Vietnam and the brewing storm of free speech

Recently I had the pleasure to meet with the leader of the main opposition party in Vietnam, Mr. Do Diem of the Viet Tan. He gave a talk to a small Vietnamese group living in Norway, and with the help of an inspiring person, Lap Huynh, I was invited to the event.


Through reading up on the country of Vietnam and with the help of Lap and Mr. Do, I can share some of the similarities I can see with a subject well known to most of my readers; The Church of Scientology.

Mike Rinder has compared the Church of Scientology (CoS) to North Korea. While the two can certainly be compared, the CoS compares much better to Vietnam. Here is why:

  • Both the CoS and Vietnam looks nice on the outside. The CoS looks posh, has Tom Cruise, John Travolta, glamorous buildings and nice, welcoming people. Vietnam is a wonderful tourist destination with gorgeous nature, great healthy food and nice welcoming people.
  • Both have a One Party Rule without tolerance for dissidents or free speech.
  • Both have severe punishments for those who dare stepping out of line.
  • Disconnection from people with opposing views is rampant in both.
  • Both have a growing insurgence and the people in power tries desperately to squash dissidents with similar tactics.
  • Both are heading for a free speech revolution where the ruling powers will face a meltdown.

Looking good on the outside, rotten on the inside and heading for a revolution.

The question for both is not whether it will be a revolution, but whether it will be violent.

I strongly support free speech and I will lend my support to the opposition in Vietnam.

34 thoughts on “Vietnam and the brewing storm of free speech

    1. I would say “yes, but only to a certain degree”. At least, in the US, there is one more party to choose from. And while democracy stands taller and firmer in many other countries, the US has much, much more free speech that both Vietnam and in the CoS.

      1. I believe that lot of things are not known to the general public, which are being implemented at Government levels out of paranoia. An example is the NSA programs revealed by Snowdon.

        Feeling patriotic is fine but one should not close one’s eyes to what is going on. Afterall, Scientology originated in America. In some ways it is symptomatic of American fears and paranoia at social and governmental levels.

        This may be at a very nascent stage though..

  1. I don’t see that the Co$ is heading for a free speech revolution. Continual decay and loss of membership yes, but no free speech happening by the ethics-bait

  2. …and there are some differences too.

    1) CoS ideological roots are claimed to be religious (fake or not, doesn’t matter), Vietnam’s ideology is strictly political.

    2) CoS encourages capitalism, even if the money resulted are for the management’s benefits mainly. Vietnam, even today, is still a socialist country, where “people” owns everything, which in reality means…nothing.

    3) CoS relies only on it’s financial power, brainwashing policies and its own Gestapo. Vietnam is still underground connected with those 2 superpowers (Russia and China), who helped North Vietnamese Army to win the war in the ’60’s.

    And one more similarity, both Vietnam and CoS have its originating leaders, Ho chi Min and Hubbard, regarded as iconic persons by their sides.

    1. The difference between capitalism and socilaism  disappears when both lead toward an increasing control of the populace (their material and mental possessions).


      1. It’s not exactly that way. You cannot compare China or Russia with Denmark, for instance, or Italy. In China people are controlled mainly due to their political opinions, the same is in all socialist countries. In capitalism people are controlled only and only when dealing with a suspicion related with organized crime, terrorism, espionage, banking frauds, etc. That difference you claim will never dissapear.

        1. Then I am not so much objecting either to capitalism or to socialism, but to unnatural constraints put upon the society for the personal benefits of few people controlling governmental functions.


  3. I’m quite curious if they have internet or news with blogs/ commentary, a thing like twitter or any other form of electronic communication the people can use to express themselves. Over or Underground.

    1. The only country in this world where population is not allowed to have internet access is North Korea. In Vietnam there is internet, but generally it’s censored. There is a big fight between the government and bloggers for freedom of speech and ideas. Believe me, with or without NSA scandal, be happy that your router is in USA, not Vietnam 🙂

      1. Thanks Dragos, that helps. 🙂 I still wonder about cell phones and a twitter type service.

  4. There is no science in Scientology nor humanity, nor is there anything good about it. Scientology is designed to destory the person competly and utterly. Scientology is deadly, dangerous and destuctive like a weed it must be exterminated for the plants to grow.

          1. Mulan Hau Are you sure you are talking to me? Why should I accuse you of anything outside of showing of and wanting to impress by mentioning where you live… But even that is nothing since I to have dropped a name or two. Not interested in tony ortegas opinion. sorry. do have a good day, By the way if I have said something to you and you feel I offended confront it!

            1. I may be wrong, but it seems that you were using a common attitude among scientologists that could lead to invalidation. Even if I have lived through a hell with scientologists and even if I am not fully recovered, that doesn’t take away my right to express and share my truth, on the contrary that gives me the strenght to fight even in compensation. And I don’t care if you are interested or not in Tony Ortega, I’m not, it would be the meticulous work from Jon Atack or Lawrence Wright, not an opinion at all. You are free, as anybody of us, to interpretate everything according to convenience and personal taste. And the only thing you said that is wierd, not that I’m offended, is your quick assumption on your “his” and “he”. And before you say something, of course I’m not Mulan, I’m an anon.

            2. I just wanted to let you understand: revolution no matter what kind will only bring scars.. on the body or on the soul will have them… but will have them.. No war or revolution ever ended in victory for those who have been touched by the wind of revenge and distraction because even when the new is erected its base its foundation is the rubble of the past.

            3. I disagree so much. Your meaning of revolution is pejorative. I’m not going to explain to you the difference between revolution, war, revenge and.. distraction? You are the one who is associating and mixing them, as saying “his thought shows what he lives in”. Please, now I just want to let you understand that revolution is change, look for the definition of “crisis” in wikipedia. What you’ve said is valid if you consider the people willing the change against those who are unwilling to change, suffering the process of transformation. The more they attach to the past or dogmas, the more they will suffer, yes. But it is not the wind of any revenge, is the wind of change. Anyway, to the hell I disagree with your moves. You may want to ask Geir what he think he is saying when he says “revolution”. I won’t reply to your thoughts anymore.

          2. Mulan Hau about overts I do not have to tell you that you have overts You have a human body.. that said it all. Unless of course you can show me your angel wings.. than I will believe that you never have done anything to harm others.

      1. I will never be tired of comparisons like this post of yours, with all the controversy of the Fourth Amendment of USA. It’s a great thing that you can share what you really feel about anything, and expect the same from others, without backstabbing or slanders. I’ve been following you on FB as well as La Carriere and Lawrence Wright, just saying

        1. Scientology is insignificant.

          However, what is needed in contributing to a peaceful resolution of a brewing conflict like in Vietnam is level-headed and balanced views and actions that actually do contribute.

          1. SO are any other beliefs… the significant -the value the importance is in the mind of the believer same as example the beauty we see and believe it exist.

          2. Excellent, opinions are just opinions like the one I made, extreme views that may cause the equivalent but opposite extreme reaction in some people, like saying that the most radical anonymous attitude is justified on some kind of compensation to the radical stupidity, cruelty and nonsense of the scientologists. My first comment was an example of extremism that could create extremism. I am very tired of the indies and freezoners that believes in conspiracy theories and still maintains a brainwashed attitude regarding Hubbard and the shining bridge, or too much trust on the Tech, writings, etc. I really hope the mentioned revolution comes soon, and this is not only about scientology that is insignificant, this is about lifes and people that matter, not books and bridges full of shit!

            1. and you be out there in the first line holding the gun… have you ever been in revolution or war, did you live through those days and years? Have you starved, still you were skin and bone have you been pulled out of burning house, have you seen dead bodies riddle with bullets, have you heard burning animals scream till they died, have you seen flames all around you and nowhere to go? Have you had frozen toes because there was nothing to heat with? watch out what you wish for…

    1. I have no problem being a fool or a idiot or even stupid, but it would be scary and a huge burden if I was smart as you..:)
      PS: I am not a scientologist.

      1. I also have no problem that you want to be fool, idiot or even stupid. I simply don’t care. Just answering because I got your attention first. I almost ask you if you were a scientologist, but then I remember the people here want to contribute and not going blind defending the undefendable insanity. My apologize for even thinking or seeing a resemblance from your attitude and moves with those of a scientologist. I guess this ends here. Have a nice WEEK.

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