“Be water, my friend”

Achieving a goal requires opportunity, ability and purpose.


If the environment is fixed or unchanging, it can limit your possibility of reaching the goal. If your ability is fixed, you may only reach certain goals – and perhaps not the ones you want. If your purpose, your mind, your drive is fixed, it can blunt your chances of achievement.

Zooming in on the Purpose part of the above triangle. If your awareness is fixated, you may become unaware of your true goals, the barriers or dangers on the road, or what is required to reach the destination you desire.


If your desire is narrowed, it may serve to drive you in a specific direction, and that may be all well and good. As long as that direction is truly where you want to go.

And lastly, if you have set values in life, it may well serve as a straight jacket in your quest for real happiness.

Rather than “be firm”, “adamant” or “holding your position in space”… be water, my friend.

41 thoughts on ““Be water, my friend”

        1. Hi Chris and Rafael,
          I am not as good as you are at playing ‘ping pong’ in discussions as you are but I love listening to you when you do that. Here is another great ping pong video.

          1. Hi Marianne Thot, good memoirs come to my mind with this video you have posted. And I am sure you could play this kind of ping pong pretty fine, as an example could you tell what flow0888 mean?.

            1. Hi Rafael,
              Thanks for your question. It has brought back some scenes from my life.
              Actually, I love the sound of the word ‘flow’, it was the first that popped up in the mind when I created flow0888. As for 0 and 8: I love drawing. I remember when I was
              in the primary school learning to write 8, first I put two 0-s one above the other.
              But somehow it did not look nice. Then I was shown how to draw it. I was practising
              and it felt not so easy first to draw it nicely. It was the point in time when I chose 8 to
              be my favourite number and it has remained so ever since.
              Looking back to the birth of flow0888, the intention was to create something that moves softly and also infinite.
              This movie came up right after reading your question, one of my favourites. Do you
              feel like putting here one favourite movie, song, quote…..of yours?

            2. Thanks Rafael, like it! I have just found two interesting ones.
              ‘Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity’ George Carlin
              ‘There is no “way” to peace, there is only “peace” ‘ Mahatma Ghandi

            3. About peace from me: waking up is timeless and effortless. Your eyes open and you feel the peace you are. You see the world around you with new, fresh eyes. You see the people coming and going and you wonder what this rush is about.
              Your actions start to be spontaneous and you do things you have never done before. When you speak, your words come out from the Heart. You feel when the mind enters, then you may struggle to find the right words but it is good because you are re-learning them for their proper use. You can still create goals but you know that they are yours and it is up to you how to reach or to not reach them as you decide. You can still use the knowledge you gained but this time faster and almost effortlessly. Some knowingness arises, you just know and can do some things you have never learnt. Life IS peace. Only the mind creates conflict.
              I used to be a very goal-oriented, productive, a little selfish woman with lots of thinkingness. This has changed. I don’t know why I am sharing it with you now, perhaps because it is the ‘be water’ thread and it would be interesting to read about some of your innermost insights of Life.

            4. Dear Marianne Toth, you say ” I used to be a very goal-oriented, productive, a little selfish woman with lots of thinkingness. This has changed. ” . I see this very interesting, what made you change ? may be your studies at an esoteric school ?. About Me, I love to look at persons, that is all.

            5. ‘What made you change?’ Living more in the Now than recalling the past or projecting the future. No esoteric school, book etc. I have never been interested in such.
              You say ‘ I love to look at persons’. Me too! People are very interesting! Also nature, animals, plants…creations of Life…just all for me. Funny, kind of look at it like when I was a child.

            6. Dear Marianne Toth, I was just guessing due your Toth name ( the atlantis or ancient egypt one perhaps ) but now I suppose that your answer of ” Living more in the Now than recalling the past or projecting the future. ” has something to do with scientology auditing and processing.

            7. Yes, it was certainly part of it. It was there when I needed it and as long as I needed it. As for my name, it is common in Hungary. As for its origin, I have just looked it up, two possibilities, Slav and Danish-Viking. I have rarely dealt with names. Do you know the origin of yours?

            8. Dear Marianne Toth, Rafael is a name of Hebrew origin meaning “God is Healer” or “God has Healed” (רפאל) and an archangel in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

            9. Dear Marianne Toth, I do not think a word has any huge power. But my name somehow describes the idea of a spiritual advance ( Archangel Rafael ), on which I belive.

        2. I’m not sure old friend. I saw the last few frames showing the old “pong” video game. I saw how it provided a metaphor for quantum change resembling motion… What am I missing? The whole video was great with many examples of fractal graphing in use to simulate the world around us, and that was really good.

  1. Bruce Lee Flows like water in order to, at a more basic level, hold his position (body, etc.) in space-time.

    “Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right, is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.” — The Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy.

    “The possession of Knowledge, unless accompanied by a manifestation and expression in Action, is like the hoarding of precious metals – a vain and foolish thing. Knowledge, like wealth, is intended for Use. The Law of Use is Universal, and he who violates it suffers by reason of his conflict with natural forces.” — The Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy.

    OP: “if you have set values in life, it may well serve as a straight jacket in your quest for real happiness.”

    The ACR triangle could overcome the straight jacket.

    OP: “be water, my friend.”

    Sooner or later, the water will become murky. Being like water will, most likely, produce a Magic Failure rather than a Threshold Shift.
    Magic Failure, Threshold Shift: http://projectsanctuary.com/project_sanctuary_in_a_nutshell.htm

    Instead of being water, being like a Lotus Flower flowing in the water using the ACR triangle, most likely will produce a Threshold Shift rather than a Magic Failure.

    OP: Some triangles.

    The SCL (Survival → Conditions → Leverage) triangle could be used “for real, in a memory, a future imagination, a dream, a dream within a dream, a vision”, etc.
    A “player remains resourceful and pays attention to the most important aspects of the environment in the correct order for Survival first, then for assessment of the local Conditions, and thirdly to begin to Leverage the local conditions”

  2. …and if the goal in life is not reached, or the direction is wrong, is that triangle still equilateral? Which are then the values of the 3 points of the triangle?

    1. Peter
      The PERSON is asked to BE there and PERCEIVE. When one is fixating with the eyes, it’s like using one tool while there are other tools for perception like the ears, the nose, the touch ( the feel of the chair), the feel of alive energy in your body…a lot more perception channels. Done properly, very interesting things can happen…
      A question to you: who is using the eyes while reading this?

  3. Be like water go with the flow is not to have your pupils in one direction in two hours for no reson at all! The pupils’ s direction should correspond with what you find interesting in you surroundings

  4. You only percieve, finding things ” interesting ” only keeps one attached to ego.

  5. Gier, I finally figured out how to sighn up for your blog I am kind of a computer idiot, but love your blog and have been following it for quite awhile.

  6. An example of embodying, living, expressing TRUTH. The end of the ‘warrior’ in one’s mind taking this or that ‘side’ in the moment. Those who have realized the truth of BEING say that any conflict, any division, any dichotomy is created in the mind of the person by the person himself.

  7. On the use and meaning of ‘attack’, ‘always attack’
    I have long felt that there can be some misunderstanding here. My present view of it:
    The YOU is THETA. MEST is under the ‘attack’ of theta. Which means that theta is continuously watching, observing its creations so as to cease the apparency of existence and bring about change.Theta is the ‘attacker’ (one being more theta as the solver rather than the problem, which is mest). Please anyone correct me if this view is too weird.
    While being ‘theta the attacker’ and seeing something as-it-is without any consideration to change it in any way might be one view of unconditional love.
    We see examples of it in the videos.

  8. Jesus said: bring forth what is within you because if you don’t bring forth what is within you, it will kill you.
    What does it mean? In my reading, what within you is theta-love and bringing forth is the process of creation.

  9. You are right in it Geir. As Life (flow, theta) is not seperate from its manifestation (the person) it needs the active involvement of the person in the process of creation.

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