The future of Scientology

While L. Ron Hubbard was alive, there was always the chance that he would develop the next breakthrough that would finally realize the Scientology goal of a Cleared Planet (a world free of negative problems).

When Hubbard died, David Miscavige took the helm. Now we had the go-to guy who could bring that goal into focus.

With the release of OT 8 in 1988 on board the newly acquired ship Freewinds, Scientologists were sure that World Clearing was imminent.

When Miscavige re-released Hubbard’s books in 1989, the goal of a Cleared Planet became real. And with the release of the Key to Life and Life Orientation courses in 1990, the goal was sure to be reached in no time.

And when the long-standing arch-enemy of Scientology, the IRS was defeated in 1993, the Church of Scientology was granted tax exempt status in the US. Now there was no barriers to Clearing planet Earth.

But all was still not well in the world of Scientology. Expansion still didn’t occur. The population was increasing so many times faster than the church could produce Clears. Something had to be done.

The Golden Age of Tech (1996), followed by the Golden Age of Tech for OTs. Now the scene was set for a straight-up vertical expansion. Hopes were refueled, but no expansion in sight.

The Ideal org strategy! Sure to expand Scientology into the realm of Planetary Clearing.

Then the Golden Age of Knowledge with a thorough overhaul of all Hubbard’s material and with all Scientologists ordered to restudy everything from scratch.

Still no impact on the society.

Photo by Anette Iren Johansen

Photo by Anette Iren Johansen

Finally we have the release of the long awaited Super Power rundowns accompanied by the Golden Age of Tech, phase II. NOW everything is different. NOW we can FINALLY achieve a Cleared Planet.

But, but, the churches are empty and the party seems over.

Give it a few years and the die-hard gung-ho Scientologists still in the Truman Show will start to question even this lates monumental break-through. It will leave the Pope of Scientology with no other choice than to play his final card – the release of OT 9 & 10. It wouldn’t matter that no one knows what OT 9 & 10 is or should be. He will surely release Something. To calm the diminishing masses and instill yet another round of refueled hope. Finally, finally, finally we will be able to Clear the Planet.

A few years after the final card has been played, even the most ardent supporters will get the drift… there will never be any Cleared Planet. And they too will leave. Or revolt. And we will see the end of Scientology as we know it.

Perhaps 10 years from now. Unless David Miscavige gets indicted for some of his crimes before then.


Looking forward to speaking tonight at the Flag Down 2014 conference πŸ™‚

(This blog post could and should contain lots of links to explain all the details. But being somewhat bored with the theme, I leave it up to the reader to Google what they need).

132 thoughts on “The future of Scientology

  1. G wrote:

    Looking forward to speaking tonight at the Flag Down 2014 conference πŸ™‚

    Break a leg, Geir!!

    Great to see you doing so well, being the un-shy dude that you turned yourself into, and continuing to help others on a massive scale.


  2. Scientology as ”church” has no future in fact not even present. That is ghost with you people fighting. I wonder if you realise that in reality how the PLANET AND THE UNIVERSE IS CLEARED??
    While the cognition is in process. the cogniter as-is a huge amount of mass. and that mass is replaced by unaltered different reality which is without mass the :TRUTH. That cognition not only brings release for that persons universe but at the same time releases those persons who were connected to this cogniter in that incident and that incident could have been any place while one is in the Universe.
    But something else happens and no one realises its GREAT IMPORTANCE!!!!.. The same time while one person has a session since that person is operating in the SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE WHERE THE COMMUNICATION HAPPENS TELEPATHICLY while this person who is having a session at the same time on the same subject many other beings [without the body] are having the same session and HAVING THE SAME COGNITIONS TOO![ can be millions in number]
    Also while the person is taking a course at the same time these FREE BEINGS [ who don’t have the body] are taking the same courses!!!!! and if it is the course how to become a auditor or a C/S. these beings to become on auditor and C/S’s the same time.
    Difficult to comprehend such a reality? NO, not if one becomes a SOLO AUDITOR and continue auditing not only the self created universe but audits every concept what ever exist in ones reality and also give sessions to countless other beings with or without the body through these sessions-confrontations one learns a great deal becomes aware of different reality and different Universes too.
    The PLANET DO NOT GET CLEARED BY AUDITING people one by one : CLEARING THE PLANET [ as in wholesale] happens at the same times because the FREE BEINGS[ don’t have the body] getting the auditing too.
    WE, THOSE OF US WHO HAVE DONE THE OT LEVELS and NOT’s have audited trillions of beings and these beings were called by LRH as BT’s, and when group called Clusters.
    LRH feared these BEING but that was his problem his ARC-B’s. which he should have handled in session, but that is beside the point here. OT’s and any one who have had session, even just ONE COGNITION was and is helping not only clearing the SELF…. the PLANET.. but the same time the UNIVERSE IT SELF. JOE… he is off the target thinking that only AUDITORS ARE OT’s.. obviously Joe did not have enough auditing and have not confronted the subject “WHAT IS THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE, and WHAT IS SPIRITUALITY MEANS, WHAT IS TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION AND HOW THAT WORKS. Knowing the words do not give the experience. I do not know JOE but he should not have put down the OT LEVELS, the auditing and its results. Not my intention to put Joe down any ways, it might sound like it but.. if one has not audited much as I have could not possibly have information as I have gained through cognitions. So apologise in advance if my remark has offended.
    COGNITIONS ARE VITALY IMPORTANT because they as-is the mass and because they don’t contain energy = but are PURE THETA =truth and that pure theta=truth can penetrate any mass, any object since it is pure undiluted-unaltered is superior to any other existing considerations-thoughts therefore over rides those.
    COGNITIONS do SPREAD, boundaries can not hold them back, they go outside of this planet and interestingly one the recall is confronted in other time –other place those cognitions clear those places in the Universe. How do I know this? I have audited 10’s of thousands of hours and in my reality nothing is impossible to achieve since barriers only exist if the considerations=thoughts=agreements are in existence, those are the postulates, the very walls of prison to the person who put them. I have erased my barriers.. Thank you. Elizabeth Hamre.

    1. I believe that a person may think he has an enormous impact on society. At the same time, the person may be struggling to even rally the smallest of political initiatives to change any condition anywhere.

      1. That depends on the persons reality what their abilities are or where the persons value lays.. politics are not in my bag, my focus is on different realities. Politics belong here on this planet.. and will remain here…

      2. PS;; we all have what we create.. or stimulated to do or be… one is never better than the other just different. And never ever more important! Importance is on illusion!

      3. I am wrong.. totally wrong when I say I am not into politics!
        Yes I am and I am the representative and speak for those who are FREE IN SPIRITS beings without the body!
        I represent the Spiritual Universe and just because of occlusion many has no reality of the existence of this Universe nerveless it exists.. billions on these planet alone do believe in spirituality…and that number of believers is a very small number in comparison with those who receives understand cognitions and because of those are influenced.

      4. Further, Geir, the ol’ man became quite blase, in his regular run-ins with this type of thing. He settled it rather quickly with his now famous; “If it is isn’t true for YOU — it isn’t TRUE!” πŸ™‚

      5. “At the same time, the person may be struggling to even rally the smallest of political initiatives to change any condition anywhere.”
        Or to even to get their personal life, property, home, or health in any semblance of order. This is the illusion of control. This more even than “prosperity theology” is the illusion of control that Scientology promotes.

      1. that is your reality… since your communication and believes are solid and cant see further that the solid wall you have created for self.. since that is your universe because of that you cant possibly understand the Free in Spirit and see their Universe!

      1. Marianne hello my dear! you are right support I don’t need but it is still good to read different viewpoints… I learn from those. expands reality. Marildi has recognised and labeled the State I operate from “The Akashic Records “. One can achieve the state be in it or connected to it only if all barriers are erased. This state was not achieved overnight but taken many thousands of hours in the auditing chair. I will not call this state important to have since being important would nit allow to see differently outside of importance or value.. But I just find these state ”normal” I guess because by now it have become normal to experience the different way of observing-knowing.
        How things are ”home’?

  3. In my last session I jotted down my cognitions on Scientology as follows:

    Game = impulse to get other impulses to resonate with it
    … requires other impulses
    … requires some overlap
    ……….no overlap is no chance of making it resonate
    ……….complete overlap is also no chance of making it resonate
    Self-determinism is the impulse in a game
    …..The game is to survive as that impulse
    …..By overcoming other impulses
    Pan-determinism is the game itself
    Other-determinism occurs when an impulse is overcome by another impulse
    …..The game is lost at this point for that impulse

    A set pattern of moods associated with survival
    …..Apathy (0.0) – Grief (0.5) – Fear (1.0) – Anger (1.5) – Antagonism (2.0)
    …..Boredom (2.5) – Interest (3.0) – Cheerfulness (3.5) – Enthusiasm (4.0)
    Half-tone spacing
    …..Lead the other person by half-tone to bring him up tone
    …..It is how you resonate with the person while leading him in tone
    …..The content of what you are saying may also resonate
    ……….but on a secondary basis
    The whole scale goes from Total Failure (-40) to Serenity of Beingness (+40)
    …..Total Failure (-40): to be overcome completely by another impulse
    …..Serenity (+40): prevailing effortlessly as an impulse

      1. It is so simply because you are contaminate with your negative energy.

        1. Yep, the CO$cientologist’s built-in handicap: –[DON’T want to know anything else -BUT Scientology] — unwittingly sets him/her up for a huge fail! And thus to stagnate into regressive ignorance.
          (I didn’t believe I would ever come to say that.. but just DID!) πŸ™‚

          1. Vinnie: “I would rather say ‘knowledge with consistency’!”

            Anything to not give credit to Scn (the subject, not the CoS), even though you can’t stop talking about it. It’s a mystery why you don’t stick with subjects you consider worthwhile. πŸ˜›

            1. “Is Scientology not knowledge? Why are you creating a division between the two?”

              I guess you missed the point. You are the one who puts more attention on the knowledge of Scientology than everything else combined – to criticize it, that is.

              On the last thread, you could only come up with two positive things to say about Scientology – TR 0 and Axiom 11. And then you proceeded to question Axiom 11. LOL

              And yet this almost “worthless” subject is the one you are continuously focused on. Strange, don’t you think, Vinnie?

            2. Top of that V.. has created his blog based mostly on LRH’s knowledge.. without LRH’s work v’s blog would never be realised!

            3. Scientology is a fascinating subject for me. I learn a lot by noting both consistencies and inconsistencies in it.


            4. M.. you are right. V is so stuck in scientology that he do not realised that he is stuck. He believes that by running it to the ground he can be free of it… No.. that is the very reason he is still stuck to it!.

    1. you had a cognition? more likely you have copied from copied something..

  4. Geir, I got an email from a friend who lives in the Clearwater area that the CoS is drilling holes into one of their buildings (not clear which building) from the street. That gave them the right to close the street to the protest, using I guess a construction permit. Do you know anything about this?

    Also, any news about a livestream?

      1. No Vinay. But mebbe a productive alternative, would be to start drilling holes in their hedz? Let some highly compressed thetans out, for a bit of fresh air? You know, like one hour exercise breaks for incarcerated inmates/CO$ inmates ?(same difference!)

    1. Livestream will be on, or linked from, the Flag Down 2014 Web site.

      Yes, they managed to close of the two sidewalks where there were protesters yesterday πŸ˜‰

      1. Thank you for that Geir. Hope your crew, is relishing all this irresistible ‘material’. I hope they have their high-powered lenses, and microphones handy.Gonna need ’em for penetrating the masses swarming “the FRIENDLIEST place on the planet” ARRRRGH, BARF, barf… ahem,please excuse me! (wipe, wipe!)

  5. Thanks. I don’t see anything about it on the website yet. Will the livestream be starting tonight? It would be fun to watch you speak live. πŸ™‚

      1. I take it that’ 6:30 Clearwater time (Eastern daylight savings time).

        The “love stream” from Geir will be even better than live stream. πŸ™‚

          1. Thanks for the time confirmation.

            And I couldn’t resist kidding you about your “love stream” typo. Or maybe it wasn’t a typo! We shall see. πŸ™‚

    1. But something was missed… When LRH was a life he had created the TECHNOLOGY WHICH COULD CLEAR THE PLANET… but was not duplicated by the very people who only can see negative.

        1. I believe you that you believe that, since you have try it but did not work for you so you talk of your experience and that is the horse you ride on and I am OK with that too. I ride mine.. that it works. and I am not the only one who believes the same!

        2. PS… just because there is a collective agreement that it not works by those who have not duplicated the material.. did not have gains [or had them but not realised just how much change the auditing brought]. that collective agreement not necessarily the truth. The Path of the solo auditor is a lonely one.. Here no one acks the work, no one cheers you on, pat your back or kiss your a.. and tell you how great you are, how smart you are. Here on this path one walks alone and one finds that one do not need the applause of the crowd to know that one has achieved what ever that may be.. And that ”maybe” do not have to be solid pat on the back or words to play up to the ego’s to glorify. Oddly you cant see that…

    1. “If everyone has their own reality then my cognition has no affect on anothers reality.”

      . . . and so we might spend some time understanding what we mean by “another.”

        1. What do I want to understand by “another?”

          The underlying assumption is that everybody knows what we mean by another when we say it so lightly. And we do know what we mean by that but that understanding doesn’t get us anywhere but rather it leaves us spinning plates on sticks. We say it lightly as though there is nothing to understand about that. What is really in question is how far down the rabbit hole do we want to go? Do we enjoy our assumptions and are they a comfortable place to settle? Or do we scratch at every scab? Neither is more or less important to me, it’s just a personal preference.

    2. Your cognitions have huge affects where it counts… Cognitions do cut through the heaviest mass regardless mental or otherwise. But those who are stuck in their own reality are not aware of your cognitions but you can bet they receive it all right. It is there in the Universe…. The truth over rides all the crap.

        1. Cognitions.. over ride even the crap I put out.:) Any thoughts don’t make any different whos are those.

            1. Yes… yours … since what one could accept from solid matter but to crap out solid matter!

            2. Thank you and I enjoy discussions and not meaning to score. I just want to leave written counterpoints next to outrageously insubstantial claims so that others have something to compare when wondering whether to believe in the religion of Scientology.

            3. I spent years as a true believer and acquiescing to the oppressive totalitarian despotism of L Ron Hubbard. My personal opinion if you agree with me and bias if you don’t is that it is not necessary to have the Scientology experience to have learned and come to the place that I am today. Some are grateful for the experience but I do not feel that way and do not recommend it to others. For instance, I do not teach it to my children. There are better paths for learning than by doing Scientology.

      1. IMHO,Β Cognition has a huge effect only on the person having the cognition. That cognition has to be communicated to another person, and that person also has to cognite somehow before he can be affected by it.Β 

        The word “telepathically” has been bounced around but its role has not been explained scientifically in this context. Definitely, no science is being used here, only the forceful assertions of one’s subjectivity (assumptions, speculations, etc.).

        Using force is to be played upon by the MEST universe (per LRH). We have some very MESTy people here pretending to be enlightened.


          1. There are more to communication than written words, spoken sounds … but it seems you haven’t figured out that much.. stay with V… he will teach you how to be solid as he is..

          2. ‘that cognition has to be communicated to another person, and that person also has to cognite somehow before he can be affected by it.’

            Are you sure about it? Example: one has a huge cognition and
            cheers up. His face, his whole beingness is radiant. The other
            person also cheers up and asks: what’s ‘that’? Well, that ‘that’
            is the core-stuff of Life itself which has the ‘power’ to bring about
            Change. Much like when you light a lightbulb and there is no
            trace of darkness in the room. When a huge light is turned on,
            how far can it have an effect?

            1. Aha THE Sister, hath spoken! It is well that she hath done so, for she carrieth the torch left aside by others, who consider they needeth it not. Continue to carry thy beholden torch, fair sister, for it shineth far….further than one might behold πŸ™‚

        1. Your knowledge is what you read not from experience. Telepathic communication is very much in use but not recognised by those as yourself who only beliefs in solidity. Stay with your beliefs they are sound to you but to me is nothing more than second hand data . I speak from experience and I am not the only person on this planet who can communicate telepathically. Science is for people like you who only can assume. guessing is the only game. We: millions of others we experience.

            1. something of substance which you can understand…let see.. great wall of china, sacred cows of India.. cowboys and Indians…great white sharks etc..etc.. What would be the point since you cant comprehend anything I write…

            2. Vinaire yes I could write be civil.. have a great debate with you but that only cold happen IF and When you could accept not only me but any other person as equal to you regardless what extent knowledge that person has.. until than the answer is no.. what other answer you can accept from a hysterical delusional under hypnotic affect person.. who don’t know one thing of value or interest of importance.

            3. How come you didn’t respond to what I found valuable in Scientology?


            4. But that’s the only substantial thing I have written on this thread so far.


            5. I don’t read everything in every blog I comment. too much.

            6. there you go… only your reality has importance..–value..

        2. Pretending to be enlightened: you poor thing you… looking into the mirror again have you? and seen the pretender? must be horrid to know that you live a lie!

        3. vinaire; “Using force is to be played upon by the MEST universe (per LRH). WE have some very MESTy people here pretending to be enlightened.

          racing; — “Watch” it, Bub! (AS-IS, if you prefer) πŸ™‚

  6. Useful discussion cannot occur unless one sticks to the discussion policy. I try to stick to it as much as possible in a hostile environment.

    There is no problem at all sticking to it in a pleasant environment.

    A civil discourse is a pre-requisite and one needs to take initiative in that direction and not just keep on blaming others.

    Blaming others creates a hostile environment.

    1. Have you ever apologized in your life? Vinaire I am not hostile.. I am not angry or upset or having a fit but you will not accept any other reality from me. You mow it down as delusion. You want debate but only your reality can be true.. existing and you never ever allow the slightest possibility that yes it can be different. yes that too can exist and be real. That person can know and it is possible that more than one fact exist !
      To debate with you: the person must accept your reality.. and that is not debating..

      1. Apologize for what? Isn’t all the crap that you throw at me enough for you? You must be getting some satisfaction out of that.

        1. Yes I sure do! I am having fun! but I will stop now since you acknowledged that it has reached you .So V.. don’t ever do that to any one what you have done to me.. That was not OK. Now we are even Thank you!

            1. I am what I am.. I can write only mt way.. express my realities how I know, use words differently than you do. I pain with words. I use words as wings, I fly… my universe don’t have ridges, walls, void of policies’. Vinaire I am truly a free spirit and I just do not want to walk in the shoes which are too small for me. To bad that you cant see that what I write is not from books, my words are not quotations from sages long time dead. But attained-gained reality by the use of the TECHNOLOGY.. For me it worked. for thousands it did not.. How could we debate.. what? What rules should be fallowed … no sorry no can do…. You ask to fallow your path again.. yet you don’t dare to step on mine..

            2. There is no such thing as “my reality” or “your reality”. There is only IS-NESS as Hubbard describes in AXIOM 11.

              But, of course, there certainly “my filters” or “your filters”.

              Are you willing to go by Axiom 11?


            3. now if there is only is-ness than the discussion is ended right there.

            4. You are unwilling to look aren’t you!Β My way or highway.

              And then you have the cheeks to accuse me of it.Β 

              You can’t have it both ways.


            5. No.. V… we already have debated that Item more than once.. what can I say outside of that I agree? What else there is outside of that? Do I need to make up something in order to have a debate? are you having on empty morning bored? almost 10 here I need to go to the bank grocery shopping and some gardening to do.. We have here on extensive garden 98 rhododendrons alone, 40 hydrangeas I am on oriental lily fancier we have every color size they come. over 150 growing now, roses, carnations , day lilies, Asiatic lilies, tall bearded irises, be balm. and few dozen other names I could write here. This is spring time and the garden is a magical place to be in. It is heaven on earth. Thank you for asking but chicken I am not..:)

            6. ??????????????? did you not read my last post??????

            7. Dear Vinaire… have you thought ever entered into your mind that we just not meant to debate because we have very different mannerism- reality so cant accomplish something useful There is no blame… none.. But outside on occasional comment I can not give more. We been there and it did not work.. thank you again. E.

            8. OK, please if you comment on what I write, I will appreciate if you stick to the subject and not get into personal evaluations.


            9. You see? you want to change the person right off at the start.. ” My rules”” and that ends the debate right there. No free flowing communication is allowed!

            10. Can you see yourself doing the same? Asking for apology… throwing all that crap and tantrums like a spoiled child?

    2. I take FULL responsibility for everything! There, Vinay… pleasant enough for you?

      1. HEY! …..v & E. Did you ever hear of the End of Endless “Rundowns” ??? — Thought not! πŸ™‚ (clue; it involves the recognition of NOT taking ‘things’ (others) so seriously πŸ™‚

          1. OT? You want OT? Listen Bub… you’re already ‘OT.. Don’ you geddit? And E already has the ‘OT’s for you! You silly, naive boy!

            1. Now you geddit! — Perfect match! Now, please let us have your most lecherous smile, while I try to use the best available technology for a photoshopped ‘twosome’ …R-e-a-d-y ? πŸ™‚

            2. Now, is that your universe, the way Elizabeth has her universe?

              Both seem to be alike hallucinations.

              Do I have to deal with two now?


            3. Individuate? Schmindividuate! Anywhere you want to old boy!
              Whatever it takes to get you strumming along!

            4. Eureka! ..(and) Voila! –THE ‘key’ to ‘life’.

  7. In my view, reality has to start from some reference point. That reference point cannot not be some arbitrary hypothesis, such as, that of a thetan, or somebody’s “personal” universe. That reference point has to be the physical universe because it can then be verified by physical perceptions.

    All our perceptions must be consistent for anything to be acknowledged as real. Therefore, any information, hypothesis, or assumptions, speculations, imaginings, etc. will be unreal to the degree they are actually shown to be inconsistent with the physical perceptions.

    Even abstract subject, such as mathematics, can be shown to be consistent with physical reality because it starts with counting of physical objects. One can then build up on the subject by maintaining consistency.

    I have no quarrel with sombody’s personal “reality”, such as, the reality expressed in the form of fiction novels, as ;long as it is acknowledged that it is one’s personal visualization or imagination. I find the realities in novels, such as, DUNE and FOUNDATION to be wonderful and consistentent within themselves. But they are acknowledged to be fiction as they should be, becuase their connection with the physical universe has not been established..

    But if somebody calls these work of fictions as “truth” and imposes it on others without showing how they are consistent with physical reality, he would be rejected outright as hallucinating at best..

    It is better to keep one’s personal reality to oneself. But if you want to impose it others by forceful assertions then be prepared to show its consistency with physical reality. You should not be getting upset if you are questioned.on it. Hubbard neglected to do that. He used to get very upset on being questioned on the reality he wanted to impose on others. Look how he is being laughed upon about his work on OTIII. He brought this upon himself by not clearly establishing the exact elements that produce the result in auditing. He should have stuck to AXIOM 11 and build upon it with mindfulness.

    When questioned, just saying it is “my reality” and “you have a different reality” is quite lame. You should not be presenting your reality in the first place if you cannot answer questions on it.

    1. Vinay, I’m tempted to say “fiddlesticks”.. or any other somewhat cruder expletive, that expresses the exasperation I pick up in the slippery slide (down the tone scale) of the erstwhile combatants in this seemingly interminable slugging match.

      To the ‘combatants’ (whether acknowledged, or refuted.), it is salient to point out to you, that this ‘activity’ borders on so-called ‘obsessive/compulsive disorder’, if for only the simple reason that it OFTEN appears to run out of control, until bottoming out. invariable lower than the commencing level of ARC. (ARC-X!)

      BTW, this is certainly not a critique of you personally, but merely an attempt to indicate just how easily ANY of us can, (and DO) trip into this OCD drama, without even realizing it?

      I confess, I have done so regularly, in the past . Not so much anymore. I believe it has a lot to do with the recognizing of ‘Seriousness”.

      As an antidote to my own OCD participation, I came up with the following self-explanatory simple remedy, shared here.
      (Of course, a pan-determined ‘deliberate’ role playing of this same scenario, would negate the ‘seriousness’, and thus the participants could even INCREASE their ARC.)

      Seriousness = Inflow = Mass = introversion = LOSE!

      Laughter = Outflow = Lightness = extroversion = WIN!

      1. I will stick to saying 2 plus 3 is 5, while you may try to convince me that 2 +3 is 6. Of course, you will go downtone trying to convince me that 2 plus 3 is 6.

        I can’t help it RB. That always happens when people just assert and refuse to discuss.

        1. Sorry…I can’t help you with your problem either, Vinay.
          (scarcity of matching interiorized terminals for interminable discussions trying to decipher un-knowables about what you are still trying to solve by going about it through misduplication in lieu of simple AS-IS ness.)

  8. I have a question, considering a quote of your article. You said: “Expansion still didn’t occur”. Geir, don’t you think maybe the Church don’t want to expand more than it is right now? Maybe they are content with their status now and as long as money still come…everybody is happy! πŸ™‚ Just a point of view, nothing else πŸ™‚

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