Creating the road as you walk upon it

This is a direct copy of Ed’s latest blog post. I wholeheartedly agree:

“Many people have clear goals. These people often will write down there goals, then break them down into sub-goals and actions necessary to achieve those goals. They then draw a long line between where they are now and where they want to be. And, as anyone who has had basic geography can tell you, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Detours only make the journey longer and less efficient. So, the argument goes, the best way to achieve your goals is to make a clear plan; a linear plan, moving daily one step closer down the long straight line toward your goals.

Now, while this may be an excellent way for many people to live a fulfilled life, I’ve not found this method to be most suitable for me. Rather I have taken another approach; a non-linear one. I wander around and collect new experiences. I seldom walk in a straight line for any length of time. I detour often. And as I do this I’m awake to the opportunity to accumulate and learn numerous new skills, attitudes, ideas, ways of viewing things, approaches, etc. Then after some time I stop up for a while and assess where I’ve been and what I’ve learned. I look ahead to see if any new challenges might match the new skills, etc I’ve acquired. Then I take a hop in that direction and start accumulating new experiences in that general area.

The road is created as I walk on it. This is probably not the best method for everyone, but maybe for some? Let me know what you think 🙂 ”


3 thoughts on “Creating the road as you walk upon it

  1. This resonates with me, Geir- goals and plans are 2 different things. There are things I prefer, to some degree, to plan for, and there are things that I decide to have manifest for me, with further planning than that. Complicatedly worked out mechanics can be fine, they can even be fun, if that’s what one is attracted to- how to make things happen through a clever, well thought out series of steps. There’s nothing wrong with that. But most of the time, for the dreams and aspirations, I prefer to envision the goal, decide for it to happen, and then enjoy the ride, whatever it turns out to be, wherever it takes me along the way from here to there.

  2. I go allone with it. I postulate visualize and then I play by ear. When I get to riggid in the stepts to follow I get tired and bored compared when I do it as it goes. Of course I need a little bit more of basic programming

  3. Geir, I’m not too sure about that ,

    Namely this:

    “This is a direct copy of Ed’s latest blog post. I wholeheartedly agree:

    “Many people have clear goals.”

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