Video: Scientology and Wikipedia (Internet war)

My first video on the Church of Scientology’s Internet war created a bit of a splash. The interview I did with J. Swift over at Karen De La Carriere’s lasted more than 45 minutes and will be cut to at least 10 videos. This second video, featured on Tone Ortega’s, covers the church’s situation in 2009 where they were banned from editing the Wikipedia pages on Scientology. I talk here about my proposed strategy on how they could mitigate the situation:

17 thoughts on “Video: Scientology and Wikipedia (Internet war)

  1. I never did understand why CoS didn’t just read the damn FAQ and follow it like everyone else.

    But NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, we are the goddamn CoS and we are the most goddamn in-ethics fuckers on the planet, so we don’t have to pay any attention to anyone else, we can just do what the fuck we like where-ever we want to do it…..

    Say, that gives me an idea; if you give it you must take it. CoS should allow Marty Rathbun anon access to the pages about him on CoS websites so he can edit them to “be more accurate”

    Ba-doom-tish… yeah right…

  2. Hi Isene,

    I’ve been following you on Tony’s blog….anyway, as a Norwegian I wonder if you have more details on a hilarious story I heard about Scientology in Oslo. A friend (I shared a student house with 3 Norwegian guys at uni) told me that one of the most effective campaigns against them was a guy who used to just turn up dressed up in a chicken suit whenever they used to offer those free ‘personality’ tests on the street. He wouldn’t say anything but just hung around close to the desk and people assumed he was part of the church. Apparently they complained but the police said the chicken wasn’t breaking the law. I think it would make a great story for one of your videos.

    1. hehe – I know about the guy in the chicken suit from various appearances on TV (disrelated to Scientology). He is a famous Norwegian comedian. I didn’t know he did that stunt with the CoS, though. I will find out. Must have been hilarious πŸ˜€

    2. hmm… jogging my memory… I believe I did hear something about such a stunt. I think I was away at the time when it happened (at Flag).

  3. a-HA!

    So Geir Isene was an OSA troll!!!

    One more thing that OSA should learn: People with experience working for OSA in the Church make the best critics of Scientology later.

    So your “suitable guise” didn’t stick with Andreas?

    Are there any other people you targeted as an OSA Troll?

    Do tell!


    1. Not really any other I actually got in communication with. I did lots of research/investigation both of critics and of the Freezone (96-01). Then I met with OSA Int and I started giving strategic advice. I was still asked to do local or European research now and then.

      And no, my OP with Andreas didn’t stick. He was too smart for that.

    1. It was easy to brush off the FZ as “nonstandard” and “squirrel”, and I didn’t thing they had the right version (standard version) of NOTs either, so why bother?

  4. Isene, nice to see you on the Bunker. Alanzo states it right, as working with OSA sure makes one dedicated once they really know the truth. Great job and thank you very much.

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