Amazing person: Eliamani Sedoyeka (Amani)

I credit Amani with teaching and showing me what 100% responsibility is.

What will you be doing after this course we are attending“, Amani queried. Brendan answered eagerly: “We’ll be visiting the Masai and giving an ITIL workshop for them… as far away from the civilization as possible“. “Why the Masai?” “Because they are the world’s most fearless warriors“, I replied. “Wold you like to meet the only people the Masai fears?” “Masai… fears” we erupted in unison. “Yes, the Barabaig – my tribe. My father is the District Commissioner for a part of Northern Tanzania, and in 2005, he discovered 5 uncharted Barabaig villages. Would you like to meet them?” “SURE!“. We were excited, dropped the Masai and flew north to Kilmanjaro. But not before Amani slipped us a healthy advice: “Don’t touch the cows” (a must-read).

Note to self: “Don’t touch the cows”

Not only did Amani open up an adventure for Brendan and I in 2010, his life story inspired us to go full throttle on the course we stay – driven by Simplicity, 100% Responsibility and Immediate Relevance. Amani exemplifies, even embodies the concept of 100% Responsibility.

Already as a little boy he got his own cow. He took full responsibility for the animal, even as she was giving birth. Amani didn’t really know what to do as the cow gave birth in a poddle of mud and the calf wouldn’t breathe. But with many hours of hard work, mouth-to-mouth and an amazing resourcefulness, he managed to save both animals. His early life makes any dandy Norwegian’s upbringing a walk in the park. Hardened by responsibility, softened by care. The family is engaged in numerous charity projects – from building schools, furnishing them with used IT equipment and teaching children to planting trees and ensuring a better life for the needy. The family donates 10% of their income to charity – despite the fact that they are not wealthy. Good karma abounds.

Amani is a warm and caring person with a clear view of his deliverables and a backbone to carry it all through to completion. That is what 100% responsibility is all about.

I really wish Amani would write a book or start blogging – his stories are nothing short of Amazing.

Given Amani’s profound impact on my view on life, it is only fitting that this marks the 200th post on this blog.

2 thoughts on “Amazing person: Eliamani Sedoyeka (Amani)

  1. I’ve always wondered why people are so fascinated about Masai…Africa is big, but I think Masai is somehow special… From National Geographic to diverse nature magazines, they are promoted in almost a cultural (even documentary) way. Definitely people are nice and special.

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