Video: Kalkulatorentusiastene

Det blir vanskelig å slå gårdsdagen. Dagen da julen ble overskygget. Dagen da kalkulatorentusiastene inntok HP-kontorene på Fornebu og fikk dele sin pussige glede over gamle klenodier som selv HP hadde parkert i sin dypeste kjeller.


Tenke seg til – jeg ble invitert av HP til å holde foredrag om et av deres gamle hjertebarn; HP-kalkulatorene.

Det er videns kjent at jeg har en mental skavank, en særegen svakhet for gamle mattemaskiner fra 70- og 80-tallet produsert nettopp av Hewlett Packard. Og i går fikk jeg muligheten til uten bygsel å legge for en dag mine følelser for maskinene som for meg representerer et vindu inn i matematikken og vitenskapens verden. Sammen med min gode venn, Arne Helme, som deler mitt mentale avvik.

Det hele ble kronet med en julaften som lignet den jeg opplevde da jeg var 12 år og fikk mitt første teleskop. Harald Andersson hadde tatt turen ned i kjelleren og hentet ut en skokk pensjonerte kunstverk for å gi dem et bedre hjem. Hos Geir og Arne. Jeg fikk tolv kalkulatorer! Inkludert en HP-70!! Arne fikk tak i en HP-70 for noen år siden og misunnelsen har ikke stått stille siden. Og der var det jommen meg en HP-25C også. Og en flott HP-27. Og en HP.10 🙂 og en ubrukt HP-34C som jeg ga til Arne. Jeg har en slik fra før, men det hadde ikke han. Et lite ras av dokumentasjon og bøker fulgte med. Og en blomst og en vinflaske. Helt sykt. Snakk om julaften! Tusen takk til Julenissen som til daglig jobber som ingeniør i HP.

hp calculators

HP er en unik bedrift med en unik historie. Og nå som de har lansert en svært avansert kalkulator med touch-skjerm i farger og heftige matematiske funksjoner, er de på rett spor igjen. Mer om HP Prime i en senere bloggpost.

Hele opplevelsen ble tatt opp på video og lagt ut på Youtube. Popkorn. Snurr film:

114 thoughts on “Video: Kalkulatorentusiastene

  1. All I’m getting is a bunch of Nordic blonde people in a room holding up some kind of weapon to use in their next invasion of their neighbors to the south.

    History just keeps repeating itself.


    1. I understand the language, believe me, it’s more than a bunch of Nordic blonde people there. The IQ quantity on square meter is very high in that room.

      1. Dragos: I understand the language, believe me, it’s more than a bunch of Nordic blonde people there. The IQ quantity on square meter is very high in that room.

        Chris: And sexy too!

      2. I figured it was.

        And it looks like each one brought in their own HP calculator and lined them all up on the table!

          1. Wow. They obviously knew your “go button”!

            I would guess that the priceless array of aged HP calculators there was worth, what?



          2. Do you think the OLPC XO laptop will get such a following? The reason I ask is because they go against the one thing technology abhors: a computer experience that has the power to never change or can last forever with replaceable parts.


            If a person gets an XO laptop and spare parts from the gazillion that are around, he could have a lifetime system that will never need upgrading and have an endless supply of parts that he or she can use.

            Fancy? No.

            Durable and unchanging? Yes.

  2. Geez Geir, Here I am, a Seth Effriken having watched just 10 minutes of the 46! Fascinating viewing, And btw, i’m pretty nifty with body lingo, so that made things a little easier to grasp! 🙂 Hey, would you consider doing a written 5 minute summary of your seminar? Just the salient points, in English? Hey, man, by watching you at work, I’ve just now gotten a fresh appreciation of your fluid grasp of subjects and relative mastery of whatever you set out to tackle. Success definitely breeds success, your life being one of the best examples I have yet seen 🙂
    — Calvin.

  3. Joining you, racing! I am also ‘nifty with body lingo’ and also with voices (sounds very natural). So yes, success it looks to be, about to go into affluence? Different
    from the earlier video in a way that a kind of inner peace, also natural emotions
    are coming through….no trace of thinkingness, just spontaneity. Yes, I would read
    a short summary too written in a way that a laywoman could understand it too.

    1. Yep, Marianne. HP must have gotten their money’s worth here. Guess we’ll have to wait and see? 🙂

        1. Nothing to underestimate, Alanzo. These kind of people changed the world in the beginning of ’70s…:)

            1. Yes. The many hours of tone scale drilling that I have done say that the room was infused with 3.5 Cheerfulness, and then shot up to 8.0 Exhilaration.

              It was actually very funny. I laughed quite a bit.

              Christmas obviously came early for you.

              Congratulations, Geir.


            2. Chris, I was VERY surprised. I could have expected one old calculator and most likely one I already had in my collection. But 12?? And among them was an HP-70, HP-25C, HP-27, HP-10, HP-25, HP-21, HP-22, HP-80… even a utilities module for an HP-71B! WOW.

  4. What fun it was watching you all having a good talk, and presents too! Nice 🙂
    Who got the roses after you?

  5. Geir, how many HP calculators do you have in your personal collection? 20, 30 or more? Are you also interested in Texas Instruments or Casio for instance? There were competitors in the 80’s.

    1. I have 64 HP calculators and 12 TI. I started out using a TI-57 and also programmed extensively in the TI-59 (and 58). While HP is king, the TIs have a small place in me heart 🙂

      1. When the calculator-mind finds its place in the Heart, it’s a perfect place for creative
        sparkles that can then manifest as whatever in human life.

      2. Wait a second! Please be more specific. What exactly means a “small place in your heart”? That means you love TI’s or it means almost nothing for you compared with HP? The same with Casio?
        I ask you because in the 80’s 90% of the market in Eastern Europe were Casio. Extremely difficult to obtain, of course, but genuine Casio, Made in Japan 🙂

          1. Now I understand perfectly 🙂 Tell me please, which of these calculators do you have in your collection:
            1) Hewlett-Packard (HP) 32S II
            2) HP 17B II
            3) TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TI-83

          1. I know, Chris! The former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu made a visit at Texas Instruments factory in the ’70s and signed a lot of contracts for Romanian government. It was seen as something very…open…for a communist country. But those genuine TI’s were for both industrial and scientifical field, not for us, schoolboys 🙂

            1. The TI-59 is an amazing machine in that you could make self-modifying programs on the (AI-type programs). I did that back in ’79 as I made a sort-of IQ test that modified itself. Cool stuff. The reason it could be done was that one could, during a program run, decide how much memory was allocated to program steps and how much was allocated to registers. By letting the program write numbers to some registers and then converting those registers to program steps, a new program was made, etc. This trick could be done also earlier with a predecessor, the SR-52.

        1. Oh, you didn’t know?

          My calculator collection of 89 calcs went up in smoke 12 August 2008 when the whole building where we had our offices burned to the ground. The 90th calc was at home (his name was Julius – an HP-41CX).

          1. Whoah Geir! Whoah! I’m surprised, flabbergasted in fact, that of all people, YOU didn’t know! Yet the actual, unsuspected “cause” of the fire, is sitting there, smugly, right at the end of your post (@ 22.27) !!!
            Okay, okay, no ribbing necessary, just please let me finish! Let’s just try assemble things THIS way, to see if it fits, huh? ….So then,…. 89 (eighty-nine), of the prized collection, get to garner admiration, and display their almighty, wondrous, capabilities, to who -knows-who, in ‘THE” Building! ….. And a little old HP-41CX (named Julius!) just “coincidently”, number 90 (ninety), (has a nice ‘news-worthy’ ring to it, yeah?) who ‘just’ happened to be (“left”) at home (make that – ignored!!!), was the ONLY survivor of the fire ??? Mebbe, a re-examination of Julius’s ‘actual capabilities’, will reveal something you didn’t even suspect??

            C’mon, Geir? Electronic ‘brains’, have feelings too, ya know? 🙂

            1. Gee Marianne, thanks. I’m at loss for words. The thing is, yes, I am a hopeless case! Totally! As an artist, personally, (was able to memorize and capture people’s facial features and expressions from age six.) emotion has held huge sway in my life! A real romantic “at heart!” So yep,” I DO know why,” to paraphrase you. In my book, theta trumps reason, and emotion is the passion within the ‘life force.’ As for Tina Turner, who can express this any better? And thank you, i really got that! “We really are neighbors at heart!”
              XXX – Calvin.

            2. racing

              Wow! HopeLess Case! HaHa…no projecting the future from the past, that is time-less, that is No-Case! Let’s top it! I was at a party yesterday, its mood was
              like this, can you pick it up?

            3. Yes, my deah. Subtlety is far more delectable, enticingly so, what? You know, channeling this type of energy and raw passion, over cyberspace tends to ignite one in the most extraordinary places. (‘clip over heard and recorded of HRH the Prince of Wales.) — Top that, MT?

            4. HaHa…perhaps but I would rather not do it. Geir almost succeeded in getting the blog ‘fluid’ on several occasions in the past. If we top it, in the space of infinite possibilities even the last particle of illusionary personal control would disappear.
              I did not know about that HRH…stories from the past just started rolling with extrem
              laughter here…I had to wait to get out of its craziness, joy and love. If only part
              of it has gone into the Universe, we will sure get some changes in it…..anyone feels
              like joining this party? Calvin, you are hilarious….

            5. Well, looks like you’ve been having yourself a ball, M? Geez, some just don’t get it! Communication that doesn’t undo all the screeeeee!.nooo! crash! tinkle! tinkles, in life, are just interludes, hey? 🙂

            6. Hmmmm…. sounds like you’re reverberrrrating-berating-ating-ati-at-a-;-…. Okay, M, thanks, I’m feeling it now! definitely! …….. i mean… i think? …. umm, sorry, wot was the question again??? 🙂

            7. Alright M, it’s Sunday a’noon, feelin’ the effects of a more that adequate lunch overload, plonked down in front of the box, and decided to get thoroughly intoxicated! Not the usual way, though. This time, via a tankard FULL of theta! A 2-hour special on Andrea Boccelli, courtesy of master pianist/presenter David Foster, in spectacular Porta Fina, a fishing village, in Genoa, Southern Italy. ( you see, M, I found myself needing a little de-dinging from an O/D of ‘reverberations’ of monastic bell gong-g-gg-g-ing, per your ladyship’s invitation, by which I shall ALWAYS remember you, most assuredly!) For two hours, transported into that magical place, ‘Heaven,’ for want of a better description. It’s poignant to say, that there is just so much raw admiration, and total appreciation, in the faces of all those performing, and the vast audience, and he, Andrea, never gets to actually SEE that, ever.
              David Foster, was moved to say;… ” If God had a singing voice, he would sound like Andrea Boccelli. ” …. I found myself agreeing….

            8. racing
              Thanks! I get the feeling….glad you enjoyed it! ‘If God had a singing voice…’ well…
              I have recently posted that many years ago through chakra breathing I saw the Universe as it is….not only saw it but heard its sounds as well. Impossible to describe it with words. The Tibetan bell….I forgot to tell you that if you sit…just sit, closing your eyes, you can feel its vibration….feel….all over your body and mind…if you open your hands, you can feel the vibrating connection with the universe at the tips of your fingers….it is, like the Tibetan singing bowls, the closest to the purest vibrations….also the sound…..
              It is healing, energizing. Try it, if you like. In my view, singers try to get to and
              give back through the human voice those pure energy-vibrations. Also, as I noticed
              it, when one is speaking out of one’s basic valence, you can hear it in the voice.

            9. Madame M, I am indeed honored by your attempt on my edification. Alas, I feel the heartfelt attempt may educe more result upon someone of, shall we say, less anchor, in the rugged “real’ world commitments, & obligations.? To say it more directly, nothing would please me more than a genuine opportunity to do just as you suggested! Getting free of the current hard-core mega-responsibilities, right now, is just impossible! Factually, there is too much to lose, involving property, and the fight to keep a hostile take over from occurring. Yup, that’s the flip side of me, ‘racing’. It’s not just about the fun & excitement in this life, (though I get plenty of that, believe me!) So, definitely, must set a future date to do a trial run with your suggestions. 🙂

            10. Oh Marianne, sorry, but the above post was just moi, ‘coming down to earth,’ while being forced to go into ‘battle mode’, in facing the week ahead. I take comfort in that old sage’s advice; … “All things shall pass!” (fortunately, they do, hey?) 🙂

            11. Thanks Calvin for your honest origination. I get it more than you can imagine it.
              Me is far from enducing anything… have just given the resolutions in your
              comment. Can you see them?
              As for being ‘anchored’….Geir, earlier you were researching into this area….how
              far did you get with it?

            12. Thanks for the acks, Marianne, they are genuinely appreciated. Just to clarify, I normally operate on “full alert,” which is standard requirement for the actual threats I have to face on any given working day. Getting too laid back & “comfortable”, impairs that focus & alertness, and naturally it’s a schlepp to get back to that state of readiness, you need, to be on top of your game. So, yes the solution/remedy is self explanatory, as you pointed out! Thanks. Need to turn in now, for a decent battery charge. ‘Nite, all.

            13. You may read it…or tomorrow. Yes, SELF-explanatory. I haven’t felt any energy in your comments so far with which you could not turn any situation to an advantage. There is a little subtlety to your last post. Being fully alert does not equal being fully comfortable, that is being in a neither winning nor losing clear state
              of mind, fully relaxed, in which no need to focus either….any threat you mention does not exist if you are fully being, fully in present time. Two feet completely on the
              ground…one of my favourites is Pretty Woman….you may remember Richard Gere walking bare-footed in the park before the building scene….more perhaps tomorrow,
              I will leave you with this…you may listen to it as relaxation during the day….good night.

            14. G’day M, hope it’s a bright one for you? Well as the old cliche goes; “What a difference a day makes!”– Yup, and that includes leaving the battery charger hooked up overnight, just to be able to start your up your car!– Never mind run it 🙂
              ‘s a funny thing, power! As long as it’s available, it has the potential to start, change and stop things. Silly thing to drain it off, (unthinkingly) I mean really, literally! Say you get in your car, and find it won’t start.( the battery is flat), and you decide to get out & push it. You get out, to do so, but you’re too weak.(You drained off your reserves, and had forgotten to eat!) You start to walk, but then collapse.(blood sugar plummeted too low!) You start to crawl, but then every thing gets fuzzy, (your TR’s deserted you too!) and then…and then…

              I’ll stop there, I think you get the picture.( You’re obliged to look after the whole package.) MEST bodies definitely DO influence one’s capabilities, to a certain degree. (even necessity levels can be exhausted too!) I have found ( yet again!, much to my embarrassment), that it’s just a no-brainer. to allow one’s self to slump off into the excesses of comfort, and/or inebriation, (in any shape or form) at the expense of (meaningful) “motion”, in the physical universe. For me, personally, it’s like giving myself a resounding slap across the face, necessarily making it sting!!! After all, as a former gym owner, bodybuilder/ power lifter/ nutrition counselor, isn’t that the whole point to that existence?

              In other words, Marianne, my dalliance from prudence, viz a viz , yesterday’s shoddy wobbling and lurching, deserves a resounding “FLUNK” So, give-it-to-me-baby!!! 🙂
              naturally, followed by the required, “START” please? 🙂

              ps. All the advice you have given freely, and with great concern, is anything but wasted, OK?
              –Sincerely appreciated, as always! 🙂

              racingintheblood, (mebbe in the DNA too,for all I know?) 🙂

            15. Just an update, here! Though I sold the gym many years ago, I’ve hinted that I’ve never given up on the philosophy of strength, health, & fitness. Indeed, the ‘legacy’ still follows me around to this day. Still get stopped in the mall/s, and asked just how I manage to “stay in such great shape,” etc, etc. I immediately ask in return, “why have you given up practicing what you learned in the gym?” … You then see the cogs, and gears churning furiously, for an answer! …. Finally, it hit’s ’em! … a sheepish grin…. followed by a perceptible blowdown (sigh)… then the inevitable: “What’s your number, I must talk to you!”

              Just two days ago, a great personal friend, a “mentor” of usually tigerish demeanor, shouted after me, walking away from the local mall! Now this is someone who always carried enormous influence on those around him, (as a former Scn, trained up to class IV, and OT IV,) and let me tell you, this guy “is” as tough, as you can find anywhere.

              Anyway, so I stopped and let him catch up with me. Long story shortened, he had lost a lot of weight, and as a result, energy, and looked a shadow of his former self.
              Basically, he had stopped on the ‘create-create-create’ (survive, persist) postulate, and gone onto a counte -create postulate! (No motion = discontinuance of the usefulness of the body /organism.) Thankfully, he is not so pig -headed, to recognize he needed help, and asked for it.

              After half an hour straight 2-way comm, we had straightened out what had led to the physical slump in his life, (essentially USE it – or LOSE it!) and set up a physical exercise program, radical overhaul of his diet, and a muscle building supplementary food stack, to get him back, to where he needs to be, to “re-create.,”some of the zest and shape that he was used to. He checks back in to me in two weeks.

              That’s made possible by the way, due to “scientific” breakthroughs made in research, discovery and implementation of the findings of scientists in the nutritional & supplement labs and in today’s exercise technology advances. As you probably know, virtually any ‘body’ still capable of ‘exercise’, can have their physical condition, improved to a marked degree, in as little as 30 days, with the correctly tailored program. … Eezie – Peezie for Meezie & Yeezie too! 🙂

            16. Geir, you KNOW you can HAVE, after the silly-season is spent, silly! The “centre” of Geir’s ‘physique-al’ universe doth protesteth too loudly, to pay attention, right now!
              We pick up this conversation, when it’s all over, capiche?

            17. Marianne, I’ll rub it in then…. Just for YOU 🙂

            18. racing
              That stupid idiot who started in scio circles that the body is not precious! That every bit of it cannot be enjoyed for what it is! The body also has a frequency-vibration, thus it is part of the human-beingness.
              Thanks for the mirror-reminder…I also tend to care a bit less for my ‘body’ and ‘motion’ than I should. I care, every day but not as much as I would like to. I ‘scan’ and perceive it all over, inside-outside and feel it OK. I am moving fast with it, OK.
              BUT ! I wrote about it earlier that after ‘awakening’, meditating, my whole body got
              completely revitalized (lost weight, lost years). Then….little laziness, the comfort of
              being all right. Work. Rush. Work….
              I can mentally shape my body a bit…I did that in the past (illusions, you know)…but
              a little physical excercise is also useful (I did gymnastics, tennis…). Also, that pure energy of the universe is being created continuously….you know, first you can feel it
              with some tool (the bell, the singing bowl..) or without. I can feel it if I sit and put my
              attention on it…the body is ‘in’ it, so it has a ‘purifying’ effect…And yes, food is also
              important. So, thanks! I was about to pay more attention to it all…spend a bit MORE
              time on it. Which I am starting this very evening…yes, a couple of weeks can work

            19. Thanks! Right after I typed my comment, I got your intent and postulate! You see, sometimes there still is some ‘energy’ I connect to which does not allow full duplication (with the flow) or just know(ing)….working on it…so it’s less an less…

            20. Pssst, that’s all fine sis, really! Now ….just….relax….take it easy. That’s it. We get it all when we just quieten down the hubbub of the village market, in our hedz, and just listen. Hear it now? Ah! The exquisite beauty in pure beingness. You got it… all.

            21. Yeah, bro….full-emptiness, loud-silence, motionless-motion……
              Yeah, bro….me-all, all-me…..
              Hear it…feel it…see it…..

            22. Hi M, say, i really like the applied “Julia” look. It suits you, really does! In the days when I still had the gym, we had a window sign, 20 meters long, rigged to draw attention from passing motorists: ‘When YOU look good, you FEEL good!’ It worked!

            23. Wow! That sign was a great idea! People buy the FEELing, don’t you think so?
              Thanks, I have always loved playing, I did not mean it to be a ‘Julia’ look, just tried
              on several wigs for fun! Similarly to what Geir writes about the zest of collecting, I love the different feelings in whatever and not the objects themselves. I have tested it several times, also looking at it now, there is not one object I hold onto, would not
              give away or sell if the situation is like that. It is a huge liberation….

            24. Nicely said Marianne, I totally duplicate you. Feelings,are what is most real for anyone! And sure, that child like fascination to try out any mock-up, look, or juggling around with aesthetics and ‘approaches’ and it’s perceived effects, are (or should be!) natively inherent in our creative beingness. Hey, we live and breathe for that EP of AXE’ 10, right? 🙂
              In any case, Julia? Scmulia? They serve to inspire — feeling/s — and THAT, is what counts and leads to the “motion” (action, doingness.) in accomplishing ‘survival’.of our dynamics. Mmmm, ravishing idea, don’cha think ? 🙂

          1. Jesus Christ!!! I didn’t know, of course…I’m so sorry to hear about it. So you were in the position to rebuild your HP collection, right?

            1. A couple of months before the fire, the Norwegian national TV interviewed me and showed my collection. Lots of people saw it. Then the big fire (one of the biggest in Oslo in modern times). Then the TV host did a “part 2” where he asked me how I felt after the fire. We were standing in the ruins when I told him I felt great. A couple of weeks before the fire, I had a dream where I had all HP-calculators ever made in mint condition That saddened me – because the game was over. You see, the point about collecting the calculators, apart from actually using them, is to COLLECT – not to HAVE. So, I had 8 years of fun behind me when the fire struck. And then I had at least 8 years of fun ahead. It felt great. After that second show, people started sending me their old calculators. And now I am almost beck where I was. Except my HP-01 is hard to replace. And my HP-37E had the lowest serial number recorded. Priceless. Oh well. I have calcs now that I never had. It’s all great fun 😀

            2. Exactly! This is also the way I perceive you, as a collector. And now I can reveal the secret, as long as my intention is useless. I was on the point to buy you a 32 SII, that’s why I asked you so pushy about it. It’s not very expensive in Romania, but it’s extremely difficult to find something like that. EXTREMELY! Anyway, I’m happy you have it.
              What’s strange for me is the date of the fire, august 2008. I was in Norway that time, but now I understand the impact of living among so many Swedish in Beitostolen. Almost everyday I used to watch TV4 (fra Sverige).

            3. Jula is doing great after the operation. He was gutted and his intestines were gåavstand by a modern replacement board which 1000X memory and 50X speed and a vast array of new features 😀

            4. Hmmm? Geir? …..!….!…! (crickets!) Oh, okay then. Say, Julius? how are you doing? 🙂

            5. Z-ZZZZ! Snort! Snot! Huhhh? Snnn-n-n ZZZ !! …. pssst, here’s wishing you pleasant dreams, dear host, extraordinairrre, (you deserve them!) 🙂

  6. Any interest in a small Casio Electronic Calculator, MG – 770 , 15 V x DC == 0.0081W. Made in Japan 137 (or B7) ? It also was a Game with notes. Measures 3 1/4 across by 2 inches and case. I used it to keep my mind alert back when.

      1. Sure, thanks. Mostly spend lots of time on the internet and computer. This June, I had a minor brain/eye incident which threw me for a loop. Finished a computer program of brain fitness exercises and did improve. The macular on one eye has now a scar which just inhibits some along with positional vertigo. All is well in practicing on the computer and it helps keep my mind alert.

          1. Thanks, yes, I’m being very careful. Also forgot to note that it has given me a greater challenge to make things go right and I do have lots to accomplish.
            What site do you suggest that explains about computer hours can be damaging? Thanks for any info.

            I’ve leaned to blink every 20 minutes and also to look away to the distant for short periods. You know I’ve been so very healthy for my age and wondered what would get me, well , now have something to work with. hehe. Life is to be lived and enjoying what one enjoys, eh?

            1. Yup! Good girl! My 76 year old sister has returned to school brushing up her algebra and English, even recently got email, etc…. Holding back on living is always premature!

      1. You’re right. The one of your avatar photo is darker. But you definitely love that sweater style.

        BTW, I don’t understand Norwegian, but this post reminds me of Kraftwerk’s “Pocket Calculator”:

        “I’m the operator with my pocket calculator (computing sounds)…”.

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