Vietnam and the brewing storm of free speech

Recently I had the pleasure to meet with the leader of the main opposition party in Vietnam, Mr. Do Diem of the Viet Tan. He gave a talk to a small Vietnamese group living in Norway, and with the help of an inspiring person, Lap Huynh, I was invited to the event.


Through reading up on the country of Vietnam and with the help of Lap and Mr. Do, I can share some of the similarities I can see with a subject well known to most of my readers; The Church of Scientology.

Mike Rinder has compared the Church of Scientology (CoS) to North Korea. While the two can certainly be compared, the CoS compares much better to Vietnam. Here is why:

  • Both the CoS and Vietnam looks nice on the outside. The CoS looks posh, has Tom Cruise, John Travolta, glamorous buildings and nice, welcoming people. Vietnam is a wonderful tourist destination with gorgeous nature, great healthy food and nice welcoming people.
  • Both have a One Party Rule without tolerance for dissidents or free speech.
  • Both have severe punishments for those who dare stepping out of line.
  • Disconnection from people with opposing views is rampant in both.
  • Both have a growing insurgence and the people in power tries desperately to squash dissidents with similar tactics.
  • Both are heading for a free speech revolution where the ruling powers will face a meltdown.

Looking good on the outside, rotten on the inside and heading for a revolution.

The question for both is not whether it will be a revolution, but whether it will be violent.

I strongly support free speech and I will lend my support to the opposition in Vietnam.

1984: Looking to partner up with a US publisher

After really good responses from readers in the Norwegian market, my publisher (Humanist Forlag) is looking for a US publiser as a partner to release my book to the English speaking market.


This is the only book on Scientology written by a person who has done all the secret levels, and who reveals them all. The book gives an inside account on how it is to be a public Scientologist, about my gains in Scientology, the challenges, weirdness, mysteries and crap.

There are plenty of books that is looking at Scientology from the outside. And lots of books written by former executives within the Church of Scientology. This book tells a story from the ranks of the public Scientologists – a 25-year journey from the bottom of The Bridge to Total Freedom and all the way to the highest secret level, OT 8. This could have been your story, or your brother’s or sister’s, or a friend’s.

People should know what they enter into when they walk through the doors of the church. The book is balanced and throughly relates both the good and the bad in the controversial religion. The information in this book deserves to be open and accessible to all English readers. An English version would spell the end of the secrecy and mystery surrounding the greatest cash cows for the church.

There has already been hundreds of people asking me to get the book out in English. And so I put this out here to see if readers might have interesting connections that could lead to an English version being published in the near future. Feel free to spread the word.

From a talk on my book and my 25 years in Scientology

From a talk on my book and my 25 years in Scientology

Book: 1984

1984Today the book, “Nittenåttifire” (ISBN 9788282820592) became available for sale:

Link to the publisher

The main media coverage:

The main book release event will be held on Wednesday 18:00 the 18th (UTC+2, daylight savings) at Litteraturhuset in Oslo, Norway.

Video: Me on Scientology

Here’s the full video of the interview J. Swift did with me this summer at Karen De La Carriere’s. It covers many aspects of Scientology. Although some parts have been released earlier, such as the part where I talked about how the church tried to manipulate Google, the full video covers many more aspects of Scientology. Feel free to leave comments also on my YouTube channel.

Update: David St Lawrence has an extensive analysis of the interview.

What’s brewing?

coffee As I sit here in Café Rousso in Spetses, Greece, sipping a double espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, I thought I should write a short post on what’s in the pipeline.

Wednesday the 18th is the big day with the release of my book. But before that, there will be a 4 page article in the biggest Norwegian magazine (Se & Hør) featuring Anette’s story, our relationship and the release of my book. The magazine will be out on Tuesday.

Shortly before that, on Monday I will release the full interview that I did at Karen’s. J. Swift did a great job as an interviewer, asking very pertinent questions. Until now, parts of the interview have been released in shorter videos over at Karen’s Youtube channel. The full 54 minutes of video covers pretty well my currents views on Scientology, the church and its future.

Stay tuned.