Gi faen

39 thoughts on “Gi faen

  1. Hearty Laughter!
    And hey, a lot of common sense, wise man. No stress, let it go, what a relief! hehe

  2. Is this about going tone 40 or about resigning?
    Or about resigning on tone 40?

    I’ll put my L 10 into the garbage can and join you folks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I do straight forward and without any kind of hesitation not believe this is your true way from the bottom of your heart, ie You are without Integrity, Geir Isene.
    – –
    Enjoying life and winning every game I participate in…

            1. That’s only because you still haven’t read my post under “My philosophy” – “The Star Hang System – until the year 2500″…

            2. I am trying to assess whether you are capable of becoming physical. I know you personally, and that is why I ask.

            3. Prove to me first that you have comprehended some of my data re The Star Hang System and I’ll clear a couple of things for you. Ok? Not ok?

            4. I don’t understand a thing on that page. Luckily I don’t have to. Now, what is your point? If you don’t have any, please leave.

            5. I hang you in a 2 on Understanding. I also hang you in a 2 on Conclusion. Further I hang you in a 2 on Expectation. The last hang I give you in this Star Hang Session is a 1 on Friends. There you’ve got 4 points. Now, here is what I have to say:
              Tolerate me for being Buddha or leave me and my page completely. All right?

            6. wut indeed. rocky your star hang system makes no sense to me. Either you don’t speak English very well or you are lost in a maze of your own construction. Hope you find your way out of that maze one day.

          1. Meaning of โ€œfuck itโ€ explained by John Parkin.

            โ€œI do straight forward and without any kind of hesitation not believe this is your true way from the bottom of your heart, ie You are without Integrity, Geir Isene.โ€ (RockMyStar 2013-03-27 at 16:30)
            โ€œOh shit, I just lost a game. Hurray!!!!! 31โ€ (RockMyStar 2013-03-27 at 17:07)

            Meaning of โ€œfuck itโ€ as interpreted by RockMyStar

            RockMyStar is warning about how โ€œfuck itโ€ could be misinterpreted.
            Something somehow similar happened in the Co$ misinterpreting LRH.

            1. Someone alerted me to the meaning of “RockMyStar” and said that if I ever were to say that to a guy in a bar, he would have to be beside me to help me not get that bad a beating.

            2. Ferenc, thanks for your insight in pointing out the comparison to the Co$ misinterpreting LRH. And also for the videos you posted – very apropos as always. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I once gave a presentation on the differences between PRINCE2 and PMBok where the presentation started with me dancing on stage to this song. I’m not too good at dancing and it wasn’t very funny right there and then but damn hilarious looking back on it ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Hi Brendan, glad you are here! I can imagine it was hilarious….I caught you, by the way! Looked at your blog where in the pictures you are balancing a bicycle on your head! Also,
        you are blowing fire…and then Geir comments (jokingly) that in 15 minutes the whole building was on fire! What a show! You guys can surely crack people up!

        1. Hi Brendan
          You probably know that there is a goal in scientology to reach one’s illusions and handle matter, energy, space and time. Your pictures show a very good example how it is factually done! Just great!

  4. Brendan
    Yesterday a trainee teacher of mine played a kind of authentic Japanese woman in the lesson in the role of a tourist…was lots of fun! Also, I love this too…

  5. This is a real masterpiece, but I have only one question: Gi faen is the same with fi faen?

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