The silver bullet

It never ceases to amaze how simple it is to get me up from a down. I may trick myself to think that there are other methods that will get my zest back if I lost it. Sometimes I think I have to regain something lost, to do more interesting stuff, listen more to music or take a walk, start painting or something entirely different. But while all of these are good things to do, they are always trumped by this one thing: Get shit done.

If I feel down on energy or just plain old sad, all I need to do is start getting things done and woosh… the mood’s back up.

The funny thing is that whenever I do feel down, it’s so damn easy to start think there are other ways. When I then get up and start doing stuff and I regain my spirit of play, I get reminded that this truly is the silver bullet that slays the werewolf. Get shit done.

And the shittier the better. Doing the stuff that nags me the most has the most potential to get me laughing when done. Procrastinating by doing less shitty things may get me a bit up. But it never gets me sufficiently up. Facing the biggest pains of bad conscience or incessant nagging, and doing those actions are what really counts. This is the key to get more done in life.

Just a note to self, this is.