My basic principles

I have adopted three basic principles of late:

  • 100% responsibility
  • Simplicity
  • Immediate relevance

1 With the principle of 100% Responsibility I seek to establish who should be fully responsible for a wanted result. In distributing responsibilities in an organization, I focus on responsibility for results, not for tasks. And the focus is on total responsibility for the result. Not shared responsibilities, group responsibilities or partial responsibility. Google “100%” and you get “100%=1”. If two soccer defender are confused about their responsibilities, you can get a) both looking at the ball while the striker dashes in between them to score or b) both going after the ball and leaving plenty of room on both sides. Clearly defined responsibilities ensures less overlap or holes.

simplicity The principle of Simplicity pervades everything I do – trying hard to reduce every solution to its simplest possible form. As Einstein once said “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.

This blog is mainly a vehicle for simplifying my thoughts.

! Immediate Relevance ensures focus and value creation. It does not equate to short sightedness or lack of creativity. If the task at hand is the generating of a company strategy, then keeping the meeting focused on what’s immediate relevant to that strategy ensures a more productive meeting. Keeping all minds highly creative in a mind storming meeting is keeping with the same principle. Immediate relevance is about sticking to the goal. And sometimes it is fruitful to simply let the mind wander – and then I would ensure Immediate Relevance even in that wild abandon.

Just letting you in on how I operate these days.

This is inspired by my mentor Hans Trygve Kristiansen and the Amazing Brendan.

12 thoughts on “My basic principles

  1. Seems like an efficient, creative and fun operating system. I LOVE the second point – this is the epitome (and ecstasy :-)) of good organization. Would that third point be pretty much the same as “doing what you’re doing while you’re doing it”? The first one I might need a bit of mass on.

    And if I may ask, who is Hans Trygve Kristiansen, your mentor?

      1. Oh, wow. I thought it might be someone else with the same name. I think of a mentor as someone you work personally with and maybe you do know him personally! Either way, I take it then that your “basic principles” follow those of his that have to do with bringing out the best in people. And I have to say, this concept really strikes a chord with me! It’s got to be the heart and soul of playing a better game. I give you credit for your focus on it. 🙂

          1. Lucky you. But I don’t really believe too much in “luck” – it’s usually to the person’s credit, so bravo! 🙂

  2. Thanks Geir 🙂

    You are an inspiration and helped me experience an amazing 2011. So many unforgettable moments shared with you 🙂

    2012 will be even better.

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