The wonders of life

A recent comment sparked motivation to write about the wonders of life.

As I see it, Earth is pretty close to Heaven as it is. We’ve got great challenges here, action, adventure, the stuff of movies that people fork out real money to watch. We’ve got trials and tribulations, love, hate, joy, anger, thrills, fears and even relaxing boredom. We enjoy the luxury of all the human emotions. We play them out. We take responsibility, we shirk responsibilities, we stress and get worked up, we’ve got real, engaging problems, sorrows and sense of mastery, crashes and the proud feeling of overcoming hardship. We get to work on life, set goals and to feel valuable. All this living has an enormous potential for liking and enjoyment. It’s massive. And something for every taste.

I wouldn’t want it much different, really. A world without downs has no real ups. The light stands out because of the darkness, and without the darkness, there is no amateur astronomy – or finding one’s own way back to the brighter days. If everyone would win, then the soccer games would suck. The balance of good and bad, love and hate, war and peace, good and evil, dark and light all makes for an interesting playing field where we get to strive for the good while enjoying the journey. And while we allow ourself to be tricked into believing that the goal is the destination, we may learn that the journey is the real destination, and that is truly worth loving. And every 70 years or so we get to reboot the game.

It’s an amazing setup. Make the best of it. Enjoy the ride. It’s a choice.

110 thoughts on “The wonders of life

  1. The way I see it, almost all we know (Heaven and Hell, for instance) is here on Earth. All the good and bad things we’re able to dream of are elaborations of what we know, which is here on Earth (at least at this moment).

      1. I looked up the comment which given the ”SPARK” to write the above post. Yes, as you can see, the world is Hell, or Heaven wherever each individuals believes lay, it is their reality and nothing more.
        3 years back when I have written that Earth is a Paradise I had flood of emails telling me I must be total nuts… I also written that this Paradise is filled with Magic and we create those magical moments but unfortunately the reality belief are not there which recognise the fact that we have not lost the ability.
        ” Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe “”

  2. Very well written post, Geir.

    I often see people who were involved in Scientology roll their eyes at how screwed up things are on “this planet”, as if they have some other planet they are comparing Earth to where things are better.

    I think this is a Scientology-installed service fac which comes from reading HCOBs and HCOPLs and listening to the lectures of L Ron Hubbard and seeing incidents in their minds of “other planets” from past lives during auditing.

    It’s as if they think they have a choice on which planet they can live on – like they are stuck in some backward town in the midwestern cornfields in the movie “Footloose” when they could be living in LA – or something.

    There is no “LA Planet” that they could be living on.

    It’s right here, and it’s all we’ve got.

    And it is truly amazing here on Planet Earth. Human civilization has never been better for human beings EVER in their history. Advances in clean water, agriculture, medicine, food distribution, and political freedoms have never been more beneficial to so many on a global scale.

    And with the internet and increased means of communication, it can – and is – only getting better!

    Scientology has had zero to do with that!

    So I say drop the Scientology Service Fac on “Planet Earth” and start to enjoy life as a human being right here in this magnificent place and time.

    That’s what I say.


    1. I agree Alanzo.

      I might add Hubbard knew or figured out when people read books they “mock-up” or imagine in their minds the scene, the story being told. And Hubbard sure told a lot of stories to convince us.

      Some confuse fiction with non-fiction. And Hubbard figured that one out too. And he sure combined the two, fiction and non-fiction.

      We all would like to be a Superman (hero) as depicted in the science fiction books. Or “OT”, even “clear” as defined by Hubbard.

  3. Al at his soap-box best! Coupl’a dynamics not trackin’ with ya Al? Silly Earthlings! Just not getting it at all! …. Wonder why? (mebbe they just don’t know how to practice Not – Is?) … Show ’em THE way Al.


    1. I’m picking up critical thoughts from you, Racing:

      “Al at his soap-box best!” Sarcasm (Where is that on the tone scale?)

      “Coupl’a dynamics not trackin’ with ya Al?” (Critical? Evaluation? Invalidation?)

      I know that you like to use the tone scale to “get in comm” with people, but do you have any constructive criticism of my post? Like where you spot something illogical that I said, or even false, and then you provide your viewpoint so that we can exchange views?

      Or are you just generally critical of me? I hope not, because per the tech, you know what THAT means!!!

      We’ll need to send you for The Alanzo Sec Check for Scientologists. It’s a procedure I’ve developed over the years for Scientologists who engage in carping criticism of Alanzo. At $4,000 per intensive, it can get quite expensive! (:>)


      1. Al, I’m shocked….. Genuinely shocked.!!! How on earth did you do think I managed to pull this off man??? Jeez, listen-!- Y-o-u j-u-s-t d-o-n-t
        d-u-p-l-i-c-a-t-e, a-s-s-h-o-l-e ! — where do you think I’ve been, the past coupla
        days, you sniveling little 1.1 worm! — IN YOUR SHOES, man, learning from the master manipulator his’self (no less!!) Where else could we have gotten this stuff, Dumbo? Now say thank you and give me a kiss, before you set off on one of your heavy, defensive, bi-polar dramatizations, you lovable enigma, you! 🙂
        Never mind, Al, still loves ya anyhow! 😉


        1. i also enjoy playing the tone scale…kids are surprised or little shocked when i do it (sometimes) as an effective way to get them to face-experience something….

          1. Marianne: i also enjoy playing the tone scale…kids are surprised or little shocked when i do it (sometimes) as an effective way to get them to face-experience something….

            Chris: I can picture what you describe. I would not acquiesce to you getting my children to “face-experience” (your made up word) by playing them with the tone scale.

            1. I did not mention that after the surprise comes the enjoyment…also its humorous
              side…you see, kids still have their natural wisdom…it does not take a long time to
              get it shine…and then they also dare to play better…easier…truthfully…you see, the
              truth might be surpising first but THEN………

            2. Possibly I misunderstand. I don’t particularly understand your writing. Your use of stream of consciousness and free association is no fun for me to read. It seems like it is a process that the author is working through. Any interpretation that I get from it seems wild to me and I don’t have confidence that I’ve gotten what the author has written. A famous example of this is James Joyce who I am sure laughs in his grave at the people who applaud and take him seriously.

          1. ‘getting’ angry whenever you wish is the ‘natural’ form….you see, one can ‘get’ a ball, is experiencing it and then ‘passes’ it in a bit more creative way….

            all it takes is a little bit of ‘allowing’ oneself to FEEL…energy….

            1. Marianne: ‘getting’ angry whenever you wish is the ‘natural’ form….you see, one can ‘get’ a ball, is experiencing it and then ‘passes’ it in a bit more creative way….all it takes is a little bit of ‘allowing’ oneself to FEEL…energy….

              Chris: “It’s funny if everybody thinks it’s funny” was the good manners that my mother taught. I like a ribald sense of humor but the person needs to telegraph that if that’s what they intend for me to get — then fine. This ongoing example of telling-off Alanzo doesn’t seem that way to me.

            2. Ps Marianne, Ho hum on the bait offered by A’bot & Co$tello, same ol, same ol’ bait, debate, grill merry go round. Amusing while it lasted. Hitting the sack now. My DHL delivery parcel has at long last arrived, permitting exit from the Looney Tunes amusement park!

              Night all 😉

            3. I’m pointing my Tone Scale Geiger Counter at it and the thing is going crazy!!

              It’s all over the highway!!!


          2. More from Loony Tunes Inc.? …Well then, (Marianne) it’s a good time to reflect on that ‘Portuguese’ wisdom, I shared with you, just recently: “You justa cant’a ween weeth this bastards! — You justa cant’a WEEN!” 🙂

            ML, Ray.

            1. You can’t ween because Scientology, as a philosophy is ultimately indefensible, and as a religious practice it is an unsustainable way of life.

              You are actually experiencing both of these phenomena right now in your own life, although you are apparently resisting yourself in recognizing it.

              Believe me, the sooner you recognize it and the sooner you ditch the Scientology thinking from your life, the quicker things will improve for you.

              This is such a widespread phenomenon, attested to by so many individuals who have been involved in Scientology, that it is clearly a generalized rule that applies in most cases.

              In some few specific cases, such as Valkov and Marildi, those white-knuckled diehards who are holding out to the very last clam, this process has dragged on so long for them that there is no telling the damage that it has done.

              Give up now, Racing. Write in complete english sentences. See others without a “tone scale” and the 3rd Party of PTS/SP thinking filters. Your life will improve within days. This has been the experience of thousands of people, all available to you on the internet – even right here on this blog!

              If you don’t believe me, then ask some of them yourself.

              Ask them: “Did your life improve to the degree that you dumped Scientology from your life?”

              Don’t ask me. See what they say.


            2. Hi Ray

              Haha…you always make me laugh with your incredible artistic style of language and
              your life-like resourcefulness! I had to look up some words and the background info.
              Spot on! I have also had the feeling for a while that Geir may write a script to a movie based on the characters and the content of his blog which, when produced, will surely be among the top 10 when it hits the movies on the Planet!

            3. well Ray, if you are still bored and not ROFWL….you know what i mean…you are not
              my friend any more….hahaaaaaaaaaa

            4. Ray
              still laughing…i would never have ‘weened’ that an opponent is the key in bringing the chance of an instant ‘en-light-enment’….haha….and it is true as i am looking at it from the ‘technical’ aspect….amazing!

            5. Al
              Read over what you write above….word by word….each is a gem in itself….if you fully DUPLICATE them…..
              i don’t finish the sentence as i don’t intend to put an expectation there for you…..

              i wish that realization not only for you but each of you who cares to understand it….

            6. Al, lookee here.It is THEE who is still OBSESSED with “scientology'”, dear fellow!
              What I see is someone stuck in ‘”can’t have,” on the subject. A few others, less dramatically so. Your insistence on enforcing your opinion on others, who disagree with you, smacks of extreme bigotry, imo, far greater than those whom you accuse of the same, You take intolerance to abnormal levels, man!

              I see absolutely none of this bigotry in Valkov, Marildi, just to mention a few.

              I do, however, see an affliction with you, redefining the term –“control freak!”

              Although, to be fair, Al, in your over eagerness to obsessively prove yourself “right”, while insisting, and proving others “wrong”, may have won you some admirers, …so whoopee for you!

              When is the last time though, Al, when you ACTUALLY felt even a teeny degree of remorse, for the hurt you inflict upon others, without restraint, but seemingly with relish? I have seen that hurt expressed by several, who visit here.

              I enjoy fun and joking, as much as anyone, but do I attempt to destroy the beliefs, and stable data of others, for your purported claims of being a ‘benefactor?’ Hardly?

              Being a simple “person of goodwill”, receptive to clear theta communications from others, I find it is far easier ( unlike you ) to shift to their viewpoint, free to assume ANY “hat,”, use ANY tools required, to achieve a relationship based on goodwill, upon which to build a worthwhile future. This is across the broader spectrum, in my daily life.

              It hasn’t always been so, but I make a habit now, of LEARNING from every one I meet, since they all have a story to share, which actually increases my ability to grant beingness and acceptance, for who, & what they “are.”

              Works for me.



            7. Awesome english sentences, Racing.

              Thank you.

              It’s interesting that you assign so much evil intent to me personally. And mental illness. But that’s okay – you have to.

              Have you asked anyone how much better their life got after dumping Scientology from their thinking?

              You don’t need to hop on it right now. But think about it. Think about the possibility of seeing the world around you without any Scientology ideology, language, concepts, or filters.

              It is truly very freeing. And the natural result is that your own true self, the one you have always been creating all your life, comes flooding back in. It’s a nice, comfortable, familiar feeling. And then you start to expand with possibilities and new insights.

              And you feel so free!

              Dumping Scientology from your life is really fantastic.

              Just saying.


  4. 1) Considering this article in a literal manner, it’s definitely on my top 3 of the entire blog by now. It’s short, non-partisan, full of common sense and deeply touching.
    2) “A world without downs has no real ups”. In Romania we say (in an approximate translation): “When you’re already up the only way available is down”. These are 2 different sentences, but with the same result 🙂
    3) A reboot at age 70??? Excuse me, I hope and want to celebrate my 80th birthday too… 🙂

  5. Sounds like you have achieved “be willing to experience anything”, from the way to happiness. I think we have the choice to enjoy the journey and destination equally. You’re not just an explorer of free will, you’re a defender of free will.

    1. Very good observation, someguy! That view, well supported in practice.
      Another good one, to balance this… “do not harm a person of goodwill.”

      1. yep, and an example of that would be: do not fair game a whistleblower!

        I was going to put this comment under the free will article you referenced- this article made me think of the decision to be, what’s the alternative? if we decided not to be would we lose the ability to respawn or reboot? Have you by chance made a hyperlist for those possibilities? I also wonder if life has always existed or if it spawns by a pattern or randomly, and the result of either possibility.

        1. Maybe a peek ‘behind the curtain of mystery,’ may just clear this up for you?
          I followed this same suggestion, as invited by Marianne Toth. To say I was surprised by the experience, would be a pathetic understatement.

          Let’s just say “I’ have …… arrived.

          Google up: Adyashanti — The gift of Wanting .


  6. That’s a very first world take on things Geir. Sure life can look like that from a chalet above a fjord with wine and a plate of meatballs 😉

    1. Interestingly, it can look like that also from the end of civilization, in a village in the north of Tanzania.

      You have a better view you would like to convince is of?

      1. Perhaps a shift in consciousness would allow us to be satisfied and joyful without needing Auschwitz for some yin and yang.

      2. aotc wrote:

        Sure life can look like that from a chalet above a fjord with wine and a plate of meatballs

        So THIS is how Geir lives!

        I’ve often wondered, and tried to picture where and how he lives. I’ve seen snippets of it in his photographs of his HP calculator collection and his LRH library in his home. With his trips into darkest Africa, and hearing of his vacations drifting on a yacht in the Greek Islands in the summer time.

        But now, at home in the wintertime, overlooking a fjord, sipping wine, and popping swedish meatballs, I think that’s what’s been going on here.

        Thanks for that, aotc.

        Geir revealed!


            1. We’ll get to the bottom of this Alanzo…


              THIS IS A SESSION:

              In 1974 what size pants were you wearing?

              Apart from your trip to the Greek islands last summer has anyone ever called you Commodore?

            2. Have you ever been up close and personal with the Van Allen Belt?

              Have you ever been taught magic by a direct descendant of Kubla Khan?

              (Sorry, I’m feeling silly)

            3. Im jesting.

              Geir, like everyone else here I think you’re quite a guy, Hat’s off to you for a brilliant blog Sir!

            4. aotc wrote:

              Geir, like everyone else here I think you’re quite a guy, Hat’s off to you for a brilliant blog Sir!

              I second that!


  7. “The journey is the real destination”. Amen. There is a lot of wisdom, and an entire approach to life, packed into that short sentence.

  8. Aptly named post: The wonders of life!

    These past few days I have been reviewing my last year — the highlights, the low points, the remarkable, the wonderful, and even the dreadful. This will allow me to finish any processing that remains so I can integrate more fully.

    It was just this time last year that I began a very different approach to living, inspired by my many studies and summarized in a reasonably coherent way in this excerpt, which I posted on this blog last January!


    Excerpted from “Improvisation For The Theater A Handbook Of Teaching And Directing Techniques” by Viola Spolin:

    Creative Experience

    Everyone can act. Everyone can improvise. Anyone who wishes to can play in the theater and learn to become “stage-worthy.”

    We learn through experience and experiencing, and no-one teaches anyone anything. This is as true for the infant moving from kicking to crawling to walking as it is for the scientist with his equations.

    If the environment permits it, anyone can learn whatever he chooses to learn; and if the individual permits it, the environment will teach him everything it has to teach. “Talent” or “lack of talent” have little to do with it.

    We must reconsider what is meant by “talent.” It is highly possible that what is called talented behavior is simply a greater individual capacity for experiencing.
    From this point of view, it is in the increasing of the individual capacity for experiencing that the untold potentiality of a personality can be evoked.
    Experiencing is penetration into the environment, total organic involvement with it.

    This means involvement on all levels: intellectual, physical, and intuitive. Of the three, the intuitive, most vital to the learning situation, is neglected.

    Intuition is often thought to be an endowment or a mystical force enjoyed by the gifted alone. Yet all of us have known moments when the right answer “just came” or we did “exactly the right thing without thinking.” Sometimes at such moments, usually precipitated by crises, danger, or shock, the “average” person has been known to transcend the limitation of the familiar, courageously enter the area of the unknown, and release momentary genius within himself. When response to experience takes place at this intuitive level, when a person functions beyond a constructed intellectual plane, he is truly open for learning.

    The intuitive can only respond in immediacy right now. It comes bearing its gifts in the moment of spontaneity, the moment when we are freed to relate and act, involving ourselves in the moving, changing world around us.

    Through spontaneity we are re-formed into ourselves. It creates an explosion that for the moment frees us from handed-down frames of reference, memory choked with old facts and information and undigested theories and techniques of other people’s findings. Spontaneity is the moment of personal freedom when we are faced with a reality and see it, explore it and act accordingly. In this reality the bits and pieces of ourselves function as an organic whole. It is the time of discovery, of experiencing, of creative expression.


    1. Thank you, Maria. ‘Spontaneity is the moment of personal freedom’….do you allow
      for a possibility that there is just ‘freedom’ without the concept of ‘personal’? If yes,
      what would spontaneity be almost equal to?

      1. I have no idea Marianne. I didn’t write the piece – it is written by Viola Spolin. I suggest that you answer the question you asked, I can tell you that its a question that has no meaning for me.

      2. SIMPLE ————-EXPERIENCE IN THE SAME MOMENT OF THAT CREATION…..without ownership…. The Fraction of the moment is ..NOW and into that moment of creation ownership is not included.

            1. in the instant of creation is the experience…i type this word here
              and in it is the experience of typing…the experience is without

      3. M.T… what is freedom? Now that is a concept which is truly miss-understood.. In your understanding what is freedom?

          1. Buy typing and the words added is a action and that action happens in the same moment.. so how did you come to that conclusion that part of that action do not belong there: in the creation-experience of that moment?
            In fact few hundred other realities which you have belongs to that same moment. Can you name a few, give examples? I am interested how you perceive your own creation.

  9. The journey one will inevitably take is worthwhile preparing for, and that in itself can be spiritually pleasurable or enlightening, while enjoying this life.

    I’m really biting my tongue to comment on some of the comments. So a good laugh will do! 🙂

    1. Dee… since we only have NOW… the concept of ”future” getting ready for the ”future”’ do not exist… ”Getting ready” is the experience of the moment, so is believing that we are planning for the journey yet to come… How are you doing? Love E.

      1. Eliz: Getting ready” is the experience of the moment, so is believing that we are planning for the journey yet to come… How are you doing?”

        Doin’ fine, thanks love. ❤
        Experiencing moments, cognizant of goal.

  10. Just an absolute KNOCKOUT, Geir!!! Whoopee for the new look!

    You have outdone yourself here with this concept, and I hope it is appreciated. Steve Hall is the one guy I think sets standards in graphic excellence (oh, how I love that being too!) You have just gone & outdone yourself and your site, with this, bro’

    People now get to speak ‘graphically’ as well. Get’s better all the time, man. Sharp, sharp stuff indeed!

    So, Geir, thank you for yet another reason, to enjoy your blog.

    — Calvin ritb39

      1. Marianne, there are deep issues, I need to discuss with you, as a result of you having shared Adyashanti with me. Hence the call for EM connection. It makes 2-way comm possible, easier, & faster. If that makes you uneasy, or uncomfortable, it could be because there are undisclosed issues forming a ridge or barrier.
        You know already, that the auditing comm cycle works, to dismantle hidden fears and uncertainties. Although a public forum, may seem like a ‘safe space’, the truth is just the opposite, from the auditor / pc point of view. If you are sincere in entrusting your life to ‘your bodyguard’, the very least you should expect,is to be protected from harm. And what else can you expect? Sincerity? Growth in awareness, friendship, help?
        I just don’t care for insincerity. It’s hollow & fickle. Worthless.

        That’s all I have to offer. — Ray

        1. All right, Ray. You are humble and efFACTive. i see the embodied, visible, tangible products. i TRUST you, i trust myself.
          i have nothing to hide, if yet anything is coming into the focus
          of awareness, it is most welcome…i love this process. The only reason why i have been waiting for a little time is that i can now
          express it clearly: i see Geir’s place (his blog) as a place where any person visiting it can recognize and realize what ‘enlightenment’ is. If the person wants it. It can happen any place or instant (knowing that there is no place and time)…..this, HERE i find it RIGHT. i have absolute, unshaken CERTAINTY in it. Though there are quite a few of ‘enlightened’ BEings in the world who with their PRESENCE and guidance can help another,
          my FAITH has been unshaken during the little more than a year i
          have been here that ‘realizations’ will happen as a result of Geir’s OPs and our contributions. i could go on with what i see but instead i thank Geir for keeping this place here as an opportunity for those who want to work for it and allow it to happen.

          ..and Ray…to be yet again stylish…listen…and there is WIN

          1. Thanks Ray….

            It is for each of you who is reading it.

            Though i also see the wonders of life like Geir, i also see it when
            others do not see that. The wise say that we have little time…..
            So i post two vids here…why ‘waking up/ realization’ is a real call…

            1. Marianne, Geir, every once in a while, someone appears, to shine light onto something quite intangible, yet possessed of the capacity to dissolve all complexity, surrounding a ‘view.’ The 24 minute ‘full interview’ above, by Adyashanti, shines such a light, which cuts to the core, of existence, or ‘awareness’, with the language, and simplicity of one who has attained true enlightenment in the eternal search :… “Who am I?

              To all who have still not yet fully answered this perplexing question, ….here is the “guide” to show you the “way.”

              Be prepared to face your deepest fears, and proceed only if you have.

              “I” have “arrived”. thank you, Marianne, and Adyashanti.

              ML and appreciation, Calvin.

            2. Hi Ray,

              Congratulations! Joy to read your words! Truth of the matter is
              whether ‘we have ever moved from that “place” where we are’ ?
              Finding the answer, what is next? Have you ever wondered why
              Geir, Adya, Tolle and many others ‘talk’ to people? Each of them
              has a unique way of communication and i see one purpose behind each one: to help LISTEN and RECOGNIZE the truth in
              our being. I find it fascinating…! It is also amazing to see that
              the purpose of each person communicating here is also that
              whether the person is aware of it or not. So the only single thing
              asked is to come here and COMMUNICATE.

  11. Geir,, Great article…. Paradise what is, how one sees ones very own creation…

      1. In reality all creation are co-creations..[since don’t have reality just how many persons ”sees” the same picture as you do at the same moment when you do.
        The labels to anything: the names and the ownership, that would be the claimed ”me, mine” do not belong to creations.
        What the person ”sees” in the moment is what the person, sense, knows about the subject in that moment when putting the attention an something: that experience is the creation..
        As the famous American comedian said in his show, Flip Wilson: ‘what you see is what you get” 🙂 that is your creation, that is you Universe… there is no more…

        1. yes, Eliz…and what one is ‘part’icipating in in this co-creation matters…and that you come here and express it also matters..

          Thank you for coming back here, Elizabeth!

            1. Elizabeth

              i will answer your questions (2 are left open) but i would like to
              find the answer to in myself why i feel slightly ‘smaller’ at times
              (rarely though) when you ask me a question. i am close to get it…
              it is certainly ‘my issue’…a little challenge it is now….

            2. Than don’t look for the answer to my question… cant look for it, looking is not part of just Knowing something and to that knowledge one do not arrive by assessing other bits of collected facts. IF and when you feel small when looking for the answer than first look for the item which causes that ”feeling of being small” when that is confronted the confrontation will erase or lessens that sensation than your answers will come easier.

  12. GEIR .. I been thinking about your post, yes on this planet one can have all those experiences, definitely but there is more to the universe, it offers more realities=experiences. For those experiences-realities to have one needs to step out of the narrow band beliefs what humans have here on Planet Earth.
    After all how many lifetimes one want to can come back and have the same with some variation of course… but still the same.
    Beef, no matter how many ways it is cooked still remands beef.

  13. life in every breath…..

    yes, Geir….The wonders of life……they are all perfect

    and we do not need to ‘die’ to see that….we recognize and acknowledge it…..we explore every bit of it and realize that
    what we find in each piece is not different from what we are
    in the core of our being……and all along the journey we communicate what we see as a sign of aliveness and gratitude…
    and there are more and more who listen and communicate back

  14. Geir

    I have had some intuition so far that there is more than to what
    Alan Watts says: ‘Get off it’. It is Ok to get off it but is it all?
    In my reality when one is ‘off it’ and not ‘affected/owned…….’ by
    it, one can explore and experience not seen so far realities simply
    by one’s ability and will to do so….these experiences are ‘offered’
    by the ‘wholeness’ of Life…one just ‘follows its Flow’ and ‘goes into’ the new experience…what is to be explored to me looks to be infinite….

  15. Geir, new format is interesting to keep one young and flexible.
    I Hate change, really not, but just feel like saying that, LOL

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