Letting go of drama


32 thoughts on “Letting go of drama

    1. Agreed, Marildi, and I note that the, “Letting go of Drama,” author is advocating a gradient of ‘disconnection’ — no doubt derived independently.

      And, Vinaire; I suspect most of us deeply appreciate your courtesy. πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Gary. There are quite a few things LRH stated that are being derived independently, including by scientific research. Bruce Lipton, cell biologist, started out his career with an “all is material” point of view and ended up with his “Biology of Belief” (“belief” – i.e. “considerations”). One thing he indisputably proved is that “function monitors structure” and, as in the OP, why we should “focus on the good”. Even the first few minutes of this video gets across the basic idea of what his research discovered.

        1. In the last 10 minutes of the above video, Dr. Lipton sums up the biological explanation of why stress makes you ill (another LRH datum) and why your “beliefs” (considerations) determine your health and your happiness.

    2. Thank you for posting on Gei’s blog.

      The reason you have been the only one I have asked to take a pause from posting here multiple times is that you have been a prime source of drama hare. I am glad you have changed your attitude, Vin.


  1. Yes!
    Getting back up can be fun while learning anew with friends and ideas. I really enjoy the variety of opinions on your OP’s.
    Did you have to include ‘life is short’ for an old lady like me? He he!
    It’s gets more real as I age, but I seem to get younger, wiser, less worried and happier, how’s that for living! OK, so I’m braggin’, but y’all are partly responsible or helped by contributing here. πŸ™‚
    Nite now.

      1. freebeing: Don’t worry Dee, life is eternal.

        dee: That’s solid! Still while here, as is, is a fun game. πŸ™‚

      1. Chris, me too! Also nothing wrong with watching a good drama occasionally, imo.

  2. Great post! Good policy! Worthwhile purpose! This is how children usually start out!

  3. A lot of it is karma, the rest of it curiosity. When your done, you walk on. When you’re bored you go back for more. Duh, I think I’ll do that again! Wheeeee! Down the slide we go!

  4. Perfect. πŸ˜€ That’s exactly what I thought at the end of your last post, too.

    Some of us here seem to be traveling a parallel path with you right now.

    Coming here is like taking a hike with a group of good friends from around the world and telling stories afterward around a crackling campfire under the stars.

    Toasted marshmallow, anyone?

  5. Sound advice!
    I remember, whenever I was following the above, I was doing well.
    (But … there is one thing about being happy – some are only happy with drama. :D)

  6. ‘when you walk away from people who create it’ the whole human race? as isn’t ‘drama’ based on characters and roles?
    ‘sorround yourself with people who make you laugh’ make…you..hm. people as entertaining commodities?
    ‘forget the bad and focus on the good’ aren’t good and bad relative, evaluative, judgmental concepts?
    ‘love the people who treat you right’ people who treat you right don’t expect love in return as they treat you right because love is their natural nature, whether you love them or not, they will treat you right.
    ‘pray for the ones who don’t’ what if you started to love them and treat them right instead, as it seems to work in the above example.
    ‘life is too short to be anything but happy’ aren’t we here to experience all manifestations life is able to create?

  7. Be, meet, live with people of the same or similar consciousness-awareness level.
    With people who appreciate, respect the activities you do and you equally do that
    to them. It happens naturally, though when one listens to one’s heart and not the remaining thoughts in the mind.

    1. MT: Be, meet, live with people of the same or similar consciousness-awareness level. With people who appreciate, respect the activities you do and you equally do that to them.

      Dee: I hear what you’re saying, but some like myself prefer to be challenged to debate, look at what the world and people offer out of a comfort zone. That reminds me too much of people in Scn or other groups who don’t look outside that zone. In order to expand, grow, one needs new data and experiences and other viewpoints. πŸ™‚

      1. Dee
        ‘some like myself prefer to be challenged to debate, look at what the world and people offer out of a comfort zone’ Yes – and what you offered out of your ‘comfort zone’ yesterday in your comments was a huge flow of affinity, understanding and intelligence (as usual). Like it when you write, Dee!

        1. MT, just to add a bit more than comfort zone, there is the interest zone, right? As an interested observer I don’t write much as I’m more interested in what others say, but when moved to write is usually an opinion, thanks. πŸ™‚

  8. One of my PC’s and friends, Elli Fordyce, goes back the 1960’s with Scientology, broke away from the C of S around 1982, and, wisely. avails herself of many different modalities, including, but not limited to my own processing modality. (She’s also a talented jazz singer, check out her you-tubes πŸ™‚ ) But anyway, here’s something she just shared with me that I think is cogent and beautiful, and relates to the ongoing conversation here:


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