Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.

– Oscar Wilde

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  1. On my way back from vacation, I found this interesting quote on the inside cover of a pack of chewing gum:)

  2. Welcome back, Geir!

    I love Oscar Wilde quotes. I guess I don’t have to tell you that this one aligns perfectly with your business model – the fixed process vs. a process that allows for creativity. 🙂

  3. Consistency: steadiness reliability uniformity evenness stability regularity dependability sameness permanence; those considerations- yes they are the groundwork substenence of every good spirited game…

    1. 🙂 you devil you!!! 🙂 He should know since he is right in it…:)

        1. Rafael i never said he was not inteligent, so there is no need to diffend him, all i said he should know what is………..since he is consitent…

  4. I’m reminded of Emerson:
    “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds”

    A Hobgoblin is a troublesome creature or – “a superficial object that is a
    source of (often imagined) fear or trouble” … from discussion about Hobgoblin
    in Wikipedia :

    The entire context for Emerson is as follows: (from Yahoo answers)

    Emerson is saying that the small-minded are crippled by the feeling that they
    have to be consistent – never to change their minds on the basis of new
    information – because they’re afraid of offending the kind of people who like
    certainties and think someone changing their opinon is bad.

    The other terror that scares us from self-trust is our consistency; a reverence
    for our past act or word because the eyes of others have no other data for
    computing our orbit than our past acts, and we are loath to disappoint them.

    A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little
    statesmen and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply
    nothing to do. He may as well concern himself with his shadow on the wall. Speak
    what you think now in hard words, and to-morrow speak what to-morrow thinks in
    hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said to-day. — ‘Ah, so
    you shall be sure to be misunderstood.’ — Is it so bad, then, to be
    misunderstood? Pythagoras was misunderstood, and Socrates, and Jesus, and
    Luther, and Copernicus, and Galileo, and Newton, and every pure and wise spirit
    that ever took flesh. To be great is to be misunderstood.

    1. wonderful, now we know what Emeson thinks, what is consistency,but have you any idea of your own, a reality which is just yours what consistency means to you?

      1. And I enjoy what Emerson said. He said it tersely and it serves me well. I’m not certain why you feel I should have my own idea in this area, when this one will do quite nicely.
        If I described a reality that was mine alone it would not in any way communicate to anyone else.
        Like most things including the language I am using to communicate this, and the machinery I am using to write this and convey it, we live in a shared reality, and that shared reality shares opinions, and descriptive observations which this is.
        I don’t see a need to form my own unique opinion when his will do quite well.
        I play the guitar, and playing the guitar I play both classical music, which has structure, and I play jazz which allows for more freedom to change certain areas of the performance. But that performance relies on underlying agreements that allow the communication to be accepted.
        I’m perfectly happy to pass on Emerson observation on this, and I did so.

        There are times when consistency is a perfectly useful strategy and time when new creation is a useful strategy. Emerson was talking about “foolish” consistency which allows for the idea of “unfoolish” consistency.

        Oscar Wilde is making an unconditional attack on acting consistently. Never allowing for the possibility that there are times when consistency is not the last refuge of the scoundrel but a very wise and able course of action.

        1. Hi, doc! Good post.

          I agree with your comments about consistency, but do you really think Oscar Wilde was making an “unconditional” attack on it? I would say he pretty well qualified it with the context of “the last refuge of the unimaginative”. No? 🙂

          1. Hi marildi,
            Thanks. Excellent point. I didn’t see that. It’s a classic incorrect inclusion logic trap I fell into.
            The set of people that are consistent includes a subset of unimaginative people using it for refuge, – it also includes other subsets of people using consistency.
            I confused the subset for the set. He didn’t say ‘always’ – it was conditional.

            1. Nice breakdown! I knew there was a logical fallacy and that it involved a set and a subset and the inference of “always”, and now that you have thoroughly dissected it I guess it would simply be a “Hasty Generalization”. Thanks for the comm. 🙂

            2. … and by this you show a very useful consistency by which when presented with a logical error in your understanding, you dissect it, reconsider your formulation, see your faulty logic, and then reformulate your own statement according to your new understanding.

              Nice … 😀

          2. However,l our dear little Oscar tended to say things did not necessarily mean if they only provoked or confused enough of contemporaries. 🙂

            … but of those he did mean he didn’t believe in them too consistently either … 😀

            By all means a inconsistent man but he does have a point I think, 🙂

            1. Tor Ivar, the literature buff. 🙂

              Here’s another one of little Oscar’s quotes:

              “The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple.” ― Oscar Wilde

            1. I have been wondering about you where you were, t thought maybe one of those incradible dust tornadoes blown you away… 🙂 i have seen a short video which was taken from a halicopter… incradible sight. same as in the SAHARA

            2. I am thinking about a get-together for the people discussing here. What do you guys think? When? Where?

            3. Geir, what a lovely idea! Since most everybody lives in the western hemisphere, what is your tour schedule?

        2. Oh, I was just wondering what would be your thoughts , from you, since that thought would be original and not secondhand-learned-memorized.. and given back.
          I know once one reads something that becomes their own property, their experience….
          and that is just fine and totally in the line of the MEST game-rules.
          I am just looking for something in a new line which I never have read before, heard of and from that i could learn from and expend my knowledge -reality I allready have…

        3. DOC…Please, what I write as my reality, not likely there will be agreed on it and I am not looking for that.
          I my reality those people the well learned intellectuals the leaders of their time, had something new to say, something which never have been said before, written down that is and passed down to others.[ there are immense amount of folks out there who has in their possession the knowledge of the universe., yet they name never been mentioned and their wisdom died away because it was never been written down]
          Because of their unique thinking having different reality that is the reason they are studied and quoted to this day.
          But what is quoting? It is repeating reciting, parroting, referring to, talking about, now that is all very well that shows that the one who quotes recognises, is being aware of the value it’s unique property of the read article, since it has value. And that show that person is aware, have excellent exceptional first rate memory and can use what he has learned and can put that learned item to the right place where it fits in a communication, conversation –discussion; let say like a puzzle
          Yes that learned subject is the property of the reader and has been interpreted and molded by his own reality and used as their own, no debate can exist on that… Since that is the MEST game here… one lives by what one has learned….
          I believe through auditing one can discover for self-one’s own knowledge and I also believe and nothing could shake my reality on this….. We already have the knowledge of the Universe; we do know every little detail there is to know since we have created it all. Yes, auditing having sessions is the key to the great library of our collected stored experience knowledge of ours.
          And I look for original thoughts in hope that thought fallowing that line of thinking it will open up a new door and discovery of something which so far I have not recalled.

          1. Dearest Elizabeth,
            Thanks. I can better see what you are asking for. There is value in passing on the received wisdom to others, that may not have yet , as you have , seen all that is created and existed, and are ready for new views and method and ways of seeing or being or having something new.
            I’ll pass on first a general observation about everyone that showed up on this topic suddenly,
            I’m Scotch, Irish, German, Cherokee by genetic background. This is very old , very Irish question –
            “Is this a private fight or can anyone join in?” I don’t have the shared reality, and earlier cycles y’all have , and as fast as I can read, I don’t think that reading all of the old stuff on this set of blogs that Geir so nicely put here is going to ever create that. However, I can proceed as best I can moving forward, and put in my own views.
            Elizabeth, I did the whole Scn thing, both sides, finishing off the top of what others had put there 22 years ago, both the LRH and CBR bridges, and a number of others, I’ve handled thousands of others, and I’ve crammed and repaired hundreds. Professionally I was in the Software business
            for almost 40 years, and I helped create 5 new companies, one of which bills out over 5 billion dollars a year in product leases, – that one we started with no customers – and arrived 8 years later with over 3000 customers, 17000 licenses at an average annual lease of 250K. I worked with every single customer getting them winning from the start and all the way. I’m currently working on starting the 6th. So I’m used to dealing with a lot of different realities and a breadth of capability.

            Let me give you a possible new thought that is my own.

            In the legend of Sisyphus he was condemned to roll a boulder up hill, and after he had done that, it rolled down to the bottom and he had to do it again. This was supposed to be a punishment, and is presented as so. The earlier part of the story involves being a trickster, including tricking Hades the god of the underworld. Albert Camus wrote a philosophical essay on this later.
            About the apparent meaninglessness of live having to come back time after time, in this universe doing the same thing over and over. And he concluded that Sisyphus should be happy in the struggle.

            And of course from where I sit that is all just BS. The key point is that it is considered to be a struggle.

            We can do anything forever, and enjoy each and every instance of it. Each moment, each time, each instance is new. The only connection there is, ever, is what we decide it is.

            Each time is a performance, a new chance to do well, or not, be bored, or enthused, or whatever or not.

            I don’t see any of this anymore as identical or even that similar. It’s all very different.

            Others have seen that before and commented on it, and I enjoy very much seeing those comments because I feel a warm, connected part of that group, of creators and viewers and seekers and doers that are here, and will always be here.

            Enlightment isn’t sitting off to the side or out the top amusing one self alone, although that is perfectly okay with me if anyone wants to do that, it’s being in the game, participating in the ‘fight’, enjoying the company and discourse with others, seeing all, and creating each moment.

            Whether that creation is new, or a restatement of the old familiar it is all really new, and all really good.

            I do have a point of view, I like to have fun, I want my friends to have fun, and I want my enemies to become my friends.

            It is all new – every single bit of it.

            And within that, there can be never before seen creations of now, of untold number.

            And it’s nice when you know what has been, because you can now see what is truly new.

            Universes come and go, games come and go, friends drift in and out, sometimes we dance, sometime we sit and drink and talk, and sometime we create something new.

            This communication was the first time this communication was ever done.

            And it’s a brand new gift to you.


            1. Hey Chris,
              Nice to see you be an electrician. My dad is among many other things a master electrician also, and a master plumber and …. if you can do it with your hands my dad can do it. And has done so,
              he’s quietly retired only working 70 hours a week instead of 100 on a nice spread in Montana.
              He and my mom both grew up on large family farms, and they always wanted to get back to that.

              I always wanted to use my mind, and that’s what I did, only to realize years later that everything requires both hands and a lot of mind.

              I lived in Phoenix in 1973 – 1974 while I was in the Air Force at Luke Air Force base. I got up every day at 5:00 and we knocked off a 2:00 pm. It used to be over 130 degrees on the flight line.
              Our uniform was short sleeve shirt, utility pants, and combat boots (amazing comfortable).
              We had drinking fountains at every doorway, and salt tablets at every door. And were instructed often about heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

              I remember driving back from Phoenix at 3:00 am and seeing the temp at 103 degrees.

              Still it was a nice heat, and I really enjoyed the area given enough air conditioning.

              I have friends still in the area.


            2. Thanks my dear…. well said.. new unit of time, I truly got it… It is your reality, yes, we can have ten million life times and YES, EVERY ONE OF THEM IS IN THE NEW UNIT OF TIME! Absolutely Correct I understand what is “NOW”… and I totally agree to that.
              But what I have learned while exploring the universe no matter who I have been, what identity I used, what I have done as in experiences, not one of those life times-experiences has given enough knowledge to lead me out of the MEST Universe. I am on that PATH and there is nothing else for me since Life times I have had plenty of them and I don’t find them that interesting being connected to the body to repeat them ten million times again even if they are in new unit of time. Same-ness of the games do not intrigue any more having glimpse of different.
              What I am looking for while still have connection to the body is something which STIMULATES, that is the reason I am looking for NEW DIFFERENT REALITY and not what I have read and heard before.
              That stimulation, since it is energy I could examine, take apart atom by atom………. and find the original postulate which caused -created it, in other words I am on a treasure hunt.
              In my awareness- consciousness I found that the only way I can find what is outside of MEST if I erase, as-is the MEST Universe, so sessions are needed for that and I only can have that if something stimulates.
              PS: just to remind you that not one of those wise Philosophers, no matter how smart- clever –brilliant well learned they were have not made it out of the MEST what they knew was talking assumptions and not experiences.
              And those assumptions –considerations were the very walls-prisons which kept them.
              James, old pussy cat, I bet you that little mostly naked man in the jungle someplace has more reality on what is spiritual because he is experiencing it than any of those clever philosophers were..
              Now how many life times you want to put up as a bet? Beeeeeeeeeee veeeeeeeeeerrrry careful, I wont lose!!!!!

            3. Dearest Elizabeth,
              If it helps you to eat me – then please proceed to do so. I haven’t been stuck in any universe since 1983. I don’t even spend most of my time here in this one, but I still have a lot of friends here, and lot’s of others that aren’t yet, but will be so, I like to visit from time to time. And I do help them.

              I’m actually more basically a Taoist , was before I got into Scio-logos , and still am philosophically.

              I’m happy to flow with the river, and I’m happy to dam it up and use it’s power to drive my sawmill.

              It is clear that I need to bring more of my ‘A’ game with you, and when I find out where it went I’ll try do us both proud.

              Meanwhile I’ll do my best.

              And this has sure been a fun group dance / fight.

              Oh, and I have a big house on another planet in a magic universe around here, and I’m going to be giving a party next month and you are all invited – just ask for docs house after you go to sleep. Pretty well everyone knows where it is. It’ll be on the 27th September.

              I have a pretty large golf course there, several lakes, there will be concerts and music, and lots of food and really good drinks, and thousands of friends helping me celebrate. And did I mention dancing. No presents necessary – your presence will be enough.

              And while there you can visit my office, see Pandoras box, Excaliber, and the baby dragon I’m watching for his parents.

              All are welcome. September 27th after you fall asleep, just ask anyone in your dreams for directions.

              Love to all,

            4. I am a ’’has been’’ cannibal, I don’t eat meat so eating your tough old hide is out of question. Thanks for the invite I be there coming with my friend Indigo a sabre toothed pussy cat.
              You have a golf course, that is cool, but for me, for my pleasure: string stars for rope and for seat on the swing a slab of sapphire the rope should be held by giants [ i happen to know a few, so invite them please.
              By the way I only drink peach nectar…Oh I will bring Tanaja to, my boa friend, I know he is big, bigger than the Milky Way, and he eats star dust so have plenty at hand please. Dancing , now I like that, I come naked that means no body attached to anything, partner wipe of that smile of your face !!

            5. Elizabeth,
              Thanks. Looking forward to the party. Everyone is invited.

            6. Doc: “Is this a private fight or can anyone join in?”

              Me: Anyone can join in!!

              Doc: “…it’s being in the game, participating in the ‘fight’, enjoying the company and discourse with others, seeing all, and creating each moment. Whether that creation is new, or a restatement of the old familiar it is all really new, and all really good.

              “I do have a point of view, I like to have fun, I want my friends to have fun, and I want my enemies to become my friends.”

              Me: On the “Hunch” blog thread there was a good exchange about acknowledgements. Elizabeth expressed her very intriguing view about acknowledgements keeping one locked in the physical universe (no doubt true)and she has eloquently expressed how – from her actual experience – being free from MEST is a much more wondrous thing. I mention all that because your viewpoint, which I quoted above, just happens to be the way I feel. Precisely so! Thus, I see your words (although not clearly directed at any communication of mine) as a duplication and understanding of my reality – for me, an ack! One of those acks that move the recipient to the core. And sometimes even to tears.

              Picture this smile as dial-wide —–> 🙂

            7. DOC, Marildi: Open forum , Yes, free for all, we thrash each other’s reality, we pounce on something new, evaluate-invalidate, hoot and holler, of course some remains in control all the time and exhibit picture perfect behaviour, Marildi is a fantastic for counter balancing different realities, me, forget me…. I don’t have manners it has been as-ised on the way from nowhere and I holler if somebody steps on my toe and I promise I will do eat them but of course they will be roasted first… So get used to it, never a dull moment but lots of fun… good bull bate sessions.

              This blog has consistency!!!!!!!!!!!! We all give our best!!

            8. Eliz, thanks for the compliment!

              And as for the rest of your fun post, you got me thinking. It has been said that a group has a life of its own and a beingness of its own – just like an organism of any kind. Every member contributes to the group beingness. Every one. And this group is no exception. Like I’ve said before, it often feels like a family. Some are like close relatives and we see them a lot, others are more like distant cousins, and some are long-lost cousins several times removed. But most of the “relatives”, distant or close, show up from time to time and may even stick around (like Doc – hopefully :)). Or they eventually return home as a prodigal son (like Rafael – kidding you, Rafael! ;)).

              And yes, sometimes family members get in brief little riffs, or downright feuds that last a little longer. But like they say – blood is thicker. Ha ha ha – come to think of it, you asked me in a recent comment, “What do you want, blood?” I should have said, “Yes!”. 😀

            9. yes, you should have 🙂 Marildi, by now you know i dont compliment, but I see your reality and I admire that ability of yours, that is all.
              If Doc stays, we will have fun, we will have him for breacfast in fact his out look about the MEST in general offers a debate banquet 🙂 And yes, you have meant it about Rafael! I miss Danis and Valkov too and of course old Vin.

            10. Well, I certainly admire your abilities too!!

              About Doc – sorry but I’m still chewing on the tasty morsels of his outlook. 😉

              But yes, I miss Dennis too :(! Maybe he started that long-range auditing plan he mapped out a while back. But I hope he gets back soon! Valkov – he just takes vacations, or short sabbaticals from time to time – he’ll be back before we know it. (He better be! ;)) Vin – I will gladly welcome him back as soon as he’s ready for prime time. 🙂

            11. Marildi,
              I don’t see myself any way that an acknowledgement locks you into the physical universe. It allows you to no longer create the thing or action you were creating. It’s a duplication, not a copy or recreation. it allows you the win or loss and you can move on.

              When I’m done dancing I thank my partner and I’m free to move on to the next dance.

              In no way does that lock me into the dance, the ballroom , the music and anything else.

              If I enjoyed the dance, I’m free to re view it, or not, my choice.

              And I got your dial wide …..

              Very nice. thank you. more please….

            12. Doc, I think “locks” was too strong a word choice on my part as regards the point about acknowledgment. What I actually had in mind was what LRH says in Dn 55 about the rules of communication and the comm formula being the agreements and considerations of this particular universe and not necessarily others. From that I figured that the actual reason an ack “allows” you to no longer create what you had been creating is a matter of your consideration that the cycle has ended – due to that very agreement.

              But as we know, considerations are senior to mechanics and I imagine you mean to say that one can by consideration go into and out of the agreements of this universe regarding communication – and thus one wouldn’t in any meaningful way be “locked” into the physical universe. That would make sense!

              Also, the word “duplication” has a definition of “an exact copy”, so there again it can get a bit confusing. We know that when the pc duplicates the auditing item with a perfect duplication, an as-isness is brought about. And when the auditor “duplicates” and understands the pc’s itsa about the item – that is, when the auditor gives an adequate ack – then the pc is “allowed” to end the cycle, per his own consideration.

              Btw, I love your regular use of “dancing” as a metaphor – such a good one. I wonder if you have an affinity for it literally – as I do! 🙂 Too bad I won’t be able to attend your fabulous-sounding party, but in some ways I’m still more “locked” into the physical universe than the likes of you and Elizabeth. So I’ll take a metaphorical rain check. 😉

            13. Dear marildi,
              Thanks for all of that. You can participate in your dreams if you want, you can control them.

              I often handle people who have had some one close to them die, and I have them reach out, locate the person, and communicate with them, and I have them, with a little direction on my part help the person (and themselves).

              Some people who have died communicate to me that the living person they know doesn’t get their comm, it’s a bit too subtle and blocked by other things the living person is putting out.

              So I have them communicate to the living person in the living persons dreams.

              That usually works.

              People can be more able and perceptive in their dreams. At times.

              I only take ghosts not yet my friends on by invitation or if I see them, while looking at something.

              I’m always happy to help my friends, in or out of universes , bodies and whatever stuff they crawled into.


            14. Thank you! (with a Big smile)

              I’m actually starting to get a reality about such things and have tested them out. For example, a few times in the middle of the night I woke up after seeing in my email inbox – “1 unread” or “2 unread” or whatever the number. I either mentally noted the time or actually got up and looked and it was just as I had seen in my sleep. Sometimes with it there has been a feeling that I’ve been “hit” with a puff of energy right about when I get the picture, But other than those few times, my dreams are still way out of my control. But I’m open and willing and you have encouraged that.

              And I love your philosophy of life. Really. 🙂

            15. marildi,
              That’s great. Lot’s of people have wins in their dreams. In 1984 when I finished Solo Nots, I remember having a dream that night. I was in building in my grandmothers town, at a party, and I was talking to someone, and I told them, watch what i can do now, and I took off flying, and I’d been trying to fly in my dreams for years.
              Most of my old wildest dreams have come to pass, and I’m working on new ones.

              And working to help others attain and surpass theirs also.

              I wanted to be a fighter pilot in the military when I was small, it was my basic purpose, and when I was 12 my eyes went bad. So instead I became an Aerial Navigator in the Marine Corps, and later got my private pilots, my multi-engine and other certs, and have flown over 12000 hours as a pilot.

              And I became a third level check pilot, for a while as a part time job I certified 747 pilots for the FAA, and then was the check pilot who certified certifiers, and then the one who certified those, for the whole West Coast. In my spare time. I made sure that your airline pilots could actually do what they were supposed to.

              I had to retire from doing that last year.

              It was okay though, I was pretty busy on the business front.

              My wife loves to dance oddly enough. She’s the one that really got me into it.

              My father was a minister and I was not allowed to dance until after I left home and joined the military.
              And I didn’t want to dance, since I really never learned how.
              But I read Steppenwolf in College and decided that if he could learn how to dance I could too.
              And it became real fun.

              So yeah I like dancing now.


            16. Fighter pilot was your purpose? Wow, I wouldn’t have expected that from a guy with a Taoist heart. And all those other very “manly” pursuits you have followed don’t strike me as the Taoist type either – but liking to dance does. Now, if you say you like to sing also, you will get another A+ in my book.

              Partly kidding and partly giving away my semi-fixed ideas just for the fun of it.

              Your life story would make a good book – do you write?

              I’ll look for your answer tomorrow (or in the middle of the night :))..

            17. marildi,
              Us Taoists can see enlightenment in the seat of a fighter plane. Nothing wrong with justice, and getting the flows balanced. It is a force universe, and avoidance of force is not part of the Tao.
              Using force well is.

              I don’t sing, I mean, I like to, and my friends tolerate it, but it’s not a very good voice.

              I do however play a mean guitar – jazz, classical, flamenco, spanish, and a bit of piano – mostly stride and boogie-woogie, although on a good day I can play Moonlight Sonata, and a few other classical standards. Last time I was practicing I was working on Rhapsody in Blue.

              Haven’t played for over a year now.

              Too many cycles. And my favorite game – playing pool or billiards I haven’t done in years.

              I do write, unfortunately it’s generally business related, and I haven’t really ever thought of a book about myself. I might write one as Science Fiction and add in a few selected earlier roles.

              When you expand, and add more cycles into your life, something has to give in the reorganization.

              I usually accomplish about 90 – 95 % of what I want, and what that has been has grown over time faster than I get things done.

              the goal posts keep shifting. The journey of a thousand miles becomes the journey of 10,000 miles. When you finally reach the mountain top- you see a bigger mountain top you want to climb.

              Us Taoist are big on journeys – always moving – but with a perfect stillness within.

              A fun book is “Confessions of a Taoist on Wall Street ” by David Payne.

              and a great song “” Billy Idol – dancing with myself with a backdrop of dancing…. Or Stars on 54 – Gordon Lightfoots – if you could read my mind disco style.


            18. G’day, Doc.

              Got it about the Tao. The closest thing to it that I know a little about is qigong, which I have studied and practiced, albeit not dedicatedly (yes, I’m a dilettante about some things, but knowingly so :D). The principles I learned seemed to me to be the same as Scientology, just put forth with different metaphors or from different angles, and to that degree very beneficial – I’ve observed that it can greatly enhance understanding to have something put in different words.

              Hey, just so you know, I’ve put your party on my calendar (as an act of faith, or call it a postulate, toward expanding awareness :)). I hope you’ll be playing guitar – I like all the types of music you mentioned except for classical which I have never learned to appreciate this LT.

              Yes, that’s the “bad” thing about expansion – something has to give! This is the whole subject of my purposes since as long as I can remember – to be able to partake of more of the oh-so-many delightful things there are to experience in life.

              Dancing is a good example,– whether taking part in it or watching it. I liked the dancing in the Billy Idol video. And (at least from my biased viewpoint) it’s to your credit that you like to dance, even if it was an acquired taste thanks to your wife (another little woman behind the successful man in this respect ;))

              Looking forward to seeing you doing some more dancing with us on this blog!

            19. marildi,
              G’day to you also. I don’t know much about qigong. Have to look at it. Monad philosophy’s tend to say similar things (monad – one basic principle – as opposed to two or multiple). The map or theory isn’t what is. It is difficult to talk about the Tao, or theta , source or native state since they are unbounded and do not exist. They cause existence. One can experience them, and some help can be had in improving the experience, but talk about it as opposed to viewing and experiencing isn’t as productive.
              Glad you are going to attend the party, if you’d like I can come and get you. Just put out the comm line. I can easily move between the various universe whenever I want now. Often play in several at the same time. Plus I have many viewpoints in this one. Not just the Doc viewpoint.

              I actually learned to dance in college, I was just commenting that my wife loves to dance. She didn’t drive my learning dancing – it was a very pretty Irish girl.

              For years I’d been telling my friends that I was looking for an Irish girl with freckles, an ample bosom, and who like physical affection (I’m from a family that dotes on physical affection), mostly as a joke. Then one Christmas break from College I met her (her name was Jeannie) and fell right into my own creation, and fell in love hopelessly. I learned to dance so I could spend time with her.

              It didn’t work out, but was it fun while it lasted.

              My wife is the most beautiful girl in all the universes, and way wiser than I.

              The key point to any marriage to learn that your wife is always right, and any trouble can always be pointed to violating that rule. Plus a constant flow of nice things to her.

              Universes are pretty simple, it’s dealing with other sources that is harder.

              Because they can create an unlimited amount of old or totally new things at any time.

              It’s actually a games condition – the unbounded versus the bound. Creates a barrier.

              Total knowingness of what is, does not allow one to predict the future. As there can be an unlimited set of new creations at any time. From everyone.

              the best way to predict the future is to create it.


            20. Hahaha! Your attitude towards your wife just confirmed it – you’re both a man’s man and a ladies’ man. And the sci-fi book of yours would have something for everybody – all the flying machine stuff and relationships too. Btw, I can edit it for you (that’s what I do while fitting in blogging – or vice versa, LOL). Not that you would need much editing, just some “light” editing, I would imagine. As you may know, even the best-selling writers do have editors, from what I understand. (Don’t judge by my posts, which I should edit a lot more – I’m like the the shoemaker whose kids have no shoes :).) But I digress…

              OMG yes! Do come and get me for the party! I might need some training wheels :). My only concern is that I may be too excited to be able to get to sleep (I’ve already got the dial-wide going just thinking about it) and sleep is probably a necessary prerequisite at my stage of the game.
              You know, Chris invited me one time to come out and join him in dancing among the stars, and of course Elizabeth has been beckoning all along. But up until recently this kind of thing has been completely unreal to me, not for others to do but for me. (Chris, you there? And are you coming to the party? We’re all invited. :))

              Maybe your party will be the best way for the get-together that Geir so amiably proposed. A party within a party. (I can’t believe I’m promoting all this – ME! :D) For Geir, I’m sure the physical universe isn’t as much a barrier as it is for others (plus, did you know he does lucid dreaming?) but I would be willing to bet that most of us are encumbered with physical universe limitations and all the dreaded logistics, and whatever other limiting considerations. So this may actually be the most “real” idea, funny as that may be. (Geir, I hope to see you there!)

              Again I will say how appealing and uplifting your ideas are about the nature of existence, how rich the game becomes when you see it as unlimited – as it very obviously must be with beings who have free will and can create. And yes, words and language are limiting but that is the barrier we are stuck with so long as we are communicating in the physical universe. I say “stuck with” but just as you indicated, this game and any game has barriers.

            21. marildi,
              Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m getting to like the idea of writing it as a sci-fi book, sort of a really expanded version of “Lord of Light” by Roger Zelazny for those of you who know the genre.

              You shouldn’t really need to be asleep, it just might help.

              I didn’t ask you to bring your body, you can pick up and use any body you’d like there.

              We do have a lot of fairies for example. And some rather grumpy trolls. And just about anything else you can imagine.

              If you’d like you can talk with Glinda – the good witch of Oz, or if you prefer Gandalf from lord of the rings, or Professor Dumbledor from the Harry potter series. Or anyone else you would like to see. Like Michael Valentine Smith from Stranger in a Strange land.

              They all really exist somewhere.

              When I blew the top off of my auditing years ago I started handling ‘fictional’ characters also, showed right up in session. They are just not in this universe. They audit just the same.

              Many of them will be at my party.

              This isn’t the first one. My parties are legendary.

              Imagine the wicked witch of the west sword fighting with the Red Queen from Alice in wonderland. Things like that happen all the time at these things.

              Looking forward to seeing you there.


            22. Hi again, Doc,

              I just wanted to tell you that my sister is very interested in your party! She doesn’t post here but is a long-time reader and feels like she knows all the regulars. And your descriptions of other realities aren’t new her either. It’s the kind of thing Tom Campbell, for one, talks about in the numerous videos of his lectures and seminars on youtube, which I happened across a while back (by chance, or maybe not :)).

              Tom basically describes various realities and universes as different data bases that exist and are as real as the Scn “3 universes” but which involve other physical and non-physical realms – and not just those in “the present” but from the past as well as the future. Fictional characters would be one example of a type of data base since they are mock-ups/creations, as with any universe, and are “data” that a person can tune into with practice. (Btw, you say you’ve audited fictional characters and that would seem to mean that they are more than just created “data” but have thetans attached, right?)

              Tom does seminars on all types of “out-of-body experiences” that have to do with visiting other realities and such paranormal abilities as remote healing – all of which seem to go back to awarenesses that extend beyond this particular physical universe reality. If we just look.

              So anyway, my sister feels that she could find the party herself but thought it would be more fun if you came to get her too and the three of us could go together. She lives just a couple miles from me but I suppose that is neither here nor there (a little play on words for you ;)).

              Cheers, marildi

              p.s. Have you started your book yet? 🙂

            23. marildi,
              Hi. Good about your sister. I should clarify – the various characters that occur in fiction , as beings in some universe , with big thetans driving them, do exist, and can be found and audited.

              It’s not that I’m creating a good witch of the west from the OZ books, the OZ books are a slightly inaccurate version of real people in a real universe. It’s just not this one.

              It’s easy to switch between universes when you have your case gone. Elizabeth is exactly right in that, there are things in and around and connected to this MEST universe that tend to distract the thetan, and can cause them to believe that can’t go elsewhere. When you have handled that, you can easily switch universes as easily as putting on a different set of clothes.

              Elizabeth is also exactly right that only you can create or agree for yourself. But you can influence and be influenced by other sources, via dimension points and admiration.

              There is no limit on admiration.

              I’d be happy to pick up your sister also for my party. I think I’m going to have a theta bus for all of this anyways, for those that need assistance.

              I just finished a Rundown concerning dynamics, and conditions, and needed a little brush up afterwards. Ran back into an out list from 1960 where I was listed on an area that fn’d rather than read. Easy to clean up once I spotted it.

              I’m now working on a technical precision booster RD. We’ll see how that goes.

              I haven’t started on the book, although I have been thinking about a general plot arc and how to tie it together by theme.

              I’m also flat out working on finishing the business plan for a new software company, it will be the sixth, and we are going for first round financing. I’m already getting hit heavily with e-mail from customers from other products I’d worked on, they like our brand of high quality products, and very caring effective service.

              Ciao for now.


          2. Elizabeth says: But what is quoting? It is repeating reciting, parroting, referring to, talking about, now that is all very well that shows that the one who quotes recognises, is being aware of the value it’s unique property of the read article, since it has value. And that show that person is aware, have excellent exceptional first rate memory and can use what he has learned and can put that learned item to the right place where it fits in a communication, conversation –discussion; let say like a puzzle“

            And here you and I part ways. It is not simply enough for me to memorize and parrot what others have said. I want my own understanding of what they are saying. I am very interested in the realities of others, dead or alive. I actively seek new realities. And by new, I mean new to me, a new perspective, a fresh looking, an experience, a paradigm, and all that goes with that. When I quote, it is out of respect, when I discuss what is quoted it is from my reality and always from my reality. You are welcome to dismiss this as some kind of shallow memory trick but I assure you, for me, it is not.

            You place tremendous value on cognition, I have them ALL the time. Every day. I don`t just get them from solely and only from auditing, although I suppose you could consider my studies of other realities a form of auditing — I am listening, after all. I am creating, after all.

            I come here to discuss with others. I bring my own ideas, ideas from others, observations, experiences to this amazing blog and I always come away with cognitions, new questions, insights, new directions, and so on. I consider this incredibly valuable. It doesn`t matter that Aristotle was the first to say it. I liked the way he said it. He may be a better writer than I or have found a fabulous way of expressing something. But for it to have any real meaning for me, I have to make it my own anyway, try it on for size, listen to what others say and so on. And in the process I realize so much and I do blow mass, charge, and everything you might expect only from an auditing session.

            And maybe in forever it has no value or meaning at all, But since I am in forever I guess it does have meaning and value for me even if it doesn`t for others.

            1. Maria, once again I felt my own reality beautifully “duplicated” and articulated – like a huge ack! Thank you!

              And interestingly, Elizabeth has helped me to realize that reality by giving me a datum of comparable magnitude – her experiences of being “out of MEST”. Hers and my realities, respectively, are just as real to each of us as the other one’s is to her.

            2. Maria I am thrilled that I said what I said about quoting otherwise I would not hear you reality.. Noting like different view point expending one’s own.
              See, aren’t you happy that I wrote what I wrote?
              Maria by now you should know that my reality is simply mine and it is worthy same as yours, it is just different. They never meant to be as an insult in any way and reading your reality don’t insult me either, or should your reality bother me because they are so different from mine? Reading here what others believe in to me is so far out, so un-real but I am not affected by that at all and feel they are putting me down because of what they believe in.
              Maria, Very different universe we live in… in some ways I still would like to belong where once I have been, but there is no going back… even if I could I would not.. what I see, the different universes games awaits me… well… So please don’t be offended, since I am not affronted by your reality…

            3. Maria, When I went into Scientology I had not known, was clueless what I will find but all I knew I wanted different what I had then, but I did not know what that will be…
              By erasing considerations which hold the MEST Universe in place… because of that I am finding things totally different which I never know existed… And to look back to the old it looks so very alien, so meaningless, it has lost its value and learning what made it valuable at the first place… that was unhappy reality to find and something like that was true. So I had to handle the disappointment also… But of course the disappointments were just assumed considerations, thinking that is the way it should be.
              Maria, we all went into scientology to find different reality to finally brake away from the self-made prison. If one believes that after erasing the MEST Universe everything will remain the same that is an enormous error… That cannot be…. impassible..
              How I write, what I write is different, it should be different otherwise one could say auditing do not work.
              Maria, what I write should be viewed as a letter from on ALIEN… since I have become one, who believes and knows differently than the agreed upon considerations which you all have and hold and live by.. I do respect your universe because I know what it contains….
              Maria, I do not walk alone….. I am what you are…

            4. Elizabeth says: I am what you are.

              Maria says: And I am what you are.

              A trap is a contrivance that catches one unaware. The very best traps are those that don’t seem to be a trap at all, that one is not aware of.

              How do you train an elephant?

              When he’s a tiny baby you tie him to a peg. He learns he cannot get away. By the time he is big enough to pull that peg from the ground, he doesn’t try because he already knows he can’t.

              Such is the lot of man.

              The way out is expanded awareness.

              The way through is wisdom.

            5. Maria dear, this morning you were in my universe we were one yet we were communicating…
              How true is your example, and your understanding that example apply to the MEST Universe… In my silent communication I have offered you different examples, reasons why we should not be offended felt evaluated and invalidated by looking into experiencing the universes of another beings. You have received them all… and I am thrilled to see how OUR unvoiced communications do have arrived.. Than your email has come! it is fun and fantastic…
              So let me QUOTE 🙂 : Elizabeth
              “If nothing is impossible, then there are no limits…” I live by that….

            6. @ Elizabeth:

              Yes and yes and yes!

              I like your quote. I’m putting on my wall in a special place. I’m putting it in my heart in a special place.

              Thank you!

            7. 🙂 I love you Dearly to and why should not and I how could I not? after all “I am what you are!”
              and some believes that magic no longer exist!

  5. Hello Geir! Welcome back — I hope you had a great vacation!

    I thought I would contribute a link to the Oscar Wilde article from which that quote was taken:

    Refuge is shelter or protection from danger, trouble, etc. it is amusing how he uses the word LAST in his phrase. Its a double entendre. To whit, consistency could be seen as the solution used to keep from danger, the one that is adopted when all else fails (and it is successful) or it could be seen as the last solution that finally results in no refuge remaining, opening the jaws of danger and trouble and swallowing one up i.e. it doesn’t work.

  6. No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.
    Oscar Wilde

  7. Lojong Prover # 28 Translated by 7 Teachers:

    “Don’t be consistent.” – Osho
    “Don’t be so predictable” – Chogyam Trungpa
    “Don’t be so predictable.” – Pema Chodron
    “Don’t rely on consistency” – Jamgon Kongtrul
    “Do not devote yourself kindly to the central object.” – Alan Wallace
    “Do not serve the central object leniently.” Rabten & Dhargvey
    “Do not be hidebound to a sense of duty.” – Dilgo Khyentse

  8. Chris nice in Arizona in your city ? 109 I just takes a look! Man, you can fry an egg on the side walk! without using any fat even! My body would evaporate in no time, since it is mostly made of water and some hot air…well….. or we would be sitting in your pool?

      1. I do understand dry heat is better seem less hot? here we had 2 days of 100 and 103 but at night it goes down to mid 50’s.
        Chris the body has probles with heat like that, as for my self I have no problem i can tour the Earthquake fault or dive into to the middle of the sun and nothing happens.
        By the way there is two things happening which might interest you: at one point on the Earthquake fault at the California coast there is a unusual activity the lave is flowing out of the fault at one point, makes a blister like bubble, of course that is new to the fault, it seems there is lot of power boiling there I would call that anger and that growing out flow causes great pressure to its surrounding.
        The suns energy flow is interesting because it has very different energy flows than Earth of course, imagine two funnels the narrow points touching at the center, not quite, in fact by earthly measurements would be huge distance there, and in-between there is of course the molten lava which is boiling with fury now that substance is continually created by pulling in the particles which can’t be dictated by the telescope or seen by eyes and those particles are fused together into the molten stuff. What is interesting that the melting is caused by the friction so it is not difficult to imagine just how much violence there is in the movements ?
        Now the funnels are the forces which are moving opposite direction and pulling the sun apart, simply they wrenching the sun, in fact I can detect there will be two suns in the future. Of course I have no idea of time how long that will take to happen, since there is no time exist in cosmos.

      2. Chris old bean, I hope you dont think i have made that up! When walls-the impossibles, those counter postulates once and for all removed…. than one is no longer limited…..

      3. i have taken you for a ride no human ever been before, it seems you did not like it since you did not bother to live a comment… I promise wont happen again.

  9. Here is the greatest consistency I have been able to find:

    Consider the “observation” at the quantum level that all things reduce to particles. The particles exhibit identical characteristics in and of themselves. So we have a field of particles that reflect light. They have no inherent meaning or differentiation. In that state they could be thought of as “noise.” They “populate” an underlying field manifesting as particles or waves when observed at the smallest level of measurement. The underlying field is apparently completely undifferentiated null space. Or is it?

    Zooming in on a body, for example, we see smaller and smaller aggregates, until at last we come to the underlying particles. The quality of the particles is the same particle to particle when stripped of all meaning / reflection. i.e. what the liver is made up at the smallest possible level is the same as what the heart is made of. At this smallest level, there is no “separation” between the body and its environment because all is particles with no meaning or differentiation.

    “Light up” all the particles — no differentiation. “Light up” none of the particles – no differentiation. In either of these extremes do they even continue to be particles?

    Imagination imposes meaning / perception as a “play” of “light” on particles?

    No imagination = 100% consistency.

    1. Maria I am electrified by reading your posting.. Totally true, there is no more, and it has a sound which can’t be described. Over that top of it whatever you want to call it there is nothing but assumptions –thoughts -considerations agreements which all boil down to believes that there is more all that is Illusions,, but out of those illusions make such a wonderful games, that proves how incredible- unbelievable we all are and Bless them all for believing !!!

    1. But that inconsistency is consistent all through the MEST universe, therefor it is consistent.

        1. I was only half sure of that since you have not put there, the content in connection of your statement and thank you for letting me know Best to you at all times and I am glad we met again.

  10. Guys; I see hte discussions are going on, and I am happy to see it.

    I appologise for not being active here in the last week.

    It turns out that the people we sold our company to (FreeCode AS) is a really bad crop of business people. With disregard for Norwegian law and with not a fiber of empathy, they seem adamant at creating as much trouble for my family as possible. I am working on a story about all this that I may publish. As all this is taking its toll on our time and focus, it manifests itself as a less active Geir on the blog. For now.

    1. Geir, so sorry to hear about the unhappy turn of events for you and your family. But I have no doubt that you are making the proverbial lemonade from lemons (including the story you’re working on!).

      You must have read our minds, especially mine as I was on the verge of writing and asking you to please fill the vacuum. Your presence is always missed when you’re not around and the blog isn’t the same without you at least popping in now and then. But your current situation makes it quite understandable that you need to have your attention on other things for the moment. So thanks for filling us in. 🙂

  11. When I don’t use my imagination, I can count on my consistency. I have a choice and all is well! 🙂

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