Reverse Polish Notation explained

The Youtube channel “Computerphile” has some cool videos. This one explains very well what Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) is and how it works. The concept is central to the traditional HP calculators, something dear to my heart πŸ™‚

Notice how I am drifting away from blogging about Scientology. Scientology blog posts generate a hell of a lot more action than any post on RPN of HP calculators. But it’s the logical evolutions as Scientology drifts away into the sunset. The church is dying and anything of value in the subject itself will find its way into the common pool og human knowledge. And all will be fine.

19 thoughts on “Reverse Polish Notation explained

  1. I never could wrap my brains around RPN, it always seemed such a weird way to operate a calculating device.

    Contrast with computing devices: I’m quite happy popping and pushing the stack, shifting and unshifting arrays, or even sending an operator message to an object πŸ™‚

    Funny how that works – the exact same concept makes total sense in one area and no sense in another!

    And oh, that other thing you mentioned – Scientology? What is that? Never heard of it so can’t be worth much. If it was at all valuable I’m sure I would have come across it already πŸ™‚

  2. Geir,

    Please do not stop telling us your thoughts and your experiences about Scientology. You have a very distinct way to look at situations. You use your own angle to look at things; this independence is worth a lot. Sometimes you came up with unique opinions.
    I have always valued your views, which have mostly been quite analytical and well balanced. There are not many like you.

    The cult will die even without us. That is correct. But each day counts. I myself have felt the full evil of disconnection. I don’t want that to happen to others.

    Even if you only convince one more person, or you remove David Miscavige a few minutes earlier, then you have made a change. And someone might decide not to join at all.

    You may not notice your impact. Nevertheless, it is noticeable to that person you have helped keeping the family together.

    The distance to that unknown person is too far. And you will never get a “Thank you”. But let me tell you that this person does exist. And you do make a change the same way you do not throw your trash on the ground even though thousands of people around you don’t care.

    Do you go to the polls? Your voice is minuscule. Still it does make sense to vote.

    Geir, you don’t know me, but I do know you. I have to admit that this probably is not fair. I am asking you for a few dedicated hours of your life for some people you don’t know … a few voluntary ones. We both don’t profit from this, someone else does.

    1. Now that was a really well thought out and skillfully written response. It does make an impact. Let’s see what happens to my motivations.

    2. I’ve been following Geir’s blog for many months now and I get the feeling he’s all talked out about Scientology. As in, he got over it already, said everything he feels he needs to say and has moved on to other and better things.

      Lucky for us, the interwebz are reasonably permanent, the blog and everything on it will stay up and accessible to the world until Geir feels like deleting it.

      His writings on the topic will still be relevant weeks, months and years from now. Look at Jefferson’s blog – he hasn’t added to it in months (years?) but it’s still popular, people still find it relevant to them and his books still sell.

      I could be wrong about all this of course and my impression about Geir could be entirely backward πŸ™‚ Personally I’d like to see him write more about “fuck it!”, I think that’s an awesome attitude. It’s so awesome I think I’m going to steal a description right away from the Python guys with insincere apologies to Tim:

      “Fuck It!” is one honking great idea — let’s do more of that!

  3. “Notice how I am drifting away from blogging about Scientology”. In my opinion you should do this immediately after releasing the book. That terrific evening have to be the apotheosis of a valuable witness. End of story πŸ™‚

  4. The HP Calculator is one of the most evil brainwashing devices ever created. Proof is that it runs on Reverse Polish Notation, a sinister code name if I’ve ever heard one.

    Out of the frying pan, into the fire, G!


  5. Hi Geir! It’s been a while since I popped in. Great to see some really nice tributes honoring you. I concur with these guys. Keep up the good work. Sorry I’m clueless on your current topic, but of relevance… where would we be without the back room boffins, such as yourself, that are responsible for all the advances we see in technology , that can totally change our lives?

    But at the same time, Geir, where would we be WITHOUT those steadfast people, who refuse to be swept along by the wave of ‘technological’ advances, at the expense of what fundamendally matters most in life….. Love, ARC,understanding, a great mom, dad, grandparents, friends, teachers, compassion, hard work, productivity, appreciation for nature, and one mostly neglected individual in these times… the WELL trained, competent Auditor?

    Kudos for all you are and do.


      1. …not much to say Ray…how much one is present and is aware of

        what is going on and initiates and responds in harmony is that

        matters…each being is a listener…the quality of listening may

        differ…the way i see it now it matters more for the person as

        it is a guarantee of a joyful living and being…

        i have recently bumped into this vid…the whole is fascinating…

        from 31:40 even more…

        1. Thanks for all your comm, Sis.Good to see you here too. I just had to take a short breather, from the work overload. So here I am.In touch for now, even if briefly. Will catch up again asap.
          Luv, yo bro Ray.

  6. While lurking all vital blogs for years I see that SCN runs out, earlier or later. πŸ™‚

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