Amazing person: Emanuel Feruzi

My African soul-mate is a chill, warm black guy worthy of praise.

Feruzi joined my previous company’s office in Dar el Salaam in 2005. He was looking at leaving our office in Tanzania when I decided I should freeze his ass off up in the cold Land of Santa. And so I imported an African Prince to the snowy north. It took some time for him to take off his jacket and hat while sitting inside in our office. And after several months, we managed to make a half-Norwegian out of this tech savvy Tanzanian.

Son of a King in the northern part of the country, raised as a prince with both his feet planted firmly on the ground. Feruzi is one of the most amazingly no-stress, no-fuss, chill people I’ve ever met. Even at his wedding he was cool, calm and collected. I had the pleasure to attend his second wedding party – not the big one with thousands of guests, but the “small” party with only 500 or so.

Feruzi is a caring person engaging in idealistic causes for his people – like making sure Firefox got translated to Swahili. If you’re ever stressed out, for any reason in life, call Feruzi. He’ll chill you.

7 thoughts on “Amazing person: Emanuel Feruzi

      1. I have seen that you were twins, when you have lost him, part of you was missing… you two complite each other… I know there is such a thing as soul mates, not many we have, Indigo is mine who was my first friend in this universe and Rafael is one too.
        I looked into what makes a soul mate so different. I have found that we never ever comminted overts and dont have witholds. We truly duplicate each other, we are different yet the same. It is a beautiful relationship. total love. I do understand you want him by your side.

  1. Great to read about such a person. I got “chilled” just doing so. 🙂

    I was going to mention the “soul mate” part too. How wonderful for you!

  2. Okay! This was a good article to read in the morning. Isene, I miss Norway too and I still believe that one day, I will come back, this time with my team. I miss the team there.

    And I am hoping Benjamin will be speaking Kiswahili by now, as you should have started as we agreed. Thanks for the articles!

    1. Hehe – I need a serious refresh in kiswahili before I can make a real attempt at teaching it to Benjamin… Hey! Now I get it! You want to turn B into a black guy!

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