Selling A World In Trouble

I pity those who are busy selling A World In Trouble. There are doomsday peddlers in many corners of society. We find the media busy pushing bad news and we find organizations such as the Church of Scientology (CoS) busy profiting from just that.

When I was in the CoS I was constantly reminded of how bad off our society was. There was war, famine, natural catastrophes, psychiatry trying to enslave the general population, drugs on the street, the “international bankers”, the human insanities, the, the, the. The works. It was bad – bad – bad. And that’s why the pressure was on to donate more money, and time. All your resources. The World needed salvaging, and plenty of it.

“But wait a minute!”, I sometime allowed myself to think. Is it really that bad?

It wasn’t until today that I came across a clear overview of what shape the world is actually in. Thanks Brendan for sending the link.

You just got to see this video. It’s a real eye opener:

It is ironic that the CoS actually needs one of their avowed enemies, the media, to cook up enough pressure of badness to make people “see” how much they need to donate – immediately. I find this mildly amusing.

Perhaps the Kool Aid drinkers should start supporting the forward progress of Man rather than trying to sell a fantastically progressing world on the idea that it is all very gloomy.

35 thoughts on “Selling A World In Trouble

  1. Wow! This got me to thinking that maybe the benefits of this trend upward in the condition of the planet will extend to the mind. In fact, how could it not? We all know that having attention on more positive things will bring up the tone level. And if this happened world wide – and it seems it will – nothing would be able to stop the snowballing momentum of theta disenturbulating entheta. The first thing we know – we’ll have a Cleared Planet.

    Technology – the ultimate “tech”. 😀

    1. Yes, I believe that awareness increases along with the other statistics presented in that video. Awareness depends on knowledge, on time to be consciously aware (as opposed to spending all one’s time working and sleeping), on not being distracted by issues and problems like war and famine, etc. All these factors, when improved, makes for greater awareness. And physics will eventually prove free will 😉 And then responsibility will be the meme.

      1. Responsibility should have a big head start with the increased awareness and greater knowledge. (We never did have that debate over whether or not ARC/tone level and KRC rise and fall together ;))

        I’m already starting to get a little nervous about the future lack of games and loss of havingness! Just kidding (I think).

        Of course physics will prove free will! It pretty much has already and we are going to help it finish the job, right? 😀

  2. You’re right Geir,

    I have wished that the news agencies would just zip it for a couple months and let the general populace get on with life & business.

    We would all do well and be much better for it.

    And ‘Yes’, the church has used the dangerous environment theme for many years.

    Even in the early days of LRH, written & taped material along this vein were stated in more of a matter of fact manner in that we had a mission to help the planet & civilization.

    In the last few decades the church has MADE ENEMIES and CREATED DANGEROUS ENVIRONMENTS – the antithesis of what I was & am about.

    These situations have been used to coerce public from much time & money

    The church is now known as a corrupt organization which exacts severe measures on anyone who differs in viewpoint.

  3. ” Perhaps the Kool Aid drinkers should start supporting the forward progress of Man rather than trying to sell a fantastically progressing world on the idea that it is all very gloomy “. Allowing themselves to read freely the web could be a good start.

    1. Yep. It would be interesting to see the reaction from sending this video to a few thousand CoS scientologists.

      1. Well, there probably wouldn’t be any resistance to it, especially if you just send the link and say, “cool video.” Perhaps that is the open door — don’t even bother to debate Scientology, just send the data that needs to be known covered in very generic ways or by examining particular principles in arenas that don’t trigger hot buttons or narrow mindsets.

        1. Yes – I think the road in to any Kool Aid drinker is to present something that does not in any way, shape or form challenge the Kool, the Aid, or the fact of drinking – but rather presents facts in a clear-cut way like in this video.

  4. Here is my answer to it and it is a very positive solution. It is also a TED talk.

    I do see improvements lately in society and I work in that direction.

    1. Yeah, this is almost the opposite view. But I think the truth is somewhere between. Not all based on competition is ineffective and not all the cooperation in the name of science will be effective. Anyhow thank you for posting this.

  5. That is a really encouraging video. I agree that the press and the doomsday crowd are much taken with the prospect of disaster and fear, preferring to focus on the negative aspects of the state of affairs worldwide.

    I’m not so sure that its a simple problem of pumping negative and discouraging ideas into the public realm. I think that important issues and facts, both positive and negative, become obscured as the “noise” level rises. Ignorance, deliberate manipulation, lack of perspective and incomplete understanding all play a role in obscuring critical information and introducing so much noise that it is most difficult to establish critical information for decision making and progress.

    For the burgeoning “collective mind” of humanity to be effective, the most accurate possible data must be made available and both positive nor negative factors (stripped of noise) must be discovered, clarified and brought to the fore. Otherwise that collective mind will be attempting to solve problems that are little more than symptoms of deeper underlying problems.

    As an example of this, consider this video series “Arithmetic, Population, and Energy,” by Professor Albert Bartlett, 1995. The series is billed as “the most important video you’ll ever see” and I agree.

    1. Once again … I miss the exponential growth of wisdom that ended with the death of the Pythagorean sect.

      Had they survived, I think humanity would be aware of the reality of the exponential function.

      Other religions, envious of their mental prowess, would have adopted mathematical competence as a religious practice to compete.

      I am SO out of the norm in this belief. Mathematical realists are rare. But being rare does not mean we are right.

      No one I have met shares this point of view.

      Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Thale’s Creation of Science, Jainism, the formation of the Pentateuch, the writing of “The Art of War,” the creation of democracy, and the Pythagorean sect ALL APPEARED ON EARTH DURING THE SAME LIFETIME.

      And which one of that list is … missing?

      If free will exists, it won’t be an Albert Einstein or Neils Borh that finds it.

      It will be a Pythagoras.

      1. Or more likely … a Pythagorean GIRL…

        This woman’s videos are AMAZING. If I was a math teacher, I would show every one of these.

  6. I have been reflecting on your essay Geir, and I believe that the most important paragraph in it is the first paragraph:

    “I pity those who are busy selling A World In Trouble. There are doomsday peddlers in many corners of society. We find the media busy pushing bad news and we find organizations such as the Church of Scientology (CoS) busy profiting from just that.”

    When I first encountered Scientology, the people there were thrilled with the prospect that for possibly the first time in the history of humankind, there was an auditing technique that could fulfill the dream of being free from rebirth, that one would no longer just find oneself awakening once again to another lifetime, into the human existence again. At the time I realized that truly achieving this end would truly solve the problems of a burgeoning population for there would be those that would no longer return but would move on to different and bettered states not reliant on this particular reality. When I read of infinite expansion, this is what I thought of, of countless individuals no longer tied to the rebirth cycle, no longer needful of the resources necessary for physical body life, free to chose. I envisioned a scenario where there would be those who chose to stay and assist others to leave the rebirth cycle, so others that were waiting for rebirth could also participate. And the vast majority of those leaving the rebirth cycle would move on to different realms, perhaps realms not constrained by physical limitations and experience. And who knows, maybe it has been exactly this way and all along there have been those who have done exactly that (through various spiritual practices engaged in while incarnate) and perhaps it has been so successful that the waiting list for new bodies is huge and burgeoning at this time.

    1. To account for a growing population, the only logical answer must be that there are a veeery large number of beings hanging around. Those who aren’t able to fight themselves to a body will be left without one. With the freer beings leaving the game, those who previously couldn’t get a body will then get one.

      1. Yes, I agree. When I first understood the concepts of the OT3 and NOTs auditing, it seemed like that was at least a partial explanation of how could there be such a veeerrry LARGE number of beings hanging around. Not that this was the only explanation, but certainly a part of it. I considered the implications of body death and the dispersal of the apparently massive numbers of beings connected just to a single body! They would be discarnate and it seemed to me that at least some of them would tend to queue up for incarnation or continue doing what they had been doing. Then again, from a more optimistic point of view, perhaps all of those are freed sufficiently that they don’t play the incarnation game but move along too. And so it was that I saw my contribution as a solo auditor to be a contribution the the improvement of the state of affairs not just spiritually but in terms of taxing the limited resources of this particular planet.

  7. Soderqvist1: There are two things missed in this topic!
    Where it comes from? L. Ron Hubbard is the first Kool Aid Drinker!

    Good and Evil, Right and Wrong by L. Ron Hubbard
    This is a dying society. Ethics have gone so far out and are so little understood that this culture is headed for succumb at a dangerous rate. A person is not going to come alive, this society is not going to survive, unless ethics technology is gotten hold of and applied. When we look at Vietnam, inflation, the oil crisis, corruption of government, war, crime, insanity, drugs, sexual promiscuity, etc., we are looking at a culture on the way out. This is a direct result of individuals failing to apply ethics to their dynamics.

    Thirteen Rules for Dealing with Sociopaths in Everyday Life by Martha Stout
    12. Defend your psyche. Do not allow someone without conscience, or even a string of such people, to convince you that humanity is a failure. Most human beings do possess conscience. Most human beings are able to love.

    13. Living well is the best revenge.

    Soderqvist1: the other point is confirmation bias in the sense that you seek confirmation in the first video what you want to believe in example ideas worth spreading and it is nothing wrong with that per se, but you ignore the amygdala the ancient and primal danger detector in the brain he is talking about which make you thetan theory superfluous, and Video with Stephen Pinker the eminent evolutionary psychologist with scientific evidence about how the mind works (a book of his I have read) which shows that the mind is what the brain does. I am in the end of his book; “The Blank Slate, the modern denial of Human Nature” and he show evidence that humans are less violent nowadays than in the past.

    If you believe that the brain doesn’t do your thinking, then how come that it is possible to be a zombie by lobotomising you brain but not you feet? And come that the woman back in the sixties I saw on the TV who was in hospitals because she suffered from epileptic seizures flat out, but it all end when they separated her brain in two halves, the left and the right hemisphere. But she got a new personality where the left arm started to beat her up, and when the right hand pick up phone the left hand ended it, but they “solved” it with strong medication. Why all this if your brain doesn’t do your thinking?

  8. Media are not just spreading bad news. If you analyze media news and reports then you find that their major issue is: forwarding contrary facts, contrary positions but never never never solutions.
    Any attempt to provide solutions is labled with a “maybe”, “one could …if not then its difficult”…blääää blä blä. I do not wonder that people in this society become crazy confused or falling in apathy. Media is the PLAGUE of this civilization. Its total crap and should be ERADICATED.

      1. No, I am talking about the mainstream media.

        Therefore, newspapers can cause such an incredible damage, because they push the spirit out of the center, actually confusing (it).
        Christian Morgenstern, German poet 1871-1914
        (Morgenstern was the first guy who translated the works of Henrik Ibsen into German language)

      2. Spongebob, what you say looks utopic to me. Eradication of mainstream media and not affecting the internet can not be done. As an example take any political dictator you wish. In my opinion it is safer to teach the people to evaluate and have judgement on the communication received by any media without reacting as a robot with his buttons being pushed. That is why the comm course and study tech are important in my view.

        1. yes I know, there are a few (EX)Scnists who know how to evaluate but there are billions others.
          These are the guys I meant and worth to protect. And the subject: eradication….do not take it too serious.
          Of course it is not possible, but I think the pilosophical operation base should be changed: currently it is George F..W Hegel`s dialectic, (thesis versus Anti-thesis resulting in synthesis)but even in the media reports the factor synthesis is omitted. I assume Hegel dramatized a GPM. *lool

        2. Spongebob, exscnists worth to protect ? odd . The best and most lovely protection I know is to give the straight truth to an ex. , even if he can´t swallow it in this precise moment. Eventually he will digest it.

          1. ok. I agree. The best is to communicate the truth. This will resolve things. What I was talking about, was that mainstream media do not DO it. And I mean in GENERAL. The subject of their reports doesn´t matter. They forward thesis an Antithesis, and so filling up their readers with PROBLEMS and/or contrary facts but not giving solutions. They never promote solutions or straight communication. And this is a PLAGUE. Society does not need this crap.

  9. Great vid. In it he says:

    ‘abundance is about creating a LIFE POSSIBILITY. It is about kicking that which was scarce. Scarcity is contextual. Technology
    is a re-SOURCE liberating force.’ Very true, in my view.

  10. Love this article! One of the things that really bothered me deep down was the negativity and how bad things are. I could see some usefulness in negative gain, but positive gain processes were always pleasurable or fun.

    What big difference is there to the main stream churches who’s ministers preach the fire and brimstone stories. They have diminished quite a bit, because people don’t like that much negativity and won’t give money towards it. Hey, the planet needs saving? really.? Then not let the individuals themselves live a better, productive and happier life.

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