Change of pace

I am trying out less moderation on this blog. This means that posters with previously approved comments will have their new comments auto-approved – they will show up immediately. This should make for a more dynamic and smooth discussions as I will not have to read and approve every single comment.

Go frolic!

44 thoughts on “Change of pace

  1. The “boxes” showing which comments the replies go under is a big plus point. As for the borders, I never did like the solid black and the writing against black doesn’t show up very well. But the design at the top is nice as a change.

    Let’s test it out. I’m with Rafael – “release the chain from the new blog post”. 🙂

  2. I’m confused.

    You mean I won’t be censored before I post any more?

    How could you possibly let an SP of my stature post without being censored first?

    You are way more PTS than I thought.

    Dang it!


      1. Hey –

        I can’t go back and edit my post to take out things that might be embarrassing to me later on. Will we ever have the ability to revise our own histories here?

          1. Completed Staff Work

            Situation: After ten years of writing tons of shit on the Internet, which is never going away, I feel a little queasy about some of it.

            Data: There was that one time I was joking around about porno pics of German Shepherds. And another one…something about “Scientologists” or something.

            Solution: Please delete anything from the Internet that might be embarrassing to me someday.

            This is Okay


            1. Ok, send me a picture of yourself in a pink ballerina outfit with a violet and green umbrella, standing on one leg on a male Indian elephant in the middle of the jungle in Congo on a rainy day and I will see if I can grant your wish. Don’t worry, I won’t publish the picture.

  3. Geir, great choice on the new theme. Nice light look, but not stark white. I like the icy blue background – perfect complement for your painting at the top too! Also, without any “borders” there’s an open feel to it, comments don’t seem cramped. And the new section at the top for “Recent Comments” is kinda fun. 🙂

      1. “Don’t Fence Me In”

        Lyrics by Cole Porter:

        Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above
        Don’t fence me in
        Let me ride through the wide open country that I love
        Don’t fence me in
        Let me be by myself in the evenin’ breeze
        And listen to the murmur of the cottonwood trees
        Send me off forever but I ask you please
        Don’t fence me in

        Just turn me loose, let me straddle my old saddle
        Underneath the western skies
        On my Cayuse, let me wander over yonder
        Till I see the mountains rise

        I want to ride to the ridge where the west commences
        And gaze at the moon till I lose my senses
        And I can’t look at hovels and I can’t stand fences
        Don’t fence me in

          1. Yes, great tune old tune. I could have guessed our resident cowboy would appreciate it ;-). Hope you checked out the link – modern version but really good. And a few glimpses of Roy Rogers here and there brought back all those cowboy movie re-runs on TV years ago.

  4. I like the new theme too – better than the one a couple of days ago.

    It’s great being able to easily follow replies to individual posts.

    I look forward to new posts!

    1. btw, how do we change our little gravitars … both Marilidi’s & my own look like we’re ex-cult members or something 😉

        1. Ahh, thanks Rafael.

          Well the name ‘Dennis’ is already in use – must be another little Menace out there 🙂

      1. You are right, Dennis – we don’t have to look like ex-culties just because we are! 😀

        Yours is even worse than mine. I have the ranting ex-cultie image but you have the completely discombobulated one – and these types do exist, LOL. The really bad thing is that I have come to associate that image with you – kidding! (cracked myself up on that one)

        1. LOL … I thought you’d like that.

          Yes, our avitars are unusual – I DO like yours …. always up in arms about something haha

          My avitar is a weird one but after looking at the rest, I may keep it.

          1. “I DO like yours …. always up in arms about something haha”

            hilarious touche’ 😀

            1. p.s. There’s an old saying – the truth comes out in jokes. LOL

            1. Seems Al’s joke was messed up by the punctuation. “Dennis’s” would be a way to write the plural, meaning more than one Dennis avatar (or all of them) – and this is how you seem to have (correctly) read that punctuation. But if Alanzo had written what I think he intended – “Dennis’ ” (possessive form), meaning the Avatar belonging to Dennis – and if you had looked closely at Dennis’ avatar, you would have understood Alanzo’s grade school joke (funny nonetheless).

              And then, put all that together with the other grade school joke (the one I made) about Al’s comment being a version of the Emperor’s New Clothes – Al taking the role of the child (once again, ha ha).

              No one but Alanzo would come up with that and no one but marildi would try to explain it. LOL 😀

  5. From my blog,,, Vin, take a deep breath.. or half of aspirin ..hehe..

    “Why is the being a person is so ”overwhelmed” ?
    Big one, every cognition is immense since every cognition is important since without cognitions one can’t be free of MEST. For years I have been aware no matter how long key- out keep I always have been pulled back- fallen into… get stimulated… experienced something…. regardless, no matter what the cognitions were.
    This morning I was pondering, why one needs to key in when one do not wish, since I have audited my whole life, why I still pull in-fall into something… also I know what ever I experience don’t have much effect on me, there is no major charge left, but I still pull it in..
    The other thought I had, that I know every thought, item, consideration, agreement is a barrier a wall, a anchor which holds one stuck to that item…so I been wondering, just how much space, power one holds?=equals in that moment to whatever the being experiences…. Very simple conclusion… Bloody Hell…. Can one ever get free of MEST?
    I can’t describe exactly how or what I was looking at, since I was just floundering about the sea of thoughts looking for something to grab, Bingo….. Cognition ……. So powerful that I felt the sizzle, the sensation as it as-ised the MEST, the related thoughts….as I set in the Sun-room, I just simply experienced as my Universe realigned itself, The new Understanding always so profound since that understanding is so new, never been experienced or one looked those thoughts ever before… it is the very first time experience..
    What was the Cognition? Very simple….Why is the being a person is so ”overwhelmed” by the MEST universe? [There are lots of reasons and this is one of them.]
    I know LRH has a definition in the dictionary…. But that is just a description… an explanation, but not the very experience which one needs in order to comprehend the meaning in totality..….
    Why the being is so overwhelmed by MEST? Why the MEST moves back on the being even after a huge key-out?
    The being believes, made to believe, went into agreement, that the MEST Universe, within that universe everything is bigger, stronger, tougher, harder, solider, more durable, larger, greater, taller, higher or smaller. The being contenually compare self with those OBJECTS, since the beings measure self as a “ body” and what that can accomplish, by moving, lifting, how long it’s last in comparisons which other solid objects…now that is a cats meaow…
    Can’t pick up 100 kilo easily, so I am week, have to crane my neck while looking up at a skyscraper, therefore I am small: tiny in comparison, in size. Can’t control the wind, the waves, the rain, can’t stop a hurricane therefore I am incapable-helpless. Freeze in 10 below therefore vulnerable-defenseless toward the elements. Standing at the mountains base looking up toward the 3000 meter pick, yes I feel so insignificant…in caparison of that creation its sizes endurance, its age: I am nothing.
    I swim in the ocean, and the small wave has more power than me because it can sweep me away into unconsciousness….. The avalanche has so much power: the body can be snuffed out is second… totally powerless against such a forces… Nature is more powerful, I am nothing in comparison…one do believes after encounters such humongous energy… can’t make it across the ocean, in a canoe, or a kayak…. Just can’t. The body in comparison of the Ocean too small, too weak, too frail to be able to handle, to survive such on ordeal…. Fire burns, can’t be in that one… much stronger than I, I burn in the fire….I perish…the fire is much more powerful than the body of mine.. The material of the body is mostly water yes? Drop it off 10 story building and watch how it splatters! Low-grade material, was not made to last too long…everything effects it, so very vulnerable in comparison to a nice boulder, yes give me a good size boulder, I take that any time..!]
    We die so easily [we believe we do disappear when the body is no more] we are so week, one itsy-bitsy bullet, snuffs out the body, we only last short period of time, why, head an collision do us in the end comes at us with the speed of the car..…. Good one….the solidity of the car is better, heavier and more powerful.
    So my cognition simply is, long as one measures- compares self with the things about –around self… long as one believes, no I can’t walk through the wall because I just can’t since two solid item can’t be pushed through each other, while attempting.…solids do collide; the body loses out once more. Long as one believes one as a meat body, one never will walk through that wall and see what is beyond and see its secret… Long as one believes that London or Mexico City, or the Himalayas are far from where one lives, the distance will exist because one measures the distance in comparison of the size of the body…. so unreachable remoteness exist for the body with that for the being too.
    Yes… how many 5’6’’ length fits into let say 1500miles? Because one need to measures two different concepts- perceptions- observation two different realities, items: one “always” is the meat body the other usually some solid thing in this case the terrain… Well, who is losing out? The body the being of course….. So for the body that length- becomes a huge distance therefore the beings who identifies with the body be the body believes that is SELF… so small, the distance is so big, well, of course such a distance, is overwhelming…. Crossing the Sahara, impassible, one must have water or will die of heath and other obstacles. Only miracles would work if one would tempt such on adventure alone, no water and barefoot…ughh. One dies for sure.. Suicide… did in reality the person would die?
    So the beings continually measures, judges, compares relates links associates to everything how the body would survive those experiences, involvements, participations in connection to anything and what will the outcome be…
    Since the body is weak, puny, small, pathetic, wretched inadequate in comparison to the MEST in contrasts to Solidity the person who uses that body as on anchor believes and made to believe he too are those things therefore are being overwhelmed, for the MEST is unyielding… remains solid, the body is fragile, weak small, in any situation. … mind you.. we do well with down duvet covers.. Anything lighter in weight or smaller as body size than our own: I am a giant in comparison to on ant; I am force to reckon with so look out mosquitoes…
    PS: Because the continual comparisons to objects the being do believe that one have size.. Baloney…With this cognition, for me as a spiritual being, the so called space is no longer affected… From now size, I no longer have, just about time…

  6. pleasure moments? Vinn, how are you doing?
    ””LRH says that pleasure moments bring survival.””” “THAT IS TRUE” yeeeeeeeessss.. Survival in the MEST and he has demonstrated how he has conducted -lived his life that it works just too well. To become more solid petrified into total solidity… To be walled in, buried under, suppressed into… than have a cross placed on one’s ”soul” that died wealthy … flush… loaded.. Well off, well known important remembered by many…. Therefore had value.. a valuable being he was…Shit… had it all- everything… did more than the average Jo, controlled more, had others at his back and call, . Make others do what you want to do, control uniformed slaves…. as are SO. Sign them up for billion years to be servant to MEST, to remain in that position, walled in through his will, his command his control..
    To have control to such an extent to affect beings –beings for billion years … Bloody Hell… in the name of Clearing to make others free while the self is wedged into MEST by” Pleasure moments? “ Hell… that is not a Spiritual Path it has nothing to do with spirituality…[ but simple control through promise and what is that?]
    His reality went only so far, that height that level… I would call his level his reality and spirituality none existent… He has trapped beings In Hell by their believing in ” spirituality” because those souls believed that is an only way out… LRH commuted offense of the highest magnitude.. …. he was trusted and he used that trust to trap, and benefit from trust of others.. He built his church, his corporation on the formula of a ” Implant stations” the Membered are totally re-stimulated in that environment… cant think for them self any more… He has ignored the vulnerability of every being, that their stimulation was enhanced, he has known the Banks power yet use that power to control to gain..
    He counted – calculated on the power of ONE Word and its magical draw-quality “SPIRITUALITY” through that concept ability to gain, to acquire more MEST.. That was his spirituality- the pleasure moment was measured how well one was doing in the MEST what one could own… LRH was admired for his skills which were related- linked in with control of MEST…He was venerated for his ability to “dazzle … amuse… charm… had huge personality, magnetism and he used that as a tool to gain and control…. I don’t see any spiritual …divine…mystical…supernatural ability there, not for one second, but pigswill…[I hope the pigs are not insulted since it is not my intention to put down their nourishment as something bad]
    Pleasure moments are the heaviest trap, since their addictive nature lures the being back over and over, and the being in fact continually search out those actions- which produces by having= the experiences of pleasure… Pleasure Moments can be handled regardless of their nature, since the pleasure moments are just doing-ness sensations, vibrations feelings desires moods wishes wants needs cravings hungers thirsts all are implanted passions, mental emotional state of some kind.
    In my reality, all conditions can be audited out regardless I speak from experience.

  7. I like the design that is up today. Its easy to read and it still has the nice mountains photograph at the top – I really like that photograph. Is it somewhere in Norway?

    1. To Maria:
      from the none-existance, or as-ised? one more for the road:

      Age-aging and on youth, being young: and infinite…….
      As I=the body was aging as the years were going by, I too had thoughts-considerations and many-many of them… Mostly they were not happy as I have seen the signs of aging… The flesh, was not so firm.. There were graying, the skins changed lost its elasticity gradually, the weight of the breasts was too heavy, started to sag… they were closer to the belly button than to the chin…. the eyes lids become papery, thin and were sinking into the scull…into oblivion… the heavy full lips have lost their shape, there were age spots popping up etc……= there were wrinkles here and there the first ones I noticed on my knee caps…hehehe..
      Since I never was much for make-up, and rejuvenating creams etc., so I had this brilliant idea why not have solo sessions? Wow, just how brilliant One can be? Well that was novel idea [ solo an age] to me and with that a new world opened up.. So I have soloed and soloed and soloed an all the things I did not like were happening to the body…and that was lots, lot of material….But most I have recalled were from my past life’s, where I had different bodies and very different realities what in fact was ageing…not the same as here of course.. Age, was valuable in many-many ways, that is still in place and still in use… we have brought that packed with us[ but now here have become a burden because they are connected to other considerations that “ one is no more, none=existence “which comes after old age, death] so there are many reasons we do age==the body that is!. Because ageing had value, great importance in the past and those importance’s were there by agreements too and piled up high made solid in order to belong in the same game… so we still age… everybody’s ‘body’.
      Now starting to solo an AGE is like opening up a “bottomless” can of worms… Incredible amounts of thought, considerations and of course the wonderful agreements existing on ageing…WE ALL AGREE THAT ”THERE IS ADGEING!!!”
      We all have the same symptoms- signs markings on the body so we all have those agreements, right? Otherwise the ageing would not happen, yes? Some body’s age faster some others “looks” last longer, looking better. OH, IT IS IN THE GENES!!! Bull, No-no-no!. Just have different considerations, agreements that is all.[I know the science has proved such, yes it exists, but it is the considerations changes the cells, the pictures from the past alters the genes, the looks the shapes, the size’s. We used to have bodies contained the cells which were normal to that body, same cells as here which are now names sick Cancers cells, those who have had that kind of body in the past has the knowledge-the pictures and it can be transferred into this body and alter the cells here.]
      Mind boggling… endless, bottomless pit…. The agreements about ageing are…
      But great fun nerveless since auditing the “aging” the passing of years One really can see the universe, the different bodies we have had and the zillions of reason we want to preserve the body…. but also there is another side of the coin, we want to destroy the body…aging is very effective way to achieve that….
      Impassible to comprehend at the beginning when One ventures an soloing such a concepts… just how many reasons there are for we want to preserve the body…..Of course the major reasons: the being believes that the body is self, the I, the me…. ugh….
      If One no longer have the body than One do not exist anymore. Have died expired deceased passed away, departed passed on, kaput, finished , life-less, extinct, vanished, none-existent, “ NO MORE AMONG THE LIVING!!!”. One is invisible!!!!!! [Heavy item itself]
      The second reason the being KNOWS [implanted] that if One is not a body than One is nothing, do not exist, have no identity, not recognised, not known, will be forgotten, have been forgotten, invisible… not loved, not wanted, have been destroyed, lost all value which was the body and [everything which mattered went down on the drain with it too which includes his memory, his knowledge, his abilities, ability to communicate etc..]…., which was life itself in other words the person now stated, acknowledged and become known by everyone that the new state of that person is now “”dead therefore becomes a History…Past …Previous… Former, HEHEHE….. Lovely… in fact life begins after One gets rid of the body..
      The Implants, are set up in order to the being to trust, that in this narrow opening- from conception till One has kicked the bucket and laid underground the ”Earth to Earth bit, the dust to dust thing” [in my reality: dirt to Earth, since I don’t see the body as a valuable commodity to have, but hindrance, a total prisons] this incredible strong believe is implanted that without the body One is nothing-absolutely nothing -nobody. Even the very word when used “NOBODY” gives on explanation imply suggest where is the being-what is that being simply nobody-nothing=no identity. [That phrase also implies that the being-the person has not achieved importance here on this planet, not partaken making it more solid] Three cheers for important beings they have added solidity to this massy MEST..
      So, what is the being to do but want to preserve the body every possible way, to continue its existence, which believed is that of self; Few examples: food we must eat in order to remain here, THE MORE INSECURE THE PERSON MORE THEY EAT, OBISITY IS HERE BECAUSE of THAT REASON. Those who are fat are most insecure, unhappy in every possible way… Loss of confidence, loss of things, since food=solid give security an anchor point… You see other anchor points were lost, havingness of financial- solid items.” The must haves” same as in everybody have, implanted to make One happy if they own a house, kids, boats, dog, trips, have title front or end of the name, those musts in order to belong otherwise life is not worth living , let’s have important heavy, huge body… no One can’t take that away… when the person realizes that it was a mistake: pull in all sort of illness, to get rid of the blunder: that decrepit fat-old body…let’s have a cancer, a heart attack a good car accident…be killed somehow and the blame is on somebody else…their fault..
      But back to aging…What ages the person? The meat body was made to last just for time span till it reproduced, after that they were harvested for food by other beings… Even putting the Dead body underground was and is re-cycling… nothing more… back to Earth to decompose and to nurture other life forms… very economical procedure.
      Now what ages the body is simply what ONE’s considers: those thoughts the very agreements the person has: here is a few from thousands of them: getting on with the years, the years pile up, everybody ages, everybody gets old, inevitable we all get old, nothing will turn back the time, we can’t stop time, our parents died, we die, everybody must die, it is in the genes, the sunrays ages one, hard work ages one, hard life ages one, we only can live so long, our time is limited here, we must go, the body becomes “time-worn”-good lie’s since in fact there is no time, so how could the body be affected by passing of time?
      Calendars, years and having days are very flimsy considerations-agreements.. How could TIME passible run out? Some say in connection with ageing: time is running out for the old timer…. YES, what that in fact means? The Implanted game= which one is view-ing is in fact coming to the end…Since life is just a game, nothing more so the end must come too, same as in any game-like computer games, soccer matches.. etc..
      BUT the sad part the being is made to believe this game is a lifespan – living – existing and One only survives if One has the body, so let’s preserve the body, let’s keep it in ‘Good shape” you; slice the wrinkle’s off, stretch the skin drum like, mud-packs, rejuvenating herbal baths, B-12 injections, massages, acupuncture, vitamin creams, hair implants, lets pump iron, run 5 miles a day, do yoga, hum to ones belly button, eat salads, eat fat, don’t eat fat, eat meat don’t eat meat… no milk product, since that is not good and no salt… no drugs, but take pills which will be rejuvenating from the inside…. Sniff things; visualize things sitting under the banyan tree, ageless body smooth skin, serenity etc…
      But that’s enough since every person knows those thoughts and has those thought. Now what can be done about to eliminate the ageing factors…the very issues which rise’s up the same time with the wrinkles…
      There are hundreds of different symptoms One notices as the “years” go by. One simply eliminates those conditions, what one “FEELS” what One thinks, how One see’s the changes in the body… Those changes are the strong stimulating factors because they are visually present… so are the numbers like 50, 60 70 etc… They all have meanings to the being so they have to be as-ised in sessions.. [you ask how long that would take? Take long as it takes… we have “time” since we are not going anywhere, the Universe is Infinite and we love to play the games… with auditing we just regain self, the control over our creations and we just eliminating the effects…
      But here is the BUT, there is always one, that is “intention-counter intention” which hold the MEST in place…
      One not only have to be audited an all the considerations-agreements on aging but on YOUTH too. Huge items-agreements: Wanting to be young and all the reasons why One would like to be young again “in body” and the very meanings what is YOUTH IT SELF MEANS to self. One simply can’t reach age if One did not have been youth- being young: had those considerations-agreements too.
      The minus- the plusses hold the AGE in place. It is equally important to have auditing in both directions.. One also has to look at the values; the importance’s an aging and of youth too. Same package same game condition same implanted material…
      Yes I have had spent thousands of hours on those items and all the relating agreements and on consideration. I have reaches the “Ageless” state. I have lost the time considerations; there are no years, no time. Therefore no youth, no old age- nothing. I simply am.. What the body do now? How is the body doing? It is going through its normal cycle but It is in total health, by considerations of others who LOOK at this body with the eyes: they say impassible that you are 72. You see, their use their eyes and the eyes see the body, but they, the beings pick and up-experience my space and in that space there is no age, years, crippling thought of death or dyeing, the sicknesses which are part of the braking down of the body so they don’t see an old person on old mock-ups, a dyeing-body, but what they experience is vitality, high energy which is associated here on this Planet as youth…being young… and in other places: Infinite….

    2. Maria: PS?
      PS: PS: since we can take one step at a time and by doing that ONE can achieve ones goal and the Rudiments, running ARCB’s handle the toughest old age syndromes… HEHEHE, fun, people.. Nothing but fun.. Looking at the track finding out how very capable we are making a perfectly good looking body =old and ill, and how we making it into such a state as dead? We are truly OT, and powerful in every way!

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