5000 reads on Scribd

I swung by Scribd.com and found that my articles now have a total of more than 5000 reads. That would account for around half the number of total reads of those articles (the rest being read on isene.com and elsewhere). If you haven’t yet looked at the articles, now is the time to nudge you to swing by the same place 😉

Writing articles: Collaboration

Writing articles in collaboration with great people

4 thoughts on “5000 reads on Scribd

  1. Yes, congrats!

    I see your “On Will” article is pushing 500. Do you recall what it was up to already before the last revision?

    Btw, I’m curious if you get any email or other comm from all those readers. Or from readers of your home page too.

    1. I think the previous count on that article was about 200.

      And I do get quite a few e-mails on this and the other articles as well as e-mails on relating subjects. I’ll let you know if anything special pops up.

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