In the mountains


Arrived at Hafjell a couple of hours ago.

Serene nature. Great company. The boys,  Anette and her oldest brother’s family. Looking forward to relaxing,  reading Antifragile, sledding, enjoying the company. Stuff that Scientologists never really get to do with a clean conscience. I don’t think the world needs any saving. It needs enjoyment.

13 thoughts on “In the mountains

  1. Started “Antifragile” yesterday.

    The author says that it follows the Black Swan. He says that one thing about “Black Swans” that many people missed are that they are not predictable, and their effects can not be measured ahead of time. No effective planning can be done for them.

    He also says that the opposite of a fragile system is not a robust system, or even a resilient system, it is an antifragile system. The best and most common example of an antifragile system is an ecosystem.

    Antifragile. Once you get the concept you can look around at your life and business and see things in it that are fragile and antifragile.

    I like it.


    1. Oh, and another thing.

      He says there is a part of a human being that can act without knowing the outcome or consequence of his action, or even understand the context in which he is acting.

      And that this is one of the best parts of being human.

      Yet comfort-seeking and having to “know before you go” (my term) atrophies and even kills this valuable operating basis.

      Thriving on risk-taking and leaps into the unknown are what we as human beings, supposedly, are all about – per the author.

      That’s my reading at least.


    2. And, the Church of Scientology is a fragile entity working hard to become robust. Adapting and learning was never on the agenda.

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