Freedom is not primarily gained by creating stability, but rather through tolerance for instability.

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  1. “Freedom is not primarily gained by creating stability, but rather through tolerance for instability.”

    Interesting thought ; how would you define “Freedom” in a practical way ? I am curious.


      1. Thanks for the reply, dear Geir ; interesting definition, indeed.

        For me Freedom is “A state of beingness where the ‘Spirit of Play’ is always present”.

        Many individuals go through life being handled by life (including myself to a marked degree) instead of just “Creating life”. They are attempting to “survive” one way or another, and having to handle many barriers not of their own choosing ; not part of the elements of the particular game they are playing. Even when they are being “successful” (no money PTPs , a wife/husband, a son/daughter, a cat/dog ) , there are many “Now I am supposed to(s)” making one feel placed in space and time by other-determinisms. One allegedly have all that a human can possibly want , but one feels that something is lacking , that some element is missing. For some (it is for me) , that element is the “Spirit of Play”. That great and incredible sensation we usually felt as kids. A sensation of “unseriousness” ; lack of worry ; strong desire to create just for the fun of it ; friendship ; no social veneer of any kind ; the emotion of adventure ; the great emotion of beauty when listening to a song , watching the rain fall , or reading a good story ; the ecstasy of living itself.

        I once had that to a very large degree, much, much better than when I was a kid. But I lost it one day, and no amount of processing or training ever brought it back. That state of living I call “The Spirit of Play” ; and to me that is “Freedom”. A GLORIOUS freedom indeed.

        My point is that “Freedom” seems to be unique to each individual, representing different things and states of beingness for different individuals. Each individual has his own Paradise, just for himself. That’s why I never believed in the “One size fits them all” single Bridge to Freedom. There are as many Bridges as there are beings in this world ; and there are as many different definitions of “Freedom” as there are beings in this universe , for freedom is UNIQUE to each individual.


        1. I like that definition. And I believe it fits the OP well. As for no set route an no one-size-fits-all.. yup, fully agree ๐Ÿ™‚

        2. Brother, no amount of training , processing or anythying will ever bring back the spirit of play, but you can just ley go, take the leap. It’s a causative thing, Just decide to be. My guess is that there is no other way to get it.
          In my case it’s not stable either, but I push myself into it and sometimes , just sometimes I make it stick, and yes, it is amazing as maybe nothing else can be.

          1. “Brother, no amount of training , processing or anything will ever bring back the spirit of play, but you can just ley go, take the leap. Itโ€™s a causative thing, Just decide to be. My guess is that there is no other way to get it. In my case itโ€™s not stable either, but I push myself into it and sometimes , just sometimes I make it stick, and yes, it is amazing as maybe nothing else can be. ”

            That was a VERY insightful comment , dear Rafael ; thanks. That’s what I had figured out myself during these past few days ; that it was a matter of “Jumping into the water” as you said , instead of waiting for it to come to you in order to then LIVE.

            One thing I discovered , though , is that the Spirit of play is directly proportional to two factors :

            1. Having found your Basic Purpose in life ; that activity that you rather do for hours non stop while totally losing the notion of time. Most people live their whole life in “conformity” with the work scene that is part of their daily routine , even though they frequently rather do something else. But in this economic-oriented world , one is usually forced to engage in no so interesting activities so the bills gets paid. With time , we sort of get “used” to it , and leave “on hold” those interesting things that we always wanted to do.

            This Basic Purpose usually get abandoned or ignored by ourselves due to past invalidations on the chain from others , to which we agreed to , and then they became self-invalidations and self-suggestions. But I found that Basic Purpose can be rehabilitated and rekindled , leaving you with a renewed interest for activity and creation.

            2. An absence of not confronted overts where we contributed to spoil the game for others in whatever forms ; invalidations , evaluations , no compassion , selfishness , disloyalty after trust, etc, etc.

            Handling 1 and 2 (just starting to do it) above has given me a renewed perspective on life, and brought back to me a lot more interest for life and creation in general. And the one thing that has helped me the most as regards to that , is learning how to become totally selfless. I said one day , “Fuck it ; if I can’t be happy , let’s at least work very hard so my friends and family can be. At least I can spend the rest of this life time learning how to become as selfless as I can.” Then all of a sudden , my life started to turn around. But I didn’t do it so that it turned around ; I just wanted to put my attention on the happiness of others for a change.

            So there you have it , Rafael ; I hope that my views on this may help you as they helped me.


  2. Freedom is the ability to create your own truth and make the universe comply, so it is complete independence from enforced reality, enforced communication and not being obsessive about enforcing our reality on others

  3. โ€œFreedom is not primarily gained by creating stability, but rather through tolerance for instability.โ€

    I not only agree, but I also see this as a normal part of living life. If fixated upon stability from only a single viewpoint of “self” then we would find all attention sticking to any differences. If I were crossing a mountain stream I would be more stable in my intention and outcome of my journey if I merely observe the boulder in the middle of the chosen path and comfortably walk around it. To do otherwise is to bring one into conflict with each item with which we had no tolerance.

    What we choose to “tolerate” is in part due to our circumstance, our knowledge and understanding, and the continued ability to keep the eye on the ball and play the game and not get sidetracked in the color of the stitching on the ball. Thus, our ability to view something as tolerance or hindrance would be a measure of an outward looking motion toward a goal or an introversion of attention on a negative we don’t like, or can not yet tolerate to be there.

    Your attitude determines your direction and interpretation of the “instability” you think you feel. You control what your thoughts are regarding tolerance. You don’t control each and everything that may be found in front of you.

    1. I’m getting that you have indeed AWOKEN on these points! Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. โ€œFreedom is not primarily gained by creating stability, but rather through tolerance for instability.โ€ Absolutely true. Stability is also in China or North Korea, but no, thanks!, I don’t want to experience anymore this kind of “stability”. On the other hand, “Instability” have to be an effervescent society fullfilled with ideas, attitudes, continuous search and findings. Vivid people, vivid society!

  5. + 100 Posting. Geir. In essence, — let the Universe that surrounds one, bullbait the s–t out of you, and just tolerate it (with a smile, of course!! ๐Ÿ˜€ )

    A healthy dose of “spirit of play” definitely helps keep the sanity intact, though!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Geir, this guy’s work seems interesting. He also has a Ted talk. He aligns with the notion that conscious agents are the legos of the universe.

    Take one conscious agent and when it adds another to itself, it creates (or perhaps empowers) a new conscious agent from the two being together.

    His work demonstrates that evolution actually DOESN’T help life forms see things as they really are.

    Fucking fascinating.

    Looking at humans, we are a kluge of bacteria, cells, chemicals and other beings that are living and dying, ebbing and flowing. If these act as conscious agents as he explains, it creates an interesting, ever changing experience.

    One I would LIKE to actually be true. So … bias there.

    That said, I find his ideas quite sexy.

      1. Hey Kat, Season’s greetings to ya and the family ๐Ÿ™‚ ‘Tis a time to be jolly, we’re told. Make of that as we will.

        So much for the great great work giving interesting slants on our diverse views and agreements.

        Your comments reflect our collective curiosity and fascination of our unfolding creation. However, when pause, to ponder the CAUSE, behind the cause, we cannot avoid becoming ‘conscious’ of the obvious supreme mastery at work, in each and every created organism, no matter how complex, on down to the perfect (mostly) construction of said leggo pieces (DNA) that are fundamental to form.

        How quickly we forget though, that creation of (a) form/s, though a primary process, is NOT an end goal in itself, but rather the means, or perhaps even an expression, of the unseen creative prime cause at work.

        So you set to work, to come up with a brilliant new computer game, and after the creative process is done, voila, — there it is — in completed form. You probably ‘feel’ a little proud, maybe even a little smug too, as you behold the finished work.

        But wait, we don’t stop there, since we had a primary purpose motivating us.
        — We needed a paycheck! And for what exactly? — Survival, basically.

        That’s the GAME, essentially, right across the board. Also happens to underlie the whole of existence, it seems. For at the bottom of the curiosity chest, filled with an endless array of curiosa, we find the most complex, infinitely fascinating puzzle staring back at us — “Purpose” ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. You are hitting his main point Racing. Evolution and the drive to survive DOES NOT help the sentient life forms perceive reality as it is according to Hoffman.

          It does everything AGAINST that. Fitness drives a reality-based view extinct in most of his simulations.

          Now, case in point …

          Can you think of a clueless individual in the US who has no fucking idea about reality who is in power right now?


          Fitness wins over seeing reality as it is. Here is Hoffman’s Ted on that subject.

          1. Wow Kat, what a lensefull!!!!! Take it easy on me, will ya?? lol. It’s just a tad (Ted?) easier, for me to process this data, by assuming “causal/effectual” (emanation/receipt) points at work! Am I still on your page, bro’?

          2. Oh, I dunno, he gets off on his ‘power’ pretty good, by grooming his ‘apprentices’, doncha think? Just doesn’t particularly care about reality at all, it seems, rather too busy in making reality ‘adjustments’ upon others, in a crescendo of ‘Trumpet’-ing, hey?

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