Geir Isene video blog #0

Some of you requested I started video blogging. What topics would you like me to cover? 

16 thoughts on “Geir Isene video blog #0

  1. I like this idea so much I’m wondering if I was the one who came up with it. 🙂

    How about these suggestions:

    1) A “reality show” video of the new family as well as one or both of your sons – altogether or individually.

    2) Brendan doing his thing as an entertainer.

    3) You doing your thing with one of your “let go” clients who wouldn’t mind being video’d (or a series of these).

    Good start with the above video. It’s a good example of the calm composure of someone who has been well “processed.” 😀

  2. i’ll subscribe, i have a request though, always orient the camera horizontally it looks a million times better

  3. May be Geir’s interaction with his surrounding persons and places he visits. Their folklore and customs. A kind of reporter Geir :-D.
    Science diffusion understandable by the raw public using the current multimedia tools available.

  4. And why not cover topics like the bushido code coupled with related videos for instance. Geir has covered all scientology angles ( which always sells) like ot levels and the code of honour. Why not discusse the truth or usefulness of some other ethics codes ?.

    1. Very inspirative and cool videos I enjoyed. Maybe every person could create the code of honor by himself for him personaly. I could be easy to adapt for himself. Then he could improve that code of honor. If I wanted to create the code of honor for myself, I would create smt like this:

      1.Always look at the world directly and be fully honest what you perceived.
      2.Always strive to live mentaly fully in the present moment here and now.
      3.Always take the full responsibility for all your creations. You are the source of your experiences
      4.Always strive to not give a fuck and take it easy. Conceive that life is a game indeed.
      5.Always strive to make things as simple as it is possible. Never complicate things.
      6.Always strive to do the appropriate actions here and now. Focus on the core.
      7.Always have the valuable goals and provide the measurable results.
      8.Always strive to use your full potential and resources in order to provide the value to others.
      9.Always strive to be flexible and fluid in your own viewpoints. Be able to change your mind.
      10.Always strive to exercise your free will. And the free will of others.
      11.Do what you love as much as possible. And strive to love everything.
      12.Always strive to learn from every life experience as much as possible.

      Thank everybody who ever inspired me to make this list. 🙂 I would be happy to see your own ideas of code of honor or any critical view to this my creation. 🙂

      1. 13.Always strive to improve yourself and innovate everything around yourself. 🙂

      2. Thanks my dear “just me”. Reading your code seems like you were a scientologist and you are still inside such philosophy, it is very theoretical. My criticism is that it lacks very much the human factor. The truth of this matter has to do more with personality wich is above it, but if I insist on this you would be lost, it is the next level of reality:

        Be happy my dearest friend.

        1. I have seen the videos and it is amazingly beautiful, joyfull and interesting. You dear Rafael have very interesting and cool opinions which I admire…:)

  5. I would like to see something about comparisons and ideas conflicts between generations. For instance, you and your boys (hobbies, view about life, your old math books vs their new science apps, your ancient Commodore vs their new Xbox, etc).

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