You are beautiful

You have inspired my life, my curiosity, my appetite for knowledge and the urge to seek truth. And the path to knowledge and to truth is as beautiful as you are. You have inspired many – to learn and find their own answers in life. Like ripples in water, you have touched countless lives in the past 71 years.

The knowledge you have passed on as a teacher has given many children a solid foundation in life. But beyond that, the curiosity you have inspired is priceless.

Remember that evening when I was only 8? You pointed to the three stars lined up in the sky and said “Look Geir, there’s Orion’s Belt”. That moment would change my life forever. It is one of the defining moments in my life, one I will never forget and will forever be thankful for.

I keep with me so many memories of inspiration, warmth and joy. The adventures, the laughs, the challenges, life.

I am thankful for the past 5 years that we lived together. I am glad now that you passed away at home and in my arms. At least it was swift, and you didn’t die alone. It was the most intense moment in my life. I didn’t think even for a split second that you would die – even as you passed away. That light of yours just wouldn’t fade, couldn’t fade. You are my mother, you cannot die. Only later did I realize that you actually passed away as I was holding you.

But your light will never be extinguished.

The image of the lighthouse I dedicate to you, along with a piece of music I put together last night, only hours after you passed away,

Lighthouse: Dedicated to my mother, Turid Isene


There is a void now. I have no words for what I feel. I miss you more than I could imagine I would do.

I promise to at least try to fill the void with some positive energy – I promise to inspire others to learn, to be curious and to find their own paths and truths in life.

Turid Isene… Mamma…I love you. So much. You will continue to inspire. You are beautiful.

29 thoughts on “You are beautiful

  1. A beautiful post, especially for someone like me, a mother, to read. I am so sorry your mother isn’t here with you any more, but can see how much she filled your life with the extraordinary.

  2. Sorry, Geir.

    My own mother, though somewhat enfeebled, still remains with us. When her time comes, however long delayed, it will be all too soon. You have my tears and, for what it’s worth, my sympathy.


  3. As a mother, I can’t imagine a more beautiful tribute. Both the tribute and the music made me cry – especially on the joyful parts!

    Bless your mother and you.

  4. Beatuyful words from a sincere and loving son. I can feel your pain and was heartbroken yesterday when I heard the horrific news. She is still with you in your hearts. Lots of warmth and payers to you and your sincere family

  5. My heart goes out to you today. Tears fell as I read your beautiful tribute and listened to your song. May you and your loved ones be blessed as you live on, and as your Mother’s love shines bright in your lives.

  6. This written piece and the music are oh, so very beautiful. Tears, relating, moving, yes. What a wonderful thank you and mama knows…

    “I have no words for what I feel. I miss you more than I could imagine I would do. But your light will never be extinguished.” Truth.

    This void will be filled with your passion to everyone’s benefit.
    Blessings to you and your family and thank you for sharing it.

  7. Geir, I recently read an old Cherokee saying: When you were born, your cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die the world cries and you rejoice.” Your mother must have been as beautiful a soul as your tribute was moving. The tears we cry are for ourselves in the end, aren’t they? Here is to the hope that she will be there preparing the future for us when we arrive.

  8. To everyone that has left a comment here:

    Thank you so much. It means a lot to read your words and reflect on the empathy flowing our way.

  9. … deepest condolences, Geir …
    I’ve just learned this today earlier:
    “All there ever was, is … and forever will be.”

  10. I wish your mom a new start a new life and many many successful tours
    around the sun. 🙂

  11. I hear you, Geir.

    My lil ole mom is 87 and a bundle of twigs, her spirit is strong and she still lives independently. But I know it’s just a matter of time……

    That is a beautiful and evocative music you wrote there.

    May she be ever well and happy, wherever she is. But I know it is never easy for us, when someone like that goes away.

  12. I am sorry to hear, Geir. She sounded like a tremendous person. I hope to meet her one day up the line…

  13. Oh-oh. Bad news of life. Being busy, I only skimmed through the post when it was released and totally missed its point. My bad. Sorry. Twice.

  14. Very sorry to hear about your mother, Geir.

    Mine passed 12 years ago.

    And you’re right, mothers never really die.


  15. Oh, Geir. I am sending you a million hugs.

    The way you describe your mom sounds a lot like you and that is the very best legacy of all – I am sure she would agree.

  16. Geir,

    Like Profant, I quickly read the first part of the post but until today, had not read the whole thing.

    My condolences to you & your family. It is tough and the emotions run wild, BUT, she can be there any time you choose.

    It is good that you were there for her.

    Do well, my friend.


  17. Dear Geir,

    I’ve just opened couple of minutes ago your blog. I’m speechless…My heart is with you and your family. “You are beautiful” is not (only) a state of the art piece of literature. It is the most touchy farewell possible, the most kind and respectful way to express your feelings in such a moment. Never met your mother, Geir, but I’ve met you. So I can imagine how special was she.
    May God rest her in peace!


  18. Thank you Geir for writing this. I read it for you and your mama and responded. Today I faced reading it again with my mate in mind. I lost him 3 years ago and still when reading something so very precious and true has a good effect on me. The body does feel the loss, emotion and needs to shed some tears at times and it is good. Thank you for such beautiful words that are true for me and resonate I’m sure with others. I look forward to more of your writings and music. The saving grace so shall we say, as you say, is… “But your light will never be extinguished.” My husband’s light is always there, when I look. So shall it be with your mom. Sincerely.

  19. Dear Geir,

    This is a lovely tribute to your Mother. May the memory of her, remain in your heart. forever.

    With deepest empathy

    Julie and Philo

  20. “Don’t be dismayed at good-byes.
    A farewell is necessary before you can meet again.
    And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes,
    is certain for those who are friends.”

    (Richard Bach in Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah)

  21. I will let this blog post stand as the most recent until after the funural tomorrow.

    Thank you all for your kind words. It helps inspire my new motto in life; Be Kind.

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