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A soapbox is a raised platform on which one stands to make an impromptu speech, often about a political subject. The term originates from the days when speakers would elevate themselves by standing on a wooden crate originally used for shipment of soap or other dry goods from a manufacturer to a retail store.

The floor is open. Have your say. Anything goes. Throw out an idea and see if it garners discussion.

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  1. Received my F**kit book today from Amazon and read the first part. I really like it because it replaces so many, many words. Encompassing and bypassing many thoughts also. Simple, easy and the action or understanding come directly with it to handle or not, that particular thing, situation or problem one gets in life. Sort of a short circuit and gets to direct source or answer. That’s how it’s working for me anyway. Rather neat I say! 🙂

    Create THE effect !

    Ladies and gentlemen …

    on this nice sunny morning at Hide Park Corner I would like to encourage you to become aware of the incredible new possibilities lying in front of you. Some good, others not. You just have to stop your ‘automatic mode’ and switch to ‘manual’. That’s all.

    You know the situation: You’ve finished shopping in a supermarket and want to pay. Unfortunately there are long queues at the checkouts, while not all of them are busy.

    My experience since many many years:
    I have not once seen a person in the queue asking that one more checkout should be opened. Patiently people wait and wait until they may pay.

    I am ALWAYS the only one who takes the initiative. And I almost always create the effect intended: another cashier is called and soon another checkout is opened.

    I don’t have a clue of understanding why I’ve never seen anyone else taking the initiative.
    (Of course I’m aware that I’m not the only one – but there is only a small percentage of people who start TAKING ACTION instead of waiting and waiting until something happens they are waiting for.)

    Sometimes, like in this case, you just have to ask a question – and the problem is resolved, life becomes better. Sometimes it takes a little more, or much more. And sometimes it is impossible for you to create the intended effect.

    Well, this blog is not about supermarkets but about Scientology.

    I see the same scene: People are waiting patiently until the dictator falls and his empire collapses – even though quite a few of these people have a hard time waiting. They miss their friends and loved ones who are still living in their mental prisons, unreachable.

    Is anybody out there who seriously believes that if many of us who want a change took appropriate steps to make the Church collapse we nevertheless could not be successful?

    It is just a question of
    A finding the appropriate tools and
    B combining, pooling, harnessing forces

    Very soon I will become active in that respect, getting people together for taking action, using an extremely powerful tool to stop DM.

    And I had an idea – which will be integrated into the above mentioned initiative:

    Tom Cruise stands out there, giving his name for his best friend DM and the Church of Scientology. John Travolta and a few other actors as well. This helped the Church a lot.

    It even is a MAJOR PR-instrument for the Church.
    If Tom and John would blow – the sandcastle would collapse.

    Until now practically ALL well known actors and filmmakers in Hollywood and Eurowood patiently keep silent – even though probably more than 60% would like the CoS to fall and another at least 10% would even stand up publicly and do something to make this happen very soon.

    Why don’t they do it?
    Because nobody invites them to, saying: ‘Come here! This is the place where we all gather, where we put down our signatures and make donations (0,0001% of our yearly income) for PR-work which will make us heard all over the world.’

    It’s as simply as that.
    “Excuse me, would you please open another checkout, please?’
    And it will be done.

    Meanwhile it’s breakfast time at Hide Park Corner.
    Surely there are other speakers as well who deserve your attention. Therefore I’m taking my soapbox and will join you listening to them.
    But before you leave – please let me know what you think about my proposal.
    And if you think that this is a good idea – activating film- and TV celebrities – then also make proposals which people you know might have interest in organizing such project. I would address them afterwards.
    It might make sense to write me an email – instead of filling Geir’s blog space with this subject.

    Thank you for your attention!

    1. I had this same idea some years ago on a discussion group (IFAchat?). Michael Moore replied that he would send Tom Cruise an application form to IFA. Well, I don’t think that the virtual org of those KSW worshippers would be much saner environment for anyone.

      I had a look for contacts to Tom and John and didn’t find any direct contacts – after all they are celebrities and direct contacts wouldn’t be practical just because of amount the incoming communication. The closest to that are and and that way chances are very little that such an invitation would reach Tom and John.

      So the question is: How to get such an invitation through to them?

    2. The question is how to push such invitations through to Tom and John? I miss any direct contacts and using those on their websites doesn’t look promising – it goes to other people who work as a big filter.

      1. It’s rather the idea of a counterbalance. When people outside know that 50 well-known filmmakers and actors stand up and warn to join the Church of Scientology – it will create an effect: on the public directly, on the Church and also on Tom Cruise and John Travolta.
        And if these celebs would make the demand that the IRS should reevaluate again its decision to acknowledge the Church to be a Church / religion – then this has much more force than 50 of us making that demand.

    3. Daniel,
      Hear, here! Applause….. )**(

      I love your enthusiasm. Your idea sounds good.

      1. Thanks, deElizabethan!
        The reason why I am writing my thoughts and ideas and plans into this blog is not that I want applause. I expected interesting feed-back.
        But there is none…

        And apart from lacking reactions to my soapbox speeches – I had also others expected to come up with whatever they were concerned with after Geir offered soapboxes for free.

        Maybe I don’t get any feed-back because there are not enough people here right now reading the threads. And the few which are have other focusses or think: Well, Daniel is just dreaming.
        But even Geir does not comment the ideas of involving celebrities in a large campaign or the project ‘The World Wants To Know’.

        I am afraid that I am at the wrong place to discuss such ideas.
        Should I rather move to Marty or Mike?

        Any suggestion helps.

        A person who was in the SO for many years said to me: ‘The Church will fall apart anyway as more and more people are leaving and none join. Therefore it is not necessary to start any campaigns.’
        You agree?

        My answer:

        – Yes, SOMETHING eventually will happen. DM cannot go on like this forever. The question is: How many more months / years will he be able to continue this way? (= how much more time families will be separated and people will suffer from different kinds of lies and suppression?)

        And yes: Blogs, critical press, new books and certain activities from those outside (like the ones I proposed) can reduce the time until the Church collapses.

        – I could sit down and just wait and watch as well – like so many of you.
        But I want me to take responsibility and DO something effective. I KNOW that I can contribute to causing change and I am sure I will find powerful supporters who want to become active as well. (And anyway I could rely on the support from the media as well as the majority of people in many countries).

        1. Daniel, I was really in the park listening to you and it was a creative idea. Sorry I couldn’t offer discussion but only some applause in support. 🙂
          I think your friend is right because new people and money is coming in less and yes, I wish it would be faster but hey,…

          “But I want me to take responsibility and DO something effective. I KNOW that I can contribute to causing change and I am sure I will find powerful supporters who want to become active as well.”

          This is super and takes planning and those like yourself do whatever possible to help that happen. Meanwhile, find what works for you causing change and do what you can do. I do my best and it is good. There’s lots of ways to accomplish and you will find the way for you and many will back you up. 🙂

          Btw, check all blogs but keep here too. Freedom is wonderful.


    Good morning again, people in Hide Park!

    Having carried this soapbox with me into the park I thought it would make sense to take the opportunity for another little speech.
    Those of you not interested are invited to walk away.
    But people from OSA and other people from the Church who think that I am out of my mind wanting to make the Church collapse are cordially invited to stay as I will enlighten them about my mental state.

    Yes, I know that the Church has already called me ‘psychotic’ – of course behind my back. And of course the Church never explained or apologized reacted anyhow although I asked for an explanation for meanwhile more than two years.

    Now, listen what I am telling you. Afterwards you can make up your mind about my mental state.

    There are many allegations against DM and the Church. And as you can see I am now standing up again.

    You’d ask me: Have I seen outnesses and abuses of the Church with my own eyes – or am I just believing what SPs, apostates, squirrels and other critics say and write?

    Both is true:
    I have seen outnesses and abuses and crimes and corruption myself.
    And I am believing what witnesses have said and written as it fits in to the picture I have gotten from the Church deriving from my own experiences.

    And do I have evidence?
    Yes, I have evidence for what I have seen myself. Therefore, after having read my book about the ‘H…. story’, Mrs. Pouw won’t be able to say: ‘These are all blatant lies!’ I have it all documented.
    And no, I have no evidence that it is true what I have heart and read from others.

    What to do?
    In some cases I have asked the Church if that was true.
    No answer.

    I thought:
    The Church of Scientology wants to save the planet by imposing its philosophy, culture and rules on us mankind.
    Therefore mankind must have the right to find out what exactly the Churches plans are, what this Church is altogether and if it is true what we hear and read.
    Mankind has a right to know into which direction this Church of Scientology wants to take our societies. How can we imagine our lives in 2030 or 2060 if the Church expands more and more into the communities, states, countries?

    Legitimate questions, I would say.

    Now – already a year ago I had proposed to the Church a project which should bring proper answers to many questions, the TRUTH to the surface.

    I called the project ‘The World Wants To Know’.


    I wrote to OSA: Look, you are always complaining that the Church is misunderstood, that it doesn’t have the opportunity to expose what Scientology really is.
    So why don’t you grab the chance and simply answer the questions people have? People want to know. The public wants to know. The world wants to know!


    I worked out how this could be done.
    The public (represented by a small group of critical insiders) would ask the Church a question, in writing. e.g. about the subject DISCONNECTION

    The Church would answer in writing. On the next day or after a week. It would have all the time in the world to work on an appropriate answer.

    The public would receive the answer and discuss about it.
    Very probably it would not be happy yet with the answer. So it would ask further, pull strings, just like LRH described it in ‘Investigations’.

    It would go on until – ideally – the truth would be out.
    (I won’t go into details about the whole process)

    Parallel to that one other questions would be asked – and answered.

    In the end lots of subjects would have gone through a thorough investigation bringing about proper results.

    Like that the public would be much better informed than now what it could expect if the Church would spread across the planet.

    A fair offer to the Church, I’d think.

    However. I did not get applause.

    Well, it had been only me who asked for such investigation.
    Now I’d like to take it to the next step.
    I’d like to propose to the public to ask the Church to agree to an investigation.

    Maybe it would create an effect if the Church received a few Hundred Thousand emails from people.

    What do you think?

    Then, dear OSA people, we’d have more facts.
    If you provide them – fine.

    If you refuse to answer questions – we just can rely on what witnesses say and write.
    But then you may not complain that we believe them.

    That’s all.

    I’ll see you again !

      1. no there was none, you are bangging on the same pot and you are boring as hell, in fact Hell is much more interesting…

  4. I wanted to say something (irrelevant) –that ethics and self/pan determinism are bound together. When somebody commits overts, he lessens his self/pan determinism, and this also works the other way around. It also means that lessening self/pan determinism is similar to lessening ethics. So, to lessen one’s self/pan determinism is an overt, except from the times that one uses his self determinism to lessen the self determinism (make an overt) of others!

    ‘Harsh ethics’ in SCN the way I have experienced is no ‘harsh’ at all. That adjective would be a compliment. It is pure suppression of the gross kind. One IS ethical ‘by nature’. And by putting ‘ethics’ on him, you invalidate that which comes out naturally and are liable to make him unethical. Invalidating your own goals because you may be under the influence of bank or is unethical as well. The code of honor says to be your own advisor and to be true to YOUR OWN goals –and it doesn’t even say to do that after you put on a label of ‘Clear’ or ‘OT’. You may start from right now.

  5. I’d like to take the opportunity and talk about ‘antagonism in Germany’.

    Are Germans hysterical about Scientology?
    Why are they acting that extreme?
    What really causes their behavior? Is it intolerance against the beliefs of Scientologists?

    To start with the last question: Yes, many Germans are (deeply inside) intolerant against beliefs if they are different from their own.
    But no, this is not the reason for this kind of extreme antagonism.

    What people in the street would criticize about Scientology is that it is a rip-off, that members are being brainwashed and exploited, that Scientology is no religion but a company which is only interested in making money, that the cult aggressively tries to spread all over the world.

    Of course the public does not know very much about Scientology and the Church. How could they? The subject is quite complex and even journalists who have done rather profound research don’t understand a lot of things about the subject. That is also what the book author Lawrence Wright has found out.

    I believe that Germans are reacting so very extreme because of historical reasons. They have allowed the Nazis to take over Germany and then being about to conquer the world. And they have seen a second totalitarian regime to get into power and exist for about 40 years, having called itself ‘Deutsche Demokratische Republik’.

    That regime was as little democratic as the CoS is fighting for freedom. In both cases it is just a fasade.

    Both of them are totalitarian regimes which ignored many Human Rights. They spied their citizens as well as the could and severely punished those who were found out to be criticizing the regime.

    The Church of Scientology is in the position to even control its member’s thoughts with an electronic device, the an e-meter.
    And the Church uses very sly methods to discipline its members. It goes together with a brain-washing process.

    Germans are unwilling to accept that such a group spreads across the country.
    I could not agree more with this kind of resistance.

    It’s the question if the discrimination of its members is the best acceptable way of fighting the cult. I think that it is the wrong target. It is exaggerated, unskilful and cruel as well for those discriminated.

    But that’s a different topic which I won’t be covering today.

  6. annegreth
    Thanks for saying that. Last summer I spent a couple of weeks looking for awaken people and also those in science in different fields like him……I am going to post some others as well when the topic allows it.

    1. Marianne – I believe you would enjoy also Nassim Haramein. Many videos on youtube including his full presentation. I had previously watched Braden’s video as well as others of his. Nassim is more from the physics point of view. You posted a comment to newmedicine and Dr. Hamer. I have read all of Dr. Hamer about 3 years ago. My main interest was health, how to heal bodies, etc. From there it spread into alternative ideas in physics, etc. Now I see this blog is the same area of interest I have lived in for a while.

      A comment – to anyone starting to look, listen and watch – don’t be overwhelmed. Be willing to actually try and understand and assume a new viewpoint. Many of your pre-conceived stable datums may be rattled a bit. But, really, were your past stable datums valid? If not then there is only a benefit to have them shaken, stirred and a new concoction created. Without willingness to learn and absorb then what the heck did we expect.

      I don’t state this because I think you, or any other reader is unwilling to look.

      (I didn’t directly link to about 4 hrs in Rogue Valley – Southern Oregon – presentation at http://www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=Xfx_tEN0AkI)

      No intent to derail here (actually, not possible as this is the soapbox) but I truly believe you will enjoy these:

      and much more thorough:

      1. Sapere Aude

        Thanks for writing about ‘to anyone starting to look, listen and watch’….
        Listening. What it means, a little deeper. The meaning of TRUE listening is based on Attention….Attending to….going deeper than the meaning of words…inquiring into the truth of the presented data….are they true? attending to….stretching one’s attention to what’s being created in one’s mind hearing the data…finding examples….until the initial creation and the source is found. To me that’s true listening. Lots of true knowledge on the way…knowingness…ability….the end phenomenon is true Chill.

          1. Chris: Entropy is the same thing? What do you think?

            Darn, you made me open up my big heavy dictionary for that one. Too serious for me. What do you think? 🙂

  7. I’d like to add that I saw only two short videos by this guy earlier. One of them I put on the thread The ultimate trap for Anette, you can watch it there.
    This video, interestingly, was put on the Net this month. I found it today…as if it was for us, who have been speaking about lots of things he is speaking about. Indeed well worth watching it, based on my experiences.

  8. Sapere Aude
    Thank you…he is definitely my guy too. The question is always raised, how much a person is aware of based on first-hand experience…that’s where meditation, self-inquiry, auditing comes into play. Practice, that is.
    Interestingly, I asked myself the question about two weeks ago…what the connection between black holes, the death of a star and human death is…the answer is still open to me. I see part of it so far….
    I am going to reflect on his talk later….please provide your current ideas, experiences and questions too, if you like.
    “without willingness to learn and absorb then what the heck did we expect” – truely agree with it…what the heck ! indeed…and communicating about it too… that “emptiness can dance”.

  9. Marianne – You have interesting and divergent questions. Black holes – hmmmm. I believe there are energies in the physical universe we can observe but not as yet know about. Now, could what we observe daily, and call gravity, be the same thing as a black hole. Just the volume or intensity is much higher. We can observe the effects of gravity but we don’t really know what it is nor how it is created.

    The death of a star and human death. I think “human” is the interaction of our bodies and our living essence. I believe a star has no living essence. Other than the physical universe disturbance and change I see no more in common with a dying star as a dying ice cube as it changes form. You and I are but mere observers of a physical change. We may instigate, speed up, or slow it down – but in the end we are still observers of a change.

    I look at things slightly different than the average person. Not better, just different. If, for sake of discussion, we agree that the factors are a good construct to think with, then we could possibly see the following. We put out anchor points to create points to view. Thus we created space. Then everything, and I mean everything (other than another living beings thoughts and postulates) is inside of that construct. If we don’t/can’t understand it then we are either missing a datum of comparable magnitude, a means of measuring or physically observing that which we can perceive must be there OR we don’t have the confront to believe what we find right in front of us.

    Thus, we can remain ignorant of the parts within the game; some can be confused; but most will argue because there is disagreement on what they observe to be “real.” Maybe I shall chat with the in fingertips more at a later time.

    1. An additional comment – last fall I was at a good friend’s home for dinner. Around the table were 3 PhD’s, 3 PhD students and 3 post doctorate PhD students. Interesting chatter – mostly in the field of bio-physics and bio-chemistry as most of these people made drugs and did drug research. Only my friend and one PhD could actually think. The younger one’s worse blinders, similar to most online Scientologists, and would poo-poo a divurgent thought or concept. Well, the older lady, one of the Bio-Chemistry PhD’s (who had gotten her PhD at Harvard) told me to look up and study the “Electric Universe” in response to many of my questions and comments. You will get a taste of this at:

      1. Sapere Aude
        Thank you for the video!!! Yes…I have experience what chatters as you write are like. I used to chat also in the field of linguistics…it was a good game, a blinder as you say….until I went to the source…game stopped and not dramatized any more. Can it be that true scientific research is really about stopping the dramatization of the very first incidents?

        I have had a very wild thought for some time. Can it be that what is called the time track in scientology is actually based on ONE incident…whatever is experienced by one in auditing is the outcome, the dramatization of that….Can it be that the anchor was put out with a point to view but the created space collapsed? Can it be that creating itself is not only a driving force inside a human being but THE driving force of survival itself? Based on the very first incident of space collapse? There seem to be a space collision incident too….
        I have just started to look at the physical universe as virtual reality too…first creations dramatized over and over…the planets too…more about it later as I can’t see it clearly..but surely interesting.

  10. Sapere Aude
    Looking at it right now…the planets, the stars, the black hole…among our first creations…without putting life into them first. I can clearly see a parallel between a black hole that absorbes energy and a human being who craves for energy (havingness)…more and more, then becomes solid…then ‘dies’…the ‘light’ surrounding a dying person…I personally saw that…the ‘comets’ or ‘lightening’ seen in the sky when an enlightened being leaves the life here…hm.

  11. SA
    I am listening to the video (as I had little time yesterday). I am at a point where he is saying that we (humans) are living inside a black hole….see my comment above? It was not from mind…I’ll finish watching it….

  12. SA
    I saw that structure of the vacuum earlier when I was given “chakra” massage (energy field ‘clearing’ – very simple technique)…, in my experience, he is right. Thought to mention it.
    Also, the Triangles are ancient Egyptian symbols used to get connected to the source of Life…Love. Will comment on later.

  13. SA
    He is right in saying that the ‘particles’ of his body are linked to the universe. I experienced the same earlier in meditation that my body was ‘connected’ to all other ‘bodies’. Elizabeth said it was an implant. I say that is a shit….It can easily explain lots of things…

  14. Sapere Aude

    Thank you very, very much for the video! Fascinating! Its effect on me was that there is so much to learn, so much to explore and observe! Also, I am chilled, somehow I know that everything is all right and will always be so. Still mind…simplicity.
    What are your current interests?

    1. Marianne – Pleased you enjoyed the vids. Not sure from your postings which ones you were always referencing, but that is still ok. If it did nothing but make you think of new viewpoints and interpretations of past learning it has served its purpose. So much to learn …. truly unlimited.

      Current interests – truly understanding human health, the future of life on this planet, how to more fully understand our place and potential in the overall “hive” of humanity and life. I cover everything from human health to biodynamics to microbial life in soil to the true history of the physical planet. I don’t know of a person in the world who can even understand all that is happening at a microscopic living organism interacting with matter in even one square inch of soil! It humbles me to even think I might be “enlightened.”

      We have inanimate matter in the soil and billions of tiny tiny living units who can take energy that was harnessed from the sun, use it to convert inanimate matter into the matrix of living matte – and further up the food chain. All of life on earth is ultimately dependent upon the ability of one function – conversion of solar energy into something a physical plant/animal can use.

      Add within all that we can think, have thought, have postulated, and we have hardly scratched the surface. Yet, we have come a long way from rock. Who created/what created/how it was created an awareness of awareness unit at some point in what we consider our “past” and wherefore we sail on the winds of this journey to a “future.” Merely pondering that gives us a timeless eternity of continued creation – the 8th dynamic.

      I, personally, have a long way to go to understand so therefore I definitely do not close any doors on what I want to know more about. My spouse always tells me I should have been a librarian. LOL.

      Yes, “everything is all right and will always be so” BUT it may not always be fun in the sense we would like it to be.

      Now – did I answer more questions than I left you with at this point?

      1. SA
        ‘ BUT it may not always be fun in the sense we would like it to be.’ Yes…in the sense…the right sensation, knowingness of the bigger picture may come later…that’s what I observed.

  15. Sapere Aude

    Yes, the videos made me think of new viewpoints and also interpretations of old viewpoints.
    I put them here with the purpose that anyone reading them, we can exchange viewpoints which can help in observing and exploring.

    ‘did I answer more questions than I left you with at this point?’ I can listen to you with interest endlessly.


    ‘my spouse always tells me I should have been a librarian’. OK. Me telling you that Caring involves Communicating with words too, giving information, pointers (like in the videos).

    I would be very interested to hear about your search and findings concerning your interests: human health, the future of life on this planet, your understanding of the place of humanity and life, the true history of the physical planet AND biodynamics! Will you write about them? Also, if you have further videos or links….but they do not replace you writing down your views. If you like.

    Thank you very much for doing it so far.

  16. I have just been coming from a music program where I heard this song…thought to share it with all of you. Guess you have heard it before…
    Tory… if you read it…..having read just that short comment from you…I think you will love it!

  17. Listen to Last of the Mohicans “promentory” and then this rendition. There are some very able people on this world of ours.

  18. Sapere Aude

    Thanks for the vids! Beautiful! I love music. Aside from that I love it, it has a therapeutic value. As we live in an ‘energy’ universe of different vibrations, factual ‘healing’ can take place, given the right ‘wavelenght’. It can happen, that a person is stuck with a huge ‘ball’ of energy, which can even cause an illness. To remove or dissolve the ‘ball’, it only takes to find that ‘energy vibration’ which can do that. What do you think?

  19. Energy, frequency – harmonics and exact duplicates – all create physical changes. Weather healthy or unhealthy depends upon the change that occurs. It is the body that gets healthy/unhealthy. We merely mimic some form of sensation or feeling.

      1. For me, using this, I was immediately able to look over many of the things I have been in my life, including “Scientologist”, and evaluate the results based on this datum.

        It can be used to analyze, break apart, and refashion so many lessons I’ve learned in my life, and make them more effective.

        When I became a “drummer”, that was a strategy for happiness and it had certain amount and quality of success. I can exhume the successful parts of that strategy and refashion into other selves I am currently working.

        The usefulness of this has really blown my mind.

        So I dragged it back to the cave.


  20. Sapere Aude

    Hi! I have been thinking about two questions. You did the OT levels. Did they lead to the ‘at least’ good health and revitalization of the body? In case a ‘health issue’ arises, can you ‘handle’ it effectively?

    1. Marianne – The OT levels are about awareness, responsibility, a broad view of the game. I never considered any of it was being done for the body. I am and remain quite healthy. In my opinion the less case, dramo, or significance one has on the body – the better. Give it food, sleep and exercise. Just as the mind needs rest, stimulation, and games.

      I am quite adept at spotting what is behind health conditions – both mine and others. I am also somewhat adept at handling at a distance, so to speak. The correct why, if not viewed with any preconceived or false ideas, does wonders in leading toward a quick and effective handling of most conditions.

      1. same goes for me or very similar reality as yours. thanks…..:) Elizabeth

  21. For Marildi and Geir

    Valkov posted it for me a little while ago….a gift….passing it on to you…

    These are from me…I find some lines gems….

  22. I would like to share a website with you. I have a friend who has been engaged in this part of science for a long time. I have met her today which has put my attention to it once again. She has previously told me a lot of incredible stories of healing different types of diseases. Of course, one of the most feared is cancer. Of course, most diseases are based on psychological reasons. The most common is ‘loss’. Which means, when the incidents and the reasons are revealed and confronted, the body automatically starts to get healed. Yes, the body may need some minerals, certain vitamins etc. too. The whole website is interesting, I have chosen the story part of the birth of this new part of science.

  23. I have a theory, partly experience. We know-have experienced that the body is a kind of ‘truth-meter’, that is it follows thoughts and eventually truth-life force. What needs to be handled, to get an end to a disease, is thought. There may be another way round. At least temporarily. I have a little experience of getting ‘reiki’ and ‘kinesiology’.

    I have found both effective at handling ‘body’ phenomenon. When the ‘body’ problem is healed, it means that a ‘stuck’ flow starts to flow smoothly again which gives more aliveness, which generates further aliveness, happier mood etc. by
    which the person rises on the Tone Scale. That is an ‘upward spiral’ can be started
    by healing the body itself. Yes, it may be a temporary solution as the reason for any disease to not come back again must be found. But more aliveness means more possibility to be able to find it at a later point.

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