WOIM version 1.5

Hot off the press; WOIM version 1.5 now includes the possibility for encryption. The VIM plugin can now be used to encrypt/decrypt parts of a WOIM list or even autoencrypt/decrypt a WOIM file. I can now use WOIM for everything – including a password safe.

5 thoughts on “WOIM version 1.5

    1. I wish. A CMS based around WOIM would be awesome.

      I use WOIM for pretty much everything I can – from meeting minutes to business processes, project plans, shopping lists, philosophical concepts, computer program design and more.

  1. Because I am understanding it is a program to help organize by hierarchy I would like to try it. Unfortunately I hung myself up on the acronyms for tech I didn’t already understand. I seem to need more time to study and understand the fundamentals. Also I failed to download the program. I am treading water with my nose barely above the waterline and sinking.

    1. 🙂 Forget the VIM plugin. You can use WOIM with pen and paper (I often do – my notebook is full of WOIM lists). Download just the WOIM definition (PDF) and use it manually.

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