Invitation to critique my OT VIII success story

Just found the success story I wrote when I completed OT VIII in June 2006. Since then I have evolved and my viewpoints have changed considerably. It is interesting to look back at what I wrote at the time. I would like to invite the readers of this blog to comment on my views at the time. I will answer any questions you have. Let’s roll 🙂

I never imagined that there could be so much gain available in such a short amount of time. There are no words to describe the massive amount of gain on this level.

My viewpoint is dramatically different. Everything has shifted. People around me are brighter, the sky is clearer and the birds sing more in harmony.

Barriers are removed from me being Tone 40. My creative thrust and ability has increased immensely.

I am stripped of must-haves. I don’t need to be in action. I don’t need to be productive. This makes me free to be more in action and more productive. I do not need to perceive, neither do I need to know. I can simply and freely perceive and know.

I have never experienced such a boost on the tone scale, in awareness and in productivity.

I love life. My love for others is profound. My respect and admiration for other people is deep and sincere.

Let me share a secret with you: If you are not OT VIII; If you had just one minute of my existence, just one minute, you would spend every hour awake to get yourself to OT VIII.

To the crew of the Freewinds: You are an amazing team, spearheading existence itself by making sure the first OT level is available to all. The eligibility was the most thorough I have seen. Since withholds makes a being not have, it also makes him not have gains. The OT VIII eligibility is indeed needed to make it possible for me to have such massive gain.

To RTC: You set the standard for what a standard should be. By meticulously ensuring the tech is standard and applied to the letter, you safeguard the future for all.

To LRH: There are no words invented to describe the respect and admiration I have for you. This I will make up for in action. I will not let you down.

Update: See my current views on this success story.