Project management, “Å style”

The short and sweet way of doing project management is covered at the end of our new article on PRINCE2.

It deserves its own blog post so as not to drown in the PRINCE2 primer. Here goes:

The company “Å” (Brendan and me) is truly a “cut the crap”-company. We inspire and enthuse people and help them realize their potential. We help people take 100% responsibility and to excel in their communication with others. This is why we try to keep formal structures at a minimum. This is why we see methodologies such as PRINCE2 as a casual toolbox and not as an end-all. And without further ado, here is how we practice project management, regardless of the size of the project. Here’s a short HyperList showing just how we do it:

Project Management, Å-style
            Supplier and the Customer agree on the Project
                  Measurable Project Product(s)
                  Resources needed
            People with 100% reponibilities are appointed
            [?] Documents
            Project is delivered
                  Work is assigned, executed and approved
            [? issues arise] Parties agree on issue handling or to stop the project
            Benefits Review
            [?] Project report; CONTAINS:
                  Project Product(s)
                  Project Benefits
                  Lessons Learned
                  Recommended actions after Project

4 thoughts on “Project management, “Å style”

    1. Yes. In which Geir’s ( as one ‘ A’ ) presence is needed to help all ‘ A ‘ -s to complete their projects to get a full ‘circle’ above the ‘A’.

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