The action junkie

Tim was tired of the virtual worlds. Sitting in front of a PC playing WoW or Call of Duty night after night just didn’t give the full kick anymore.

Neither did Live Role-Playing with Vampires the Masquerade where he would dress up as a vampire and fight and infiltrate other players in the game. No, he needed something more. Something real. Being a wiz-kid and very computer savvy, he tried hacking some accounts here and there. Although real, it didn’t give the real rush either. Being a James Bond or a Jason Bourne in real life would surely be the best of all. But with neither the muscles to show or the guts to dare, he knew he couldn’t do anything that wild. He had to settle for something a bit less dramatic.

A friend of his had tried to get him into protesting some church. But he wasn’t much interested. Until the friend told him about a cat-and-mouse game of some secret service or something this church had. They actually had some intelligence agency inside the church that would harass critics of the religion. Now that sounded like fun. Some real action drama.

Tim trotted along for a protest. They were only 6 of them standing there in front of the church building. They were hiding their faces so that the church spies and agents wouldn’t learn of their real world identity. Tim got a slight Batman-rush going for a minute or so. He joined in and tried his best to keep up with the mocking of the church and their religion. Not that he cared much, but there was supposed to be some super-secret, mystery, agentry thingy, so he got in on the action. It was great when some PIs or spies or something got out a camera and took pictures of the protesters. That was at least some action. And then there was all the tales about this agency going after some of the fellow protesters, and he felt part of something dramatic. He felt alive. And then there was caek. Delicious with chocolate cream on top. The social bonding also became important. He felt he belonged to a group. Individualistic, anarchistic but like-minded.

And the church’s Office of Secret Action didn’t let him down. They were busy creating enemies of the church like himself. And they were actually spying on him! He felt thrilled and wondered if he should call himself “Jason Bourne” on their Internet forum.

A few months went by and Tim…

Oh, the story stopped. What happened to Tim? I don’t know. You tell me. Leave a comment and help co-writing the rest of the story.

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6 thoughts on “The action junkie

  1. you’re not gonna like this, but tim having a high iq and all, realized his purpose in life. he was a good guy and decided to go work for the government to catch the real bad guys and save the world. to do his part in not only confronting evil but taking it out. lol

    with all his ability to think quick on his feet, be spot on in his calculations and well, he now had unlimited funds and access to the real toys. one’s he could never afford on his own as his purpose in life was not to be a super uber rich movie star like tom cruise or write computer software programs for a living in his mother’s basement.

    with his new start, life just got a whole lot more exciting. action and adventure would be the order of the day……………………………………………

  2. continued with the protests.

    One day he heard glass breaking on the kitchen door. He wasn’t certain if he was being attacked by a strong wind, or if someone was trying to break in. Tim arose from the chair in the lounge and walked slowly and quietly into the area next to the kitchen. Although things seemed quiet, there was an aura in the kitchen that exploded into his mind warning him of future pain in the event that he had decided to investigate the noise any further.

    In his mind, he returned to the lessons that he had learned from his friends. The main lesson that came to his mind was the awareness of the need to survive. With that in mind, and the necessity for peace, he tiptoed back into the lounge.

    Stomping into the room next to the kitchen, the entire neighborhood heard him yelling, “If that crazy cat broke that window – he will be gone in the morning!!” Tim stopped for a moment (listening to the kitchen and waiting for the door to silently close) but continuing to yell about the cat and where the stick was to teach him a lesson.

    He then went into the abandoned kitchen and picked up the pieces of glass before he called the police. No one could refute the mess made by the muddy footprints. “Hah!” he smiled to himself. “Fouled again.”

  3. It wasn’t the individual scientologists who were the “enemy”, it was simply…

  4. ..was by now obsessed with ‘waking up’ Scientologists to the TRUTH about L Ron Hubbard. He felt a kind of rage when hearing a kool-aid drinker!!!! mention their wins. How could he get these people to see the light? To experience salvation from this evil and be resurrected as a regular, un-brainwashed person?
    He would now devote himself to proselytising on the interweb, and he knew one thing for sure, he would not rest until every last follower of Hubbard was converted.. (he also would not rest until he’d seen every last video on youporn)

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