IMO, it seems like the farther up The Bridge someone gets, the more all-inclusive the generalization becomes.

    Now granted, all faith-based healing practices tend to include over-generalization in the act of proclaiming someone is healed by divine or supernatural intervention. But in light of how Hubbard defines “generality” in the Tech Dictionary and the emphasis on using “confront” in communication and study practices, I have always struggled with wrapping my brain around how Scientology practitioners can place so much value on EPs while failing to see/confront that are they seemingly over-generalized.

    It almost seems like there is a blind euphoria that results from the releases experienced during an auditing session that makes a person get so caught up in the moment of resolving their perceived afflictions that they loose the ability to examine the phenomena rationally.

    1. AnonLover: “It almost seems like there is a blind euphoria that results from the releases experienced during an auditing session that makes a person get so caught up in the moment of resolving their perceived afflictions that they loose the ability to examine the phenomena rationally.”

      Me: This is EXACTLY what happens. It is not any more complicated than this (in my own opinion of course).

      Also, don’t neglect the prior influence of the extensive indoctrination the pc has already undergone to expect a certain result – he’s waiting for the FN and to feel the euphoria. A real-life parallel is the bride on her wedding day, she feels wonderful because she expects to feel wonderful and has been led to believe for years that it will be so, all reinforced by the pomp, ceremony, pampering and attention.

      At some point the PC has a bigger “win” bigger than usual, feels “king of the mountain” and concludes he has the stated EP. He’s then rushed off to attest and to the examiner as fast as possible leaving no time for proper examination.

      The magic that holds this all together is that auditing does “something”, but it does not “work” in the strict meanings of those terms.


      1. Regarding blind euphoria — I was watching a TV show about guys who jump off cliffs into free fall, pulling their parachutes at the last possible moment. The show discussed how the chemical cocktail of euphoria produced by this activity is so awesome that they will spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours, and risk their very lives just for the few seconds of this incredible thrill of motion, emotion and biochemical stimulation.

  5. 1) There is the release which really does feel like you have the ability.
    2) You are coaxed into believing that you are being too literal; there are no absolutes.
    3) Just like with word clearing where you can’t go on until you say you have no disagreements, you nresign yourself to the fact that you just need to move on or you will waste all you time and money going over and over something or getting overrepaired with lessening gains for the time in auditing.

    A good friend of mine refused to attest to that EP of PTS RD and went through many, many hours of repair and still would not attest and then they just handled it by saying that he should never have been on that action in the first place.

    1. Sounds like my end of end of end of end of endless int.

      One day I stopped being willing to endure, looked the C/S in the eye and said “I never needed Int all along.”

      Response: “Would you like to attest to that?”

      Problem solved.

  6. Ambiguity. That’s how.

    Take for example, the word “freely:”

    World English Dictionary
    free (friː)

    — adj (and foll by from ) , freer , freest
    1. able to act at will; not under compulsion or restraint
    2. a. having personal rights or liberty; not enslaved or confined
    b. ( as noun ): land of the free
    3. not subject (to) or restricted (by some regulation, constraint, etc); exempt: a free market ; free from pain
    4. (of a country, etc) autonomous or independent
    5. exempt from external direction or restriction; not forced or induced: free will
    6. not subject to conventional constraints: free verse
    7. (of jazz) totally improvised, with no preset melodic, harmonic, or rhythmic basis
    8. not exact or literal: a free translation
    9. costing nothing; provided without charge: free entertainment
    10. of property law
    a. not subject to payment of rent or performance of services; freehold
    b. not subject to any burden or charge, such as a mortgage or lien; unencumbered
    11. ( postpositive; often foll by of or with ) ready or generous in using or giving; liberal; lavish: free with advice
    12. unrestrained by propriety or good manners; licentious
    13. not occupied or in use; available: a free cubicle
    14. not occupied or busy; without previous engagements: I’m not free until Wednesday
    15. open or available to all; public
    16. without charge to the subscriber or user: freepost ; freephone
    17. not fixed or joined; loose: the free end of a chain
    18. without obstruction or impediment: free passage
    19. chem chemically uncombined: free nitrogen
    20. phonetics denoting a vowel that can occur in an open syllable, such as the vowel in see as opposed to the vowel in cat
    21. grammar Compare bound denoting a morpheme that can occur as a separate word
    22. logic Compare bound denoting an occurrence of a variable not bound by a quantifier
    23. (of some materials, such as certain kinds of stone) easily worked
    24. nautical (of the wind) blowing from the quarter
    25. ( usually imperative ) feel free to regard oneself as having permission to perform a specified action
    26. not standard for free without charge or cost
    27. free and easy casual or tolerant; easy-going
    28. make free with to take liberties with; behave too familiarly towards

    — adv
    29. in a free manner; freely
    30. without charge or cost
    31. nautical with the wind blowing from the quarter: a yacht sailing free

    — vb (often foll by of or from ) , freer , freest , frees , freeing , freed
    32. ( sometimes foll by up ) to set at liberty; release
    33. to remove obstructions, attachments, or impediments from; disengage
    34. to relieve or rid (of obstacles, pain, etc)


    freely — compared to what?


    the ability is to “communicate freely”

    Freely does not mean: well, intelligently, correctly, expertly, confidently, perfectly, on demand, as required, in any situation, etc. There are no qualifications of any kind, including a qualification of having to do this in any particular situation — nor does it mean that one USES the ability all the time or even any time.

    And by the way, who is attesting? The conglomerate body/mind/soul that has a name and is the identity, or the observer who has the notion of possessing or being associated with the conglomerate?

    1. I knew you’d like it Chris, it’s a really, well, “free” word that works to describe all kinds of states and qualities! Can’t go wrong with that! LOL!

  7. About the EP of TR-s my view is: the key words are KNOWS and ACHIEVE. Knowing for me is being aware and certain. Achieving is performing or carrying out with success despite ‘difficulty’. From ‘here on’ is from the instant of perceiving the ability, ‘out’ for me communicates the ‘course of actions that lead to success despite any difficulty’.
    In my view, one can get stuck at an ‘obstacle’, which can hide the ability for some TIME, which gives the illusion of the ABILITY’s ‘impermanency’. So if one observes,
    decides and acts (def. of ability) despite of any ‘difficulty, the end will be Success.

  8. Typically at the end of a well-run action you are quite blown out, feeling calm and powerful at the same time. It’s hardly the frame of mind for quibbling over the specific wording of the EP or whether you can honestly say you have gained a particular ability “forever”. You know you have achieved Something, and you want to keep that feeling so you go along with the attest. Any niggling doubts can just be pushed off to the side to be dealt with later.

    Eventually the cognitive dissonance adds up and we find ourselves out here, commenting on the Internet and questioning our EPs.

  9. I’m wondering if it would have been better not to have any levels or attests, just continuing improvements and gains. Do people feel that attests were worthwhile validations? Or just part of making it appealing (to do the next and next and next level)? Something like karate belts, I have always thought. Not really so bad as it gives incentive and game.

    1. If my understanding of karate history is correct, there were no ´belts´; the belts used to hold up the uniform were not washed and became black with use and age, thus being an indicator of, at the least , time spent in the dojo, and, at the most, an indicator of the skill and experience of the person wearing it.
      What about allowing people the chance to experience and define their wins? Hell,
      instead of promoting the lie of a one-size-fits-all ¨taped¨route to spiritual freedom,
      how about operating on the basis that each person is, ultimately and practically, his own ¨source¨ and chooses the appropriate tools to move toward spiritual freedom?
      No need for belts, numbers, stars, ribbons, awards then….
      Anyway, I think it´s a valid question. Thanks for posting it.

  10. I think that some of the EP’s are exaggerated. LRH for some reason seems to go for absolutes when he himself said that absolutes were unobtainable.
    Isn’t there an L which states that the person will become stably exterior? I agree some of these are hard to verify but I do think some of them are exaggerated.
    I think he could have come up with some EP’s that would put people under less pressure.
    As far as “Cause over Life” goes, I came up with two possible meainings:
    1. Cause over the factors you are handling on the level. (which seems like a lame definition if true) or..
    2. Being Cause over any factor you run into in Life or having the potential to handle anything, so you feel “Cause over Life”. This is the most realistic. When I was on the Level I felt Cause over everything in my life except for Scientology. Scientology was my biggest area of ruin. I finally did get at Cause over it by leaving it and communicating freely about it. Hip hip hurray!! Hip, hip hurray!!!

    1. I always hated those hip hips at the events. Your hip hip is a happy, real one, so I shall join in. Hip hip hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That felt good!

    2. Maybe the EPs are Hubbard’s “Ideal Scenes” for the process or level? Your mileage may vary.

        1. Where/when did the “required to achieve” enter into it? That is obviously crazy, as ideal scenes are hardly achievable in the real world. They are, well, “ideals” to work towards. One measures actual results against them. There cannot be a “requirement” that an ideal scene be achieved before “:attesting”. In addition, any attestation is subjective and self-determined, or it is meaningless.

  11. No one can afford NOT to attest to those EPs. Or a few might attest because they truly and blindly believe the process they ran gave them that ability. At least for a short time. Abilities tested out in the real world – a handful might pass. Permanently? I don’t think so.

    1. Anette: No one can afford NOT to attest to those EPs.

      Dee: Right, one has to attest as part of the whole programing thing if one wants to continue on that path. Real world is another thing to adjust too, again.

  12. As I’ve said before, the salient question is not what the EPs are “supposed to be on paper”, and perhaps sometimes fail to be, but what do the various processes and procedures actually produce, deliver, result in, in real life?

    If this was studied, this kind of discussion would be moot. We would know what the actual result was, person to person. For Grade Zero, perhaps the actual result is the removal of many blocks to communication and the realization(cognition) that, at this moment “I could communicate with anyone on any subject.”

    All studies/conclusions I have ever heard about EPs are negative, to the effect that “It doesn’t happen consistently”. Well, what does happen consistently? That’s what needs to be studied.

    1. It’s not quite that simple; Telling a person he will achieve something, doing a process and then not letting him off the hook (attest) before he commits falsely says he has achieved something impossible (like the PTS RD) is a tad cruel, don’t you think?

      1. I can’t speak to that, as I did not experience that pressure to “attest” when I had auditing in the 1970s. I take it as a sign of how deviant the CoS has become.

      2. However, I did notice that you completely ignored my main point, that what needs to be studied are the actual effects and results of auditing and other procedures of scientology.

        Sure, sure, “everybody knows” by now, that the CoS does strange, unproductive, crazy, and harmful things to people. That is focusing on the wrong end of the elephant.

        I sense my comments are not “contributing to the motion” of your blog at this time, so I’ll keep quiet. What you are doing has a place, too.

        Carry on.

        1. I’m thinking the same, V. I find the workability of parts of the tech – and what this might mean – more interesting than the faults. David St Lawrence is good on this. Perhaps practitioners are better placed to plough that particular furrow.

          Tbh, I suspect Annette’s terrible experiences have understandably affected the angle Geir is taking on Scn at this time. This is understandable. There is still much stuff to be said about the negatives, especially when you or a loved one have suffered from them.

            1. True.

              Those who have followed me for some time would know that I am relentless in looking at stuff until it makes fully sense to me. And as long as die-hard scientologists keep on touting that Scientology is perfect or consistent and keep justifying and glossing over negatives, I will keep looking. Cause I get suspicious when someone attempts to coerce me into believing it is “all good” or “just right” when the results I see in real life speaks another tale.

            2. Chris – Okay.

              Geir – That’s great. My comment was not meant as an invalidation.

            3. Sorry, my reply was not meant as a rebuttal to an invalidation either (I came across a bit blunt I think). 🙂

            4. Geir
              ‘I am relentless in looking at stuff until it makes fully sense to me’. Me too. Sure can be differences as you went up the Bridge and I didn’t, I am thus writing from my experiences based on ‘awakening’.
              ‘I now know who I am not’ The sense/ structure of the ‘Me’ is: ‘Just
              Your words. To me it communicates that 1. the Bridge is a set of processes for DIFFERENTIATION. 2. until nothing remains to be differentiated….it is ‘Just…….’
              (maybe called spirit, awareness….whatever).
              It also communicates that if it is true, it is equally true for anybody. That is up to
              achieving this ‘state of free and aware spirit’, the ‘ I am Me’, whoever you are talking to is still identifying with something….e.g. a thought pattern, an emotional pattern…THAT IS the person is communicating through that.
              Also, for me there is a felt sense of energy between ‘me-static’ and ‘s/he-static’. Example: a little after I wrote a comment on ‘freedom from overwhelm’, there was a test of the pudding.
              I went out for a walk and met a girl. She started talking to me while ’emanating’ huge
              confusion and fear…me ‘being satic’ was able to perceive this emanation while staying ‘static’. The girl’s emotions were gone and she started to speak in ‘present time’. In an ‘alive, cheerful and loving’ way. What is the point here?
              That this ‘me’, the ‘Just……’ in this human world is continuously confronted with other ‘me-Justs’ who are not yet aware, who ’emanate’ whatever….and if this ‘me’
              agrees/identifies with any ‘particle’ in between this ‘static-static’, the ‘me’ gets a little
              bit of a ‘case’ in a new unit of time. And yes, there is a chance for that….as the ‘me-life-love’ here perceives the ‘you-life-love’ AS THE SAME UNDIVIDED SOURCE.
              ‘Attracted’ to it….so the ‘journey’ of this newly-found-recognized me’ is not ‘generating new case’….it is in a way clearing on the dynamics….OR…here comes
              in my view, a much more important point.
              This ‘me-Just’ is able to agree, identify and thus able to ‘pull’ oneself back to the world of thoughts/agreements/emotions…..Why? Because of ARC…the affinity-love and communication line (reaching) are clear now….the breakpoint is the R: knowledge or ignorance…I find it a will-choice point.

    1. Check out Marty Rathbun´s July 23 blog. I think it addresses this topic(end phenomena) in a broad way. If the seeker is determining the next step and the overall arc of the journey…and deciding what the sign posts are…fuck E.P.´s! It´s a process and it´s ongoing 🙂 Have a party when ya reach a plateau. Rest. Digest. Integrate. Assess…and continue the journey… 🙂

  13. EP?
    Has anyone achieved the full EPs of the Ls?
    Some EPs are still a mystery for me.
    People told me a lot of exterior stories, but until today there has been no evidence. It seems they all felt missed and had to tell lies. I would close down my blog, feel sorry and rejoin the cult for a simple demonstation. The Ls were my item, I never came even close to them.
    Did I miss something or did I save some money?

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