Have you ever read through a 300-page book only to flip the last page thinking, “Damn, they could have written the main points in a one-page summary so I didn’t have to read the other 299 pages of anecdotes.”?

I have written several normal-sized books. And I’ve read lots of books that I thought should have been compressed down to one page. The same with my collegue/best friend Brendan Martin, which is why we decided to start publishing OnePageBooks (1PBs) on key subjects:

1PB #6: Listening – Superpower

Tune is, really understand.

1PB #5: How to help a friend in trouble

Simple and effective tools.

1PB #4: #Fail

Learn the hidden benefit of failing.

1PB #3: Free will

Do you really have a choice? Does free will exist?

1PB #2: Mental training – The core

Kick-ass mental training for executives, kids, top athletes, artists, you.

1PB #1: Organization – The simple way

An effective approach to organizing groups, companies, organizations.

…stay tuned, more to come