Getting back into creating music

Ok, I went on a tiny spree today. Got sucked into something I love to do; making music.

Here’s my latest experiments:

I know


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13 thoughts on “Getting back into creating music

  1. I had a smile on my face the whole time! 🙂

    Sort of “outer-spacial”. And at the same time great creative dance music.

  2. Listening to “I know” it took over 8 times through to de-stimulate the laughter at the end. Absolutely loved it!

    Music? Touches me heart and toes, traveling far with happiness. What fun!

    CD album? I’ll be one of the first to order.

      1. Oh good, we will get more…. more kudos to send ya.
        Excellent! Look forward to reading your books.

  3. Great musical compositions, I like them. I only would like to hear longer versions. The optimism emanating from your musical creations are spiritually healing and guess can be used as a back up to achieve a better emotional tone level. It will be good to hear more of it.

  4. I very distinctly heard a deep “ALANZO!” at the end there.

    I think your sub-conscious is calling out to me through your music.

    It’s all right, G. I’m still here.


    1. Alanzo, I particularly like the little knock or bleep on the head I get just before the last words. Makes me LOL every single time. It’s great to start off the day or anytime. The Music? for day is great to move with… so maybe some bedtime music would be interesting?

      Put me to sleep Gier, so I may dream… 🙂

    2. Alanzo, when we start to miss you we just have to read a few of your old comments and we’re handled. 😀

  5. Sounds good Geir! Keep noodling away, you will emerge with a CD’s worth down the line!

  6. Geir, I’ve finally made it Up after listening many times to ” I know”, just be Me at the end as opposed to another, which made me laugh. Great process imho. Thanks so much.

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