My homepage, has a new home… here.

Look to the right side of this page. You will see a list of all the static pages that used to be my old homepage. The old stability issues should now be history – with as the platform, everything should be running smooth from now on.

The page serves as a hub for most everything I do in cyberspace.

I do love my old quirky hand-drawn design, and I may do something similar here, but for now at least the content is safe and sound. Hope you like it.

Old design on

11 thoughts on “

  1. Very clean, very simple, very…metro! Anyway it’s very easy to find something. Good job, Geir!

      1. Yeah, but it worth completely. To be honest, what I dislike is the bright white colour of the background. For an eyeglass wearer or a person like me who read every single word of your articles, well…let’s say just 10% grey included in the background would be very welcomed 🙂

  2. Nice! It’s true for me that too much white is hard on eyes after a while. But if you put a 5-10-% grey, the border then could also be a nice light color ?

  3. Higher contrast is better for me to read, blacker against whiter. The font is good but the typeset larger, even one point, would be my preference.

  4. Geir, I have to apologize. I’ve only said 10% grey, but it doesn’t mean that me or someone else will redesign your blog. You are the only person who decide about it, I’m sure that I will read the articles with the same pleasure. Sorry again.

  5. Geir, the print size you just switched to is much better. I don’t remember it ever being that large. It’s a much better use of space too, rather than having so much of it blank. I was also going to mention that point as well.

    The other part of my 2 cents is that I really like how you change the theme frequently. Variety is the spice of life. And it’s always “re-freshing”. 🙂

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