My wish for you all for 2015:


It is important to remind yourself of how amazing you really are.

Have a fun and amazing 2015!

7 thoughts on “My wish for you all for 2015:

  1. Notes below the video:

    “We all sing Auld Lang Syne at midnight on December 31 but what are the lyrics? Most people don’t know that it is a Scottish poem written in 1788 by Robert Burns and later set to the music of a folk song. I’ve put in the English translation.

    “This version of the song is by Dougie MacLean and is one of my favorite interpretations…

    “…from your comments I now know why this song has lasted over 200 years. It’s about connection with others. The kind that binds you to someone forever: loyalty, friendship, kindness, love; Even though that person might not be with you anymore. It’s about the human spirit’s ability to hope for the future while enduring rough times by remembering these precious human attributes…

    “As we ring in the new year remember to take a cup of kindness for the days of auld lang syne.”

  2. Well said Geir. Setting the tone and urging us to go the distance in ‘Staying Amazing’ !! Thank you too, to all the Amazers who continue to make the some of the most amazing mystery sandwiches ever offered on a blog smorgasbord. Pig out, people, the Fat lady hasn’t finished singin, just yet!! Yep she’s bound to belt out all manner of compositions in 2015. Count on it! 🙂

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