Is Julian Assange a Good Guy? Does it matter?

Beside the Hiroshima bomb and perhaps 9/11, nothing in modern history has had a more disruptive global effect in such a short time as Wikileaks.

It matters not whether Julian Assange is a good, bad, crazy, nice or in-the-middle-guy. Whatever, yawn. Transparency in this case is Good.

And the world have forever changed.

If Wikileaks is somehow stopped, the world is forever changed, as that means the end to free press and the start of a more controlled society, something China seems to have some limited success in.

If Wikileaks is not stopped, the world is forever changed, as now people have found a new avenue for anonymously disclosing the dirty secrets of people doing the bidding of others than those who elected them to power.

But the mayonnaise cannot be put back into the tube – if Wikileaks gets shut down, another 50 sites will take its place.

Welcome to the new world of transparency. A world where crimes will be disclosed because secrets cannot be kept. This is changing the planet whole-scale, something Scientology has not even been close in doing.

Funny that. Here we have a wonderful philosophy and technology (Scientology) to handle and heal the world, and like a high-speed train comes tech like Internet, Wikipedia and Wikileaks that changes the world to a more communicative, open, knowledge-sharing, transparent and ethical place like nothing before.

And Wikipedia and Wikileaks are ideas that got traction without much investment – it’s a snowball effect because one has lowered the threshold to people’s participation. It is the Ant Hill in practice.

One can resist this or enjoy this. The results in the world will be the same. The difference lies only with oneself – resisting it will make one annoyed, while enjoying it will make even this fun.

Enjoy 🙂

24 thoughts on “Is Julian Assange a Good Guy? Does it matter?

  1. ‘I was called a terrorist yesterday, but when I came out of jail, many people embraced me, including my enemies, and that is what I normally tell other people who say those who are s…truggling for liberation in their country are terrorists. I tell them that I was also a terrorist yesterday, but, today, I am admired by the very people who said I was one.’ Nelson Mandela.

    1. Yes, it is a matter of perspective. The Norwegian resistance movement during WW II was of course considered terrorists by those in power at the time.

  2. Good post, Geir – and I agree: Julian Assange’s character is not the issue (although he looks like a decent bloke to me). Transparency is the issue, and I welcome it – and enjoy it!
    But I believe we still need the technology of Scientology; we have to get charge off the case, individually and collectively. Auditing is the only effective way to do this.
    Warmest regards, Robin

  3. I heartily agree, the world will not be the same!

    Exciting times. More communication, not less is the answer. Secrets block communication.

    Those that persecute Asange don’t get it. They are still trying to use the old rules.

  4. I say Julian Assange is amazing ! (and also the People which contributed to take him out of jail). My deep admiration to all of them.

  5. It saddens me to notice that the leader of this vital movement is not a Scientologist, and probably also most of his followers, but at the same time it makes me very happy, because it clearly shows the basic rightness (I would prefer to say simply Integrity, or even beauty) of human nature which is blossoming here.
    Also, this is something The Old Man ceased to see after KSW, or at least, ceased to accept, in my opinion., and , if that be the case, that would most likely be the cause of his demise.

  6. I personally have some problems with Wikileaks. If really bad and evil secrets come out I don’t mind, but personal notes and so on (diplomacy for example) is something I can’t see the importance of. Personal privacy should be protected the way I see it.

    What about auditing folders from sessions being published on wikileaks, would that also be a good thing? Where is the line drawn?

  7. We need much more of this…a free press keeps ethics in government. I am personally enjoying the “defanging” of corrupt entities in power! In the US propaganda is incredibly prolific! (media here is one lie after another) Knowledge is power…let’s spread it around!

  8. Every coin has two sides. – Wikipedia may be open source and accessible to all, but have you ever tried to commit a ( lasting ) change to an article? Wikipedia is maintained ( thus owned ) by the same people who control the mainstream media and institutions. – Information leaked to Wikileaks may contain ( bits of ) false data or may not be complete, on purpose. – In my opinion, we entered a higher, thus more complex, level of the same game. The objective remains the same: to decide what is true for you.

    1. I am happy that this is the outcome – because in contrast with earlier days when people were more apt to blindly trust a source, we are now more aware that it boils down to one’s own judgments. This is progress.

  9. Freedom of information is the most important thing that we have,without it we WILL be slaves!!! If he is a hero or not depends on who he is and why there is so much attention surrounding him as a person?!There IS a danger it is a “agency” funded activity and that the intention is to USE this and CENSOR the INTERNET? (a false flag, 9/11 type of event on the net) Maybe releasing some information and then cause an “attack”maybe “talibans/Alquida” killing US-soldiers in USA with the help of this “released” information…

    1. One question pops to mind, and one that I have covered earlier: What about the release of information such as the OT levels?

  10. It is also very interesting how the Church efforts to censor the INTERNET aligns with the Governments/hidden rulers intentions.LIES and information control is needed to control and enslave.(This is where Anonymous, Pirate Bay,WikiLeaks and others is doing a VERY valuable and important job..)

  11. There is another flipside of the coin: US Government issued that many lives will be lost resulting those leaks. From their point of view, it’s a matter of treason and espionage. I wonder what they would say if one day will arise a Russian type of Assange? I’m sure, both FBI and CIA will “eat” the “information cake” without break, without regrets, without morality and conscience…
    So, for us, usual people, let us be happy that Assange unveiled us a (very) small section of the dark, deep secrets…

  12. Geir, I saw your Twitter post about Assange and I was shocked, because it was on FoxNews, which is a well-known ultraconservative station!!!
    Anyway that guy is right: Assange didn’t steel the documents, he just published them.

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