From Wog to Scientologist and back to one’s own path

  1. This Scientology thing may be interesting. But there is a lot of bad press about this. I will give it a try.
  2. Wow! This communications course really works. Scientology makes a lot of sense. The media has got this one wrong.
  3. Scientology really has got the answers! Hubbard was a genius. I am a Scientologist.
  4. Everything I have experienced so far is 100% right. The rest of Scientology must surely also be right
  5. Scientology is the One True Path to Total Freedom, the only hope for Man.
  6. The Church of Scientology is saving Mankind. David Miscavige is the most dedicated, brilliant leader there is. I follow Command Intention to the letter.
  7. There is something wrong in the Church that I can’t quite put my finger on.
  8. The Church is not applying Hubbard’s policy correctly. And there is out-tech. This is a local phenomenon.
  9. There seem to be global issues with the Church. It is not expanding even though Miscavige says it is expanding like never before.
  10. Scientology is the Only True Path, but the current management is not on that path. It has betrayed Hubbard.
  11. I am a dedicated Scientologist, and I can no longer support a suppressive Church. I’m out!
  12. I am an Independent Scientologist. I practice my religion outside of the confinement of the CoS.
  13. There sure are lots of diverging viewpoints among independent Scientologists. But I have my own unassailable trust in Hubbard.
  14. Maybe the insanities in the Church did not start with Miscavige. Maybe, just maybe some of the problems originated with Hubbard.
  15. Hmm… maybe Hubbard wasn’t right about everything. Maybe there actually are other valid spiritual paths
  16. Heck, Hubbard was wrong about a lot of things. Crap! My stable data are experiencing an earthquake.
  17. Scientology is a tool like so many tools out there. It’s got its good and its bad. I will use whatever works.
  18. I don’t really care one way or the other. I am on my own path toward my own goals.

Not exactly my journey, but close. Although some flip to the opposite and go from fanatic to anti-fanatic, I see most people go through a similar list to the above. It may serve as a useful prediction.

26 thoughts on “From Wog to Scientologist and back to one’s own path

  1. That is pretty accurate.

    It is not all that is hyped up to be, but it has the best stress handing technology that I have come across in the world.

    Call it like it is.

    Call a spade a spade.

    See and think honestly.

    Evaluate everything, every datum on it’s own merits.

    Hold fast on to that which is good and chuck the rest up to experience.

    See everything in it’s proper context.

    See everything from all points of view.

    Give credit where credit is due and criticism where criticism is due.

    Build a better bridge.

    The biggest room in the world is room for improvement.


  2. “One can find gold by various methods. But it sure helps of you have a thorough grasp of geology and know how to use a metal detector….There is no one way to find gold or create brilliant work. But there are more efficient ways.”

    (quoted from a post by “Graduated”

    The point is that it’s easy for people who already have a grasp of geology and know how to use a metal detector to say how easy it is find gold.

  3. LOL! I love it, Geir! It should be read aloud to an audience with soft, bouncy music playing in the background 🙂 I’m having wonderful success in my own practice, continuing to change and incorporate advancements as I encounter, absorb and/or author them, but that is a very well put together summary of the steps of the typical ride in and out of “standard tech Scientology”.

  4. Some people get involved in Scientology purely for “first dynamic” reasons. Often, if they do not become too involved or spend beyond their means, and they stay off staff, get only the auditing and the courses that they want, Scientology can be a beneficial thing for a person.

    They do not concern themselves too much with other peoples’ experiences, or care really whether the Church expands or contracts. They went in for their own first dynamic, personal reasons, and little harm was done to them personally.

    When they leave, they follow a similar path to what you describe, Gier.

    Other people get involved in Scientology for “third dynamic” reasons. They want to help others and make the world a better place. Not just for themselves, but for others, too.

    They see that Scientology worked for them, and so they figure it will work for others.

    So these third dynamic oriented people get more involved. They join staff. They get trained. They “align their dynamics” with Scientology, get behind it, and push with everything they’ve got. They disseminate. They tell others about Scientology and try to help uphold the PR for Scientology when they run into data and situations that don’t seem “right” about Scientology.

    They personally vouch for Scientology to others and they put their own good name on the line in support of Scientology.

    Then these third dynamic oriented people start to see that Scientology did not work as well for others as it did for them personally. They start to see people treated unfairly by the Church. And they begin to realize that while not everything was horrible for them personally, Scientology is sometimes horrible for others.

    So they realize that they need to tell the truth about Scientology to others. They are third dynamic oriented, right? They care if others are lied to. They got involved to help others, right? They care if others are helped or not.

    So when these people begin to realize that a world run by the Church of Scientology, just as L Ron Hubbard dictated, would not be a better world than the one we have right now, these third dynamic oriented people feel a responsibility to ensure that the truth is available for people to make informed decisions.

    The more they disseminated and got people involved in Scientology, the more responsibility they feel that people have the truth about Scientology available to them. So you see these third dynamic oriented people putting up blogs, making messages on message boards, and protesting outside of orgs, etc.

    These people feel a responsibility to their fellows in society – it’s one of the reasons they got involved in Scientology in the first place. Yet when these people start getting the truth out about Scientology, the Church, and a lot of Hubbard’s tech and policies, make these people out to be criminal and insane, and at the least “low-toned” and “natterers”.

    Hubbard’s tech and policy would never recognize anything sane or rational or helpful about anyone to told the truth about Scientology, its history, Hubbard’s history, or its true results (especially its bad results) publically.

    So these third dynamic motivated people knew that they would be considered enemies, that they could be fair gamed, and they were aware of everything else Hubbard taught Scientologists to do to people like that. Their personal downside was huge. But they cared about others. The welfare of the personal downsides of many other people who are being lied to add up to something greater than just their own welfare. To them, the plights of others added up to many times themselves.

    So the third dynamic oriented person decides to take the risk of the downsides, not for himself, but mostly for others.

    This is why he joined staff and worked mostly for free when he was a Scientologist, too.

    The environment is very different now than it was in the late 90’s and early 2000s. The information about Scientology which exists on the internet for those newly out was put there by people who were third dynamic oriented people, and who cared that Scientology was harming others, and they felt a responsbility to take the risks for themselves personally. Remember, even discussing Scientology on the internet could get you fair-gamed and declared in the early 2000s. Ask Claire Swazey.

    When a first dynamic oriented person finds out he was lied to, and that others are being lied to in Scientology, he fades away quietly and disappears. Or he continues because – hey – he wasnt lied to or harmed that bad, only some others were.

    But when a third dynamic oriented person realizes that he was lied to, and that others are being lied to, they do something about it.

    A third dynamic oriented person wants the abuses to stop. Most everyone I know could care less about people who are scientologists in a non-abusive way. So dismissing them as “anti-Scientology” comes from Hubbard’s teachings. It’s a straw man, ad hom label he used – like so many others – to discredit people who would expose him publicly.

    Scientology’s fair game and lies cause huge and sometimes catastrophic damage in peoples’ lives. Some people care about that. And some people do something about it.

    Others don’t.


    1. Geir Isene:

      Joined staff: Check
      Signed a Sea Org Contract: Check * 2
      Disseminated to whole nation: Check
      Committed to WISE for a decade: Check
      Worked for ABLE: Check
      Worked for OSA: Check
      Worked for OSA Int: Check
      Manned up an OT Committee: Check
      Was Gung-Ho on the third Dynamic: Check
      Held seminars every week in the org (less 10 weeks vacation) for more than 6 years: Check
      Got scores of people started: Check

      Alanzo; You’ll be the judge – 1st dynamic or 3rd?

      1. In addition to all those you listed, we are having this conversation on your blog.

        So I’d definitely say 3rd dynamic oriented.

      2. Alanzo: Scientology’s fair game and lies cause huge and sometimes catastrophic damage in peoples’ lives. Some people care about that. And some people do something about it.

        Dee: Excellent post. Of the ex’s I personally know, none are doing anything about it. They may be on the 3rd in some other way but completely ignore or can’t confront the evils in their past. They just go on with life and that’s the majority. Special people in special times of their lives can and do confront the evils and do their best to help and take some responsibility for the past actions they were part of, like Geir, yourself and others.
        Back to being a responsible wise wog, that’s it, a WW and cheers to all of us. 🙂

        1. I joined the cult of Scientology in 1964. Went to St. Hill for Power processing, met LRH. Went clear.. OT 7 in LA 1971 still have my Clear bracelet. The communication course and book “The Problems of Work” are the two legitimate practical benefits in my journey.across the Bridge. It is a money grubbing Ringling Brothers spectacle, much worse the Wizard of Oz. LRH couldn’t say he was a very bad wizard but a very good man. He was charlatan of the first order.

    2. Alanzo, wouldn’t everything turn around finding solutions for the “dynamic conflict” no matter where or when, before Scientology, in Scientology or after Scientology, wog or not?
      It seems to me you described diferents dynamic conflicts with diferent predictions. When I see those 3rd dynamic solvers, I relate them to the 4th kind… (not the aliens :D), because human kind, as a specie, may be a group as well, with groups inside groups inside groups… and 4th dynamic motivated people may range between heros and martyrs, they always tend to sacrifice the 1st dynamic. They denounce from pesticides, animal abuse, global issues, spirituality, open technology, religion abuses, conspiracies. You see: 5, 6, 7, 8. All the upper dynamics (while most of them may detach from the lower ones).
      On the other hand, the 1st dynamic motivated people you described tend to move only in their own world and opens to the 2nd dynamic, I would say most of them, if not all, would sacrifice whatever they give a shit then when they get in love or finally found that idealized soul sister. They get stats, higher tone, illness recovery, miracles, thanks to personal love. What happen when they found they were lied to? They reacts like heart broken ones with an ex. The reactions may vary, as they got the second dynamic in effect, and they doesn’t move to the 4th dynamic vector.

      The 2 dynamic directions has conditions of existence with the conflict solution. The 4th oriented people may be motivated by a crappy condition on the 2nd, or the recall of injustices and suffering on the 1st. This could be shown as an aberrated condition, if escaping to the others in orden to not confront oneself is the case. So, 1st dynamic may be in conflict, and 4th dynamic may be the solution. The 1st dynamic’s motivators would trigger the 4th dynamic reasons? (IF, then again, if justified condition is the case).

      I don’t see clearness in neither one direction or another, as if clearness depends on judging each case, I only see dynamic’s conflicts solutions in game. And it’s so relative, that there’s no ideal solution at all, never. I conclude that all turns around on the dynamic solutions as the own goals, each case unique, like every human being.

  5. Boys – great discussion! One thing may need clarification, Al. Geir said that he was running this blog out of ‘selfishness’, to put his thoughts here. Which is 1st dyn. Is
    that right, Geir?
    Buddha’s meditation was 1st dyn. plenty of other examples who ‘worked’ on themselves and got ‘enlightened, realized’, whatever word.
    Can it be the ‘key’? I see just ONE dynamics, one Flow, though (as I said many times). No ‘ I ‘ , it’s the Dynamics – out of which, by Ron’s division, all other types
    of dyn. activities arise.

    1. Marianne, I see this is the paradox of the dynamic of existence and its inherent conflict solution.
      You could turn and round and round about this concept. For example: Why Buddha was meditating in first place? 4th dyn conflict?
      So 4th leads to 1st leads to 4th leads to 3rd leads to 1st leads to 2nd.

      I see you evoques an important point on that point of view where “all is one flow”. What is all? What is “I”?

        1. Chris: True self! For the moment anyway! LOL

          Dee: There ya go … one smart fella! 🙂

  6. I had observed the journey of some “squirrels” and I made a list too. Some time ago I wrote this in spanish (I’m from Argentina) and now I translate it to you as the following. May be similarities or not and may contain errors:

    Starting with the logic that “the ego always wins”, no matter what environment or scenario, as formulated in the following sequence in which thetans develops their “ego” to Scientology. (ego perspective):

    1st. Attacks or defends against that thing that do not understand whether it compromises their interests.
    2nd. When it understand what is, only see the benefit with personal interest.
    3rd. Take more profits for their interests and benefit.
    4th. Looking for immediate results, ie interest.
    5th. Converts to a cause that has not covered conceptually, but because in the end there is more interest.
    6th. Accepts policy that tells everything that compromises or decreases their interests.
    7th. Apply the policy in a way that best serves their interests.
    8th. Accepts ranges involving charges and interest.
    9th. Technologically does what you want, because you want what you know and think you know what you know, because it has interests.
    10 °. Raises reports with everything within the organization that engages their interests.
    11 º. Make ethical processes where you can get back on track to get their interests.
    12 º. You know, somehow, that has entered a vicious cycle without profits, but that does not matter if you keep the interest.
    13th. He knows that all profits and results are the product of an effort himself, but prefers to give credit to the organization because it gives more interest.
    14 º. Obvious thing is that showing yourself ill or being down tone in the scale if you mother dies, or dropping out from the academy while drowning your pet, plays against your interests.
    15 °. When dealing with the public and is not conducive to your interests, you go in the organization to a position where you have more scope to your interests.
    16 º. Nothing like getting “techie” to have to sheriff-watch on how all process and applies of all technology get done, as it is the best position of power, without having to deal with the public. You keep an eye on the organization to the organization, at this point your interests match those of the organization.
    17 º. As a “techie” and experienced case manager discover all the flaws of your lower peers, so you deal with them according to your interests favors.
    18 º. If you take very seriously the previous point, then this is where you realize that you are not paid enough for handling such a huge responsibility. This is when it becomes defensive to the technology itself, to see if you really HAVE INTERESTS.

    The tour can diverge at this point towards one end where either could be “yin” or “yang” reaction, depending on the polarity essential ego. If the administration get justified, that’s where the ego locates below it. (The tour continues with a “yang”, a “happy ending”)

    19 º. Discover that have been deceived for 15 years (or whatever suits best their interests deficit, maybe the whole life).
    20 º. Makes arrangements to avoid a deficit and still obtain the most benefits of it, even if the plan is to leave.
    21 º. Confront, as reasonable excuse, to those who already know that they are just not up enough to its level. It gets ejected.
    22 º. He writes books, gives lectures, seminaries and everywhere in every pportunity he says that he is above the Scientology technology and / or has developed other more advanced. Obviously, satisfying their interest, return to step 1.

  7. I’m not a scientologist, but I have studied the educational tech (at the time, I had no idea it was part of scientology) and became certified to teach in Applied Scholastics. I’ve used it on hundreds of students and seen the tech work time and time again.

    I’ve been studying anything I can find trying to decide if the other tech will work for me as well. I have several medical and “psychiatric” issues and I’m desperately looking for things that will help me get better.

    Through all my research, I’ve found that the management of the church of scientology seems to be the biggest unresolvable problem. So here is my question: HAS ANYONE CONSIDERED THE SIMPLE POSSIBILITY THAT DAVID MISCAVIGE IS REALLY AN SP BENT ON DESTROYING WHAT HUBBARD BUILT? It seems obvious to me since he has purposefully gone against LRH’s wishes and designs for the church. People are blowing because of how they we’re treated. One man, PB, is the most well spoken in regards to leadership. Under his command, people flourished, but under DM they cowered.

    I don’t know DM’s motivations to bring down the church other than his obvious jealous nature and inability to accept criticism or the possibility to see how things could get better. LRH said things always change. One’s inability to accept change will turn his life into hell on earth. If one person is miserable, misery loves company and it seems DM wants lots of company.

    Thoughts? Could he be the ultimate SP?

    1. Dear Kathryn, DM is not an SP, he is just a son of cmo and the next one will be the same.

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