The value of shutting up

Ernesto Sirolli:

(Thanks Marildi for providing this inspiration)

7 thoughts on “The value of shutting up

  1. It’s a very entertaining talk too. Great Italian humor.

    Actually, I found that video as part of an article by Robert Worstell, former Scientologist – who is now a very prolific writer of many books and articles, plus he has several internet sites. (I knew of him when I was in the SO, and I’m curious if anyone else remembers him.)

    Apparently, Robert now considers that he has attained freedom. In the quote below, he gives a summary of his journey:

    “For some years, most of this life, I’ve been searching for keys that would explain how life works. I traveled most of this country and have worked in so many trades and professions I lost count. Even got into and out of cults and scams as part of that education.

    “Eventually, I wound up back on my parent’s farm, running it on a day-to-day basis while keeping other jobs to pay my bills. I kept studying and learning, though.

    “The final point was finding Lester Levenson and Alan Watts. Together (on top of my “Go Thunk Yourself” research and books), I found that there was no more looking to be done. Lots of application, but I found my own peace. And, with my last book [“Freedom Is – (period.)”], I’m done with the subject. Just not cut out to be a guru or even interested in being a teacher of any sort. (The word “mystic” has the meaning of both initiate and adept. Every teacher is a student. So I just dropped the pretense.)”

  2. This looks very interesting, Marildi, Going to have a thorough look n’ listen asap.
    — Buried deeply in an end of the year work contract at present. 🙂

    Thanks for the ever diverse offerings, from ya, me ❤

      1. The notion of the three types of people was simple and profound and something that is a nice career creating notion. We often ask people “What do you want to be when you grow up?” but a BETTER question is:

        “Is your natural role to be a maker, seller or accountant?”

        MAKERS: Factory workers, designers, engineers, customer service people, teachers…

        SALES PEOPLE: Sales reps, social media reps, marketers…

        ACCOUNTANTS: Data crunchers, book keepers, finance experts, score keepers, quality control…

        Of course, the roles overlap in the dance. But people probably tend to be one of these more than the others.

  3. Geir, here’s another very cool TED talk that just came out about a week ago. The title is “Math is the hidden secret to understanding the world.” From it, I even came to a general understanding of how and why physics theories are (or can be) described with mathematics. And the other reason I thought you might be interested is that the talk was given in Oslo.

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