Hooking up in the social networks

Many of the readers of this blog have already hooked up to me on Facebook; http://facebook.com/geir.isene

And some of you follow me on Twitter; http://twitter.com/isene

And a few of you have connected to me in Linkedin; http://no.linkedin.com/in/isene

I constantly look for interesting people to hook up to, exchange ideas and play ball with.

If you want, go ahead and connect on the networks you are on.

4 thoughts on “Hooking up in the social networks

  1. Thanks Geir! Your blog and friends have been very helpful to me. It is a good resource for anyone wanting to look at and possibly challenge their own status quo.

  2. I’m a Twitter guy, so I will stay here. Whenever you post something on blog, I can see on Twitter and immediately read it. Simple as that…

  3. I’m not a ‘social network’ guy, but I’m happy to swap posts, PMs, or emails, wherever/whenever.

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