2014 in review :-)

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Click here to see the complete report.

6 thoughts on “2014 in review :-)

    1. Wow, impressive stats. But you slowed down a bit in recent days and weeks. I hope you’re applying the appropriate condition. 😀

      My plans for 2015 are to continue with the Modern Mystery School of white magic. 🙂

      The same to you, Geir – have a great New Year!

  1. We have to thank you for keeping this blog on a top level. Too bad there is not a top of readers too…Just readers. For sure I’m in top 5 there 🙂 Wish everybody here a Happy and Joyful 2015!

  2. May you as well as all your readers have a fantastic 2015!
    This was a neat report from WordPress, very nicely arranged.

    My own plans include keeping myself in good health.
    My achievement will be an upcoming trip to Ireland and meeting more new friends.

    I do look forward to hearing more from you and Anette here.
    My thanks to all for making this past year an excellent and interesting one. 😀

  3. I’d like to congratulate Chris Thompson for being the Top Poster on this blog for 2014.

    This is something you can brag to your grandchildren, and their grandchildren, about.


  4. Thanks Alonzo! I’ve never won anything before! I’m so proud!

    Thanks to Geir for providing the venue for us to hash out our beliefs. Thanks to you Alonzo and the whole crew who care enough to want to give and take in ways that get me to think.

    Happy new year Geir and Anette and everyone. Best wishes from Phoenix!

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