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I am grateful and humbled by the many intelligent and resourceful people following my blog. I have learned much from widely diverging viewpoints and deep discussion since this blog was born two years ago. Thousands of readers and 20000 comments later, I would like to expand the blog to include blog posts by others – by “guest writers”.

A few months ago, I decided to let the comments on this blog flow unmoderated. I have also published a few times the writings of others. Now I would like to officially invite you to write on my blog.

Maybe you have something on your mind or in your heart that deserves an audience? Maybe putting up a blog is to much fuzz or to much of a commitment. Then you may get an opportunity right here to have your say.

I am open for any suggestion – anything from philosophy to food recipes to fictional stories or puzzles or, or, or. I can’t promise that I will publish it, but I will consider anything seriously.

Simply drop me an e-mail at

Are you game?

Maurice C. Escher – my favourite artist

129 thoughts on “Got something to say?

  1. Katageek, where are you? Chris, are you ready yet? 😉 2ndxmr, your fascinating QM theories, please! Vinaire, now’s your chance 😉 Rafael, we want more of your beautiful poetry – or whatever may emerge from your creative mind 🙂 Dennis, some of those wonderful OT stories, or staff adventures? Valkov, something of your vast array of knowledge? Alanzo, more of your crazy humor 😀 And of course, the utterly diversified Maria! Oh, and Brendan – tell us some unknown tidbits about Geir. 😉

    And Geir – I want to see a video of you and Brendan in action! You must have one or two of all the talks you given. Or how about your first video blog while others are preparing their bits 🙂

    1. p.s. Tor Ivar, you’ve been quiet so long and I forgot about you! But some dreamwalking stories or who knows what else…?

      And of course the uniquely amazing Elizabeth I would have said too but she has sworn off writing blog posts. 😦 Maybe a little birdie will tell her to change her mind. (Like your friend in the Garden, E. :))

    2. I just called William Harper, KATAGEEK on the Phone and and asked him to comment again.. here in Geirs Blog.
      He said he will ‘”time to time'”, by the way spy he is not, but a wonderful Zen teacher…with great sense of humor and brimming with wide range of knowledge.

      1. Hi, Brendan 🙂

        That would be such a kick! And if the gods and logistics are with me, I’ll be there!

      1. Rafael, you are another one who has been too quiet lately – out of sight, out of mind. 😉

        Hey, weren’t you going to translate something into Spanish – was it the HyperList article? And then Geir could have his first Spanish blog post!

        1. Dear marildi, I am quiet because all your comments are so interesting that I feel there is very little to add. And I am feeling really good. About the translations, I can´t make it sure that the typeset will be good, so it is better to let this work to a more experienced person on this.

          1. Ah, you Latin charmers… 🙂

            Well, maybe you could do the translation, then hand it over to a typesetter?

            Glad you’re doing well. 🙂

            1. Chronic optimism… hmmm. I’ll take it!

              And the “señorita” part too. 🙂

            2. Hi Rafael Old Bug… Marildi bought her charm on the antique market… mind you is is sterling silver…How are you dear friend?

            1. Now that is something…. my silver crown, and all the time I thought is was the wrinkled knee caps given my age away! Hehehe. how wrong I can be! Thanks Rafael, you are a delight!

      2. Rafael Thanks for your good wishes.. I have nothing but wonders in my life, I only complain when I get sting by a mosquito… Oh I am allergic to whatever poison they carry.. that puts me into a murdering mood, kill , shout, Let the blood flow and it flows and it is mine alone !

          1. YEEEEEES i am a victim of ugly creations…. i am in dust…. low tone individual….. who still has the urge and still fallows that urge: to kill…

          1. A senior moment! Just checked and different Rafael but look similar. Mea Culpa!
            Well Hi, I’m Lizabeth and look forward to reading you and will enjoy the spanish flavor Senor’

  2. The drawing you used in your post gave me a chuckle. My immediate thought was “The right hand knows what the left hand is doing.” It would go well with one of your articles on organization! And probably any number of other philosophical ideas. Interesting how much a work of art can communicate.

    1. Agree. My second thought was about the sides of the mouth talking and/or of a brain, like yin yang and they both work together or separate but balanced.
      Actually made myself be more left handed for a particular reason and it stayed with me. Fun game. My mother learned to read upside down, the paper that is. 🙂

      1. “My mother learned to read upside down, the paper that is.”

        That is a funny line! (She sat across the breakfast table from your father, right?:D)

        I like your interpretation of the blog post drawing. Just the kind of thing I had in mind too – the many meanings that could be seen in it.

  3. Actually, not only that I’m not up to discussing things to those great depths as some others here, I fight to find time follow your latest bunch of blog posts released after a period of relative quietness 😀 However, with high spiritual quality of most people you seem to attract, I agree that it will be nice to have such Iseneland 😉

    1. I hear ya! Plus the news of past weeks, busy, busy and Geir coming out more, it seems, just pulling me or us in, how salvaging is that? Iseneland 🙂

    1. You keep me busy. Love it! This site is great and very nice. A good place for me to consider to put mine. Thanks SB. 🙂 Why should they be imprisoned? Perks my interest.

      1. M&M speak a lot, make a lot of noise. But they still keep some secrets, and revealing them
        would cause legal troubles for them and the COS. You wonder why they have not been sued yet by the church ? Thats the reason. I can´t give you the details. Sorry.

    2. Gotcha, thanks. 🙂 Similar here 30 years ago. Am working on my little part. Better late than never.

  4. I’ve got one an idea for one on cognitive behavioral therapy that you might like. Oooo! And another on Buddhist “fabrications” and… and… and….

      1. Dedicated to the friends here.
        Picnic with friends in the theta universe and we play… [the players are bloggers at Geir Isene’s Bolg.
        Here we are, my friend Indigo [sabre tooted pussy cat] and I sitting nowhere in no space on a huge boulder dangling our invisible feet into the void overlooking the Universe.
        We are playing a game, I mock-up a flower he blows it a way and he mock-up a terrain where gazelles bouncing running wild and after them this huge sabre tooth cat in full pursuit I am looking at this wild savannah and listening to Indigos chuckles beside me.
        I ask: how come you here than who is chasing the gazelles?
        I: My own muck up I been wondering if I seat here could I be there too chasing the gazelles, so I am doing this experiment.
        E: But why are you blowing away my flowers?
        I: Because I want you to share my experiment.
        E: Well OK.
        We look on as the wild chase continues and finally the dust settles and the gazelles vanish in the shrubbery than the picture of the savannah slowly melts away only a panting cat with huge grin on his face remains in a distance, tongue lolling.
        E: Now what, how did the experiment go within your reality??
        I: Well, I rather do nothing. It is fun to mock-up put out the fear, hunger, the need, but after all, it has been done too many times I need to invent something different, totally different, I got it! I am brilliant, from now on the gazelles going to chase me.
        With that though settled, Indigo moved into contentment, purred in silence and with invisible paws washed his invisible face only his tongue could be seen.
        Whatever, after all, have body or don’t have one don’t make much difference we can play with or without the same way.
        We continued observe in silence as the universe evolved front of us. Suddenly a hissing chuckle and tickling sensations’ was where I should have had my ears. Tanaja has oozed in, covered with stardust, a glutton of a Boa.
        E: Tanaja, you been into food again, look at yourself you are huge you are bigger than that Milky Way.
        T: I know,[ he sighed] I just can’t resist stardust, by the way that remark about my size was it invalidation, evaluation by any chance? Indigo stopped licking his fur and there were a twinkle in his eyes,.
        E: Oh, read the content as you like wear the shoe if fits.”
        T: A shoe, shoes, I don’t have feet how can I wear shoes?
        El: Well mock some up.
        In one instance, Tanaja had thousands of feet and on each foot a different shoe. There were runners, sandals from roman times, spiked shoes, blunt toed, moccasins, loafers, booths of every kind I even seen lumber jack unlaced booths, hundreds and hundreds of them made for different occasion to be worn in different lifetimes.. There were baby knitted booties, and bronzed baby shoes, booth for space walking, fur lined etc.. I even noticed he had duck feet and flippers for underwater among the many. And the ruby sleepers, I wondered how he got those!
        What a sight, we role with laughter we were covered by stardust from head to toe.
        Suddenly Peter appeared. His presence turned us into a question mark.
        I T E: What’s new, we asked in union.
        P: Not much, but I had to escape from Fairy Land, after all the fairies don’t have much variation in their games and that music and party in the garden every night, well I need a little variety in my life.
        We look at him and ask again as one, you have a life?
        We burst out in laughter and madly scrambled to dodge from his beautifully expressed “anger”, he was zapping us with huge blue sizzling thunder bolts. What a fun to catch those and throw them back till he cried out asked for forgiveness.
        We, three of us settled back on our boulder and Peter in front of us in the empty space mocked up a beautiful camp fire including the snapping sounds of sparks and the breeze stirring the smoke about us. Oh memories! And we all stared into the firelight.
        P: I have been wandering about and I went back to the old dig.
        E I T: In echo: you went again back to Earth?
        P: Yes,[he yawned invisibly of course] I was just curious how things were there, but everything is still the same same. I was looking over somebodies shoulder reading a blog and I seen that Marty and DM is still at it.
        We nodded our invisible head. Yap, nothing has changed on Earth everything is still the same.
        P: Where is Chris and rest of the gang?
        El: Oh, Chris is gone to the Black Hole and doing on experiment how many times he could go through and if it is possible to burn off the “I” if is possible to erase that energy too. I believe he will set a record going through that Hole.
        And Marildi and Valkov found a huge mock-up of on ancient library and they are rooting through, shifting the information to see if anything new can be found. We believe that they have because we have seen from that direction two pairs of boxing gloves bouncing about and some sparkles flying. Also sounds like thunder rumbled, they must be having wonderful time figthing over who is right or who is wron.
        Vanier is back at Earth giving another go, hitting every being on the head with his invisible bat to knock the old beliefs out, that useless eastern philosophy and he is bent on spreading new reality, he has a new motto, “meditation get you nowhere so don’t bother with the om”.
        And Geir went with friends on a holiday cruise.
        You have to go see his new sail boat, first of course he needed the ocean, mocked up from dust of sapphire I helped with that part.
        The white caps on the water formed by crystalline diamonds, it looks real real, for the deep water part he used space with all sort of critters swimming in the depth even has flocks of flamingos under water. Do birds swim?
        Listen to this, while visiting, Indigo and I went for a dip and we seen down there a Road Runner being chased by a shark, a parrot standing on the whales head and giving direction which way to swim.
        A school of fish reciting the abc and dolphins taking singing lessons from the canary. as you can see Geir real got his ocean scene sorted out.
        But his sail boat is a beauty. He used a huge mock up of on old tree a giant. Now imagine half of the roots are sheared off and the rest is under water you know, becomes that think which keeps the boat stable. For sail the half of the branches he left on with leafs that is the front part of the boat. I think the branches are the masts, the leafs, act as the canvas for catching the wind to propel the boat forward.

        The trunk of course is hallowed out, but some places the bark left intact and those parts are the cabin walls with port holes even. There is a mammoth swimming behind this boat and he blows the air from his trunk. The problem Geir has when the mammoth dissolves time to time the boat no longer moves than Geir has to blow the air at the sails himself.
        We cut our visit sort since he does not serve peach nectar.

        P: Fire looks great, let’s roast some marshmallows,
        Ta: Well, I don’t eat marshmallows.
        P: Ok, you can lick some sparkles from the fire, by the way: in one of my past life’s I was a fire eater in the circus.
        Ta: What a fire eater do and how the earthly fire tastes?
        P: Tanaja you have been eating stars for eons and you ask me about fire eaters?
        El: PETER, demonstration please? You are fooling, Tanaja don’t believe him, and fire-eaters did not have fire coming out of their ears, he just joshing!
        In: Well I don’t like sparkles; I rather sniff roasted whatever, with some tangy barbeque souse on it.
        El: Ok, you sniff to your heart delight while you doing that I have glass of peach nectar, look out Tanaja, Tanaja you are slurping away too much sparkles from the fire , I smell fur, Indigo your coat is singed.
        El: Peter, that is your second bag of marshmallows, and I am saturated through, overdosed on sugar too much peach nectar, I think I will solo more on peach nectar since I am addicted! And here comes Chris, Chris we are having a picnic are you going to have something?
        Ch: No, I have had too much “nothing” already, I am up to my gills with nothing but I will have bourbon and branch water without bourbon and water and hold the ice too, here comes Marildi and Valkov just look at them they are soaked and dripping from ancient knowledge! Good thing we have fire going they can dry off. Tanaja don’t lick the flames and I smell singed fur.
        I: What are they going to dry off I don’t see anything, they are invisible and what are they smelling? I don’t smell anything.
        T: Oh, don’t mind them Indigo they are into human talk they all used to belong some blogging group waaaaaay back, except Peter he used to walk about way under on some patch of land called Australia and the rumours has it that once in one of his life he was very famous pirate Drake but I just don’t get it, how could he be a duck and a pirate at the same time.
        I: ask Valkov I am sure he could do a research on ducks.
        Ma: we have found a book about GODS. Is anyone wanted to know more about Gods? I smell burned fur, Indigo how come cats love heat? Why all these shoes are scattered here I never seen so many, are we planning universal garage sale and how odd they are not in pairs all singular and why one duck feet, where is the rest of the duck?
        In: Marildi you ask too many questions I don’t know why cats love heat and I am not wearing my fur today, and we have not invited duck today that is the very logical answer to your question so that is the reason you don’t see duck here!
        Va: Oh, I see a bat; Vanier is here, Vinnie I have few question for you, can invisible bats burn? If so, how long it will burn and what is the magnitude of the heat they give out? While you thinking about it, here have some popcorn. And I have my boxing gloves on, so look out.
        Vin: I am ready when you are, on my way here I have heard a very philosophical question which could bring in great amount of new knowledge but we must have our filters to handle this. Do fish fly? Why is Tanaja slurping sparkles I thought he only eats stardust, I never understood boas, is something roasting with fur on?
        Ch: Valkov take a good look at Vinnie’s bat, do you know that bat can hit one thousand head a day? Nothing but common sense pours forward from that thing, now that is one magic bat. Whose turn is mocking food up, and where is Geir I am starving!
        M: I will call Geir, Geeeeeeiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr !
        Everybody: good think we don’t have ear drums!
        I: What drums have to do with Marildi’s voice?
        Va: give me your head Indigo but keep your eyes, thanks, now do you see all this different bone pieces here, let me explain how they work………………….
        G: Hi you guys good to be here, have I missed something? We sailed by Earth on the way here let me tell you, nothing have changed there and Marty and DM still at it.
        What are we having for the main course; I smell burned fur, Tanaja you dripping stardust on everything you are the messiest eater I have ever seen and why are we waist deep in shoes?
        I see popcorn and boxing gloves are we going to have a debate? But first I must have a theta shower; ah, that Earth is such a dusty place……

    1. I vote for one on Buddhism. 🙂 But I read a book based on cognitive behavioral therapy once and thought it was pretty good.

  5. Well, you got me thinking about a couple of things. I’ll give it more pondering and be back. Narrowing my blog reading selections as this one has gotten more priority. Love you folks. 🙂

  6. A Scientologist would say, “Oh! These are the definitions of the words, and we must never question them.” Why are these definitions so sacrosanct? Because if we question them it will shake their stable data of Scientology?

    Didn’t Hubbard change many of those definitions? Didn’t he introduce many new words and definitions? Didn’t he then want those definitions to be the status quo?
    Why should there be no further investigation of the definitions underlying these words?

    A closed mind wants to keep the status quo that it has settled on. That mind is not an explorer no matter how much it pretends to be one. It doesn’t want to look at its own assumptions.

    Absolutism and Philosophy


    1. Actually, Vin it’s not the definitions of the words that can’t be changed or questioned, it’s the concepts and constructs that the words delineate that have been made sacrosanct. But I think that’s what you mean, and I think you are correct – the idea that “we must never question them” became the conditioned think, although LRH clearly stressed the opposite, at least in the early years.

      Definitions of words themselves, even regular English words (or any other language), we obviously can’t just abruptly start changing at whim. How would we know what the other person was saying if we didn’t have a prior agreement as to the meaning of the symbols (words) that he’s using? On the other hand, if people let it be known what meaning they are giving to some word, then all is well.

      Hey, nice to “see” you! 🙂

      1. If we would be forced to give up verbal communication which causes more MU’, fights [ ARCB’s] than there are stars around this planet than we would go back to communication called “mind reading” “telepathy” and by god, that would be easy, no miss-understanding, no fights, wars, divorces, etc… harmony would return..
        But hell, humans love a dirty stimulating game… heavier the better,[[ let that blood flow let the ground soaked]] than one can cause more of the same in retaliation: revenge we shout attack with flaming swords, so there is a heavy totally solid agreement that we can’t read minds, telepathy not reliable and don’t really work… only old time Magicians like In the Myth Merlin could do that and few witches and warlock coming down on the pike over the ages who were burned hehehe… those things punishments, sure put the lid on mind reading and telepathy….
        So now we argue over the meanings of word: “ I did not say that” “Yes, you did” “No I did not!!!!” Yes You have, I have clearly head you!!!! “No, I did not, you are imagine things!!!!! “ How dare you accuse me of that!!! Etc.. etc… and the verbal communication is becoming more solid…. Knives blade flashes in the light and the body is damaged beyond repair….

          1. 🙂 yeh, i feel it boiling up deep from the belly of the Earth… 🙂

      2. Nice to see you too.

        Complicated concepts like those of “will” and “randomness” are always evolving, and they can be discussed from that point of view. There is no question of confusion when the words themselves are being discussed.

        Nobody is talking about abruptly changing the meaning of the words. It has to be properly discussed first. It is putting breaks on such discussion which smells of absolutist attitude.


        1. Thanks, Vin. I got you now – evolving concepts. For sure!

          My point was just that if, for example, a word is used in Scn (or anything else) in a certain way and we’re using it in that context, then we either have to use it that way or say how it is we’re using it. I’m sure you agree. And I have no desire either to put brakes on the discussion of different concepts. Absolutely not! (no pun intended :D)

          So how about you join in on the discussion on the “Free Will” thread? Chris commented yesterday that we should take up some of the different points in Geir’s newly revamped “On Will” article. Have you read it? There’s a link on that blog post.

            1. I posted this on Vinaire’s blog:

              Just for the record: The following sentence in this blog post is false:

              “The whole logic of this article depends on the underlying assumption that there is a spiritual element called ‘I’, which is absolute, permanent and independent in itself.”

              For those interested – read the article and see for yourself. Vinaire makes an assumption here that is a leap of logic.
              However, due to in-line censorship on this blog, I would recommend readers here to post their comments on my blog.

            2. I would like to add that “in-line” censorship (editing parts of comments) is more insidious and more stifling to a free discussion that the blocking of posts – because it takes out content of a message, leaving a comment crippled. Further, the readers are left in a mystery as to what was removed or edited and if anything are only left with the editor’s words for what was censored. Also, after such a censorship all contributors will post with the underlying fear that their comments may be crippled as well. With a blocked post, it is a far cleaner cut – less messy.

              This is why – on this blog – that you will never have to fear that your comments gets crippled. You will also not have your posts blocked unless they are borderline against the law or you have been given plenty of warnings and still act like a prick. Warnings here consists of first a yellow card, then a vacation or two before you get suspended. So far, only one person remains suspended due to refusal to say that he in the future will treat other contributors on this blog with common courtesy and respect.

              But even he can post on this one thread.


            3. Well, to me it is all about an open exchange of viewpoints. And it accentuates my own determination for this blog to remain such a place of openness and transparency of views.

            4. “…determination for this blog to remain such a place of openness and transparency of views.”

              “Well, to me it is all about an open exchange of viewpoints…”

              +1 🙂

            5. Many thanks for the blog-censorship lesson. Didn’t know about that and I agree with you darlin’ 🙂

            6. Apparently there is a continually changing flow of particles in space. They can be counted and their relationship to one another measured. This is the most basic premise of mathematics.

              Consider music. Meter. Mete: limit, bounds, frontier. Meta: goal, boundary, post, pillar.

              To make music one decides (from de- “off” (see de-) + caedere “to cut”) or determines (“to enclose, bound, set limits to,” from de- “off” (see de-) + terminare “to mark the end or boundary,” from terminus “end, limit”) thus imposing control (sustain, pause, stop) – on the flow.

              Music is conducted. Deliberately. Intentionally,

              No will = no music.

              There may be no “I” but there certainly is a conductor.

              What shall be conducted?

            7. Well put, succinct expression of the interrelationshipbetween the deterministic physical universe and the will.

            8. “I would like to add that “in-line” censorship (editing parts of comments) is more insidious and more stifling to a free discussion that the blocking of posts – because it takes out content of a message, leaving a comment crippled. Further, the readers are left in a mystery as to what was removed or edited and if anything are only left with the editor’s words for what was censored. Also, after such a censorship all contributors will post with the underlying fear that their comments may be crippled as well. With a blocked post, it is a far cleaner cut – less messy.”

              I agree.

            9. I guess I do have something to say after all:

              Let’s jam!!!!

              Note to Geir: That is the content of the post.

            10. What?!? No one wants to jam?


              Well, there’s always dub-step.

            11. Maria, Marildi I will, but I need some insentive-stimulation from you gals.. throw a question at me please.

            12. Okay, E. How about looking at existence on other planets – or other universes, either as solid as this physical universe, or less so, or non-physical.

            13. Please define in your reality what is on absolute ‘’ WILL ‘’ so I could understand the question better, Like somebody has one, or everybody could have one, or is there a superior being who is the only have who can one, or somebody has enough-power of intention which effects overturns-over rides the Will of other? Since absolute means: total, complete, out and out, entire, unconditional. That question you ask has many sides, to them the answers can be different in topic too.

            1. I think Vinaire is talking about improving on concepts to where they evolve to a higher level of understanding and truth. Is that what you got?

  7. Elizabeth, I had to explain to my Mrs. about my 72 year old hottie last night.

    WIFE: “Who’s that on the phone?”

    KATAGEEK: “My 72 year old Canadian Senorita! But don’t worry, she thinks I’m her brother from another life and she’s not creepy like that! Hmm …. OR … IS … SHE? …

    MWA-HA-HA!! I can ONLY hope!”


    I appreciate you and Marildi following up on me, but here is the real truth:

    I don’t belong here.

    I may send Geir some submissions that may help the blog on occasion, because I like his work on Open Source and Hyperlist. I may even send him an “Amar for Storytellling” thing for kids.

    But I’m not really a native here. I’m an outsider. And outsiders, although initially welcome, are eventually expected to either come inside or go away. And I have reached that apex.

    Plus, my kata practice has lost its momentum, and for a Katageek, that is most un-good.

    And with that in mind, I offer you this piece of awesome from the coolest people I know – the folks at Rocketboom.

    – Will Harper (Katageek/Bunkai)

    Soul? No soul?

    Be. Free. Anyway.

    1. Hi kg/Will,

      Your new avatar is very artful. (It has to be seen in the larger size at the Gravatar link to appreciate it.) Nice photo of you too – excellent TR 0. (LOL. but seriously!)

      I’ve always enjoyed your funny and witty posts. Even wise, other than those on the subject of free will, of course. LOL – just more razzing.

      I hope you do contribute at least from time to time. You write so well, with a unique style, and you’re in the know about so much! In the meantime, keep doing well. Much ARC, marildi 🙂

      1. Marildi, regarding ARC, I see that you really embody the concept in your communications exceptionally well. And it does help make people feel better and communicate more.

        And you words are kind. Thank you.

        – Will

        Be. Free. Anyway.

    2. Sweet William… I love you too… I understand… and since there is no yestarday or tomorrow….I am what you are.

    3. Hi Will,

      I just looked at your comment again and noted that besides the super-nice validation you gave me, you also indicated an understanding of the concept of the ARC triangle. Which reminded me – you may not be a Scientologist but you sure have learned a lot of the principles, and you speak pretty good Scientologese too.

      In fact, I don’t remember the last time I thought of you as an “outsider”, as you put it. And it’s not really true that a poster is “expected to either come inside or go away” and I wouldn’t be letting you get away with that excuse 😉 for not hanging around if it weren’t for the fact that you have also expressed that you need to move on for other reasons.

      But I’ll look forward to seeing some “guest writer” blogs from you. I don’t think Geir is putting out the invitation in order to get “help on the blog” (although you may be right in that he could probably use a breather now and then) – rather, I think he simply wants to showcase others’ creations. So create away!

      And besides, I need to get used to you as “Will”. (Good name for you, come to think of it… :D)

  8. Isene,
    Interesting: My second comment (logged as 2012-07-16 13:23) is before my first comment (logged as 2012-07-16 13:18). Maybe something not ok with Worpress’ software?

    1. No – it’s because I have to approve the first post of any posters (to avoid spamming the blog) – and that I approved your last post before the first one. As you can see now, your posts are not queued for moderation anymore.

  9. Isene,
    Interesting: My second comment (logged as 2012-07-16 13:23) is before my first comment (logged as 2012-07-16 13:18). Maybe something not ok with Worpress’ software?

  10. Erzsébet,


    I don’t have a Hungarian keyboard either.
    I’m using Microsoft Wordpad or Word. They both allow writing in Hungarian without using a Hungarian keyboard: using CTRL+’ , CTRL+SHIFT+: or CTRL+SHIFT+” before a vowel.
    The second approach in Windows is using the On-Screen Keyboard, it doesn’t need Wordpad or Word, and doesn’t need CTRL, SHIFT, etc, however it needs a careful set up and handling of Windows’ keyboards languages setup.

    Tovább is előre! Sohase hagyd abba!

    1. Ferenc, you been reading my blog-posting… mit gondolsz felole? About writting useing the hungarian key board that is easier said than done.. in my case any way, I cant fallow instruction about computers or any manuals.. you can write endlesstringofpearls@

      1. Erzsébet,

        It doesn’t matter if you are not a computer geek. We all have different knowledge and abilities.

        I didn’t get this webpage ( from your blog. I got it from another blog.
        És amit írtál, ezen a web lapon, nagyon meg tetszet.

        1. Thank You Ferenc, Koszonom… I am very aware of that…. The abilities differ significantly from person to person not because the background- learning one has gained here on this Planet because that education here comparison of what one recalls- finds by exploring the Universe from the track in immeasurable…
          Education here and who has what and how much only can be compared here and that education ends here too. Of course education is the key to playing any game, but again the game is played only when one has the body-viewpoint. Without the body one do not have a game as here, there is no such a thing.
          I have explored many avenues on learning-education since what intrigues me why we don’t retain the knowledge after we drop the body…. So, had many sessions what happens ‘’after dropping the body, death’’ etc. Interestingly, and it would sound even silly to those who think-know-have thoughts considerations that education has no use and not in use without the body since spiritual beings are not educated, it is totally complatelly irrelevant what one has done while having the body, since having the body is similar experience like being in a prison.
          If it could be compared how much time one has in the body or outside of the body, having, using the body as on anchor point to view the universe from that point is insignificant.. anyway: Abilities of any kind which one has here is re-stimulation from the track.
          Te meg bent vagy a church-ben? nekem as nem szamit ha ugy van.

          1. Erzsébet,

            Just some observations:

            > “why we don’t retain the knowledge after we drop the body”
            This is part of the trap(s), part of the down spiral(s).

            > “it could be compared how much time one has in the body or outside of the body”
            Even being outside the body, Θ could be prisoner of universes.

            > “Abilities of any kind which one has here is re-stimulation from the track.”
            This is for Θ after incident 1, Θ before incident 1 is able to create these abilities.

            Nem vagyok bent a templomba.

            1. In addition to yours realities above, there are few thousand more reasons, Feri, have you any idea just how many times one has belonged to secret societies, secret parties’ sect’s cults, how many times the ‘’memory has been erased by the enemy when one has been captured.

              Yes you are right and abilities of any kind is “In” stimulation from the past, just a stuck picture which gets repeated over and over. Implants, machinery at work and movies rolling continually.
              I have researched, had countless sessions on what is memory, remembering, and retention, recalling, recollecting, withholding, suppressing, silencing, conceal, hide: cover things up in invisible, in darkness, make it unknown, forgotten, never again to be talked about or remembered, mentioned, must be forgotten, buried forever under secrecy, etc… etc.. and this items are all postulates.
              But most of all, as in spiritual universe when one is not using the body or any other object as an anchor than one has no memory, since one do not think.. has no need to recall, repeat anything.

              When there is only ‘’NOW” when the creation and experience exist in the same fraction of a moment, than there is no past or future.

            2. Elizabeth — that would be the true NOW. All else is really what has already passed and been recognized? And so NOW is not in the time stream.

            3. Erzsébet,

              You are in my high esteem, because:
              • You attained OT 7 in ’75.
              • You said to yourself: “Do something about it you idiot. You have the know-how, the tools.” So you dusted off your e-meter …
              • You’ll keep up till Native State.

              In addition (to your additions) there are the Θ auto-recurrent auto-splits, the universe machines (“machines” that keep the universe mocked up), and etc.

            4. Ferenc, would you say more about “the Θ auto-recurrent auto-splits” and also “the universe machines”?

              A while back Geir had a blog post about a “Theory of Everything” and I came up with an idea of how a digital, objective universe might be being continuously created. It would be like any mental machine on automatic – except that it would be a co-creation of a whole group of thetans. And now I’m thinking that it would be the machine of just a particular group of thetans – the original ones, not all. Other thetans, who weren’t part of that group and part of their co-creation but are now participating in this physical universe game were (and are) able to perceive it – just like thetans have been able to perceive one another’s mock-ups since the beginning of time.

              Something along those lines seems a little more plausible than Geir’s theory that the universe is being continuously created by ALL of us, which I think is essentially the same idea as Tom Campbell’s (a physicist/philosopher I like) theory that Consciousness (i.e. everybody) operates like an information system and like a computer, simulating a virtual reality as needed.

              But what you call “universe machines” may be somewhat different or altogether so.

            5. Marildi
              “It would be like any mental machine on automatic – except that it would be a co-creation of a whole group of thetans. And now I’m thinking that it would be the machine of just a particular group of thetans – the original ones, not all. Other thetans, who weren’t part of that group and part of their co-creation but are now participating in this physical universe game were (and are) able to perceive it – just like thetans have been able to perceive one another’s mock-ups since the beginning of time. ”
              Marildi you talking about Planet Earth where the robots-machines contenualy co-creating.

            6. Ferenc kedves baratom; I have achieved that Native state.
              But what is: Ferenc, would you say more about “the Θ auto-recurrent auto-splits” and also “the universe machines”? Feri if you can describe that than i will search for it and let you know.

            7. Erzsébet & marilidi,

              It’s nice chatting with you.

              The universe machines are a set of complicated implants design to keep θ mocking up the universe.

              The Θ auto-recurrent auto-splits is Θ splitting itself in a way that each split is mostly not aware of the splitting. Auto-recurrent, is a term I borrowed from algorithm theory, meaning that the same procedure is applied to itself. In this case I mean that the Θ splits keep splitting themself.

              These are part of an R&D on the upper levels, based on LRH’s R&D (but done by somebody else).

            8. Hi Ferenc,

              Auto-splits – this would align with LRH’s references to older or decadent beings and beings newer to the universe. And the part about the “splits” not being aware of the splitting makes sense – that would be needed as part of the game, with the auto-recurrent keeping the game going and expanding. Heavy!

              Thanks also for the Ken Ogger quote. It could align with both Geir’s and my theory (especially mine ;)), as well as Elizabeth’s point about the “robot-machines” doing the continuous co-creating.

              Wonderful chatting with you too – and reading your comments in general, including the ones on the tone scale on the other thread. Really good. Do carry on! 🙂

            9. Marildi: “older, decadent beings???????????? what is?????????
              when i am reading some things like that i realise i missed somenthing… or not missed anything?
              i am off condutcting great slutter, Attila is on the rapage, my garden has infestation of tiny leaf hoppers who live on the underside of the leafs and sucks out the juices of leafs than the leafs dry and fall off if that continues the plant will die too.

            10. E, I think what LRH meant by “older” beings was those who came into existence earlier on the time track than the “younger” ones. And some (or all?) of them have become “decadent”, meaning they have deteriorated, in ability, etc.

              Now, go to the slaughter, Atilla! I can feel your righteous revenge! 😦

            11. Marildi, The carnage ended and the thirst for revenge has been satisfied I am contented to no end, those little shits were rewarded for their destructive actions.

            12. marilidi,

              The best I could find regarding these 2 theories is:
              “Universes are created by postulate, perpetuated by alter-isness, and made real to others by agreement.” (Ken Ogger, based on LRH).

            13. marilidi, Clarification: These 2 theories = Yours and Geir’s (Re: Theory of Everything)

            14. marildi,

              Thanks for your charming comment.

              Ken Ogger quote could align with both theories, but especially with yours.
              By the way, the auto-splits and the universe machines are also from Ken Ogger R&D above OT 7.

            15. Ferenc,

              I did get that you were quoting Ogger.

              And thank you back. “What you can see you can be” comes to mind, in reference to the charm of the (Hungarian-)Latinos. Or maybe I should say the (Latino-)Hungarians :). Btw, that combination seems as unusual as mine – Russian and Scottish (American).

              While I’m at it, I enjoyed your suggested book titles for Elizabeth, and the alternative ending. Fun stuff!

  11. Isene,
    This is still strange: My posts logged as 2012-07-16 13:23 and 2012-07-16 13:18 were already approved. However my posts logged as 2012-07-16 22:07 and 2012-07-16 23:03 (sorry for repeating, I thougth the 22:07 didn’t went through) and 2012-07-16 23:04 are showing before the others, and even before Elizabeth Hamre’s 2012-07-16 19:58 which also was already approved.

  12. This one’s for Chris, an answer to an earlier conundrum he expressed to do with being “wishy washy.” Of course, now that I’ve posted here it can be for anyone.

    Could this be true?

    “You have to be it to see it.”

    1. Maria yes, the “now” that fraction of the moment:creation experience is not the bank but simply is… There is no more.
      The continuum is addition and those additions are the alteration in order to make solid to have, be whatever… That is the reason I call everything a consideration and those are agreed upon sort of growing thing.
      All consideration are: Assumption supposition guess hypothesis theory concept idea notion impression view opinion estimation assessment evaluation design judgement appraisal ruling review criticism, in other words just playing with words… but in reality what is “IS” and in that same fraction creation-experience the “IS” gone.
      That is why the Universe –solidity everything in it is an Illusion
      By the way in that moment in the “NOW” what ever one puts there that is ones ability.. Not much fits into that fraction 🙂 but one can blow up a planet, sniff the perfume of the flower, create a sun, chop some body to pieces, kiss a cat, get last in the universe of a crow and experience how that being view the universe…. be under water, pull the sharks teeth or give him one more row..hehehe…. sing as Vitas [ most beautiful voice on this planet ] or play the piano with Maksims or do nothing be nothing

  13. Geir, I do have something to say (brief). I think you should do a new blog post along the lines of “A radical new view…Ok here goes”. That one is getting some great comments lately, and does so off and on, but the thread is so long that it’s just too cumbersome to deal with. Or maybe you could introduce and use one of the recent posts there as a starting point for a blog thead. Something! 🙂

    Oh, and your “Theory of Everything” blog post is a related subject that could be tied in.

    1. This is a good idea – but I have another blog post planned before I go sailing in Greece for two weeks.I want to get this other blog post out tomorrow.. This very good idea of yours would have to wait a couple of weeks.

      1. I thought you were away a bit. I tried to send you an email of a writing of “anything” last week or so and couldn’t get through. My server said it was something on your end. Thought you were sailing! Since that happened I’ve reconsidered sending that piece, but will consider it in future. 🙂

  14. COG:reason from the dividion of the original Universe the theta.

    Had a session today [ last year] it was not about the Bank but general understanding of the real universe where is no MEST , here are no believes of any kind as a result there are no considerations, thoughts in existence.
    I become aware of that in the Theta Universe one do not have or being aware having knowledge since that too would be a thought-concept and even the concept of ‘’self, or I’’ is missing. In the Theta Universe there is only the moment of creation exist and in that same moment the experience and that moment ” is ”or ”now”.

    There is no past or future in the Theta Universe, since those would be concepts thoughts which makes up what is the MEST Universe itself.

    For some time in session, every time I was running at ARC B’s everything has come up ENFORCED On all levels and because of that

    for weeks in continual daily sessions I wondered just where I was heading too.

    Than the word ‘’SPELL’’ popped up, out of nowhere [of which I was not looking for] Like in magical spell and that word was the key which has unleashed the avalanche, opened up the Universe of which I already have KNOWN have had many recalls before and oddly, the word Spell meant Implants in this cognition the “MEST UNIVERSE” itself.

    COG: long time back other place and other time the” Spell,” implied to pertaining to Implants, which were than called Black Tide itself and that Black Tide slowly over powered, over taken the Theta Universe: the Magical Universe.

    Oh, there are many reasons that Black Tide taken over the Theta universe… The Black Tide, the implants become popular because they were the new kind of game, the only game: which has brought created stimulations inspirations motivations impulses wishes desires longings and they were great fun to play and become part of, to assume all those freshly created personalities with that behaviours.

    That darkness, the heaviness become known as the evil “SPELL, the Black Tide” to those who did not wanted to leave the Theta Universe: therefore the separation was created… now there were two different Universes: Theta Universe spiritual, without forms….MEST Universe forms and solidity.

    This cognition has taken me out from the MEST, these means to me, I not only know the meaning of the words but I have experienced the Universe where there is no communication cycles as we know it here, the communication exists in different reality level just on as an experience, nothing more.

    Within this cognition there were dozens of other cognitions, new knowledge poured in and once more my universe was realigned, balanced according to the received information.

    I have realized the last anchor point have fallen away, which of course existed only because I have believed it was there.

    As the last links of chains have dissolved by the as-is ing which held me in the MEST=Bank, there were Cog’s within the Cog’s:

    “The body is no longer an anchor point since there is no such a thing as on anchor points and I am not the body, never have been and never will be.”

    With the dissolving of the last particles of the MEST, I have become aware of a new understanding which was in a form of sensation of beauty which cannot be expressed in any shape or form.

    Also this new state as I have become aware of, a sound which I have heard in the past in three occasions, it was also in connection with cognitions: Most incredible sound, the sound of total harmony, the sound of the Life-force as is.

    In my new reality, I become aware had new understanding, that the life-force has sound: I have known how the Life-Force looks like, but I never realised had a sound too.


    The sound which I have heard cannot be described by words, I won’t even try.

    It was music which could not be imitated by any instruments even if someone would try and because that would become same as anything else what is called in the MEST universe, just a replicas a poor copies of what we have known as original the postulate in the Theta Universe.

    Beings here on this Planet we do “try” to express what is beauty forming solid items in pleasing shapes, even flowers are in sense solid and they too are created in order to imitate that beauty from elsewhere, that original postulate from “Theta” universe.

    But all these solid item which surrounds us are only imitations, copies- facsimiles on the lower solid level of the original creations which has no mess; and they do not exists in time or place.

    The session was long and lots of energy was as-ised and I have realised, in one of the cognition’s, there is no power.

    Which have surprised me profoundly and that it makes great deal of sense: “ knowing, having knowledge in form of thoughts, on any concept and the believing in them that they are, truly exists therefore they are purely consideration-agreements- assumption, illusions and that is The MEST Universe.


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