My deep respect for scientologists

I would like to extend my deep respect for scientologists, past and present – whether they are in the church or outside or no longer consider themselves scientologists.

Because the vast majority of them have harbored at least one of two basic drives; To help others or to attain something greater than themselves.

I believe both purposes deserve credit.

These purposes are often held so strong by a scientologist that he or she is willing to tolerate serious infringement to own personal integrity. Some even sign a contract for one Billion years of service to dedicate themselves to helping others. Such acts have serious implications to one’s own mental health – but the purpose therein is nevertheless highly commendable.

Repeated breaching of one’s own integrity will make the person lose himself and eventually void his ability to help others.

My deep respect for the intention to help and to forward spirituality is coupled with my wish for scientologists to keep their integrity – in order to fulfill their purposes.